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(Down The Rabbit Hole) Being quiet as she entered the house, so she did not wake anyone she silently made her way up to her room. Changing out of her clothes she was glad to be able to take off...

Slow and Steady Ch. 07 by wyo66

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The camping trip was a great success on several levels. Timmy was enthused that Dac worked on males. No more waiting till Dad was out of town. Of course, that meant we had to test Dac on dad, to make...

The Dac Attacks Ch. 04 by That70sGuy

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Kahili was watching Linda peck at her salad. Both had just tried out, unsuccessfully, for the new dance revue at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Kahili had begged off ordering lunch, saying she'd already...

Rewiring a Recalcitrant Daughter Ch. 01 by MaryAnderson

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Mind Control

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201.Slow and Steady Ch. 07
The party is drawing closer and Tina still has much to do! by wyo66 (06/16/17)
4.55 (33)
202.The Dac Attacks Ch. 04
A tale of two mother fuckers. by That70sGuy (06/21/17)
4.54 (192)
203.Night Brings the Hunter Pt. 07
Helena confronts Ramirez about his role in the grand scheme. by TMaskedWriter (12/20/16)
4.54 (24)
204.When No Woman Equals Mom Ch. 02
Zach takes action when a bitchy teacher picks on a friend. by MaryAnderson (08/02/17)
4.54 (477)
205.The Daniel Chronicles Ch. 01
Daniel expands his abilities, his friends wife will do. by LostandBound (07/10/17)
4.54 (273)
206.Rewiring a Recalcitrant Daughter Ch. 01
When conventional therapies fail, radical methods are needed. by MaryAnderson (04/16/17)
4.54 (502)
207.The Birth of Super Pimp Ch. 04
Super Pimp goes after the Sassy Street Renovators. by Moosetales (09/13/17)
4.54 (95)
208.Emancipation of Amy Ch. 03
Amy has trigger words that make her easy. by funtime4u2 (08/30/17)
4.54 (69)
209.The Facility
A new doctor takes a secret government job. by Jay626 (11/07/17)
4.54 (166)
210.Release Ch. 01: Beginnings
Four friends get trapped by an old drinking game. by Maenads (07/18/17)
4.54 (170)
211.Breast Suggestions Ch. 02
Busty neighbor goes to the store. by mrddman (05/02/17)
4.53 (172)
212.The Spider Pt. 26
The pieces, in place. by ImmanuelMal (10/29/17)
4.53 (15)
213.Masturbation for Master
Hypno-Erotic language for Master's private jerking. by tickledPINKy (02/09/17)
4.53 (32)
214.Sweet Dreams Pt. 02
Carla continues to wrestle with the strange things happening. by braindump (03/23/17)
4.53 (32)
215.With a Smile
An anniversary dinner takes a strange turn. by Crytoknight (11/22/17)
4.53 (164)
216.A War Dawning Ch. 01
House Jaye races to save the world from the tyrant Mareth. by SaddleRider (05/17/17)
4.53 (34)
217.Bunny Love Ch. 02
My bunny and I play with a friend. by PaladinInBlack (08/08/17)
4.53 (34)
218.Anime Convention Harem Ch. 09
Break's Over. by FortySixtyFour (07/07/17)
4.53 (335)
219.One Ring
Jim finds a ring that will change his life forever. by SophieJClark (11/26/17)
4.53 (911)
220.The Birth of Super Pimp Ch. 06
Super Pimp takes down two more Heroines. by Moosetales (09/17/17)
4.53 (76)
221.More Than a Feeling
Superhero Epiphany has a cosmic revelation about an old foe. by JukeboxEMCSA (09/02/17)
4.52 (96)
222.Breast Suggestions Ch. 08
Busty Becky's busty sister Barbie comes to dinner. by mrddman (07/23/17)
4.52 (81)
223.The Accident Ch. 01
Thomas discovers something new, the ability to hear thoughts. by 214Chance (10/02/17)
4.52 (581)
224.Full Body Control
A nerd takes over Ella's body. by FutaMonster (05/24/17)
4.52 (420)
225.Junk Mail
CINDI the Sexbot gets some new powers. by Moosetales (10/01/17)
4.51 (70)
226.Luck of the Irish
A Woman saves a Leprechaun and gets three wishes. by Moosetales (10/11/17)
4.51 (146)
227.You Ever Know with a Head Injury Ch. 06
Nick gets his and Tara's sister Lori is captured by me. by dmbdriver1 (03/07/17)
4.51 (230)
228.A Little Night Music Ch. 01
Helen shuts down a human trafficking ring. by TMaskedWriter (04/20/17)
4.51 (121)
229.Hi, I'm Jenny!
Jenny is going to tell you about a dream she had! by HonoursBoy (10/28/17)
4.51 (45)
230.Vaping Ch. 05
The girls at work are so much fun. by brian473317 (10/29/17)
4.51 (92)
231.The Kidnap Show
Lexi finds a bizarre late-night public access show. by JukeboxEMCSA (12/14/17)
4.51 (85)
232.The Sperm Bank
Josh takes a trip to the sperm bank... by jeb22 (07/14/17)
4.51 (265)
233.Finding Good Help
Mind-controllers go head-to-head during a job interview. by ChrystalWynd (08/03/17)
4.51 (95)
234.Grandma's Ring
Inheritance of a magic ring. Three girls discover its power. by Dreamtimekittens (11/19/17)
4.50 (218)
235.Taming Jessica
Newly given powers used to put a spoiled rich girl in line. by CheeseCake4u (03/16/17)
4.50 (467)
236.The Rings of Corruption: Shalheira
Elf mage is doomed by magic ring, bimbofied by magic game. by PhiloHunter (02/21/17)
4.50 (62)
237.Remotely Controlled Ch. 05
Another teacher, a doctor and a nurse fall under the remote. by SlipLuvver (08/22/17)
4.50 (56)
238.Ms. Adler: Leadworth Ch. 02
Emily and Max are punished, Natalie learns her place. by MrAdler (06/09/17)
4.50 (44)
239.The Kissing Spell Pt. 03
Complication evolves into lustful compliance. by mechan11 (09/26/17)
4.50 (40)
240.Once and Future Bimbo Pt. 04
Syn meets Christine, then dominates Jasper. by DoxyTrainer (03/14/17)
4.50 (30)
241.The Island of Depravity Ch. 05
A lusty serial in the tradition of the 1930s pulps. by centurea (03/13/17)
4.50 (28)
242.The Spider Pt. 28
Good morning, starshine, the earth is our home! by ImmanuelMal (11/01/17)
4.50 (14)
243.The Dac Attacks Ch. 03
A camping we will go. by That70sGuy (06/16/17)
4.50 (233)
244.Six Ways to Heaven
Ed want's Holly's pants off. Holly's down with that. by AsnyLark (11/24/17)
4.50 (139)
245.Dr. Dick and the Porno Ray Ch. 02
Dr. Dick continues his revenge. by Moosetales (10/19/17)
4.50 (113)
246.The Projectionist Ch. 02
Greater powers means greater responsibilities. by grgy56 (10/14/17)
4.49 (154)
247.Vaping Ch. 03
Brad's life becomes more rewarding. by brian473317 (10/18/17)
4.49 (138)
248.The Dac Attacks Ch. 02
And Mother Makes Two. by That70sGuy (06/14/17)
4.49 (281)
249.My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 04
Sarah is invited to dinner at Anna's estate. by trixieadara (11/25/17)
4.49 (51)
250.Dr. Dick and the Porno Ray Ch. 04
Dr. Dick finishes his revenge. by Moosetales (10/30/17)
4.49 (100)
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