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101.Used Before Breakfast
I wake before you and make good on your fantasy... by British Filth (05/15/13)
4.55 (247)
102.My Minotaur
Lady Ailara buys her last slave. (with audio) by SizeQueenSupreme (02/01/11)
4.55 (242)
She wants you. Every inch of you. by WarmMilk (06/01/10)
4.55 (222)
104.A Parting Gift
Something to remember while I'm away. by Surfer_Rod (09/14/11)
4.55 (194)
105.Red Gloves
Hot little whore gets shared with the Room Service Attendant. by Louboutins (04/25/13)
4.55 (175)
106.Cock Worship: Eve's Spa
Welcome to the spa....cock worship in a warm, relaxing pool. by Eves_Garden (07/24/15)
4.55 (166)
107.Afternoon Delight
Pleasuring myself... by SubmissiveSiren26 (10/02/15)
4.55 (161)
108.Cumuppance for Catherine by Laph
Younger male babysitter takes advantage of MILF teasing him. by audiodiva (02/01/12)
4.55 (136)
109.Claire Goes to Confession
Claire goes to church and tells a priest about her panties. by claire2014 (03/29/16)
4.55 (103)
110.Shifting Gears
Sometimes her body shifts gears before she knows it. by Selena_Kitt (12/16/08)
4.55 (101)
111.Ride Me
I want you to ride me. by Endless_Roads (10/29/15)
4.54 (559)
112.Let's Get Dirty
Climb into my bed and let's get filthy for a few minutes. by British Filth (04/16/13)
4.54 (342)
113.Our First Time (I Love You)
Tonight, we say goodbye to your virginity. by British Filth (05/21/13)
4.54 (286)
Often, she thinks about having you. by WarmMilk (10/12/10)
4.54 (268)
115.Ethan's Reluctant Journey
Ethan discovers Marcus' cock with the help of Sara and Mina by Mina24 (02/01/12)
4.54 (259)
116.Claire Goes Shopping for Panties Ch. 02
Coed Claire and her daddy are still shopping. by claire2010 (01/19/10)
4.54 (238)
117.A Long Time Coming
Been a while... by wettmuse (02/14/14)
4.54 (222)
You're bound to like where this one goes... by Mirage (05/28/14)
4.54 (205)
119.Life Model
Will he make it through her challenge? by hopeulikeit (02/12/08)
4.54 (192)
120.Devil Made Me Do It
A supernaturally orgasmic fantasy. by mollyisme2 (06/14/05)
4.54 (184)
121.Use Me
I want you to use my voice to get of. by British Filth (02/24/17)
4.54 (142)
122.Moaning, Cumming, and Dirty Talk
Baby...make me cum... by EZCollegeGrl (09/02/16)
4.54 (124)
123.Loving a Man
A lustful, loving, sex-positive ode to men everywhere. by Eves_Garden (01/22/15)
4.54 (118)
124.claire2010 is back
claire2010 is now claire2014 and wants to play, by claire2014 (04/23/14)
4.54 (112)
125.Babysitter Pt. 02
The next morning... by Mirage (07/30/14)
4.54 (112)
126.Missionary Can Be So Much More
The missionary position doesn't have to be boring. by Endless_Roads (05/25/17)
4.54 (107)
127.Cougar Tales: The Pool Boy
Seducing the pool boy on a hot summer day. by Graces_Grove (06/08/17)
4.54 (106)
128.Cumm over Claire
Claire is back and says hi...and makes you cumm over her! by claire2014 (02/04/15)
4.54 (100)
You've been a bad girl... by British Filth (08/15/13)
4.53 (532)
130.Miss Me?
Have you missed your little girl? by WarmMilk (06/28/11)
4.53 (496)
131.New Awakenings Ch. 01
Nancy & Chele discover the joys of female love. by SexyChele (02/04/03)
4.53 (477)
132.The Menu (Interactive)
You choose how you'd like to get off today. by British Filth (06/11/13)
4.53 (382)
133.Teacher's Sex Pet
Student shows sir how much she lusts for him. by asian_princess (01/10/05)
4.53 (311)
134.Unscripted Masturbation
Who needs a script? by bisexplicit (06/14/05)
4.53 (293)
135.Masturbating Pt. 01
Rebekka masturbates to her audio story "Three Nights-Part 1". by RebekkaBrown (12/21/11)
4.53 (261)
136.Cougar Tales: New Neighbor
A new neighbor moves in next door and things get steamy fast. by Graces_Grove (05/04/17)
4.53 (231)
We have to be quiet, we're in a library. by Babydoll655321 (07/30/14)
4.53 (189)
You find what you've been seeking at a party. by Mirage (11/30/11)
4.53 (175)
139.No JOI For You...A Little Game
I have a game for you... can you resist stroking for me? by Eves_Garden (01/19/16)
4.53 (168)
140.Big Brother, I'm Telling
Fuck me, or I'm telling our parents what you did last night. by MissKittenSK (09/08/16)
4.53 (156)
141.AJ on the Edge
I go over the edge... eventually. by funluvinaj (11/05/13)
4.53 (145)
142.Booty Call
I need you: You're not here: Listen to how wet I am.. by MissKittenSK (07/08/16)
4.53 (122)
143.Quick Introduction
She's new to the community and just wanted to say hello! by Danij (03/16/17)
4.53 (105)
a slow whispering cum for you... by sloeburn (04/03/15)
4.53 (102)
145.Bedtime Story 02
You get cheered up after being called into work Saturday. by Louboutins (11/06/12)
4.53 (101)
146.A Quick Fuck
He pleads for a quick fuck in Stereo! by Dr_Impervious (01/23/09)
4.52 (917)
She gets a special proposition from a husband and wife. by Clohi (10/05/04)
4.52 (797)
148.Man Sounds
Sometimes the moans are all you need. by Endless_Roads (06/05/15)
4.52 (494)
149.I Miss You, Daddy
She's thinking about you while she's away. by litjosie (01/15/09)
4.52 (434)
150.Don't Touch
She tries out her dominant side. by mollyisme2 (05/30/05)
4.52 (360)
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