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Dr. Stephanie Carmichael loves life without limits. She is driven and excels in everything she puts herself to, especially her science as a world renown archeologist and anthropologist. Dr. Steph, as...

Jungle Fever by erossmantic

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Samantha Prescott lay across a black couch within the confines of Phineas Crowe's office. She was dressed in the clothes she was wearing earlier that day before her abduction in Pittsburgh,...

Dreamscape Ch. 04 by darbreslo

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Jeremy loved a good disease. From an early age, he was fascinated by how diseases were transmitted, even 'volunteering' himself through exposure to catch everything from the common cold in grade...

Mind Contagion Ch. 01 by Jasonahutchinson

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Mind Control

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151.Jungle Fever
Jungle expedition leads to unexpected aphrodisiac discovery. by erossmantic (09/04/15)
4.44 (273)
152.Dreamscape Ch. 04
A young scientist is enlisted to create a mind altering drug. by darbreslo (02/26/15)
4.44 (136)
153.Mind Contagion Ch. 01
Jeremy develops a mind-control disease. by Jasonahutchinson (05/16/15)
4.44 (421)
154.Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Adventure Girl is beset by a horde of evil mind controllers. by JukeboxEMCSA (06/23/15)
4.44 (39)
155.Final Interview
Candidates vie for a position in the Company. by taxandtithe (09/02/15)
4.44 (140)
156.Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 03
Beth visits a theater to satisfy her craving. by sadkins116 (11/11/15)
4.43 (168)
157.A Man of Singular Talent Ch. 04: Swim Team
Our mind controlling protagonist meets a swim team. by Mephisto_Pegari (02/28/15)
4.43 (76)
158.A Secretary Changed Ch. 19
The Sister Act Part Two. by subslutjenna (11/09/15)
4.43 (44)
159.Desires Uncovered
Hypnotist fulfills a shy virgin's wish by impregnating her. by catfacts (12/28/14)
4.42 (531)
160.SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 20
Keith wakes between his high school teacher and new mate. by KissedMany (06/10/15)
4.42 (81)
161.SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 19
Keith's English teacher recommends a beautiful young virgin. by KissedMany (05/29/15)
4.42 (86)
162.Anime Convention Harem Ch. 02
Brian attends a convention with the help of a special charm. by FortySixtyFour (11/01/15)
4.42 (259)
163.Super College Ch. 05
Really for real this time. by Falcinator (12/02/14)
4.42 (36)
Leah naturally does what she's told. by JukeboxEMCSA (06/28/15)
4.41 (251)
165.A Gift Bestowed
Meeting his goddess. by otakuinshiner (01/19/15)
4.41 (274)
166.Submission Without Consent
What's the harm in meeting for a coffee? by taboosanddarkdesires (01/10/15)
4.41 (374)
167.Return to the Master Ch. 01
Beth is caught by the Company. by Weerdo (05/05/15)
4.41 (158)
168.But I Am a Good Girl
Tara's Master pushes the limits of her obedience. by JukeboxEMCSA (10/30/15)
4.41 (110)
169.The Cupid Effect Ch. 10
Dexter's Fate? by mondotoken (10/14/15)
4.40 (169)
170.Seruya Town Ch. 01
A mind controller has fun with a homeless woman. by Sanpeux (09/19/15)
4.40 (245)
171.Party Potion
The punch at the graduation party has been spiked. by RichPastries (10/06/15)
4.40 (305)
172.Stranger in My Own House
A superhero finds a deadly surprise waiting at home. by JukeboxEMCSA (08/16/15)
4.39 (71)
173.The Police Woman
A strange man stirs up a police station with bimbos. by lustache69 (02/02/15)
4.39 (94)
174.Housewife Bimbo Ch. 07
Florence is passed to another randy guy. by StoryTeller07 (08/07/15)
4.39 (51)
175.She's All That Ch. 07
Malaya bakes him some cookies... by mondotoken (03/01/15)
4.39 (46)
176.Fifth Time's the Charm Ch. 02
A wife's running gag on the day a couple tries to conceive. by Elenriel (11/20/15)
4.39 (46)
177.Bovine Justice vs. The Sugar Skull G
Pudgy heroine faces traps set by well armed criminals. by PhiloHunter (05/04/15)
4.39 (23)
178.Broken Kingdom Ch. 03
Madness Awaits. by hacked_soul (10/10/15)
4.39 (23)
179.The Cupid Effect Ch. 09
Dexter continues his dark path with dire consequences!! by mondotoken (06/27/15)
4.39 (257)
180.The Mysterious Touch
Ty's whole life changes with a touch. by RichPastries (10/03/15)
4.39 (565)
181.Seruya Town Ch. 02
A mind controller has fun with his redhead teacher. by Sanpeux (10/03/15)
4.39 (173)
A young scientist is enlisted to create a mind altering drug. by darbreslo (01/20/15)
4.39 (296)
183.The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 04
Alexis teaches Cat that sex addicts don’t always need men. by KrisCherita (09/20/15)
4.38 (78)
184.Saving Abby
What will it take to free her sister? by softi (10/22/15)
4.38 (86)
185.Wish Cums True Pt. 05: Business Trip
[MF, Shapeshifting, Mind-control] by Bender_is_Great (07/24/15)
4.38 (66)
186.Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 02
Beth starts to lose control. by sadkins116 (11/08/15)
4.38 (230)
187.Bankrupt Ch. 01
Rich girl's life changes dramatically. by ImperatorMentus (10/31/15)
4.37 (182)
188.Anime Convention Harem Ch. 06
Brian attends a convention with the help of a special charm. by FortySixtyFour (11/17/15)
4.37 (156)
189.Slaves Next Door
Heather is kidnapped and brainwashed to be a loving slave. by InLeaves (03/10/15)
4.36 (184)
190.The Mysterious Touch Ch. 06
Ty gets out of a traffic ticket and comes to a realization. by RichPastries (10/16/15)
4.36 (294)
191.The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 03
Rita persuades Terry to slow down and smell the pheromones. by KrisCherita (09/13/15)
4.36 (78)
192.AMOST - Ilona & Harper
Two D-list actresses entertain our mind controller. by Mephisto_Pegari (06/08/15)
4.36 (53)
193.The Goblin King
After her order is enslaved, a knight seeks revenge. by ImperatorMentus (08/18/15)
4.36 (53)
194.I Was Made for Loving You
PHOEBE is a sexbot so real she's almost human. by JukeboxEMCSA (11/07/15)
4.36 (140)
195.Royalty Brought Low Pt. 04
The Prince wakes up from his nightmare, or does he? by succubi33 (01/16/15)
4.35 (37)
196.House of Love Pt. 01
If you say it right, they will believe anything. by twistedsickmind (03/25/15)
4.35 (57)
197.The Guardian
An enterprising thief seeks to steal more than gold. by ImperatorMentus (10/18/15)
4.35 (89)
198.PSI Ch. 01
Matt arrives at the Devon School and learns he has a talent. by Tantalus17 (01/13/15)
4.35 (429)
199.My Nine Monsters Ch. 01
A young historian stumbles upon a supernatural mystery. by clrainyweather (07/10/15)
4.34 (116)
200.AMOST - Kacy & Molly
Redhead sisters meet our protagonist. Hijinks ensue. by Mephisto_Pegari (06/25/15)
4.34 (64)
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