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"Come on Bandit, time to go to work." I said to my service dog Bandit as I took his vest out of the closet and headed to the living room. I had spent most of that entire early December morning...

Bandit by YouDidWhut

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Our life together had begun, although not in the manner either of us would have planned. After the argument with my parents, and the release of emotions that followed, Brosie and I had retired to her...

Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 04 by ilikeithot6308

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Chapter 2 – Liz, Autumn I found out more about Liz's problems a couple of days later. The rest of Charlie's visit was fun, we went to see a movie together and then had some dinner, and funnily...

Student Support Ch. 02 by AnnasFriend

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
What has four paws and an old soul? by YouDidWhut (11/25/17)
4.91 (2139)
2.Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 04
The aftermath. Love grows. by ilikeithot6308 (02/04/18)
4.87 (467)
3.Student Support Ch. 02
The study group expands - Maggie shares the love around. by AnnasFriend (01/26/18)
4.87 (433)
4.Beth's Summer Break Pt. 09
Beth's summer fun continues with Sam, Josie and a new friend. by BarracudaSwordfish (06/24/17)
4.87 (23)
A room with a view leads to a life changing experience. by YouDidWhut (12/28/17)
4.85 (1261)
6.My Christmas Star
He saw what others didn't. And they hated him for it. by MSTarot (11/29/17)
4.85 (1674)
7.Grease Monkey Business Pt. 03
The Race continues... by ilikeithot6308 (02/03/18)
4.85 (523)
8.Angel Flight
A WWII veteran is the catalyst for love. by komrad1156 (04/22/18)
4.85 (602)
9.Like a Daughter to Me Ch. 03
Assisting my cam-girl and a day-trip with my Cait. by BiscuitHammer (10/13/17)
4.85 (216)
10.Beth's Summer Break Pt. 07
Gina parties hard and divulges more of her past. by BarracudaSwordfish (05/24/17)
4.85 (26)
11.Five Minutes and Forever
An unexpected reward. by Ann Douglas (11/25/17)
4.85 (734)
A chance meeting leads a retired Navy SEAL to love. by komrad1156 (06/07/17)
4.84 (2062)
13.Brittany's Do-Over
An awkward question puts a former student in a tricky spot. by Voboy (01/22/18)
4.84 (468)
A trip to the carwash leads a woman to the perfect man. by komrad1156 (07/08/17)
4.83 (1113)
15.Eye of the Beholder
One man's quest for beauty leaves him empty. by komrad1156 (03/27/18)
4.83 (694)
A new idea brings two people together forever. by komrad1156 (04/07/18)
4.82 (809)
17.Pete's Pub
Young woman succumbs to a bartender's charm. by PapaRomantic (10/04/17)
4.82 (334)
18.Conflicted Ch. 11
Leslie and Stuart go on their first proper date. by Cuckoldson (04/07/18)
4.82 (66)
19.English Lane
A song and a place remind us of lasting love. by oggbashan (03/12/18)
4.82 (280)
20.Grease Monkey Business Pt. 02
Red joins his Julie. Fast Cars. Beautiful women. by ilikeithot6308 (08/08/17)
4.82 (603)
21.The Iceman's Wrath Ch. 04
Megan comes over & an unexpected guest arrives! by writerannabelle (01/23/18)
4.81 (696)
22.Corpsman, Up!
Running out of gas changes an older woman's life forever. by komrad1156 (12/06/17)
4.81 (1223)
23.Quilting 101
Curiosity leads a younger man to try something new. by komrad1156 (05/14/18)
4.81 (573)
24.Rescue Me
Tragedy brings two people together. by komrad1156 (02/23/18)
4.81 (786)
25.Ploughing the South Forty Pt. 02
The ladies welcome Colin back to town, in a special way. by ilikeithot6308 (11/03/17)
4.81 (963)
26.How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Students aren't the only ones with busy summers. by mabsls (09/19/17)
4.81 (494)
27.Artichoke Heart
Surprise reunion with a childhood crush leads to passion. by angel_grant (06/17/17)
4.80 (323)
28.Taking One For The Team
Charlie takes one for the team. by Ann Douglas (01/12/18)
4.80 (891)
29.The Iceman's Wrath Ch. 03
His daughter's friend needs advice - he teaches her a lesson. by writerannabelle (12/14/17)
4.80 (999)
30.So Hard to Shop For
Married Dad gets the perfect gift one year. by silverisgold (05/01/18)
4.80 (480)
31."Pretending" to Make Out
A flirty student's prank goes a BIT too far... by Voboy (03/01/18)
4.80 (222)
32.Kassandra, Woman of Mystery
Sometimes living with danger is exciting. by jsmangis (04/14/18)
4.80 (579)
33.All The Way In
Ms Dubinsky jumps on the "bad teacher" bandwagon... by Voboy (03/31/18)
4.80 (652)
34.My Night with Chloe
My former sexy young intern has a very interesting secret. by gapster7 (11/01/17)
4.80 (479)
35.Trailer Trash Pt. 08
Cherry and Merilee find out what the other has been doing. by slimpic11 (08/24/17)
4.80 (54)
36.Irresistible Buzz Pt. 01
Big, hairy teacher meets boyish lesbian student. by fsqueeze (08/07/17)
4.79 (483)
37.Blast From the Past
An unexpected reunion leads two unlikely people to love. by komrad1156 (03/12/18)
4.79 (702)
38.Another Time, Another Place
Youthful fantasies can sometimes become adult realities. by Ann Douglas (12/25/17)
4.79 (619)
39.Seeing the Possibilities
Sometimes you just have to see the possibilities. by Ann Douglas (01/27/18)
4.79 (642)
40.Returning Home
A woman dies inside when she sends the boy she loves away. by komrad1156 (07/17/17)
4.79 (596)
41.If Things Were Different
Overdue changes allow an older woman the chance to find love by komrad1156 (08/08/17)
4.79 (682)
42.Discovered Passion Ch. 03
Snowbound, two mature ladies tag-team an obliging young man. by tantricjim (10/20/17)
4.79 (144)
Moving into a duplex brings two people together for life. by komrad1156 (05/18/18)
4.79 (580)
44.Competition for 'The Top'
A Marine widower finds love with an older widowed woman. by komrad1156 (11/24/17)
4.79 (936)
45.Free Fall Ch. 03
Thanksgiving with Nico's family. by angel_grant (05/31/17)
4.79 (169)
46.Duty, Honor, Country
Tragedy and a twist of fate lead to love. by komrad1156 (06/16/17)
4.79 (715)
47.Dream Lover
A bitter breakup leads an older woman to true love. by komrad1156 (06/03/17)
4.78 (608)
48.Stand Tall
A young jockey stands tall for the older woman he loves. by komrad1156 (12/20/17)
4.78 (629)
49.New Beginnings
A devastating diagnosis leads to true love. by komrad1156 (09/15/17)
4.78 (603)
50.A Turn for the Better
Life can change on the turn of a wheel. by Ann Douglas (12/22/17)
4.78 (538)
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