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Brandon wished he could have heard the rest of the conversation between his mother and his sister, who was caught in a sixty-nine with her cheerleading friend (each trying to get the other off...

Revenge of the Nerd: Ex-Bully's Mom by silkstockingslover

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Hey guys, Sorry about the delay. Here is the next part. Enjoy. My eyes flickered open as I awoke from my deep sleep. Sitting up I looked at the setting around me, nine of the most...

Prototype F-96 Pt. 04 by NemoHoes

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Nuri was angry, beyond angry. She was bound spread eagle on a bed, gagged, still slightly aroused, but completely unfulfilled, her bed was in fact still was damp with her own juices. She had managed...

The Gypsy's Curse Pt. 04 by jlorthia

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Mind Control

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101.Revenge of the Nerd: Ex-Bully's Mom
Nerd dominates bitchy MILF and takes her virgin asshole. by silkstockingslover (05/27/15)
4.53 (819)
102.Prototype F-96 Pt. 04
Guy uses his remote at home. by NemoHoes (12/08/14)
4.53 (436)
103.The Gypsy's Curse Pt. 04
Nuri gets revenge on Callie by cursing her. by jlorthia (09/02/15)
4.52 (42)
104.Teacher Undressed Ch. 10
The teachers realise they've been hypnotized. by StoryTeller07 (07/23/15)
4.52 (137)
105.Dreamscape Ch. 02
A young scientist is enlisted to create a mind altering drug. by darbreslo (01/27/15)
4.51 (200)
106.Who Can It Be Now?
Danielle goes back to confront her controller. by JukeboxEMCSA (06/08/15)
4.51 (70)
107.The Power of Touch Ch. 07
Jeff meets resistance, and gets a warning. Or is it? by shaqrach2 (10/11/14)
4.51 (111)
108.Georgia on My Mind
Thoughts of Georgia distract Leigh from her daydreams. by JukeboxEMCSA (09/11/15)
4.51 (51)
109.SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 16
Analysis of Sexual Habits of My Harvard PhD Harem by KissedMany (04/21/15)
4.51 (73)
110.Teenanna Ch. 02
Teenanna spends the day with Donnie. by ArtyGee (06/03/15)
4.50 (60)
111.Nymphocom Ch. 09-3
The story of a NYMPHOCOM's victim, Part 3. by devioto (10/06/14)
4.50 (58)
112.Hypnotizing the Babysitter Ch. 01
Submissive woman has a problem with authority. by blacknight99 (07/25/15)
4.50 (517)
113.Back Where You Belong
Felicia goes for a spa treatment...again? by JukeboxEMCSA (07/11/15)
4.50 (105)
114.Stephen Lyons MD Ch. 05
Stephen exacts revenge on his estranged family. by AStropirate (03/02/15)
4.49 (140)
115.Hypnotist Next Door Ch. 05
Mark learns a lesson about submission. by SheriffBart (11/08/14)
4.49 (128)
116.Teacher Undressed Ch. 11
All is revealed. by StoryTeller07 (09/15/15)
4.49 (108)
117.SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 17
A lucky student becomes the first male in the drug trial. by KissedMany (05/17/15)
4.49 (96)
118.Seasons of the Mind Ch. 03
Once more the girl finds herself transported. by Drmaxc (05/19/15)
4.48 (23)
119.The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 02
The Masseuse and the MILF. by KrisCherita (09/06/15)
4.48 (107)
120.Prototype F-96 Pt. 05
Guy spends some time on the beach. by NemoHoes (02/10/15)
4.47 (233)
121.SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 19
Keith's English teacher recommends a beautiful young virgin. by KissedMany (05/29/15)
4.46 (84)
122.The Breast Machine Ch. 06
The Aunt. by StoryTeller07 (03/18/15)
4.46 (257)
123.Seasons of the Mind Ch. 01
Woman magically transported to a lonely cottage - not alone! by Drmaxc (05/10/15)
4.46 (76)
124.Christmas Trip with the Cousins Ch. 02
My cousins and I have some fun cooking and going to the club. by storytyme (12/27/14)
4.46 (136)
125.Blank Space
Mindy wakes up next to a strange man. by JukeboxEMCSA (08/08/15)
4.46 (158)
126.Remotely Controlled Ch. 03
Keith meets a 'Swinger' and plays with identical twins. by SlipLuvver (05/02/15)
4.45 (42)
127.MasterPC: The Path of Otto
A damaged man walks a thin path with MasterPC. by Meijinsan (10/30/14)
4.45 (125)
128.Dreamscape Ch. 04
A young scientist is enlisted to create a mind altering drug. by darbreslo (02/26/15)
4.45 (134)
129.Hypnotist Next Door Ch. 04
Jeanette all wound up and out of control. by SheriffBart (11/03/14)
4.44 (138)
130.SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 13
Sweet revenge on an extortionist. I dose and fuck his wife. by KissedMany (10/29/14)
4.44 (183)
131.Capes and Crepes
A semi-retired superheroine stumbles upon an unusual cafe. by petmyhead (05/11/15)
4.43 (46)
132.Jungle Fever
Jungle expedition leads to unexpected aphrodisiac discovery. by erossmantic (09/04/15)
4.43 (259)
133.Mind Contagion Ch. 01
Jeremy develops a mind-control disease. by Jasonahutchinson (05/16/15)
4.43 (419)
134.Normal Ch. 01-03
Sally gets her superpower and starts to explore it. by Fot1234 (05/23/15)
4.43 (205)
He would conquer the world one person at a time. by JeremiahKeeper (09/16/15)
4.43 (98)
136.Desires Uncovered
Hypnotist fulfills a shy virgin's wish by impregnating her. by catfacts (12/28/14)
4.43 (501)
137.A Gift Bestowed
Meeting his goddess. by otakuinshiner (01/19/15)
4.43 (265)
138.The Ethical Slutmaker
"We find it's often useful to speak to both members of a couple by KrisCherita (08/30/15)
4.42 (328)
139.Seasons of the Mind Ch. 02
The stranger takes the woman to a deserted, sunny beach. by Drmaxc (05/13/15)
4.42 (36)
140.Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Adventure Girl is beset by a horde of evil mind controllers. by JukeboxEMCSA (06/23/15)
4.42 (36)
141.Final Interview
Candidates vie for a position in the Company. by taxandtithe (09/02/15)
4.42 (137)
142.Submission Without Consent
What's the harm in meeting for a coffee? by taboosanddarkdesires (01/10/15)
4.41 (351)
143.Bovine Justice vs. The Sugar Skull G
Pudgy heroine faces traps set by well armed criminals. by PhiloHunter (05/04/15)
4.41 (22)
Leah naturally does what she's told. by JukeboxEMCSA (06/28/15)
4.41 (243)
145.Return to the Master Ch. 01
Beth is caught by the Company. by Weerdo (05/05/15)
4.41 (145)
146.The Cupid Effect Ch. 09
Dexter continues his dark path with dire consequences!! by mondotoken (06/27/15)
4.40 (213)
147.She Makes Some Changes Ch. 02
Turning around a self-centered husband. by lsa3 (05/26/15)
4.40 (52)
148.Stranger in My Own House
A superhero finds a deadly surprise waiting at home. by JukeboxEMCSA (08/16/15)
4.40 (67)
149.A Man of Singular Talent Ch. 04: Swim Team
Our mind controlling protagonist meets a swim team. by Mephisto_Pegari (02/28/15)
4.40 (72)
150.SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 20
Keith wakes between his high school teacher and new mate. by KissedMany (06/10/15)
4.40 (82)
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