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"Honey? Hey, it's dad. I did it!" "Daddy???" "Yeah, it's me," her father, Cole Garr, said. "I did it. I won!" "Seriously!? So you get to come out here to Las Vegas, right?" "I do. And...

All In by komrad1156

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I awoke to find Kate draped over half my body, eyes open and smiling. "Good morning, honey," Kate whispered. Pulling her tight against me with one arm, I replied, "Yes it is. A very good...

Bill and Kate Conclusion by Swilly

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So I hope the wait wasn't too long Kids. It made my day to know that you guys and gals even appreciated the first chapter and I really hope this one is also to your liking. Chapter 3 is cruising...

Iron Heart Ch. 02 by creepyrj

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201.Another Time, Another Place
Youthful fantasies can sometimes become adult realities. by Ann Douglas (12/25/17)
4.79 (608)
202.All In
On-line poker brings two people together. by komrad1156 (06/18/16)
4.79 (596)
203.Returning Home
A woman dies inside when she sends the boy she loves away. by komrad1156 (07/17/17)
4.79 (574)
204.Bill and Kate Conclusion
Bill makes a decision. by Swilly (01/29/14)
4.79 (544)
205.Kassandra, Woman of Mystery
Sometimes living with danger is exciting. by jsmangis (04/14/18)
4.79 (511)
206.Iron Heart Ch. 02
Complications arise and something stronger grows. by creepyrj (03/10/12)
4.79 (486)
207.Irresistible Buzz Pt. 01
Big, hairy teacher meets boyish lesbian student. by fsqueeze (08/07/17)
4.79 (477)
Erotic literature brings love to a grieving widower. by komrad1156 (05/21/16)
4.79 (474)
209.Comic Con Pt. 01
Author goes to his first Comic Con. by Girochen (11/13/15)
4.79 (299)
210.Summer Film Study
A teacher spends August learning lessons from ex-students. by Voboy (08/24/17)
4.79 (278)
211.Fire in the Night Ch. 12
A happy ending for all; a hint of what's to come. by sunnylynn (02/11/07)
4.79 (266)
212.Circumstances, Regret, Reunion Ch. 04
Saturday evening, making plans and making love. by Flyingtiger (05/08/16)
4.79 (221)
213."Pretending" to Make Out
A flirty student's prank goes a BIT too far... by Voboy (03/01/18)
4.79 (203)
214.Free Fall Ch. 03
Thanksgiving with Nico's family. by angel_grant (05/31/17)
4.79 (167)
215.Discovered Passion Ch. 03
Snowbound, two mature ladies tag-team an obliging young man. by tantricjim (10/20/17)
4.79 (143)
216.After School Special
Todd's mistake gets surprising results from Miss Ross. by lovecraft68 (04/17/13)
4.78 (9967)
217.That Summer
Bad Billy is sentenced to summer on the farm. by rgjohn (06/22/01)
4.78 (5728)
218.On The Train
Young man and mature woman connect on daily commute. by ilikeithot6308 (07/24/15)
4.78 (3800)
219.Ms. Jackson Ch. 01
Boy is torn between his longtime girlfriend and her sexy mom. by jeffincognito (09/29/16)
4.78 (3062)
220.A Long Night's Climb Into Sunlight
An older woman finds solace in the arms of her paperboy. by ronde (11/21/02)
4.78 (2800)
221.She Hates Me? Not! Pt. 02: Karly
New girlfriend's Mom turns out to be a cougar on the prowl. by ilikeithot6308 (05/07/15)
4.78 (1683)
222.Cumming of Age Ch. 8
Bobby takes a slight age detour by Bobby T (11/16/01)
4.78 (1624)
223.Ms. Walker's Class Ch. 02
As summer jobs go, MILF satisfaction pays very well. by ilikeithot6308 (11/12/14)
4.78 (1569)
224.Molly, Alyssa And Me
An older man, 2 girls he helps, and a reward. by woodmanone (06/21/09)
4.78 (1552)
225.Saving the Company Ch. 04
Joe and Bethany's hostile take over. by JoeDreamer (04/18/06)
4.78 (1472)
226.Ms. Walker's Class Ch. 03
Michael's education continues. He's working on a doctorate. by ilikeithot6308 (11/26/14)
4.78 (1432)
227.Neighborhood Dad Ch. 06
Daughter's 18th birthday brings new developments. by LittleHenry (02/03/14)
4.78 (1427)
228.Cowboy Up
Bull riding nearly kills a young man before love saves him. by komrad1156 (08/04/16)
4.78 (1233)
229.A Brilliant Mind
Ups and downs lead a scientist to a dance instructor. by komrad1156 (10/12/16)
4.78 (1201)
230.Blind Squirrel Finds Nut
Desperate times force a woman to take desperate measures. by komrad1156 (10/05/16)
4.78 (1180)
231.Always a Bridesmaid
Love finally comes to a girl doomed to never be a bride. by komrad1156 (10/22/16)
4.78 (1172)
232.Love Me... Love My Dogs Pt. 03
Our secret is out, to a limited audience. Just Mom. by ilikeithot6308 (05/08/15)
4.78 (1149)
Heavy snow in Denver alters a younger man's plans. by komrad1156 (12/19/16)
4.78 (1094)
234.I Thought I Hated Him Ch. 08
What the future holds. by firstkiss (10/16/07)
4.78 (979)
235.That Special Summer
Shy teen comes of age with lonely widow. by jack_straw (10/15/04)
4.78 (938)
An averted tragedy brings two lovers together. by komrad1156 (12/29/16)
4.78 (919)
Alone in a bakery, she takes a chance on an older man. by SilverMuse (08/24/16)
4.78 (901)
238.Seeing Stars
His world is transformed by a young woman's sexual appetite. by angel_grant (05/21/11)
4.78 (892)
239.Climbing Jacob's Ladder
Business takes a back seat to love for an older woman. by komrad1156 (01/17/17)
4.78 (858)
240.House Swap
Fate brings an older woman to a younger man. by komrad1156 (11/12/16)
4.78 (843)
241.Neighborhood Dad Ch. 18
Taking a trip into the mountains. by LittleHenry (01/21/15)
4.78 (829)
242.Out of Gas
Running out of gas changes two lives forever. by komrad1156 (03/01/18)
4.78 (770)
243.The Tides Of War Pt. 03
Part 3. by RobinLane (02/12/15)
4.78 (745)
244.A Week in Europe
Thomas and Niki meet again, and decisions are made. by harding (06/12/10)
4.78 (738)
245.It Started in the Rain Ch. 03
Just how loving can life be? by Scorpio44 (01/19/06)
4.78 (722)
246.In Step Ch. 08
Donna and Mark have an "exchange." by RonCabo (03/14/10)
4.78 (675)
247.Stand Tall
A young jockey stands tall for the older woman he loves. by komrad1156 (12/20/17)
4.78 (624)
248.New Beginnings
A devastating diagnosis leads to true love. by komrad1156 (09/15/17)
4.78 (594)
249.Dream Lover
A bitter breakup leads an older woman to true love. by komrad1156 (06/03/17)
4.78 (589)
A narcissist finds love by putting others first. by komrad1156 (08/22/16)
4.78 (587)
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