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101.Red Gloves
Hot little whore gets shared with the Room Service Attendant. by Louboutins (04/25/13)
4.53 (151)
102.A Fuck For the Road
A quick car fuck - British accent! by Eves_Garden (05/07/15)
4.53 (131)
103.Cumuppance for Catherine by Laph
Younger male babysitter takes advantage of MILF teasing him. by audiodiva (02/01/12)
4.53 (122)
104.AJ's Fantasy
AJ meets an online friend for some mutual "fun". by funluvinaj (12/15/10)
4.53 (105)
105.New Glass Toy
Angel enjoys time with her new glass toy. by angeloftemptation (11/05/13)
4.53 (102)
She only wants one thing. Can you guess? by asian_princess (04/16/06)
4.52 (629)
107.Bathroom Fuck
You take me in a very dirty and public way. by angeloftemptation (03/29/12)
4.52 (527)
108.I Miss You, Daddy
She's thinking about you while she's away. by litjosie (01/15/09)
4.52 (411)
109.Bonding at the Beach
Kay and her lover play with another couple. by KR (01/09/06)
4.52 (333)
110.Oral Pleasure
It's all about you... by Mirage (02/01/12)
4.52 (321)
111.Claire's Pussy
She shows her appreciation by showing her pussy. by claire2010 (01/26/10)
4.52 (312)
112.A Dangerous Environment (NonConsent)
I wanted to save the forest. Now who will save me? by theravenfox (04/02/13)
4.52 (296)
113.Unscripted Masturbation
Who needs a script? by bisexplicit (06/13/05)
4.52 (292)
Often, she thinks about having you. by WarmMilk (10/12/10)
4.52 (261)
115.Camping Fantasy
Australian man's idea of a great camping trip. by SomeAussieGuy (04/14/09)
4.52 (258)
116.Claire Goes Shopping for Panties Ch. 02
Coed Claire and her daddy are still shopping. by claire2010 (01/19/10)
4.52 (218)
117.Morning Moans 04
More moans for you. by Mirage (01/22/15)
4.52 (218)
118.Date Night
We finally get a night alone. by Surfer_Rod (08/30/11)
4.52 (195)
119.Is She Watching?
Angel knows how to make a vacation interesting. by angeloftemptation (04/27/12)
4.52 (187)
120.Visiting at Christmas
Teasing me across a crowded room, I reach breaking point... by spurious (01/09/14)
4.52 (167)
121.Control Me
After an evening of teasing, you finally take what's yours. by angeloftemptation (10/04/11)
4.52 (164)
You find what you've been seeking at a party. by Mirage (11/30/11)
4.52 (159)
An illicit rendezvous. by Mirage (02/09/12)
4.52 (155)
124.One More Time
Adam gives his ex-girlfriend a massage. by adamcraves1 (08/15/05)
4.52 (151)
125.Watching You Watching Me
She knows you like to watch her cum. by SweetSam42 (10/22/14)
4.52 (125)
126.Naughty Professor
College co-ed gets told to stay after class. by Louboutins (05/15/13)
4.52 (116)
127.He Loves His American Guest!
He listens to her orgasm and then comes with you. by anenglishmanabroad (11/20/12)
4.52 (114)
128.The Busty Courtesan
You want me to play and suck and pull on my tits, don't you by MissKittenSK (10/08/14)
4.52 (108)
129.Sleepy Slutty AJ
I wake up horny and needing... and take care of things. by funluvinaj (01/15/14)
4.52 (105)
130.Good Morning
It's time to wake Angel up. by angeloftemptation (11/10/11)
4.52 (100)
131.AJ's a Dirty Little Phone Slut
Being a naughty girl. by funluvinaj (12/02/14)
4.52 (100)
132.The Cop
You get pulled over and taken advantage of. by Mirage (03/29/12)
4.51 (390)
133.No Strings Attached
All she wants is a chance at ecstasy. by WarmMilk (11/30/10)
4.51 (307)
Unexpected late night fun between two friends... by spurious (11/05/13)
4.51 (303)
135.Summer Seduction
You tease and seduce your best friend's father. by Mirage (04/27/12)
4.51 (266)
136.Delicious Perfection
Angel needs it now. by angeloftemptation (12/27/11)
4.51 (248)
137.Married Men
My new fetish. by angeloftemptation (03/21/12)
4.51 (237)
138.Wife's Birthday Gift by Texasace
Wife has a three-some with her husband and his friend by audiodiva (06/28/11)
4.51 (223)
139.Claire Has Dessert with Her Daddy
Claire and her Daddy play with strawberries and cream by claire2010 (02/09/10)
4.51 (185)
140.My Pleasure Toy
I love to play with my toy. by Gaelforce (05/09/13)
4.51 (178)
141.A Massage
A long soft sweet goodnight massage. by SomeAussieGuy (12/01/09)
4.51 (178)
142.One New Voicemail
Something to keep you company while I'm gone. by Surfer_Rod (09/27/11)
4.51 (141)
143.Missing You
Listen as she tells you just how much she misses you. by mollyisme2 (05/21/08)
4.51 (138)
144.Jeep Ride
We go for a jeep ride in the mountains. by Mirage (02/23/12)
4.51 (131)
145.Bedroom Play
Big bed, locked door, what shall we do? by angeloftemptation (06/20/12)
4.51 (128)
146.Soft Orgasms in the Park
I tease myself in public and come hard by LuckkBeALady (05/07/15)
4.51 (128)
147.Clamps, Crop and Stallion
Rebekka masturbates using toys of pleasure and pain. by RebekkaBrown (08/10/10)
4.51 (117)
148.Making Music (Audio Version)
Piano teacher teaches student new way to make music. by StellaStories (09/09/10)
4.51 (110)
149.AJ Wakes Up with You
Waking up with you... the fun way. by funluvinaj (08/15/13)
4.51 (110)
150.You Tease
This was my first audio and I'm bringing it back by Oknaw (08/15/12)
4.51 (102)
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