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IN A PRIVATE STUDY IN NYC Taylor yawned and put down the papers he was reading. Rather dull legal documents, but important ones. His contract, patent, and other paperwork for his new action figure...

Action Figures Pt. 02 by Moosetales

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Contessa Helena de San Finzione was checking out Susan's ass in her form-fitting tactical shorts. It wasn't really Susan's ass, and for that matter, didn't seem to quite be the Susan she'd talked...

A Little Night Music Ch. 09 by TMaskedWriter

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Mander, Susan, Rita, and Velasquez emerged onto the roof of the Seattle Hotel de San Finzione. Ernst, Contessa Helena de San Finzione's pilot, was waiting in her helicopter for them as four Ultimados...

So Night Follows Day Pt. 12 by TMaskedWriter

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Mind Control

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101.Action Figures Pt. 02
How did Taylor learn to make Action Figures? by Moosetales (11/07/17)
4.68 (101)
102.A Little Night Music Ch. 09
Helen and Suzy-Q talk while Susan and Colleen meet. by TMaskedWriter (06/10/17)
4.68 (44)
103.So Night Follows Day Pt. 12
Troy, Julie, and Helen talk while awaiting word on Susan. by TMaskedWriter (11/25/17)
4.68 (22)
104.The Escape Room - Room 02: Eliza
An elaborate escape room turns four women into bimbo sextoys. by JCBeleren (02/05/18)
4.68 (355)
105.Golden Hills University Ch. 03
Stacey tries to resist this strange new hunger... by sgray259 (08/08/17)
4.68 (116)
106.A Little Night Music Ch. 08
As her friends race to San Finzione, Helen seeks answers. by TMaskedWriter (06/08/17)
4.68 (47)
107.So Night Follows Day Pt. 02
STRANGERS are afoot in Seattle when Helen arrives. by TMaskedWriter (09/13/17)
4.68 (25)
108.So Night Follows Day Pt. 06
Special guest author Susan talks to some old friends. by TMaskedWriter (10/07/17)
4.68 (25)
109.So Night Follows Day Pt. 11
Susan needs an exit, Helen needs a friend. by TMaskedWriter (11/19/17)
4.68 (25)
110.A Little Night Music Ch. 21
Helen and Susan sit down and talk, She & The Equals depart. by TMaskedWriter (08/21/17)
4.68 (31)
111.Ten Little Bimbos Ch. 07
End game. The conclusion. by ChrystalWynd (01/26/18)
4.68 (71)
112.The Accident Ch. 04
Jenny comes back to the hotel, so does Heather. by 214Chance (12/21/17)
4.67 (122)
113.The Escape Room - Room 01: Sammy
An elaborate escape room turns four women into bimbo sextoys. by JCBeleren (01/20/18)
4.67 (521)
114.Bobcat's in Heaven Ch. 02
The women notice some exciting changes in Bobcat. by bibimaybe (10/01/17)
4.67 (90)
115.Bobcat's in Heaven Ch. 03
Some big mistakes make life difficult for Bobcat. by bibimaybe (10/02/17)
4.67 (60)
116.A Little Night Music Ch. 07
Helena begins an internal battle as her friends rush to her. by TMaskedWriter (06/02/17)
4.67 (45)
117.A War Dawning - Epilogue
House Jaye races to save the world from the tyrant Mareth. by SaddleRider (06/21/17)
4.67 (36)
118.A Little Night Music Ch. 13
Maria calls her first meeting as the others arrive. by TMaskedWriter (07/01/17)
4.67 (33)
119.Violating Sandie Ch. 02
Sandie's teacher degrades his favorite student further. by Daphne123 (04/16/18)
4.66 (161)
120.The Power of Touch Ch. 09
Jeff's life gets complicated. Or does it? by shaqrach2 (03/07/18)
4.66 (89)
121.Breast Suggestions Ch. 05
Bobby and Billy spy on Becky. by mrddman (05/10/17)
4.66 (121)
122.Ten Little Bimbos Ch. 06
Everyone is a suspect. Accusations fly. by ChrystalWynd (01/25/18)
4.66 (53)
123.My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 07
The actual chapter 7 of the story as Sarah gets a bad call. by trixieadara (01/25/18)
4.66 (44)
124.Bug Control: Full Invasion
The bugs counter attack. by homealone_447 (01/04/18)
4.66 (41)
125.A Little Night Music Ch. 14
Ramirez looks for answers. He and Maria meet Susan. by TMaskedWriter (07/11/17)
4.66 (32)
126.Contractual Obligation Ch. 01
Some magical paper gives a law clerk some interesting ideas. by Moosetales (11/21/17)
4.66 (797)
127.Corruption of a Family Ch. 01
A young woman with special powers confronts a man on a plane. by wyo66 (06/07/17)
4.66 (442)
128.The Accident Ch. 02
Thomas meets Jenny and see's Jean again. by 214Chance (10/08/17)
4.66 (496)
129.TRANCE, Inc. - The Actress
What if all porn stars had a secret hypnotic trigger phrase? by JCBeleren (03/13/18)
4.66 (261)
130.Up All Night
Jasmine uses trance to get her through an all-nighter. by JukeboxEMCSA (08/24/17)
4.66 (203)
131.The Soothing of Penelope Pt. 03
Perhaps a weekend of nudity will help Penny's problem. by Drmaxc (02/14/18)
4.66 (58)
132.The Soothing of Penelope Pt. 02
The treatment of Penny's itch becomes rather more extreme. by Drmaxc (02/08/18)
4.65 (81)
133.The Lampmaker Ch. 03
Rick's Harem expands and specializes. by Moosetales (04/19/18)
4.65 (156)
134.A War Dawning Ch. 04
House Jaye races to save the world from the tyrant Mareth. by SaddleRider (06/09/17)
4.65 (26)
135.Obsessed with Mr. Alexopoulas
Maria's concerned, Lisa's a bit too devoted to her new boss. by MaryAnderson (01/21/18)
4.65 (124)
136.The Spider Pt. 27
Pretty. by ImmanuelMal (10/30/17)
4.65 (23)
137.The Spider Pt. 26
The pieces, in place. by ImmanuelMal (10/29/17)
4.65 (20)
138.So Night Follows Day Pt. 13
Susan talks about the other women in her head. by TMaskedWriter (12/02/17)
4.65 (20)
139.Corruption of a Family Ch. 02
Mystic continues the corruption of Phil and his Family. by wyo66 (08/01/17)
4.65 (214)
140.A Little Night Music Ch. 04
Susan gets the news about the assassination attempt. by TMaskedWriter (05/08/17)
4.65 (54)
141.Relaxing Day at the Salon
Eri can't help but relax while getting her hair washed. by The_Mr_J (04/12/18)
4.65 (71)
142.Rebirth Ch. 01
Dr. Samuels finds more than a diversion. by SaddleRider (07/28/17)
4.65 (88)
143.Master Controller Act 03: Maximization
Mark sets Mary's role, and plays with her friends. by zeegee7 (12/07/17)
4.65 (190)
144.Two Free Tickets Pt. 02
Sexy memories slip through the amnesia. by akaece (02/15/18)
4.65 (17)
145.TRANCE, Inc. - The Twins
Chance expands his harem of sexy-as-hell pornstar babes. by JCBeleren (03/16/18)
4.65 (260)
146.A Little Night Music Ch. 03
Contessa Helena de San Finzione's day is about to change. by TMaskedWriter (05/03/17)
4.65 (65)
147.The Stone that Grew a Man Ch. 02
An ancient and very phallic statue entices young virgins. by Drmaxc (01/06/18)
4.65 (110)
148.Wish Box Ch. 06
John gets an unexpected experience with his college friend. by roblondon2 (04/26/17)
4.64 (521)
149.The Master of Truth 001
Logan can suddenly change the truth of the world with a word. by JCBeleren (03/17/18)
4.64 (534)
150.A Little Night Music Ch. 11
The People of San Finzione react to the news about Helen. by TMaskedWriter (06/21/17)
4.64 (39)
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