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It would be a lie to say that I wasn't nervous approaching the strangers door. I had never done anything like this before, nor had I imagined doing something like this in a million years. I raised my...

Sweet Tooth by KennaColrite

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"Love hurts, love scars / Love wounds, and mars..." The Everly Brothers 1961 Now Have you ever hurt anyone so badly that you've torn yourself apart at the same time? I

Love Hurts by Maonaigh

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When the Black Death swept through her village in central Germany, Brigette didn't really understand the changes it would bring to her life. Indeed, no one was prepared for the chaos that arose from...

Choosing a Harem Life Pt. 01 by asecretdream

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1.Sweet Tooth
An unexpected encounter changes Jules forever. by KennaColrite (11/02/16)
4.91 (960)
2.Love Hurts
A guilt-stricken woman tries to find peace in a new life. by Maonaigh (11/26/16)
4.80 (127)
3.Choosing a Harem Life Pt. 01
A young woman chooses to live in a harem and is seduced... by asecretdream (11/24/16)
4.80 (162)
4.Cheat Days Ch. 04
A repressed wife goes on a naughty dinner date. by Ms_Malcontent (11/22/16)
4.77 (291)
5.When It Rains Pt. 09
Part 9. by MarzScorpion (11/01/16)
4.77 (43)
6.Two Sides to Every Story Pt. 03
Kat's rocky homecoming. by LimeyLady (11/15/16)
4.74 (34)
7.A Gift from The Bard
Will an amateur play production rekindle an old friendship? by ScattySue (11/11/16)
4.73 (158)
8.Brutal Comfort
The art of grieving. by LaRascasse (11/09/16)
4.71 (70)
9.Two Sides to Every Story Pt. 04
Kat's sweet revenge. by LimeyLady (11/22/16)
4.71 (28)
10.Cheat Days Ch. 02
A repressed wife goes further with her seductive neighbour. by Ms_Malcontent (11/09/16)
4.71 (487)
11.Cheat Days Ch. 05
A repressed wife gives into her desires. by Ms_Malcontent (11/30/16)
4.68 (209)
12.When It Rains Pt. 10
Part 10. by MarzScorpion (11/02/16)
4.67 (57)
13.Cheat Days Ch. 03
A repressed wife and her seductive neighbour go shopping. by Ms_Malcontent (11/16/16)
4.64 (384)
14.An Enchanted Desire
A young witch uses her powers in a forbidden way. by -Ripley- (11/16/16)
4.63 (181)
15.A Depraved Viewing Pt. 03
Mother heads back to therapy. It takes an unexpected turn. by tellingtales (11/20/16)
4.61 (107)
16.Cheat Days Ch. 01
A confused wife discovers her repressed desires. by Ms_Malcontent (11/04/16)
4.60 (705)
17.Red Lipstick Innocence
College virgin finds pleasure in corporate women. by HeyAll (11/10/16)
4.59 (488)
18.Becoming a Webstar Ch. 02
Chapter 2. by DumbDude3103 (11/02/16)
4.59 (22)
19.Abigail and Emily Ch. 02
Abigail feels guilty. Emily teases and flirts with her. by howdoeseverybodyknow (11/06/16)
4.57 (92)
20.Forbidden Passion Ch. 02
Miss Spencer continues to teach Lana. by sawandsword (11/14/16)
4.55 (110)
21.Ashes of Camelot
The Phoenix rises from the ashes of Camelot. by Shaima32 (11/08/16)
4.55 (65)
22.The Replacement Maid Ch. 02
An inspection, an entertainment and a maid finds pleasure. by Mistress_Christine (11/09/16)
4.53 (115)
23.Heather Falls in Love Pt. 08
Lots of loving reunions in Albany. by LimeyLady (11/22/16)
4.52 (29)
24.Once Upon a Bridesmaid
Older woman finds first time fun with her daughter's friends. by robinkhinke (11/11/16)
4.51 (380)
25.Turning Contest: A Edible Waitress
Cute waitress is seduced late at night by black woman. by silkstockingslover (11/02/16)
4.51 (266)
26.Private Lessons Ch. 04
The women try some control games. by darktigerroar (11/22/16)
4.50 (16)
27.L & C School Ch. 02
Debbie's continuing saga. by debbiedelish (11/23/16)
4.48 (31)
28.Kim Ch. 02
Kim returns the favor. by doebear2 (11/16/16)
4.48 (83)
29.Patricia and Sandra
A Love Story. by Mymantoy999 (11/21/16)
4.47 (179)
The story how my friend opened a new chapter in my life. by doebear2 (11/14/16)
4.47 (202)
31.The Replacement Maid Ch. 04
Maria is punished and jasmine is rewarded. by Mistress_Christine (11/21/16)
4.45 (73)
32.Book 03: A Match Made - Ch. 05
Fun weekend downtown, Christmas, New Years, and a Wedding!!! by AVixenLiterally (11/09/16)
4.45 (20)
33.Two Sides to Every Story Pt. 02
Kat has lesbian sex on Hawaiian waters. by LimeyLady (11/10/16)
4.44 (36)
34.A Rendezvous
Spending time at the library isn't always boring. by CrimsonGold (11/10/16)
4.43 (101)
35.I Had to Have Her
A connection that was in need of exploring further. by insert_runaway (11/12/16)
4.42 (100)
36.Heather Falls in Love Pt. 09
Ingrid's Wedding. by LimeyLady (11/24/16)
4.41 (29)
37.The Babysitter Ch. 02
Cameron plans to get together with Tori for a slumber party. by Smokey125 (11/26/16)
4.41 (22)
38.A Walk in the Park Ch. 02
Describing Leanne's second experience. by Otazel (11/27/16)
4.40 (84)
39.Angels in Trouble Ch. 02
Anne's and Sue's adventures at all girls' Catholic boarding. by MySecretDesire (11/04/16)
4.39 (74)
40.A Slave's Tale Ch. 06
A walk in the park, helping the tourist industry. by Mistress_Christine (11/02/16)
4.39 (82)
41.Affair of the Body 01
Jerilyn makes a humiliating mistake but makes a new friend by Robin_Maxwell (11/15/16)
4.39 (114)
42.Two Sides to Every Story Pt. 01
Kat strikes back. by LimeyLady (11/01/16)
4.38 (42)
43.A Slave's Tale Ch. 07
A meeting with new friends and a visit to a salon. by Mistress_Christine (11/16/16)
4.34 (59)
Office lesbian fantasy. by howmany_harmony (11/19/16)
4.32 (179)
45.Mermaid Lesbian Sex
I have lesbian sex with a mermaid! by ErosinaScarlett (11/12/16)
4.31 (64)
46.The Replacement Maid Ch. 03
An interview for a second maid, a surprising turn of events. by Mistress_Christine (11/11/16)
4.27 (116)
47.All Three Holes Pt. 03: Susan's Plan
Susan explains exactly what we can do to Bobby, then does me. by CandiNyse (11/16/16)
4.27 (49)
48.A Woman's Touch
To get over a broken heart you just need a woman's touch. by ravencreed (11/12/16)
4.25 (138)
49.Heather Falls in Love Pt. 07
Marooned in Cairns. by LimeyLady (11/16/16)
4.24 (42)
50.Two Blonde Wives, One Unforgettable
My wife's first bisexual experience. by mcdau01 (11/25/16)
4.24 (181)
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