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Chapter 33 Theo was carefully eating breakfast, trying to chew as gently as possible. He heard Amanda say something downstairs and stopped with his spoon halfway to his mouth. He had thought she...

Sparrow & Tulip Pt. 03 by Latenight_Pondering

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Grenville McKree was born too big. The seventh son born to Margaret McKree was the final straw in her hard life. Granted, the harshness of her living conditions and the desperate circumstances she...

A Gardener's Touch by BurntRedstone

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There is no sex in this story. It's just a sweet love story told in a narrative style. A high school classmate of mine recently returned from our fortieth high school reunion. She had not attended...

Maryanne's First Kiss by Dinsmore

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Sparrow & Tulip Pt. 03
Theo triggers some big changes. by Latenight_Pondering (03/27/17)
4.90 (269)
2.Sparrow & Tulip Pt. 02
Theo's discoveries continue. by Latenight_Pondering (03/19/17)
4.89 (252)
3.A Man Among Women
Could a man succeed in company dominated by women? by Dinsmore (01/20/06)
4.88 (2470)
4.A Gardener's Touch
A soldier finds his true destiny. by BurntRedstone (04/05/16)
4.88 (1331)
5.Maryanne's First Kiss
A magical evening and a first kiss from a special boy. by Dinsmore (01/30/06)
4.88 (590)
6.Dombo and Angel
Wife prepares to accept his posthumous award. by Jeff_Thomas (08/27/13)
4.88 (414)
7.Tomorrow is Another Day Ch. 03
He hadn't joined the Navy for a good reason. by Dinsmore (03/24/07)
4.88 (334)
8.A Tiny Slip Ch. 02
The final confrontation between Don and the Consultant. by WifeWatchman (09/11/16)
4.88 (264)
9.Uncertain Justice
He didn't do the crime; you can't fight City Hall. Now What? by Longhorn__07 (12/24/12)
4.87 (1529)
10.Daddy's Day
The little girl came rushing in the house after school. by MendonFishers (01/10/13)
4.87 (1506)
11.Four Little Words
A law professor delivers his poignant final exam. by Areala-chan (01/16/15)
4.87 (615)
12.Down on the Farm Ch. 07
Conclusion for a Miracle. by Rabbitrunner91 (03/02/05)
4.87 (599)
13.Love, True Love
Bedridden old woman tries to teach a young couple. by Joesephus (01/31/06)
4.87 (350)
14.A Tiny Slip Ch. 03
Emotional aftermath; some answers; a funeral by the River. by WifeWatchman (09/15/16)
4.87 (237)
15.End of the Line Ch. 01
Drama in the Town & County; a hero falls. by WifeWatchman (12/26/16)
4.87 (208)
16.Environmental Hazards Ch. 03
Threats abound as the Iron Crowbar pursues the perps. by WifeWatchman (06/03/17)
4.87 (204)
17.Taking Command
This wasn’t suppose to be his war. by Dinsmore (03/16/07)
4.86 (1573)
18.A Field Guide to Scars
On the importance of scars. by tennmac (09/16/08)
4.86 (1025)
19.I Love You Because
A brighter future because someone believed in him. by _Lynn_ (07/09/09)
4.86 (493)
20.Tomorrow is Another Day Ch. 02
Not enough fuel to get to Danang. by Dinsmore (03/19/07)
4.86 (327)
21.Semper Fidelis Ch. 03
Conclusion. Honor defended, honor maintained. by WifeWatchman (07/20/16)
4.86 (286)
22.Dance with the Deacon
Cowboy, indians, and a murdering Deacon all in here. by MysteryWriter (08/14/14)
4.86 (242)
23.Along Came A Spider Ch. 01
The Iron Crowbar Returns. by WifeWatchman (08/28/16)
4.86 (240)
24.Along Came A Spider Ch. 02
The Iron Crowbar Triumphant. by WifeWatchman (08/30/16)
4.86 (240)
25.A Tiny Slip Ch. 04
The ultimate solution. The ultimate twist. by WifeWatchman (09/18/16)
4.86 (195)
26.Midnight City Ch. 03
Solution; Crowbars rule the Night in the sparkling City... by WifeWatchman (02/04/17)
4.86 (184)
27.Hampered in His Plans Ch. 05
Two walk the cliff over the Dark Side; who will rise above? by WifeWatchman (06/11/16)
4.86 (173)
28.A Dark and Stormy Night
Small actions always grow, both good and bad. by JayDiver (09/27/17)
4.86 (124)
29.Ne'er Do Well
Young slacker succeeds beyond his wildest dreams. by SW_MO_Hermit (02/09/16)
4.85 (1172)
30.Pipe Springs
A story of the west. by woodmanone (05/28/12)
4.85 (990)
The life and time of a unlikely hero. by woodmanone (05/07/11)
4.85 (947)
32.Lost Empire Ch. 09
A man discovers something that changes his life forever! by Pars001 (06/10/17)
4.85 (659)
33.Lost Empire Ch. 27
A man discovers something that changes his life forever! by Pars001 (07/03/17)
4.85 (547)
34.Play Ball
A baseball memory. by HLD (08/16/05)
4.85 (422)
Remembering a Friend. by Tony155 (07/21/09)
4.85 (319)
36.Sparrow & Tulip
The book that begins the universe of Arboreal and MC. by Latenight_Pondering (03/14/17)
4.85 (265)
37.A Tiny Slip Ch. 01
The identity of the Consultant of Crime is revealed. by WifeWatchman (09/08/16)
4.85 (240)
38.The Painting
A path back. by JayDiver (11/06/16)
4.85 (211)
39.The Usual Suspects Ch. 02
Investigating Jeremy's death; a bombing; a dirty Agent acts. by WifeWatchman (12/19/16)
4.85 (188)
40.Calm Before The Storm Ch. 02
Clues lie in stories from the past; a surprise honor given. by WifeWatchman (05/21/16)
4.85 (172)
41.In Black and White Ch. 02
Separate and unequal searches for two missing teens. by WifeWatchman (12/12/16)
4.85 (169)
Young man finds love, but is scared to talk about his past. by MichaelT65 (05/05/17)
4.85 (151)
43.The Last Dance
True love can last a lifetime. by rachlou (01/22/07)
4.85 (131)
44.A Tangled Web Ch. 12
Just deserts. by MissLisaJones (11/24/11)
4.85 (109)
45.Lost Empire Ch. 34
A man discovers something that changes his life forever! by Pars001 (07/18/17)
4.84 (513)
46.Lost Empire Ch. 45
A man discovers something that changes his life forever! by Pars001 (08/12/17)
4.84 (450)
47.Do Miracles Happen? Ch. 05
The Conclusion and Miracle. by Rabbitrunner91 (03/23/05)
4.84 (395)
48.Through The Years Reposting
A strange and wonderous adventure for a young man. by woodmanone (01/13/16)
4.84 (368)
49.Along Came A Spider Ch. 04
The Iron Crowbar Falls. by WifeWatchman (09/03/16)
4.84 (231)
50.Slender Man Ch. 02
More Slender Man sightings and abductions vex the Team. by WifeWatchman (05/16/17)
4.84 (201)
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