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-- MORNING— JESS The phone woke me up. I blinked and looked at the clock - it was just about 10 in the morning. I shifted my legs as they felt a little sore, prompting me to fully remember

Five Years and Four Days Ch. 04 by careythomas

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Present Day New York and Singapore - two cities where taxi drivers had way too much power. I flung my arm out yet again, hoping that flashing my underarm sweat would gain a pity stop. The old...

Alex - The Novella by KillerRomance

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DAY THREE: THE COMING OUT BARBECUE. After spending two days and two nights with Melina over the Anzac long weekend, things take a dramatic step forward for Lindsay when Melina manages to secure a...

The Long Weekend - Day 03 by Shaima32

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1.Summer and Fall
Sequel to Five Years and Four Days. by careythomas (02/15/17)
4.92 (227)
2.Five Years and Four Days Ch. 04
Day Four - The day after (and the day after that). by careythomas (01/22/17)
4.90 (378)
3.Alex - The Novella
The long-awaited novella. by KillerRomance (02/01/17)
4.88 (192)
4.The Long Weekend - Day 03
Lindsay is starting to fall for Melina but can it work? by Shaima32 (02/05/17)
4.79 (150)
5.St. Clair Ch. 02: Witch
Ozark Crime Noir. by Todd172 (01/21/17)
4.78 (124)
6.The Long Weekend - Day 04
Lindsay decides she must make a decision... by Shaima32 (02/10/17)
4.78 (143)
7.Crossing Over Pt. 02
Louise is falling for Sigrid but she is still holding back. by Shaima32 (02/16/17)
4.77 (109)
8.Crossing Over Pt. 01
My crossing over began with the death of my sister... by Shaima32 (02/15/17)
4.77 (155)
9.As The Professor Speaks
When a teacher/student relationship takes an erotic turn. by HeyAll (01/25/17)
4.74 (782)
10.The Long Weekend - Day 02
The second day brings Lindsay and Melina even closer. by Shaima32 (02/04/17)
4.74 (166)
11.Navy Wife Pt. 02
Megan and Sarah get a chance to explore more. by patmc098 (01/27/17)
4.71 (224)
12.Sheila and Her Friends, Redux
Friend and lovers forever, lost but better found. by PenelopePinn (02/13/17)
4.71 (17)
13.Jenna and Emily Do More Than Kiss
The continuing story of Beth and Jenna. by BrookeJones (01/25/17)
4.66 (90)
14.The Long Weekend - Day 01
Lindsay becomes a tour guide for a German model. by Shaima32 (01/21/17)
4.65 (284)
15.Sapphic Solicitors Ch. 02
Stephanie wants to know all about an exploit of Rose's. by naughtykitten21 (01/29/17)
4.65 (113)
16.Bad Girl in the City Pt. 01
Can Blue's creation (me) behave herself? No way! by SunnyJohansen (01/26/17)
4.64 (28)
17.Davina Does Christmas
Celebrating in style. by LimeyLady (02/17/17)
4.64 (25)
18.Zoey's Perfect Man is a Girl
We can all be surprised where love will take us. by foxyfiona (01/22/17)
4.63 (366)
19.Breaking the Drought Pt. 02
It was supposed to be a one night stand but then... by Shaima32 (01/25/17)
4.63 (60)
20.Trying To Get By Ch. 03
Soldiers & Fauns and Rebuilding a Girl From Scratch. by TaLtos6 (02/11/17)
4.62 (21)
21.The Waitress Pt. 02
After their sexual encounter, Marina takes Lynne on a date. by Shaima32 (01/30/17)
4.61 (109)
22.Feels So Close
Why wait for when you're ready? by FionaLaFi (02/17/17)
4.61 (136)
23.That Australian Woman
It was unlike any Valentines day date she'd ever known. by Shaima32 (02/01/17)
4.59 (266)
24.The Favor
Tracy could only remember one thing when she woke up... by AwkwardMD (02/18/17)
4.57 (217)
25.Roommates Ch. 01
I find the roommate of my dreams. by olivia0000 (02/08/17)
4.56 (359)
26.Welcome to the Softball Team Pt. 02
Another woman joins the team. by agrayerway (01/26/17)
4.54 (121)
27.New Neighbour Pt. 04
Paige meets Lauren and her world. by loveyou18 (02/02/17)
4.53 (169)
28.Emotionless Pt. 06
Lauren will soon have to admit her new feelings. by Sarabi9 (01/23/17)
4.53 (47)
29.Pre-Graduation Party
Four young ladies preparing for a wild party. by WiccanKemi (02/11/17)
4.53 (168)
30.Satin Dreams Pt. 02
The escort girl has awakened Karen's desires. by Shaima32 (01/28/17)
4.52 (104)
31.Sapphic Solicitors Ch. 01
Attorney Stephanie decides to teach Rose a thing or two. by naughtykitten21 (01/24/17)
4.51 (182)
32.The Perfect Treat
Chocolate conspires to create rapture for two ex-girlfriends. by BetinaCipher (02/01/17)
4.50 (133)
33.The Neighbor Ch. 01
Kat's trip home for the holidays takes an unexpected turn. by megara3 (02/15/17)
4.50 (175)
Losing my virginity. by LimeyLady (01/26/17)
4.50 (88)
35.The Researcher Ch. 05
Maris helps serge adjust to her world. by MadQuill (01/23/17)
4.50 (26)
36.Overwhelming Darkness
She needed Isolation and quiet but nature had other ideas. by fantac63 (02/17/17)
4.49 (47)
37.Davina Again
Broadening my horizons and coming out. by LimeyLady (02/09/17)
4.48 (42)
38.A Dream Come True
Melanie's husband becomes her new wife thanks to magic. by esmegrey (02/15/17)
4.46 (76)
39.The Lesbian Nights Pt. 02
The Second Lesbian Night. by Audrey07 (02/01/17)
4.41 (58)
It's the day of Ellie's initiation into the Sisterhood. by NicoleZ (02/14/17)
4.41 (39)
41.Bad Girl in the City Pt. 02
In which Blue learns of my surprise sexual mental ability... by SunnyJohansen (02/07/17)
4.40 (30)
42.Cheat Days Ch. 06
A housewife continues her affair but hits a snag. by Ms_Malcontent (02/11/17)
4.39 (163)
43.The Red Coven
A lonely woman is introduced to a special club. by Audrey07 (02/17/17)
4.38 (167)
44.The Smile Did It
A girl hooks up with a cute lesbian and tells her boyfriend. by Brittni4u (01/25/17)
4.38 (134)
45.The Lesbian Nights
Kelly must distract her landlady, or face eviction. by Audrey07 (01/25/17)
4.36 (96)
46.Blossoming: New Beginnings
A seed must sacrifice itself before its flower blooms. by maroonerslagoon (01/24/17)
4.36 (50)
47.Jody's Plan
Jody gets support from her girlfriends to seduce her parents. by WiccanKemi (02/18/17)
4.35 (91)
48.I Control My Boss Ch. 04
My big day and mind control night. by StephanieRuby (01/21/17)
4.33 (57)
49.Sensuelles Ch. 02
Dinner is served. Can our little slave can last to dessert? by blondsubles (02/20/17)
4.33 (24)
50.The Cruise Singer Pt. 02
Monique takes Amanda home. by O2 (02/07/17)
4.33 (46)
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