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What is reality? What is fiction? Isn't all writing ultimately autobiographical? At least, shouldn't good writing seem that way? In the end, does it matter as long as it's a good story? ...

Sabine by KatieAnnBB

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"Fe, fi, fo, fum, We think Fiona's needing some. Fe, fi, fo, fum, Fiona's gotta cum." Their sport with me seemed to revolve around a game they played to feed their desires, to see what...

A Fear of Being by wistfall1

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"So Jen and I walk into the room for our body exfoliation and there are these two massage tables, separated by this curtain that doesn't even stretch the width of the room." I was recounting our...

Ladies' Spa Weekend by DragonflySong

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Lesbian Sex

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1.Haunted by Love
Bethany's research into a ghost story changes her life. by ScattySue (10/22/15)
4.87 (783)
A young woman stops pretending she's not queer. by KatieAnnBB (02/19/16)
4.87 (710)
3.A Fear of Being
As a child, Lauren is traumatized by church. by wistfall1 (02/19/16)
4.87 (67)
4.My One True Christmas Wish
A tale of friendship, love and the magic of a Christmas wish. by loverofFUN (12/07/15)
4.85 (1345)
5.A Winter's Tale Ch. 02
What happened after Thanksgivings. by Kraveree (03/19/16)
4.84 (231)
6.Ladies' Spa Weekend
Four girlfriends enjoy a weekend away at an unusual spa. by DragonflySong (03/21/16)
4.84 (364)
7.Beloved of Ashura: Learning to Fly
Protected by a woman warrior, a princess flees from danger. by -Ripley- (04/17/16)
4.84 (266)
8.Soul on the Rocks: The Reunion
Kelli and Amanda, together again. by erotichajj (07/17/15)
4.84 (91)
9.Midnight Lunch
And what the fuck is sex? This fragile, violent thing. by robinwatergrove (11/06/15)
4.83 (402)
10.Summer Song
A free spirit finds a soulmate. Then they, like, do it. by SweetestThing (05/29/15)
4.83 (881)
11.JJ and Ashley Ch. 05
The morning after. by DarkFang (01/27/16)
4.83 (317)
12.Natalie's Valentine
A young woman finds love while working on romance. by BurntRedstone (01/20/16)
4.83 (847)
13.A Winter's Tale Ch. 01
A tale of how a Thanksgiving gone awry is saved. by Kraveree (12/03/15)
4.82 (443)
14.Redemption's Kiss
Two prostitutes put on a show, but a kiss leaves one changed. by YKN4949 (01/23/16)
4.81 (388)
15.The Fun & Risks of an All-Over Tan Pt. 02
Will Susan's relationship with Nix be just a brief fling? by ScattySue (08/04/15)
4.81 (155)
16.JJ and Ashley Ch. 04
Growing together. by DarkFang (01/15/16)
4.81 (359)
17.Losing My Balance Ch. 05
Drunk Jenga. by HeartnSole (02/11/16)
4.81 (239)
18.Reboot Pt. 02
Jenna and Sumita get closer. by Salish (12/21/15)
4.80 (274)
19.Beyond, With You
Pushed beyond limits in the most exciting night of my life. by BeccaHasFun (07/18/15)
4.80 (191)
20.Blurred Lines Ch. 03
Secrets & lies slowly begin to come to light. by VictoriaWright (07/22/15)
4.80 (597)
21.The Retrieval... Ch. 01
Instead of saving her career, Leah ends up saving her life. by loverofFUN (07/13/15)
4.80 (732)
22.Love Me, Please
Anna has feelings for Leila. Will they end up together? by VF_0079 (09/13/15)
4.80 (490)
23.The Retrieval... Ch. 03
Jules and Leah struggle to recover in the aftermath of DC. by loverofFUN (08/31/15)
4.80 (433)
24.JJ and Ashley Ch. 06
A phone call from the ex-girlfriend. by DarkFang (02/27/16)
4.80 (267)
25.Beyond Game Night Pt. 02
Jenn continues her story for Brit and it leads to more fun. by loverofFUN (10/18/15)
4.80 (247)
26.JJ and Ashley Ch. 00: Prologue
The start. by DarkFang (11/26/15)
4.79 (390)
27.The Retrieval... Ch. 02
The situation escalates as Jules and Leah head to DC... by loverofFUN (08/04/15)
4.79 (461)
28.The Forbidden Gift Card
An office party gift is not what it seems. by MSTarot (11/11/15)
4.79 (818)
29.Rock Paper Scissors
Falling in love, the unconventional way. by ThickerThanASnicker (08/27/15)
4.79 (465)
30.The Three Traditions of Pink
Will Abigail and Emma end up together? by VF_0079 (04/02/16)
4.79 (196)
31.Brenda's Journey
Middle aged woman never knew her inner desires. by Sexy_Lisa (05/18/16)
4.78 (196)
32.Move Closer Ch. 02
Bruno seeks revenge. by Maonaigh (10/11/15)
4.78 (214)
33.As Time Goes By Ch. 02
Fran must adjust to a new life. by Maonaigh (11/07/15)
4.78 (198)
34.Welcome to My World Ch. 02
Danielle and Mackenzie look for love in all the right places. by KatieAnnBB (07/03/15)
4.77 (133)
35.Modern Day Cavegirls
Two leaves floating in an ocean find each other and hang on. by TaLtos6 (09/01/15)
4.77 (65)
36.JJ and Ashley Ch. 03
Reaching an understanding. by DarkFang (12/18/15)
4.77 (344)
37.Craving Ch. 04
Everyone has a secret. Everyone has a weakness. by between_love_and_lust (02/13/16)
4.77 (176)
Are Annie and Sinead meant to be? by EldritchSandwich (07/22/15)
4.76 (221)
39.Reboot Pt. 01
Sumita changes her life. by Salish (10/11/15)
4.76 (361)
40.Losing My Balance Ch. 04
Out of the frying pan and into the fire. by HeartnSole (09/20/15)
4.76 (246)
41.My Pink Plaid Shirt Ch. 02: Saturday
The weekend continues as Jen learns Sam's intentions. by SaphirBlack (10/22/15)
4.76 (196)
42.Twilight Time
Best friends Vicki and Susie find love in a lesbian club. by Maonaigh (02/26/16)
4.76 (270)
43.As Time Goes By Ch. 03
Fran helps Dusty overcome her problems. by Maonaigh (11/08/15)
4.76 (274)
Brin was a student and an athlete, much too busy for sex. by interpunctual (03/24/16)
4.76 (403)
45.You're The One Ch. 02
Things get heated and complicated between Shannon and Elise. by WilBeLes (11/04/15)
4.75 (186)
46.How Far Will You Go?
Young women discover a new kind of love and fun. by Gina_B_33 (04/23/16)
4.74 (341)
47.JJ and Ashley Ch. 02
Working towards closure. by DarkFang (12/09/15)
4.74 (324)
48.The New Serving Maid Ch. 03
Emily enjoys a day in the sun. by Altissimus (05/18/16)
4.74 (31)
49.Lesbian Seduction: A Stockings Tale
A lonely bi-curious MILF falls for an on-line teen Mistress. by silkstockingslover (07/30/15)
4.74 (426)
Co-workers discover there is more than just 9-5. by eroslit (01/12/16)
4.74 (406)
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