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RING ...RING ...RING...RING The lunch bell rang, students around the classroom immediately jumping from their seats, throwing their books and utensils into their bags. They would of ran out the...

Seruya Town Ch. 03 by Sanpeux

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Nathan Cryogen woke to the sound of shouting. It was a strange and distant shouting in his mind, but it was there all the same. He tried to shut it out and drift back to sleep. His hand reached out...

The Symbiote Ch. 04 by EndlessSilk

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Bev set the novel down, not even bothering to mark her place. Her gamble on the airport bookstore had come up snake eyes, and her tablet had run out of juice somewhere over North Carolina. That left...

Neuromancer by JukeboxEMCSA

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Mind Control

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
201.Seruya Town Ch. 03
A mind controller has fun with a mother. by Sanpeux (12/03/15)
4.52 (112)
202.The Symbiote Ch. 04
Nathan is given the power to change the world. Or else. by EndlessSilk (03/15/16)
4.52 (89)
Bev meets a stranger on a plane trip and learns about magic. by JukeboxEMCSA (06/04/16)
4.52 (260)
204.Dee Praved Ch. 03
Control slowly returns. by TheRiceKing (01/21/16)
4.51 (39)
205.Trust and Obey
Louise is visited by a magical girl and her special friends. by JukeboxEMCSA (01/22/16)
4.51 (125)
He would conquer the world one person at a time. by JeremiahKeeper (09/16/15)
4.51 (112)
207.Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 14-15
The teachers compete and Susan ends her control. by sadkins116 (12/17/15)
4.51 (114)
208.The True Professional Pt. 01
A skeptical graduate student learns a valuable lesson. by Dutchboy51 (12/30/15)
4.51 (154)
209.Natalie Plays with Mr Herrick
A confident student dominates a weak teacher. by Voboy (04/05/16)
4.50 (204)
210.Cruise Ship Hypnosis Pt. 02 Ch. 01
Jane. by SteveLee1146 (01/29/16)
4.50 (230)
211.The Dhanush Ch. 03
In which Franklyn is introduced ... back to himself. by PierceAaron61 (02/02/16)
4.50 (121)
212.The Tenant
John's tenant Jadah makes him a believer in hypnosis. by jeb22 (01/30/16)
4.50 (162)
213.The True Professional Pt. 04
The Amazing Randy lives up to his name. by Dutchboy51 (03/04/16)
4.50 (38)
214.Strange Queens
Jordan is torn from her life, But her new one seems better... by IAmControl (05/25/16)
4.50 (14)
215.Master PC - Trust Ch. 03
Simon involves the neighbours in the fun. by mad_jack (10/26/15)
4.50 (151)
216.Hypnotizing Nancy Ch. 03
The game comes to a loving conclusion. by ArtyGee (02/07/16)
4.50 (133)
217.Fifth Time's the Charm Ch. 02
A wife's running gag on the day a couple tries to conceive. by Elenriel (11/20/15)
4.49 (95)
Michela's thesis adviser makes her help an undergrad. by softi (02/05/16)
4.49 (95)
219.Lustful Energy Ep. 02
Derin gets some answers from a sexual mysterious woman. by Happytimeshappy (07/01/16)
4.49 (268)
220.The Cupid Effect Ch. 10
Dexter's Fate? by mondotoken (10/14/15)
4.49 (244)
221.Anime Convention Harem Ch. 06
Brian attends a convention with the help of a special charm. by FortySixtyFour (11/17/15)
4.49 (239)
222.If Only...
If only she could find a partner, her fantasy might come true. by letitallgo2014 (05/08/16)
4.48 (60)
223.The Taming of Amy Pt. 04: Sandra
Sandra apologizes to her gardener. by Wtiteone69 (12/27/15)
4.48 (230)
224.Master PC: Bounce Pt. 01
He accesses the famous program and tries the typical changes by jszerrai (03/16/16)
4.48 (247)
225.Okay... Ch. 04
Mike returns and settles a dispute with his stepmother. by rifkinraf (01/10/16)
4.48 (162)
226.Long Day's Journey into Susan Pt. 04
The conclusion of Susan's long day. by TMaskedWriter (07/16/16)
4.48 (27)
227.Invasion of the Pussy-Snatchers Act 03: Cassandra's Night
Cassandra's plans for a politician's seduction go awry. by GayTripper (03/15/16)
4.48 (25)
228.The Mysterious Touch Ch. 05
Ty meets the new girl at work and actually falls for her. by RichPastries (10/14/15)
4.48 (324)
229.The Ethical Slutmaker
"We find it's often useful to speak to both members of a couple by KrisCherita (08/30/15)
4.48 (476)
230.The Mysterious Touch Ch. 02
Ty gets the history on his powers & then tests their limit. by RichPastries (10/07/15)
4.48 (512)
231.Special Ability to Influence
Life changed by an errant baseball. by bbare (11/30/15)
4.48 (248)
232.Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 04-05
Beth's chooses to be a slut and returns home. by sadkins116 (11/14/15)
4.47 (177)
233.Bankrupt Ch. 02
A slave's first day at school. by ImperatorMentus (07/08/16)
4.47 (78)
234.Symbiotic Relationship Ch. 02
Sam loses his virginity, and experiments on others. by MaliciousAI (05/19/16)
4.47 (169)
235.The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 03
Rita persuades Terry to slow down and smell the pheromones. by KrisCherita (09/13/15)
4.47 (121)
236.Anime Convention Harem Ch. 02
Brian attends a convention with the help of a special charm. by FortySixtyFour (11/01/15)
4.47 (321)
237.Gentrification Ch. 01
A neighborhood has its own methods to keep rents down. by taxandtithe (03/02/16)
4.47 (113)
238.Wish Box Ch. 03
Guy once more make a wish that involves his bully's mother. by roblondon2 (05/25/16)
4.47 (381)
239.Cruise Ship Hypnosis Pt. 04 Ch. 05
Millie and Jeff. by SteveLee1146 (05/20/16)
4.47 (58)
240.The Dhanush Ch. 06
The Deflowering of Enver. by PierceAaron61 (02/05/16)
4.46 (71)
241.Seruya Town Ch. 01
A mind controller has fun with a homeless woman. by Sanpeux (09/19/15)
4.46 (311)
242.Dee Praved Ch. 02
The situation is escalating. by TheRiceKing (12/09/15)
4.46 (80)
243.Final Interview
Candidates vie for a position in the Company. by taxandtithe (09/02/15)
4.46 (184)
244.Cruise Ship Hypnosis Pt. 01 Ch. 01
Janine. by SteveLee1146 (01/24/16)
4.46 (436)
245.Saving Abby
What will it take to free her sister? by softi (10/22/15)
4.46 (115)
246.The Potent Phrase Pt. 01
A gift from an old man begins to change my life. by EscargotDriver (07/19/16)
4.46 (458)
247.Blank Space
Mindy wakes up next to a strange man. by JukeboxEMCSA (08/08/15)
4.46 (189)
248.Unlocking the Wife Through Hypnosis Ch. 02
The tape leads to more fun with Scott. by wordartist (04/19/16)
4.45 (361)
249.Special Oil Pt. 02
Part 2 of the story on Special Oil. by brian473317 (07/20/16)
4.45 (106)
250.AMOST - Keri II
Our mind-controller visits Keri and her friends at home. by Mephisto_Pegari (01/17/16)
4.45 (53)
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