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"Hey, Sally...Give me a hand with this trunk, will you? It must weigh a ton!" "Look at all that dust! I bet it hasn't been moved in decades." "Maybe it contains those doubloons you said we...

The Letters by Conversations

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Dear Readers: I am writing to you, my beloved readers, fans and fellow freaks because it is time I say thank you. You have given me so much! This desire to express my gratitude began last month...

A Letter to My Readers by Yogakay

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The whole group looked forward to how Sunita would react. It could not be denied that every single male would simply love if this act went forward and so it reflected on their faces as well. The...

A Different Party Ch. 05 by strtlr69

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1.The Letters
Two cousins re-enact their grandparents' love letters. by Conversations (07/20/16)
4.88 (328)
2.A Letter to My Readers
Author tells fans about their impact on her sex life. by Yogakay (06/26/18)
4.80 (86)
3.A Different Party Ch. 05
Sunita and Seema explore a bit of each other. by strtlr69 (07/09/12)
4.75 (57)
4.Literotica Authors 08: Ann Douglas
Interviews with Literotica authors, #8: Ann Douglas. by Bob_Aganoush (12/15/17)
4.74 (68)
5.Literotica Authors 02: silkstockingslover
Interviews with Literotica authors, #2: silkstockingslover. by Bob_Aganoush (06/09/17)
4.72 (250)
6.Tech Support
Tech Support talks Libby through using her new strapon. by blin18 (11/14/15)
4.71 (62)
7.Literotica Authors 03: soppingwetpanties
Interviews with Literotica authors, #3: soppingwetpanties. by Bob_Aganoush (06/20/17)
4.70 (53)
8.Where Do We Go From Here?
Open letter to my Literotica family on the ending of an era. by Tara_Neale (12/30/14)
4.69 (131)
9.Literotica Authors 01: Milene
Interviews with Literotica authors, #1: Milene. by Bob_Aganoush (06/08/17)
4.69 (52)
10.Until Then
One woman's love, captured in letters. by lucky-E-leven (02/23/05)
4.68 (146)
11.EuroLetters Ch. 07
Gina continues her affair with her classmate's father. by Goldeniangel (05/25/05)
4.68 (93)
12.Literotica Authors 05: Goldeniangel
Interviews with Literotica authors, #5: Goldeniangel. by Bob_Aganoush (07/28/17)
4.67 (52)
13.Why I Love To Eat You
A husband's essay about how he loves to eat you. by MrKitty (07/14/08)
4.66 (485)
14.The Seduction of Sylvia
He reached across an ocean to claim what was his. by fantasy123 (10/17/07)
4.66 (91)
15.EuroLetters Ch. 04
She writes more about her group sex experience. by Goldeniangel (04/11/05)
4.66 (71)
16.Caressing the Veil
Young widow writes a letter to her love. by logophile (10/05/04)
4.66 (65)
17.EuroLetters Ch. 06
Gina gets busy on the trip. by Goldeniangel (05/22/05)
4.65 (85)
18.Island Slave Ch. 04
Melanie's Story, Quinn's Heartbreak. by dweaver999 (11/25/07)
4.64 (104)
19.Memoir of a Lame Girl
She opens herself to him. by msgimply (04/28/04)
4.64 (101)
20.Things You Don't Know
Confessions about the way you fuck me. by The_Maniacal_Nymph (03/20/18)
4.64 (70)
21.Craving You
What a cunning linguist thirsts for most. by ian37 (09/25/10)
4.62 (47)
22.The Writer
Author explains to wife about writing erotica. by DG Hear (10/27/05)
4.61 (208)
23.Tacitus Salutem
Reporting a barbarian ritual on spring equinox. by Black Tulip (06/30/04)
4.61 (54)
24.Dear Diary Ch. 09
The last entry in her Diary. by Goldeniangel (05/02/06)
4.60 (75)
25.Literotica Authors 04: HeyAll
Interviews with Literotica authors, #4: HeyAll. by Bob_Aganoush (06/23/17)
4.60 (50)
26.The Good Morning Kiss
A love letter for her lover by cheeryorchid (08/03/04)
4.60 (48)
A letter to my virgin internet boy toy. by Dani Meadows (10/23/03)
4.60 (48)
28.Good Girl
I need someone to treat me rough. by AbbyGrace (05/16/12)
4.59 (169)
29.Dear Sir, I Love Your....
A tribute to your cock. by HandFan (05/11/05)
4.59 (132)
30.Dear Diary Ch. 08
Luke delivers something kinky, himself in handcuffs. by Goldeniangel (05/01/06)
4.59 (86)
31.EuroLetters Ch. 05
Gina's moved on to another city and another adventure. by Goldeniangel (05/19/05)
4.59 (63)
32.Phone Sex
It can be so, so good. by salaciouswit (08/11/06)
4.58 (148)
A letter to my husband on our wedding anniversary. by Selena_Kitt (08/02/06)
4.58 (88)
34.Gold Card Ch. 06
Ted emails Susan about his sexy day with the Gold Card. by MungoParkIII (11/09/07)
4.58 (65)
35.The Fantasies Series Ch. 01
When reality isn't possible, there's always the mind. by BadGirlWithin (03/17/06)
4.58 (48)
36.Wicked Game Ch. 21
The doctor's notes. by velvetpie (06/21/04)
4.57 (156)
37.Beauty Treatment With A Difference
She finds a beauty parlour devoted to sexual fulfilment. by virusman (08/21/16)
4.57 (91)
38.To You
My desires of an enquiring submissive. by FluteMaster (01/10/07)
4.57 (69)
39.Gold Card Ch. 07
Susan's email tells of her return to the coffee shop. by MungoParkIII (11/14/07)
4.57 (54)
40.Email From James
Away on business, he shows how he missed her. by SaraW_1983 (07/11/06)
4.57 (51)
41.Emails to Lovers Ch. 03
She wants him to remember how good she is. by Texas Tease (04/25/05)
4.57 (51)
42.Diary of an Oversexed Woman
Misc Sexual Encounters. by slowhand335 (01/09/16)
4.57 (44)
Sincerity is key; fake it well & succeed! by R. Richard (03/06/04)
4.56 (85)
44.My Arousal: A Note
In a note to a crush, she describes her self-pleasure. by whimsicalrelaxed (08/04/07)
4.56 (80)
45.Caught in the Crossfire Ch. 11: Final
Epilogue. by dresbach (11/14/14)
4.56 (68)
46.One Hundred Days
Letter to deployed husband. by tediebear_74 (12/17/03)
4.56 (54)
47.Incestuous Emailing
Cybering with my son. by Catmoore (11/03/13)
4.56 (52)
48.A Secret Admirer
Jack recieves several letters anonymously. by Many Feathers (06/15/06)
4.55 (421)
49.Letter to Sheridan
Keep the peace and all of that. by magmaman (08/01/10)
4.55 (114)
50.True Confessions
A love letter from her to him. by RedHairedandFriendly (07/03/05)
4.55 (55)
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