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"Bill let the balloon go and it went up in the air. It went higher than the birds and higher than the trees. Bill watched it get smaller and smaller until he couldn't see it anymore," Dani said, then...

An Indispensable Woman Ch. 05 by Koot

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Chapter one: Wrong place, wrong time. I love running, the pounding of my feet on the pavement below, the way that pushing my body past the point of exhaustion clears my head and helps me think...

Home by Han_cg

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The bitch shot me. The Doppelgänger pulled me back into the car and drove me to safety where I could feed and heal. I battled conflicting venal regret and perplexing gladness at having left...

The Selkie Ch. 03 by LesbianChickLit

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1.An Indispensable Woman Ch. 05
Dani: will history repeat itself? by Koot (11/21/17)
4.93 (59)
2.A Ghost of a Chance
Annie's Story. by careythomas (11/16/17)
4.90 (342)
3.Nine Months, One Week, Six Days and Roughly 18 Hours
Will a crazy idea lead to love or disaster? by 184081 (10/27/17)
4.88 (446)
4.An Unexpected Reunion Ch. 04
The final installment in Lexie and Callie's story. by Han_cg (10/27/17)
4.87 (164)
5.An Indispensable Woman Ch. 04
Amara, out in Vancouver. by Koot (11/15/17)
4.86 (131)
A chance encounter and two hearts finding their way home. by Han_cg (11/02/17)
4.86 (389)
7.Blueprints Ch. 03
Younger architect makes older client proud... by Camera Obscura (11/16/17)
4.84 (85)
8.Three Steps to Heaven
A doorway collision changes Jessie's life. by Maonaigh (11/07/17)
4.82 (318)
9.The Selkie Ch. 03
Aud's peril increases as the cross-country hunt closes in. by LesbianChickLit (11/12/17)
4.80 (125)
The late goodbye. by LaRascasse (10/24/17)
4.80 (54)
11.The Selkie Ch. 02
Aud on the run from a mesmeric vampire & revealing her past. by LesbianChickLit (10/31/17)
4.79 (136)
12.Amour Fou
A story of crazy love between two women, BDSM and fetish. by AphroditeIX2433 (10/24/17)
4.78 (37)
13.A Suburban Shift
Maddie had the perfect suburban life, but changes are coming. by Atys70 (11/15/17)
4.78 (276)
14.Mirror of My Mind
What is the face in the mirror came to life? by Ann Douglas (10/26/17)
4.77 (117)
15.Dilemmas of Love
Will Chloe find the love that she seeks? by VF_0079 (10/22/17)
4.76 (54)
16.Ebony Seduction Ch. 09
Keisha gives Pam the answer to her proposal. by blondsubles (10/25/17)
4.75 (44)
17.The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Guess who's handing out presents. by LimeyLady (10/26/17)
4.74 (57)
18.Mrs. Claus's Cookies
The Christmas Spirit can bring unexpected gifts. by Ann Douglas (11/09/17)
4.73 (174)
19.Kissing Cousins Ch. 04
Elizabeth discovers an ally, and more. by Saphhia (10/27/17)
4.73 (22)
20.I Need You, but You Needed Me More
Learning life's lessons comes at a price. by stormyeyedone (10/22/17)
4.71 (52)
21.The Once and Future Queen
Past and Present combine. by Ann Douglas (11/21/17)
4.68 (34)
Gwen gets entangled in a girl's abusive relationship. by Mars_Inamorata (11/01/17)
4.67 (201)
23.Sandy's Girl
An Aussie rock singer finally meets her match. by Shaima32 (11/12/17)
4.66 (134)
24.Molly's Fortune
Tall, dark and handsome the fortune teller said... by Ann Douglas (10/27/17)
4.66 (229)
25.April Leads Julie Astray
Forbidden friends Sapphic adventures. by RetroFan (11/16/17)
4.65 (65)
26.Amanda Jane Pt. 02
A Lesbian Seduction. by Wkd_Macey (11/12/17)
4.64 (39)
27.A Very Long Weekend 01
A middle aged romance novelist suffers from writer's block. by sawandsword (11/20/17)
4.64 (100)
28.Come on Eileen
You know what I mean! by LimeyLady (11/10/17)
4.64 (61)
29.Dear Diary Ch. 02
Matilda's study date. by wolfdragon76 (11/14/17)
4.63 (27)
30.Snakebite Ch. 01
A snakebite to the butt leads to desperate measures. by SluttyBisexualGuy (11/14/17)
4.62 (133)
31.Beauty and the Cougar Ch. 01
A lesbian cougar snares her young, hot employee as prey. by cathjacks1972 (11/06/17)
4.61 (365)
32.Shelter Pet Pt. 02
Kitty gets naughty. by WaxPhilosophic (11/11/17)
4.61 (54)
33.Prisoner of the Pages
Masturbation with an erotic story takes a supernatural turn. by MaleThonger (11/09/17)
4.61 (46)
34.University 02 - A Continuing Journey
Amy & Jo fall in love enjoying new experiences together. by pinkyperky (11/12/17)
4.60 (48)
35.The Reunion Ch. 01-04
Woman comes to grips with her sexuality and finds love. by soppingwetpanties (11/05/17)
4.59 (243)
36.Natalie's Christmas
A young woman shares her first Christmas with her new love. by BurntRedstone (11/13/17)
4.59 (397)
37.Heartbreak under the Neon Light
When Jenna keeps asking for more, what is a friend to do? by stormyeyedone (11/01/17)
4.59 (99)
38.Mothers in Law
Soon-to-be in-laws bond. by Ann Douglas (11/15/17)
4.58 (247)
39.A Portrait in Blue
A tale of office seduction set in Edinburgh. by Shaima32 (11/01/17)
4.57 (149)
40.Joy and Happiness
There are all kinds of way to celebrate a big day. by Ann Douglas (11/07/17)
4.57 (111)
41.The Siren of New Orleans
A female police officer finds her purpose. by sugarandspice25 (10/24/17)
4.56 (155)
42.Mom's New Job Ch. 03
Two work nights for Jess and Gwen. by Generalgums (11/12/17)
4.54 (103)
43.Mom's New Job Ch. 02
Jess starts her new job. by Generalgums (10/25/17)
4.52 (191)
44.Extra Sprinkles for Ms. Lynch
The clerk at the ice cream stand was a former student. by Madabouthair (10/22/17)
4.51 (115)
45.Make This Last Forever Pt. 04
Dani attends her reunion but will her past lovers be there? by GayTripper (10/28/17)
4.51 (39)
46.Becoming a Lesbian
New girl comes to school and Missy is her first conquest. by MarissaPie (10/29/17)
4.49 (405)
47.How to Make a Wife Pt. 01
A self-made woman decides to make a perfect wife. by JadeSteed (10/27/17)
4.49 (182)
48.University 03 - Extended Family
Amy & Jo become an extended part of a lesbian family. by pinkyperky (11/16/17)
4.49 (39)
Two best friends find themselves becoming something more. by k_lancelot (10/27/17)
4.47 (153)
50.Lullaby o' Escorts
I don't know what love is... by Exescort (10/22/17)
4.47 (66)
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