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"What movie?" "The Princess Bride," Jules replied. "You know, that whole 'as you wish' thing?" "Mmmm," Leah agreed sleepily. "Me too." "But, um," Jules continued softly. "You,

The Retrieval... Ch. 02 by loverofFUN

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"'Do elves live in these woods?' he asked," I read in my Frodo voice. "'Not that I ever heard,' said Pippin. Frodo was silent. He too was gazing eastward along the road, as if he had never seen it...

The Fun & Risks of an All-Over Tan Pt. 02 by ScattySue

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I hate Rock, Paper, Scissors. At least when it caused me to have to do something I didn't want to do. It was the tradition my roommates and I utilized to decide- well, everything. In many cases I won...

Rock Paper Scissors by ThickerThanASnicker

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1.The Retrieval... Ch. 02
The situation escalates as Jules and Leah head to DC... by loverofFUN (08/04/15)
4.88 (336)
2.The Fun & Risks of an All-Over Tan Pt. 02
Will Susan's relationship with Nix be just a brief fling? by ScattySue (08/04/15)
4.79 (86)
3.Rock Paper Scissors
Falling in love, the unconventional way. by ThickerThanASnicker (08/27/15)
4.71 (244)
4.Acceptance of Denial Pt. 02
More developments occur and discoveries are made. by CrimsonGold (08/13/15)
4.69 (54)
5.Bath Night Revisited Ch. 10
Donna takes "Betty & Veronica" on an outing to the beach! by Dumpington (08/05/15)
4.64 (55)
6.The Jackie Bailey Chronicles
Is it easy to find love during a nightmare? by WilBeLes (08/30/15)
4.62 (55)
7.Losing My Balance Ch. 02
Dates, hook-ups and confrontations, oh my! by HeartnSole (08/19/15)
4.57 (150)
8.Losing My Balance Ch. 03
Backed into a corner! by HeartnSole (08/30/15)
4.51 (72)
9.The Target That Stole Her Heart
Can she save her Irish seductress from certain death? by WilBeLes (08/09/15)
4.49 (163)
10.Close Your Eyes
Two girls had always hated each other until Brandon's party. by loveyou18 (08/05/15)
4.44 (361)
11.Softball Ch. 01
Softball and a nice finger-bang in the bathroom to start out. by ZaraMaldona (08/14/15)
4.40 (226)
12.Delighting With Milk
Mom repaid co-tenant & maid for baby care by her milk. by pink_tulips33 (08/02/15)
4.40 (222)
13.Submitting to Her
Kim can't resist the urge to submit. by Kily (08/13/15)
4.39 (176)
14.Dressing Room Delights
Two girls get naughty in a mall's dressing room. by linda1234 (08/12/15)
4.39 (100)
15.Slippery Sisters Fuck
2 sisters find out they are home alone for the day. by BurntAmber (08/12/15)
4.39 (272)
16.Beer Thursday Pt. 06
Mary's first pussy. by barkirk (08/08/15)
4.35 (62)
17.Christie Visits Her Gynecologist
A woman with a huge clit visits her gynecologist. by linda1234 (08/07/15)
4.34 (340)
18.Overnight Flight Delay
The unexpected is always unexpected. by Stormy_Rainbow (08/07/15)
4.34 (262)
19.The Pinup and the Lonely Librarian
She had no idea her crush wanted her too. by Aressa (08/19/15)
4.33 (286)
20.My Lesbian Ghost
First time lesbian sex w/ ghost. by mikelover92 (08/16/15)
4.32 (148)
21.Slippery Sisters Fuck Ch. 02
Mum comes home and finds her daughters fucking. by BurntAmber (08/25/15)
4.32 (168)
22.Lamb and Wolf Ch. 01
She finally pushes her over the edge, and discovers more. by Manzi (08/07/15)
4.31 (68)
23.Lamb and Wolf Ch. 02
After a week apart, they're finally together. by Manzi (08/26/15)
4.31 (36)
24.I Scream for Ice Cream
Sorority sisters convert a roommate to have fun. by ShaeLeeTanner (08/16/15)
4.30 (171)
25.The Bunkbed Love Nest
Two horny girlfriends take what they like. by CarolinaCuntry (08/11/15)
4.28 (116)
26.Closer Than You Think Ch. 19
Two friends go down a road they will never forget. by loveyou18 (08/24/15)
4.28 (58)
27.Dusky Dawn
Two girls discover lesbian love. by kreigen12 (08/12/15)
4.27 (94)
28.Closer Than You Think Ch. 16
Two friends go down a road they will never forget. by loveyou18 (08/02/15)
4.26 (62)
29.Wendy vs Hannah
Wendy faces her toughest opponent yet. by MELD9003 (08/02/15)
4.18 (38)
30.Room for Two? Ch. 02
What happens when dad comes home? by For_the_writing_only (08/07/15)
4.17 (90)
31.The Bachelorette Party
I put on a raunchy show for a group of Seattle women. by LadyFrederika (08/21/15)
4.16 (160)
32.My Sexy Sauna Fantasy
A quick and kinky lesbian fantasy! by BarbieLez (08/07/15)
4.11 (66)
33.My Lactation Fantasy
A quick and kinky lesbian fantasy! by BarbieLez (08/21/15)
4.09 (118)
34.Karly's Magical Cock Ch. 01
Karly gets her magic cock from the fairy Futanaristi. by annie_slick (08/26/15)
4.08 (105)
35.Jill & Kate Ch. 02
Jill gets to know the new girl very intimately. by Sottomesso_Slut (08/25/15)
4.05 (61)
36.A Fantasy Reality
My first lesbian encounter with my best friend Courtney. by Bridrel (08/28/15)
4.04 (89)
37.Experiments by Sam Ch. 00: Prologue
Background for the Experiments. by Belle4Belles (08/16/15)
4.03 (36)
38.Welcoming Jenna to Seattle
I seduce a Canadian swim teacher into having sex with me. by LadyFrederika (08/22/15)
4.01 (208)
39.Alex's Story Ch. 05
The never ending party. by Alexandra_Dubois (08/20/15)
4.00 (29)
40.The Check Ride Pt. 02: Lydia's Dreams
Lydia decides to explore her submissive side. by SapphoLust (08/08/15)
4.00 (21)
41.From the Kitchen to the Bedroom
I have sensuous, raunchy sex with a female Seattle cook. by LadyFrederika (08/10/15)
3.99 (140)
42.Jill & Kate
Kate puts her plan into action. by Sottomesso_Slut (08/17/15)
3.99 (208)
43.At the Hacienda
I fuck my Mexican housekeeper and her daughter in Tijuana. by LadyFrederika (08/10/15)
3.93 (168)
44.Meeting Karen
You meet your new neighbor next door. by sr19114me (08/01/15)
3.90 (168)
45.Nikki Pt. 01: Seattle
Nikki meets Rachael. by PennyCruz70 (08/14/15)
3.89 (57)
46.Butterflies in My Stomach Ch. 01
Mid-forties lady is surprised by her desires for young woman. by julietbravo (08/29/15)
3.87 (67)
47.Letter to L: A Massage to Remember
I visited a massage parlour which caters only to women. by Lady_MaDonna (08/23/15)
3.86 (93)
48.Girls on Display
My friend revives part of her sexuality for my enjoyment. by dpingjessie (08/23/15)
3.75 (40)
49.Friends & Lovers
A wife and her female lover seduce a hot waiter. by DevisPixi (08/13/15)
3.73 (64)
50.Experiments by Sam Ch. 01
Tasting Holly. by Belle4Belles (08/30/15)
3.73 (41)
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