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Choices "So, I own a person now," I said. We were sitting in a small café off the TransCanada. We'd slept through most of the morning and, when we awoke, had Quentin stop at the first place...

Secret Sins Ch. 18 by Ameaner

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I rubbed my eyes wearily and muted the audio file playing through my earphones. A yawn forced its way through my body and I stretched, my muscles sore and tense. I was seated on the lone barstool at...

TRANCE, Inc. 05: The Coed by JCBeleren

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What do I do? I asked myself, sipping on my coffee pensively. I was seated at the desk in my bedroom, contemplating the moral quandary that faced me. After Juliana's revelation the previous night,...

The Master of Truth 003 by JCBeleren

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Mind Control

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1.Tristan's Tale Pt. 10
Note to self: get better at Great Escapes. by IncomingPornDuck (04/23/18)
4.90 (288)
2.Secret Sins Ch. 14
Inheritance. by Ameaner (04/21/18)
4.89 (46)
3.The Spider Pt. 33
Evil through the window, loss and loss. by ImmanuelMal (04/29/18)
4.88 (16)
4.One Night 02 - Twelve to Two
Pickup artist dodges bullets and sexy Mob assassins. by JCBeleren (05/18/18)
4.85 (123)
5.Secret Sins Ch. 18
Choices. by Ameaner (05/18/18)
4.83 (24)
6.Cooper Family Pride Pt. 02
Danny Dugan exacts revenge on a bully and his family. by Nicequip (05/12/18)
4.81 (532)
7.TRANCE, Inc. 05: The Coed
Chance deals with a problem and sees his sexy coed neighbor. by JCBeleren (05/18/18)
4.79 (72)
8.The Lampmaker Ch. 04
Rick takes another Genie and Lacey begins to plan the future. by Moosetales (04/24/18)
4.79 (302)
9.The Master of Truth 003
Logan speaks. Reality conforms. But can he change a fiance? by JCBeleren (05/08/18)
4.79 (153)
10.Anime Convention Harem Ch. 11
Out of the Blue. by FortySixtyFour (05/17/18)
4.79 (133)
11.The Master of Truth 004
His words shape reality, but now he faces his lover's sister. by JCBeleren (05/09/18)
4.79 (200)
12.The Lampmaker Ch. 08
Rick gets a magical garden along with a new genie. by Moosetales (05/18/18)
4.78 (156)
13.The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 09
Kathryn, Trixie and Madison are on a path of no return. by smitty469 (04/20/18)
4.77 (35)
14.TRANCE, Inc. 04: The Girlfriend
Chance finds out who hypnotized his pornstar lovers. by JCBeleren (04/28/18)
4.75 (190)
15.Secret Sins Ch. 16
Emerald Park. by Ameaner (05/06/18)
4.74 (46)
16.The Lampmaker Ch. 05
Rick works on his Palace and enslaves a lawyer. by Moosetales (04/26/18)
4.73 (225)
17.Secret Sins Ch. 15
Witch. by Ameaner (04/28/18)
4.73 (48)
18.Secret Sins Ch. 17
Potato. by Ameaner (05/12/18)
4.72 (39)
19.Call Me Cade Ch. 01
An Old West hitman. A magic coin. A sultry, innocent girl... by JCBeleren (05/18/18)
4.70 (93)
20.The Lampmaker Ch. 07
Rick deals with a Paparazzi. by Moosetales (05/12/18)
4.65 (172)
21.The Therapy Sessions Ch. 02
Time to diversify? by mollycactus (05/13/18)
4.65 (48)
22.The League of Super Breast Lovers Ch. 02
The league of superpowered breasts lovers 2nd week. by PhiloHunter (05/09/18)
4.64 (14)
23.The Lampmaker Ch. 06
Rick works on his Palace and gains a personal secretary. by Moosetales (05/09/18)
4.64 (176)
24.The Accident Ch. 05
Thomas's case move forward and an intimate evening with Jenny. by 214Chance (05/09/18)
4.64 (108)
25.The Master of Truth 002
Logan's words alter reality. Time to alter his sexy teacher. by JCBeleren (04/29/18)
4.64 (358)
26.Illithid's Tale Ch. 03
Serasis plays with Kara, and, in his tale, meets some drow. by charmscale (05/08/18)
4.62 (21)
27.Sharing His Kinks
Indulgence in mesmerism and her feet, for them both. by akaece (05/12/18)
4.61 (28)
28.Beach House
I hypnotize my housemates. Tina has an odd reaction to it. by astuffedshirt_perv (04/21/18)
4.59 (565)
29.The Jewel of Desire Ch. 03
Carl's control grows! by Absolutelywickedthoughts (05/17/18)
4.59 (94)
30.Bimbo Juice Bar Ch. 01
Quitting is Hell. by EddieFuggles (04/27/18)
4.53 (99)
31.The Golden Ring Pt. 03
James gets involved with four women and them in each other. by Sissyhalo (05/19/18)
4.52 (56)
32.The Love Bug
A group of scientists find their carnal desires unleashed. by darkoverlord6 (05/11/18)
4.52 (165)
33.The Spider Pt. 32
Broken glass is broken hopes. by ImmanuelMal (04/26/18)
4.50 (12)
34.The League of Super Breast Lovers
Supervillains play a game to "score" big breasted heroines. by PhiloHunter (04/27/18)
4.48 (33)
35.I Accept
Ryan proposes a new way for his girlfriend Lyla to relax. by Pendulum1 (04/20/18)
4.48 (284)
36.Someone On My Mind Ch. 02
Clint develops Kerry's slut behavior. by storyte11er (04/23/18)
4.47 (64)
37.Joan Ch. 01
Part One begins as Joan is brainwashed by a mysterious book. by LordRavencraft (05/14/18)
4.45 (179)
38.The Girl on the Train
How I came to own Kate. by SophieJClark (05/18/18)
4.40 (80)
39.Pink Zone Rising: A Tale From The Pink Zone
One year after the first Goodallazine attack, a look back. by TMaskedWriter (05/06/18)
4.40 (35)
40.Joan Ch. 03
Joan sinks to a humiliating low at the bookshop. by LordRavencraft (05/18/18)
4.40 (98)
Ashley is taken on a journey by a self-driving cab. by JukeboxEMCSA (05/10/18)
4.39 (113)
42.The Great Debate
A virtual God debates his own existence. by petmyhead (05/01/18)
4.38 (40)
43.Enslaving My Hot Roommate Ch. 02
Amber is injected with the second syringe. Trust. by GiantNutWrites (05/15/18)
4.36 (187)
44.Shine Slut Ch. 01
Lady Corporate Executive is bewitched by a lowly Shine Slut. by Alucarda (05/09/18)
4.35 (31)
45.Kill 4 U
Service Unit 4U must evade equally perfect assassins. by JukeboxEMCSA (05/17/18)
4.27 (22)
46.Acquisitions and Expansion Ch. 01
Is there a secret sisterhood enslaving men? by gergflergablerg (05/09/18)
4.26 (34)
47.Domina Shelle's New Hypno Boy Ch. 03
Shelle sends a summons. by jeb22 (05/16/18)
4.25 (24)
48.Domina Shelle's New Hypno Boy Ch. 01
John samples some of Shelle's work... by jeb22 (04/26/18)
4.24 (50)
49.Joan Ch. 02
Mr. Rowe schemes to turn Joan into his personal fuck-doll. by LordRavencraft (05/16/18)
4.23 (117)
50.Front Porch Thing
Kate visits home to find something on her parents' porch. by JukeboxEMCSA (05/04/18)
4.19 (145)
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