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The hot humidity of the jungle pressed on my skin, a thick, invisible blanket which slowed my steps and left my thoughts sluggish. Then again, that could also be due in part to the fact that I was...

Tristan's Tale Pt. 03 by IncomingPornDuck

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I scanned through the data as it streamed in, Kent hadn't used the tablet again to reprogram his Dolls until morning which was only a few hours after we left his club. I was nursing a cup of strong...

The True Master Ch. 05 by Weerdo

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When Lara and I walked into the front door at the Lillehammer's, there were three big Suzie signal wave fronts: one of the 'female herd envy' variety from most of the other women there; a second...

My Only Talent Ch. 29 by conanthe

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Mind Control

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Tristan's Tale Pt. 03
Tristan explores new lands. by IncomingPornDuck (05/12/15)
4.89 (186)
2.The True Master Ch. 05
A mind controlled doll falls into the common man's lap. by Weerdo (04/24/15)
4.84 (164)
3.My Only Talent Ch. 29
Is it better when her husband watches? by conanthe (04/29/15)
4.80 (312)
4.The True Master Ch. 06
A mind controlled doll falls into the common man's lap. by Weerdo (05/04/15)
4.78 (128)
5.Tristan's Tale Pt. 02
Exploring his new powers all over town. by IncomingPornDuck (04/29/15)
4.73 (219)
6.The Cupid Effect Ch. 03
Dexter gets into more trouble at school-and has lots of SEX! by mondotoken (05/01/15)
4.70 (401)
7.The Cupid Effect Ch. 04
Dexter is a reluctant houseguest... after a threesome!! by mondotoken (05/05/15)
4.67 (310)
8.A Gift From His Father Ch. 25
Esmeralda takes over...or does she? by Absolutelywickedthoughts (05/22/15)
4.66 (56)
9.The Cupid Effect Ch. 05
Dexter ends up in the Principals office... another threesome. by mondotoken (05/13/15)
4.62 (293)
10.The Cupid Effect Ch. 02
Dexter is confronted by Kelsey's BFF: Taylor St. Claire!! by mondotoken (04/24/15)
4.61 (427)
11.Teacher Undressed Ch. 06
Two teachers one student. by StoryTeller07 (05/07/15)
4.57 (88)
12.Tristan's Tale Pt. 01
Learning the hard way how to control others. by IncomingPornDuck (04/23/15)
4.53 (245)
13.Return to the Master Ch. 01
Beth is caught by the Company. by Weerdo (05/05/15)
4.50 (117)
14.SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 17
A lucky student becomes the first male in the drug trial. by KissedMany (05/17/15)
4.45 (67)
15.Remotely Controlled Ch. 03
Keith meets a 'Swinger' and plays with identical twins. by SlipLuvver (05/02/15)
4.44 (41)
16.Seasons of the Mind Ch. 01
Woman magically transported to a lonely cottage - not alone! by Drmaxc (05/10/15)
4.43 (81)
17.Mind Contagion Ch. 01
Jeremy develops a mind-control disease. by Jasonahutchinson (05/16/15)
4.38 (309)
18.Bovine Justice vs. The Sugar Skull G
Pudgy heroine faces traps set by well armed criminals. by PhiloHunter (05/04/15)
4.31 (16)
19.Capes and Crepes
A semi-retired superheroine stumbles upon an unusual cafe. by petmyhead (05/11/15)
4.29 (35)
20.Buyer Beware
A dildo from a Balinese sex shop has dire properties. by FatjackFallstaff (05/08/15)
4.27 (150)
21.Seasons of the Mind Ch. 02
The stranger takes the woman to a deserted, sunny beach. by Drmaxc (05/13/15)
4.27 (37)
22.Dominating Miss Davenshaw
Top female CEO enslaved through hypnosis. by Mesmaster (05/06/15)
4.23 (312)
23.Trent Ch. 02: The Shadow Rises
Second Chapter of The Shadow's Path. by Nox661 (04/22/15)
4.22 (117)
24.Mastering Mistress Suzie
The tables are turned on Mistress Suzie through hypnosis. by Mesmaster (05/05/15)
4.18 (109)
25.Triggers Ch. 01
A wife is given her first triggers. by AnonStoryWriter (04/24/15)
4.18 (218)
26.Seasons of the Mind Ch. 03
Once more the girl finds herself transported. by Drmaxc (05/19/15)
4.17 (23)
27.Mind Over Management Ch. 09
A new addition is welcomed into the family. by SEVERUSMAX (04/23/15)
4.17 (35)
28.Archbaroness Vs. The Photo Shoot
Heroine is mind controlled by a reporter and photographer. by PhiloHunter (04/25/15)
4.16 (62)
29.Enslaving Lena
Lena begins to get flashbacks from the night before. by Mesmaster (05/08/15)
4.06 (69)
30.Aaron and Jessica Ch. 01
Eventually, he would take her back to the bedroom. by islandjoe2 (05/18/15)
4.04 (48)
31.The Power of Suggestion Pt. 01
Boy uses subliminal messages to control people. by mountian299 (05/20/15)
3.99 (127)
32.Ms. Adler: The Doctor's Office
Ms. Adler shows off her control over two strangers. by MrAdler (05/07/15)
3.98 (134)
33.My New Power
A new power mysteriously emerges. by zackson (04/29/15)
3.77 (225)
34.The Power of Suggestion Pt. 02
Jason now has 3 girls and 1 boy as slaves. by mountian299 (05/21/15)
3.72 (67)
35.Ultimate Mind Control Experiment
Drugs, Hypnosis & Non Consensual Conditioning: A Report by Mesmaster (05/10/15)
3.66 (87)
36.The Aphrodite Project
A powerful female cult helps a man follow his bliss. by Shopassistant (05/14/15)
3.64 (45)