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1.Suit and Tie 02
Reminding an anxious pet. by JustAVoice (02/02/17)
4.89 (90)
2.Storytime with AJ
AJ shares some scenes she wrote and plays by funluvinaj (10/20/16)
4.88 (41)
3.Suit and Tie 03
Domina reminds a Paypig why he wears his Suit. by JustAVoice (04/06/17)
4.86 (79)
Let's start our vacation right. by K_23 (06/28/17)
4.84 (61)
5.Teaching You How To Touch Me
I teach you how & where to touch me while stroking for you. by jaymasters45 (07/21/17)
4.80 (45)
6.I Want You Now
I'm too impatient, I can't wait, I want you now. by K_23 (10/20/16)
4.77 (86)
7.All Riled Up
Just another AJ edging and masturbation session. by funluvinaj (02/24/17)
4.76 (38)
Domina reminds her pet that bad behavior is not acceptable. by JustAVoice (09/14/17)
4.76 (21)
Domina adores a good boy. by JustAVoice (04/06/17)
4.75 (96)
10.Club Nite - DEV© for Men
Impossible Lovers for Men: Hook Up with Jezebel. by smotp (08/24/17)
4.75 (16)
11.Giving You What He Can't
You love him. But you crave me. by AttractiveGeek (06/15/17)
4.73 (128)
12.Morning Orgasm (Irish Accent)
He's waking you up. by AttractiveGeek (03/09/17)
4.73 (207)
13.Whispers in the Dark
Shhhh...we have to be quiet... by Mirage (09/14/17)
4.73 (45)
14.Good Girl Instructions Pt. 01
A taste of things to cum x by BoyfromEngland (12/22/16)
4.71 (68)
15.Suit and Tie
Domina speaks with her pet. by JustAVoice (01/05/17)
4.70 (105)
16.Kneel for Me
You're not around. I lay back and think of you on your knees. by AttractiveGeek (05/18/17)
4.68 (59)
17.Clearing His Head - Swim Coach V5
A distracted swimmer needs help from coach to clear his head. by LushinLace (06/15/17)
4.65 (78)
18.Hard Day? Time to Relax Pt. 01
You've had a shitty day. Let him help make it better. by AttractiveGeek (04/13/17)
4.65 (89)
19.A Helping Hand - Swim Coach 08: Ace in the Hole
Coach finds herself 'helping' the boys at a Vegas Glory Hole. by LushinLace (08/17/17)
4.65 (63)
20.Late Night Whispers (Irish Accent) 02
I didn't mean to wake you, but you're so damn irresistible. by AttractiveGeek (09/07/17)
4.65 (91)
21.Late Night Whispers (Irish Accent)
Try not to wake anyone as we cum together. by AttractiveGeek (03/30/17)
4.65 (290)
22.Stress Relief
I need to get the stress fucked out of me. by K_23 (11/17/16)
4.65 (119)
Domina tells her pet why it is important to beg. by JustAVoice (09/14/17)
4.64 (28)
24.I Need You
Overcome with the desperate need to have you. by Endless_Roads (07/07/17)
4.64 (135)
25.Back to Our Bed
Playtime back in our bed. by InMyHands (08/17/17)
4.63 (84)
26.Encouragement for a Busy Girl
Busy girls deserve orgasms too. by AttractiveGeek (06/01/17)
4.63 (97)
27.Welcome to Whore Corner Vol. 01
Masturbation and a Meandering Minx's Mind. by funluvinaj (04/27/17)
4.63 (70)
28.Car Journey Home (Irish Accent)
You've teased me all I have to have you. by AttractiveGeek (04/13/17)
4.62 (188)
29.A Helping Hand - Swim Coach 02: The Confession
Confessing the real reason I got home late.... by LushinLace (05/18/17)
4.62 (108)
30.What Turns You On?
AJ talks about what gets her going... and then she goes! by funluvinaj (10/20/16)
4.62 (55)
31.Library Lust (Irish Accent)
Male librarian taking charge with naughty customer. by AttractiveGeek (03/16/17)
4.61 (166)
32.Tonight You're Mine
I want to make you mine. by K_23 (07/13/17)
4.61 (57)
33.Hard Day? Time to Relax Pt. 02
You've had a shitty day. Let me help make it better. by AttractiveGeek (04/20/17)
4.61 (118)
34.Taking One For The Team - Swim Coach
Are there any lengths she won't go for her team? by LushinLace (05/25/17)
4.61 (118)
35.Focus, Kitten
Ear buds in. And focus for me. by InMyHands (08/24/17)
4.61 (64)
36.Tongue On Call
I'm on call for you, whenever you need it. by British Filth (12/01/16)
4.61 (125)
37.Daddy's I Love You Diary: Day 03 Pt 02
Daddy sends daily messages of love to his Sweet Honeykins xx by BoyfromEngland (11/05/16)
4.61 (28)
38.Property of Mine
You become pride of place in my world x by BoyfromEngland (10/20/16)
4.61 (33)
39.Double 'D' Desires - Donna's Demise
A good deed deserves a reward. by LushinLace (05/25/17)
4.60 (81)
40.Better Than Your Wife 02
While Your Wife's're listening to my voice. by LushinLace (07/21/17)
4.60 (80)
41.Plans For You
Premeditated pleasure of your frame is my only aim. by yblack5 (04/06/17)
4.59 (32)
42.Surprise, Surprise - Swim Coach V6
Coach promised her husband a surprise when he got home. by LushinLace (06/29/17)
4.59 (71)
43.Office Visit
Just another day at work. by ChickadeeLittle (05/11/17)
4.59 (44)
44.Pinch them Please
I’m too nervous to get my nipples pierced. by LushinLace (06/22/17)
4.58 (76)
45.This One Goes to Eleven
I'm going to count - don't you dare cum until I reach eleven. by AttractiveGeek (05/18/17)
4.57 (169)
46.Little Monster
Domina congratulates her new clean pet. by JustAVoice (09/28/17)
4.57 (21)
47.Double Down - Swim Coach 9
Twins prove to coach that they're not identical after all. by LushinLace (10/05/17)
4.57 (44)
48.Better Than Your Wife
Let me remind you why I'm better than your wife... by LushinLace (06/08/17)
4.56 (143)
49.Daddy's I Love You Diary: Day 02
Daddy sends daily messages of love to his Sweet Honeykins xx by BoyfromEngland (11/03/16)
4.56 (43)
50.Hitchhiker's Guide to Halloween
The Black Widow Whore - To Death Do Us Part. by Sandman_Nightmares (10/02/17)
4.56 (36)
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