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This is a work of erotic fiction. Any resemblance to real people and situations is entirely coincidental. All of the characters in this story are over the age of 18. The storyline and characters...

Hypnotizing Nancy Ch. 03 by ArtyGee

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Bev set the novel down, not even bothering to mark her place. Her gamble on the airport bookstore had come up snake eyes, and her tablet had run out of juice somewhere over North Carolina. That left...

Neuromancer by JukeboxEMCSA

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Phantasmal, red light swirled around the living room in great rings of runic code. I altered the code as I would rewrite a paper on a word document, changing and optimizing the code with a...

Incubus by JeremiahKeeper

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Mind Control

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201.Hypnotizing Nancy Ch. 03
The game comes to a loving conclusion. by ArtyGee (02/07/16)
4.51 (141)
Bev meets a stranger on a plane trip and learns about magic. by JukeboxEMCSA (06/04/16)
4.51 (265)
He would conquer the world one person at a time. by JeremiahKeeper (09/16/15)
4.51 (112)
204.The Potent Phrase Pt. 03
I try to have a productive, relaxing day. by EscargotDriver (07/28/16)
4.51 (283)
205.The Long Road Goodbye
A midnight road trip. An eager new slave. A dead end. by malsagulo (07/04/16)
4.51 (91)
206.Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 14-15
The teachers compete and Susan ends her control. by sadkins116 (12/17/15)
4.50 (119)
207.The Dhanush Ch. 03
In which Franklyn is introduced ... back to himself. by PierceAaron61 (02/02/16)
4.50 (123)
208.The Tenant
John's tenant Jadah makes him a believer in hypnosis. by jeb22 (01/30/16)
4.50 (169)
209.Cruise Ship Hypnosis Pt. 02 Ch. 01
Jane. by SteveLee1146 (01/29/16)
4.50 (243)
210.Gentrification Ch. 01
A neighborhood has its own methods to keep rents down. by taxandtithe (03/02/16)
4.50 (112)
Michela's thesis adviser makes her help an undergrad. by softi (02/05/16)
4.50 (96)
212.Invasion of the Pussy-Snatchers Act 03: Cassandra's Night
Cassandra's plans for a politician's seduction go awry. by GayTripper (03/15/16)
4.50 (26)
213.Fifth Time's the Charm Ch. 02
A wife's running gag on the day a couple tries to conceive. by Elenriel (11/20/15)
4.49 (95)
214.Anime Convention Harem Ch. 06
Brian attends a convention with the help of a special charm. by FortySixtyFour (11/17/15)
4.49 (241)
215.Master PC - Trust Ch. 03
Simon involves the neighbours in the fun. by mad_jack (10/26/15)
4.49 (154)
216.Lustful Energy Ep. 02
Derin gets some answers from a sexual mysterious woman. by Happytimeshappy (07/01/16)
4.49 (281)
217.The Potent Phrase Pt. 01
A gift from an old man begins to change my life. by EscargotDriver (07/19/16)
4.49 (556)
218.Master PC: Bounce Pt. 01
He accesses the famous program and tries the typical changes by jszerrai (03/16/16)
4.48 (247)
219.The Ethical Slutmaker
"We find it's often useful to speak to both members of a couple by KrisCherita (08/30/15)
4.48 (486)
220.The Mysterious Touch Ch. 02
Ty gets the history on his powers & then tests their limit. by RichPastries (10/07/15)
4.48 (520)
221.Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 04-05
Beth's chooses to be a slut and returns home. by sadkins116 (11/14/15)
4.48 (181)
222.The Mysterious Touch Ch. 05
Ty meets the new girl at work and actually falls for her. by RichPastries (10/14/15)
4.48 (329)
223.The Dhanush Ch. 06
The Deflowering of Enver. by PierceAaron61 (02/05/16)
4.48 (75)
224.The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 03
Rita persuades Terry to slow down and smell the pheromones. by KrisCherita (09/13/15)
4.48 (123)
225.Saving Abby
What will it take to free her sister? by softi (10/22/15)
4.48 (121)
226.Special Ability to Influence
Life changed by an errant baseball. by bbare (11/30/15)
4.48 (261)
227.If Only...
If only she could find a partner, her fantasy might come true. by letitallgo2014 (05/08/16)
4.48 (65)
228.Anime Convention Harem Ch. 02
Brian attends a convention with the help of a special charm. by FortySixtyFour (11/01/15)
4.47 (323)
229.Symbiotic Relationship Ch. 02
Sam loses his virginity, and experiments on others. by MaliciousAI (05/19/16)
4.47 (173)
230.Okay... Ch. 04
Mike returns and settles a dispute with his stepmother. by rifkinraf (01/10/16)
4.47 (169)
231.Cruise Ship Hypnosis Pt. 01 Ch. 01
Janine. by SteveLee1146 (01/24/16)
4.47 (455)
232.It's All In the Cards Ch. 03
Eric gains understanding of the cards, and a confidant. by AbstractReality (02/11/16)
4.46 (56)
233.Dee Praved Ch. 02
The situation is escalating. by TheRiceKing (12/09/15)
4.46 (80)
234.Swamp Witch
Hot witches move to Galveston and alpha males become slaves. by Yogakay (06/07/16)
4.46 (63)
235.Special Oil Pt. 02
Part 2 of the story on Special Oil. by brian473317 (07/20/16)
4.46 (113)
236.Seruya Town Ch. 01
A mind controller has fun with a homeless woman. by Sanpeux (09/19/15)
4.46 (316)
237.Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 03
Beth visits a theater to satisfy her craving. by sadkins116 (11/11/15)
4.46 (251)
238.The Dhanush Ch. 05
Clarification and Satisfaction. by PierceAaron61 (02/04/16)
4.46 (92)
239.Lustful Energy Ep. 09
The conclusion to this small story arc. by Happytimeshappy (07/21/16)
4.46 (92)
240.The Taming of Amy Pt. 03: My Mother in Law
The Mother Bitch Comes Around. by Wtiteone69 (12/23/15)
4.45 (488)
241.The Virgo Chronicles
Mind control & a young teens decent into sex & submission. by SweetKayJay (03/29/16)
4.45 (165)
242.The Photoshoot Pt. 02
Danielle experiences some uncontrollable urges the next day. by dominant_male (06/30/16)
4.45 (218)
243.Golden Hills University Ch. 01
Katie invites a stranger to her dorm room... by sgray259 (08/23/16)
4.45 (117)
244.AMOST - Keri II
Our mind-controller visits Keri and her friends at home. by Mephisto_Pegari (01/17/16)
4.45 (53)
245.Party Potion
The punch at the graduation party has been spiked. by RichPastries (10/06/15)
4.45 (316)
246.The Audit
A mild-mannered accountant stumbles upon a conspiracy. by SaddleRider (07/05/16)
4.45 (137)
247.Wish Box Ch. 03
Guy once more make a wish that involves his bully's mother. by roblondon2 (05/25/16)
4.44 (398)
248.My Freshman Year Ch. 02E
The Initiation, Back to the Dorm. by Mrs_Jones (09/18/15)
4.44 (18)
249.The Mysterious Touch Ch. 06
Ty gets out of a traffic ticket and comes to a realization. by RichPastries (10/16/15)
4.44 (340)
250.Displaying for Mr. Collins
Secretary finds she is excited by taking her clothes off. by emma_sub (02/28/16)
4.44 (266)
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