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Dust rose behind us like an omen: the humans were coming to the Arena. And they weren't alone. "I'm still can't believe it's true," I said. "That we're about to actually see other peoples....

Tristan's Tale Pt. 06 by IncomingPornDuck

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Alan sat heavily on the couch in front of his TV, a towel around his shoulders. Other than that, he only wore a pair of boxers. His legs ached just a little, and he felt hot, so he took a long pull...

Alan's Thoughts Ch. 03 by blkngry

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It was a beautiful and quiet morning in the gated, private street of Northbrook. A mild fall morning was blossoming, the sun was shining, the fallen leaves chased each other in the streets as the...

The Spider Pt. 06 by ImmanuelMal

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Tristan's Tale Pt. 06
The Tournament. by IncomingPornDuck (09/28/16)
4.95 (659)
2.Alan's Thoughts Ch. 03
Alan gets a surprise visit from Laurel, and films for Ally. by blkngry (09/28/16)
4.81 (253)
3.The Spider Pt. 08
Behind the glass. by ImmanuelMal (10/19/16)
4.78 (9)
4.The Spider Pt. 06
The cull. by ImmanuelMal (10/05/16)
4.76 (29)
5.A Day in a Life Pt. 02
Someone shows interest in Carmen's activities. by graymangazer (10/04/16)
4.73 (30)
6.Alan's Thoughts Ch. 02
Alan tries his influence on Ally, and Raina. by blkngry (09/21/16)
4.73 (459)
7.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 08
Bess and George explore under each others' skirts. by Ameaner (10/11/16)
4.70 (43)
8.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 05
Pedaling for pleasure. by Ameaner (10/07/16)
4.69 (59)
9.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 14
George gets what she wants. by Ameaner (10/18/16)
4.69 (32)
10.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 10
Nancy and George get a little naughty. by Ameaner (10/13/16)
4.68 (37)
11.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 12
Nancy takes George to the basement. by Ameaner (10/15/16)
4.67 (40)
12.An Apocalypse Rising Ch. 05
A group of warriors try to stop an evil sorceress. by SaddleRider (09/26/16)
4.67 (15)
13.A New Day Dawns for Susan Pt. 01
Susan is ready to learn Troy & Julie's secret. by TMaskedWriter (10/12/16)
4.65 (23)
14.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 16
Events reach a turning point. by Ameaner (10/20/16)
4.65 (23)
15.The Spider Pt. 05
Just John and the Spider learn about each other. by ImmanuelMal (10/02/16)
4.62 (39)
16.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 13
Jailhouse rock. by Ameaner (10/16/16)
4.59 (41)
17.The Spider Pt. 07
Heal all the ways. by ImmanuelMal (10/07/16)
4.57 (35)
18.Playing with the Wife Ch. 04
Liz is taking over. by StoryTeller07 (09/28/16)
4.55 (42)
19.The Spider Pt. 09
Love is where you find it, I think we'd all agree. by ImmanuelMal (10/19/16)
4.55 (11)
20.My New Girlfriend Ch. 02
Drew explores his new relationship. by Svalbarding (10/17/16)
4.54 (193)
21.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 09
Nancy wades even deeper and finds she enjoys it. by Ameaner (10/12/16)
4.54 (37)
22.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 15
Topless shoppers get twenty percent off. by Ameaner (10/19/16)
4.52 (33)
23.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 07
Nancy explores the basement. by Ameaner (10/09/16)
4.51 (45)
24.A Day in the Life
What it's like as a submissive slave to her husband. by archibael (10/09/16)
4.51 (47)
25.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 03
George attracts an admirer. by Ameaner (10/04/16)
4.49 (53)
26.An Apocalypse Rising Ch. 06
A group of warriors try to stop an evil sorceress. by SaddleRider (09/27/16)
4.47 (19)
27.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 06
Bess takes George to the boutique. by Ameaner (10/08/16)
4.47 (45)
28.My New Girlfriend Ch. 01
Drew isn't sure about his devoted new girlfriend. by Svalbarding (10/16/16)
4.46 (221)
29.Rise of Dr, Akitomi Ch. 04
The rescue team is defeated while other heroines gather. by PhiloHunter (10/17/16)
4.45 (33)
30.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 11
Bess learns a new skill. by Ameaner (10/14/16)
4.45 (42)
31.Beads of My Heart
Pearls of passion arouse and devour her lust. by archibael (10/09/16)
4.44 (27)
32.As Day Follows Night Pt. 07
Troy & Julie go after Helen for her bachelor party prank. by TMaskedWriter (09/29/16)
4.44 (9)
33.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 02
The local flavour samples Bess. by Ameaner (10/03/16)
4.43 (63)
34.Her Science Project Ch. 03
Jenny allays Johns fears. by jeb22 (10/02/16)
4.43 (61)
35.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 04
Nancy surprises herself, George wakes up. by Ameaner (10/05/16)
4.40 (53)
36.Bring Your Master To Work Day Ch. 03
The day comes to a close. by Svalbarding (10/02/16)
4.39 (31)
37.Posed for Success
Erotic artist uses her roommates as unwilling models. by archibael (10/09/16)
4.38 (47)
38.Two Good Neighbors Ch. 03
Kyle is trained to suck. by CreamStuffedTwink (09/26/16)
4.37 (79)
39.Rise of Dr, Akitomi Ch. 03
Top Heavy is brainwashed, her saviors face tentacle monster. by PhiloHunter (10/05/16)
4.36 (55)
40.The Brain of Piacenza Ch. 03
At the strip club, Mason finds out what Monica's been up to. by Anostus (09/24/16)
4.36 (42)
41.A Man of Singular Talent - Redwing
A mind controller runs into a French tourist group. by Mephisto_Pegari (10/13/16)
4.33 (42)
42.As Day Follows Night Pt. 08
Troy & Julie go after Helen for her bachelor party prank. by TMaskedWriter (09/30/16)
4.33 (12)
43.Routine Questioning
He's unsure why he's doing this to her, but he can't stop. by Famejerkies (10/07/16)
4.33 (82)
44.Two Good Neighbors Ch. 02
Roberts continues his conquest. by CreamStuffedTwink (09/26/16)
4.32 (78)
Richard uses a drug to convince Sarah to break her rule. by FishMouse (09/22/16)
4.30 (196)
Mae plans to surprise her husband, but is surprised herself. by JukeboxEMCSA (10/01/16)
4.28 (170)
47.The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 01
Nancy receives a call from Aunt Eloise. by Ameaner (09/30/16)
4.26 (94)
48.Two Good Neighbors
Kyle falls under his neighbor's hypnotic control by accident. by CreamStuffedTwink (09/23/16)
4.25 (151)
49.Character Creation Ch. 10
Sometimes a power isn't as useful as it seems. Or is it? by Svalbarding (10/09/16)
4.23 (26)
50.The Brain of Piacenza Ch. 04
Mason delivers the brain to the professor. Cruelty ensues. by Anostus (10/01/16)
4.22 (27)
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