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Shaun couldn't help but admire the body of his girlfriend Amanda. Her long blonde curly locks flowed down her naked back as she buried her face in the pillows of her bed while moaning into them....

I Think by Boratus

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When I re-entered the bar it was about 3:00 AM and only a handful of customers remained. Jerrie rushed over, she looked a little flustered but happy. She poured me a drink and set it in front of me. ...

The Potent Phrase Pt. 02 by EscargotDriver

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Derin was driving away from Jeff's apartment as quickly as he could, listening to Jeff's voicemail come on once more. He had tried to call and warn his friend about the woman trying to kill him, but...

Lustful Energy Ep. 04 by Happytimeshappy

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Mind Control

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1.I Think
College kid take control of girlfriend's mom. by Boratus (06/29/16)
4.80 (843)
2.The Potent Phrase Pt. 02
My first attempts at using the gift. by EscargotDriver (07/21/16)
4.63 (381)
3.Lustful Energy Ep. 04
Derin's car breaks down in front of a fortune tellers shop. by Happytimeshappy (07/05/16)
4.58 (211)
4.Lustful Energy Ep. 03
Derin finds himself between an assassin and her prey! by Happytimeshappy (07/03/16)
4.58 (284)
5.Lustful Energy Ep. 05
Derin makes it to the mechanic but his wallet lost his money. by Happytimeshappy (07/06/16)
4.56 (192)
6.Lustful Energy Ep. 07
Derin returns to Aurora with more information and a plan! by Happytimeshappy (07/08/16)
4.56 (166)
7.Lustful Energy Ep. 06
Derin catches a ride with Joyce. And she wants a rematch! by Happytimeshappy (07/07/16)
4.55 (188)
8.Lustful Energy Ep. 08
Derin loses control over his abilities. by Happytimeshappy (07/09/16)
4.55 (155)
9.The Photoshoot Pt. 03
Susan is taught to appreciate diversity in the photo studio. by dominant_male (07/07/16)
4.54 (157)
10.The Long Road Goodbye
A midnight road trip. An eager new slave. A dead end. by malsagulo (07/04/16)
4.53 (86)
11.How Does One Describe Control?
Power isn't forceful; it's unyielding. by EndlessSilk (07/13/16)
4.53 (62)
12.Lustful Energy Ep. 02
Derin gets some answers from a sexual mysterious woman. by Happytimeshappy (07/01/16)
4.49 (268)
13.Long Day's Journey into Susan Pt. 04
The conclusion of Susan's long day. by TMaskedWriter (07/16/16)
4.48 (27)
14.Bankrupt Ch. 02
A slave's first day at school. by ImperatorMentus (07/08/16)
4.47 (78)
15.The Potent Phrase Pt. 01
A gift from an old man begins to change my life. by EscargotDriver (07/19/16)
4.46 (458)
16.Special Oil Pt. 02
Part 2 of the story on Special Oil. by brian473317 (07/20/16)
4.45 (106)
17.The Photoshoot Pt. 02
Danielle experiences some uncontrollable urges the next day. by dominant_male (06/30/16)
4.44 (209)
18.Girl Crush
Fern's husband buys a Girl, and Fern isn't happy. by JukeboxEMCSA (07/01/16)
4.43 (157)
19.Lustful Energy Ep. 09
The conclusion to this small story arc. by Happytimeshappy (07/21/16)
4.43 (81)
20.The Audit
A mild-mannered accountant stumbles upon a conspiracy. by SaddleRider (07/05/16)
4.42 (135)
21.Lustful Energy Ep. 01
Derin discovers some strange new abilities within him. by Happytimeshappy (06/29/16)
4.41 (399)
22.My Summer at Bill's
I take an interest in my friend Bill's mother. by blackmagic68 (07/05/16)
4.40 (416)
23.The Potent Phrase Pt. 03
I try to have a productive, relaxing day. by EscargotDriver (07/28/16)
4.39 (129)
24.Trust In Me
Diana uses an old catchphrase to hypnotize Malik. by JukeboxEMCSA (07/23/16)
4.38 (69)
25.Free Agency
A bet on an empty mind. by PrimalRoots (07/06/16)
4.37 (62)
26.Playing with the Wife Ch. 03
More complications. by StoryTeller07 (07/23/16)
4.36 (73)
27.Remotely Controlled
My unusual invention has even more unusual results. by bbare (07/24/16)
4.34 (258)
28.Master PC: Oops
Man enjoys his copy of the Master PC program, until... by PaladinInBlack (07/24/16)
4.33 (127)
29.Playing with the Wife Ch. 02
Elizabeth is vulnerable too. by StoryTeller07 (07/18/16)
4.31 (105)
30.Caught in a Trap
Joanne tries to rescue her friend from a sinister hypnotist. by JukeboxEMCSA (07/09/16)
4.30 (147)
You are transformed into a blank dolly. by JukeboxEMCSA (07/16/16)
4.26 (81)
32.Better Mind
Making a good girlfriend ... perfect. by dlsloan (07/27/16)
4.23 (214)
33.Long Day's Journey into Susan Pt. 02
Susan has a choice to make. by TMaskedWriter (07/10/16)
4.19 (37)
34.Long Day's Journey into Susan Pt. 01
Susan from "How My Day Was" tells her story. by TMaskedWriter (07/05/16)
4.14 (35)
35.The Education of Starry Pt. 01
A tale of abduction and retraining. by littlebeaupeep (07/15/16)
4.11 (93)
36.Playing with the Wife Ch. 01
Elizabeth regresses to become Liz. by StoryTeller07 (07/14/16)
4.11 (171)
37.Another Mistake
Mistaken identity screws up a man's life by PaladinInBlack (07/24/16)
4.09 (122)
38.My Eyes Vol. 01
James uses his power to execute his plan over the family. by DeviantWriter (07/18/16)
4.01 (392)
39.Losing Han
Husband experiments with sex drug costs him his wife. by GudTimes256 (07/13/16)
3.94 (109)
40.The Secret Weapon
Cassandra becomes the nerds' secret weapon. by Svalbarding (07/19/16)
3.92 (142)
41.Sick Eyes
Thomas learns from his therapist what it means to be useful. by adamlily1972 (07/28/16)
3.89 (27)
42.The Palmist Ch. 02
A palm reader prescribes orgasm denial? by PeterOmez (07/24/16)
3.88 (41)
43.My Eyes Vol. 01 Ch. 02
James finishes up with his family. by DeviantWriter (07/26/16)
3.87 (124)
44.The Day Before The Day
An unexpected guest comes to Troy's bachelor party. by TMaskedWriter (07/29/16)
3.86 (14)
45.Long Day's Journey into Susan Pt. 03
Susan from "How My Day Was" comes home to confront Chad. by TMaskedWriter (07/13/16)
3.84 (32)
46.Karen and Andi's Discovery
A husband and wife find a new life. by MISTYLOVER (07/08/16)
3.82 (57)
47.An Intermission Amongst Equals
Troy has a surprise for Julie. by TMaskedWriter (07/25/16)
3.77 (22)
48.A Lazy Saturday
She'd rather just get tranced by her girlfriend. by CyberneticKitten (07/12/16)
3.73 (70)
49.Great Day for It
Julie from "A Conversation Amongst Equals" goes for a hike. by TMaskedWriter (07/01/16)
3.71 (21)
50.How My Day Was
Troy tells Julie how he met their new friend. by TMaskedWriter (07/01/16)
3.65 (34)
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