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Cherry Lane figured out early on that she was bisexual. It started when she was sitting in class and thinking about boys, wishing someone would show interest in her. She began having sexual fantasies...

Cherry Lane by PrimalRoots

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While getting dressed, Nancy again fell to thinking about Ned, her mood darkening in the absence of her friends. She went over the unpleasant incident at Lookout Point once again, comparing it...

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 07 by Ameaner

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Just another night at The Abyss, trolling for ass at my favorite club. Sure, there was a nice bar for ladies who liked ladies – like myself – only a few blocks off. That was just too easy though....

The Wizard Ch. 03 by Svalbarding

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Mind Control

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
201.Cherry Lane
A young girl takes control of her sexuality - and a few more. by PrimalRoots (01/26/17)
4.53 (182)
202.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 07
Nancy explores the basement. by Ameaner (10/09/16)
4.53 (64)
203.The Wizard Ch. 03
He unwittingly captures a sorceress. by Svalbarding (02/05/17)
4.53 (145)
204.Night Brings the Hunter Pt. 02
When Maria gets kidnapped, Helen is not far behind. by TMaskedWriter (11/09/16)
4.53 (34)
205.Cruise Ship Hypnosis Pt. 04 Ch. 05
Millie and Jeff. by SteveLee1146 (05/21/16)
4.53 (72)
Bev meets a stranger on a plane trip and learns about magic. by JukeboxEMCSA (06/04/16)
4.53 (270)
207.Symbiotic Relationship Ch. 03
Sam controls a game of truth or dare, and earns a slave. by MaliciousAI (09/14/16)
4.53 (135)
208.Gentrification Ch. 01
A neighborhood has its own methods to keep rents down. by taxandtithe (03/02/16)
4.52 (126)
209.Lustful Energy Ep. 09
The conclusion to this small story arc. by Happytimeshappy (07/21/16)
4.52 (114)
210.Hypnotizing Kim Ch. 02
College girl gets hypnotized by friend to love cock. by NathanButler (12/27/16)
4.52 (444)
211.An Apocalypse Rising Ch. 04
A group of warriors try to stop an evil sorceress. by SaddleRider (08/31/16)
4.52 (33)
212.Pussy Control
Mallory reads a letter intended for her pussy. by JukeboxEMCSA (08/12/16)
4.51 (216)
213.The Potent Phrase Pt. 01
A gift from an old man begins to change my life. by EscargotDriver (07/19/16)
4.51 (567)
214.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 03
George attracts an admirer. by Ameaner (10/04/16)
4.51 (76)
215.A Day in a Life
Housewives controlled by a young female neighbour. by graymangazer (02/23/16)
4.51 (246)
216.Bring Your Master To Work Day Ch. 03
The day comes to a close. by Svalbarding (10/02/16)
4.51 (41)
217.A Day in the Life
What it's like as a submissive slave to her husband. by archibael (10/09/16)
4.51 (55)
218.Special Oil Pt. 02
Part 2 of the story on Special Oil. by brian473317 (07/20/16)
4.51 (112)
219.The Education of Starry Pt. 02
Starry continues her education. by littlebeaupeep (07/30/16)
4.51 (63)
220.Symbiotic Relationship Ch. 02
Sam loses his virginity, and experiments on others. by MaliciousAI (05/19/16)
4.51 (286)
221.Experiment with Hypnotism Ch. 02
The results of hypnotic suggestions make for a steamy night. by sammysx (11/13/16)
4.50 (196)
222.The High Cost of Free Play
Amber gets chosen to help test a very special slot machine. by SaddleRider (01/03/17)
4.50 (154)
223.Choice Points Pt. 03
I have a decision to make. by StrandedDander (04/27/16)
4.50 (68)
224.Invasion of the Pussy-Snatchers Act 03: Outro
The Queen reveals her secrets and her nefarious plots. by GayTripper (03/31/16)
4.50 (48)
225.The True Professional Pt. 04
The Amazing Randy lives up to his name. by Dutchboy51 (03/04/16)
4.50 (46)
226.Wishing for a Domme Ch. 01
Milana wants to be dominated by straight Nevra. by Templar_Writer (09/09/16)
4.50 (44)
227.Natalie Plays with Mr Herrick
A confident student dominates a weak teacher. by Voboy (04/05/16)
4.49 (239)
228.The Long Road Goodbye
A midnight road trip. An eager new slave. A dead end. by malsagulo (07/04/16)
4.49 (94)
229.Girl Crush
Fern's husband buys a Girl, and Fern isn't happy. by JukeboxEMCSA (07/01/16)
4.49 (193)
230.A New Beginning
Marriage is great, but it could be better in bed. by AsnyLark (09/07/16)
4.48 (97)
231.Rise of Dr, Akitomi Ch. 04
The rescue team is defeated while other heroines gather. by PhiloHunter (10/17/16)
4.48 (60)
232.Allison The Lifeguard Ch. 01
A young lifeguard meets an interesting couple. by spiral0168 (09/14/16)
4.48 (268)
233.The Power of Touch Ch. 08
Jeff expands his harem. by shaqrach2 (09/16/16)
4.48 (133)
234.A Day in a Life Pt. 02
Someone shows interest in Carmen's activities. by graymangazer (10/04/16)
4.48 (50)
235.The Truest Control Ch. 05
Liz finally explains the meaning of the truest control. by TheTruestControl (04/09/16)
4.48 (23)
236.The Spider Pt. 12
Come inside me and see. by ImmanuelMal (11/07/16)
4.48 (23)
237.Bankrupt Ch. 02
A slave's first day at school. by ImperatorMentus (07/08/16)
4.48 (111)
238.The Photoshoot Pt. 02
Danielle experiences some uncontrollable urges the next day. by dominant_male (06/30/16)
4.48 (260)
239.The Symbiote Ch. 02
Nathan's abilities grow, but can he control them? by EndlessSilk (02/27/16)
4.48 (195)
240.The Virgo Chronicles
Mind control & a young teens decent into sex & submission. by SweetKayJay (03/29/16)
4.48 (189)
241.Night Brings the Hunter Pt. 05
Helen finds out why Igazi has brought her to Africa. by TMaskedWriter (12/06/16)
4.47 (19)
242.A New Day Dawns for Susan Pt. 03
Susan is ready to learn Troy & Julie's secret. by TMaskedWriter (10/29/16)
4.47 (17)
243.Two Good Neighbors Ch. 02
Roberts continues his conquest. by CreamStuffedTwink (09/26/16)
4.47 (134)
244.Wish Box Ch. 03
Guy once more make a wish that involves his bully's mother. by roblondon2 (05/25/16)
4.47 (758)
245.House of Love Pt. 05
But if you say it wrong... by twistedsickmind (10/23/16)
4.47 (15)
246.Bankrupt Ch. 03
Amanda makes a few new friends and learns a few new lessons. by ImperatorMentus (08/13/16)
4.47 (73)
247.Her Science Project Ch. 03
Jenny allays Johns fears. by jeb22 (10/02/16)
4.46 (71)
248.Gentrification Ch. 02
A neighborhood has its own methods to keep rents down. by taxandtithe (03/03/16)
4.46 (99)
249.Displaying for Mr. Collins
Secretary finds she is excited by taking her clothes off. by emma_sub (02/28/16)
4.46 (308)
250.The Audit
A mild-mannered accountant stumbles upon a conspiracy. by SaddleRider (07/05/16)
4.46 (164)
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