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The next many weeks were a blur, and I was hard pressed to even know what was happening to my poor cousin, Sarah. I began to feel desperately depressed. Eloise recognized this but offered little...

Kissing Cousins Ch. 13: Conclusion by Saphhia

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Madelyn Prescott was in a rush. But, being busy and on the move was nothing strange for the 42 year old mother of two. Today had all the usual chores- the gym, getting her husband and kids ready for...

A Suburban Shift Pt. 02 by Atys70

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"See you tomorrow Kate, don't forget the meeting!" Dan shouts across the carpark as he waves goodbye to me. "I won't Dan." I reply. "Has Erin put it in your diary for you?" He smirks. ...

Two Years, Four Months, One Week... by 184081

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1.Kissing Cousins Ch. 13: Conclusion
The saga comes to an end, but will our cousins be happy? by Saphhia (02/18/18)
5.00 (12)
2.A Suburban Shift Pt. 02
Maddie's discoveries continue... by Atys70 (02/13/18)
4.87 (119)
3.The Twelve Vitali Ch. 16
Revelations. by xelliebabex (01/26/18)
4.86 (159)
4.The Twelve Vitali Ch. 17
Reunited. by xelliebabex (02/02/18)
4.86 (150)
5.Two Years, Four Months, One Week...
...and Roughly 4 hours. Part Two of Erin and Kate's Story. by 184081 (01/30/18)
4.85 (188)
6.The Girls of Manchester Pt. 01
One day is all it takes to set the stage for a lifetime. by stormyeyedone (02/07/18)
4.84 (51)
7.The Agent Pt. 02: Rogue Nation
Agent 76 is on the run. Would she ever trust again? by YoursTruly101 (02/04/18)
4.83 (92)
8.Lust on the High Seas: Day 03
An Intense Sapphic Holiday. by Wkd_Macey (01/24/18)
4.80 (54)
9.A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 08
In Sickness and In Health. by TrueMort (02/05/18)
4.79 (33)
10.A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 09
California Nights. by TrueMort (02/11/18)
4.79 (42)
11.Red and Whyte
Danielle Whyte meets her Angel. by TrueMort (02/01/18)
4.78 (144)
12.The American Reporter Pt. 04
Secrets and lies collide in the Cairo heat. by Shaima32 (01/26/18)
4.77 (82)
13.The American Reporter Pt. 05
Helga's escape plans are finally put in motion. by Shaima32 (02/16/18)
4.76 (49)
14.Blueprints Ch. 04
Architect and client become more than architect and client. by Camera Obscura (01/31/18)
4.75 (170)
15.The Girls of Central Valley High
High School reunion rekindles old desires. by Ann Douglas (02/03/18)
4.75 (246)
16.A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 07
A Night at the Opera. by TrueMort (01/22/18)
4.75 (44)
17.Bath-time with Stroudle
Romantic and Sensual Moments with my Love. by Aimie2469 (01/30/18)
4.75 (20)
18.Anjali's Red Scarf Ch. 03
Sarah and Anjali set the rules for their arrangement. by Bramblethorn (02/09/18)
4.73 (70)
19.Playing the Game
A woman finds love through the game of soccer. by blondsubles (01/30/18)
4.72 (206)
20.The Third Wheel
Mistress and Charlotte Find a Friend. by WaxPhilosophic (01/26/18)
4.71 (66)
21.Can I Give You a Lift? Pt. 02
Love on the Rocks. by WaxPhilosophic (02/15/18)
4.71 (130)
22.Borrowing a Book
A chance meeting with an ex-teacher leads to lust. by midlandsgirly (02/08/18)
4.69 (313)
Online friends meet, drama follows. by Han_cg (01/27/18)
4.68 (119)
One misdialed digit turns an entire unhappy car ride around. by Smokey125 (01/26/18)
4.67 (113)
25.Toni's Awakening Pt. 03
Toni must come to a decision about Carina... by Shaima32 (02/20/18)
4.67 (24)
26.Brief Encounter
Brief but totally unforgettable. by LimeyLady (02/07/18)
4.64 (53)
27.Becca's Discovery Ch. 01-02
College co-ed discovers what she really is. by soppingwetpanties (02/02/18)
4.64 (203)
28.Tale of Two Panties
Mom learns daughter's secret, recalls her own. by Jigglingwendy3 (02/06/18)
4.62 (282)
29.Photos for My Husband
My wife's best friend helps her with some photos for me. by Reddragon5002 (02/18/18)
4.62 (202)
30.Courtney Texts a Stranger Ch. 02
Courtney makes a life-changing decision. by writergeek (01/28/18)
4.62 (116)
31.A Valentine's Date Ch. 01
A story of unexpected love in the High Fashion Industry by jsmangis (01/26/18)
4.62 (113)
32.Percy & Bea Pt. 02
An anniversary surprise from Bea. by BlueEvans (02/03/18)
4.62 (13)
33.Can I Give You a Lift?
Lusting for an older woman. by WaxPhilosophic (02/09/18)
4.60 (330)
34.After Class Breastfeeding
When a lactating Professor needs office assistance. by HeyAll (01/22/18)
4.59 (593)
35.Becoming a Lesbian Ch. 04
Missy Becomes Marissa's Lesbian Sex Slave. by MarissaPie (02/06/18)
4.55 (111)
36.Sisters Ch. 02
Alison and Natalie continue. by LittleAlison (01/31/18)
4.55 (106)
37.Kylie and Brooke Ch. 02
Kylie's sister brings home a friend. by The_Office_Fan (01/31/18)
4.54 (50)
38.GTO: The Beginning Pt. 02
Gail begins her training as a seductress. by GTO_Racer (02/06/18)
4.52 (46)
39.Hidden Desires Ch. 02
Penny & Sue still have plenty to learn! by lovethosepanties (01/25/18)
4.52 (50)
40.Lust on the High Seas: Day 02
An Intense Sapphic Holiday. by Wkd_Macey (01/23/18)
4.50 (54)
41.When It Rains Pt. 18
More drama. by MarzScorpion (02/11/18)
4.50 (26)
42.Tiny Dancer
Karen's best Valentine's Day yet. by CorbinC (02/07/18)
4.49 (79)
43.Nude on a Bearskin Rug
Two college girls sharing intimate moments. by JimBob44 (02/10/18)
4.49 (142)
44.Eat Me Like You Used To
A conference ends in a sizzling reunion for Rach and Frankie. by SophiaLux (01/31/18)
4.48 (88)
45.Susan Comes Out
A young Asian girl steps into a lesbian wine bar. by fishingrod48 (02/13/18)
4.46 (108)
46.When It Rains Pt. 17
More from Ky and Jazz. by MarzScorpion (02/10/18)
4.46 (39)
47.The Student Body Pt. 01
Teacher at all girl school guides students into lesbian lust. by SubtleDeviance (02/04/18)
4.46 (116)
48.Tale of Two Panties Ch. 02
How the panties got on the floor. by Jigglingwendy3 (02/15/18)
4.45 (102)
49.The Rise of Phoenix
The phoenix burns to ash, but then rises from the ash again. by Munchn (01/24/18)
4.45 (29)
50.Finding a Unique Masseuse Ch. 02
Another nude massage ends with a happy ending for everyone. by rockhard231 (02/11/18)
4.44 (110)
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