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1.Confessions of a Call Girl #02
What would you pay me to do this time? by MissKittenSK (08/06/15)
4.71 (51)
2.Rain Cleanses The Soul Loved One Pt. 02
A soothing, cleansing afternoon break from study. by BoyfromEngland (08/28/15)
4.69 (13)
3.A Wet Tarte at the Edge
Edging reduces Tarte to a wet begging mess. by Tarte (08/27/15)
4.60 (10)
4.The Early Morning After
I can still smell you on my skin. by MissKittenSK (08/27/15)
4.60 (10)
5.Playing Pretend
She plays with herself and pretends it's all you. by PeytonsPussy (08/27/15)
4.57 (37)
6.Morning Moans 05
I really needed to get off... by Mirage (08/27/15)
4.51 (39)
7.Nurse Eve...Tender Loving Cunt
Let Eve give you some TLC. by Eves_Garden (08/06/15)
4.51 (99)
8.Visions of a Loving Slut Pt. 01
Prelude to a good hard fucking. by BoyfromEngland (08/27/15)
4.50 (20)
9.Tartemail - I Can Still Feel You
You have one new message... by Tarte (08/06/15)
4.50 (8)
10.Rain Cleanses The Soul Loved One Pt. 03
Night Time Rain before bedtime. by BoyfromEngland (08/29/15)
4.38 (8)
11.Riding You
I tell you exactly how I'd like to fuck you. by queenofdeviance (08/27/15)
4.35 (17)
12.The Collar
A collared Angel trying to turn a "no" into a "yes". by angeloftemptation (08/27/15)
4.33 (21)
13.Rain Cleanses The Soul Loved One Pt. 01
Warm summer evening rain and a loving clap of thunder awaits. by BoyfromEngland (08/27/15)
4.33 (12)
14.Tark's Skype Domme Adventure Pt. 03
Tarkie makes her good girl beg for her cunt. (2 voices/FF) by tarkustrooper (08/27/15)
4.30 (10)
15.The Ass Fuck King
...of your life. by TheGreyKnight (08/06/15)
4.22 (32)
You want to fuck me? Out here?! by MissKittenSK (08/06/15)
4.22 (51)
17.An Older Man to Own
What I wouldn't do to get my hands on an older man... by tarkustrooper (08/28/15)
4.20 (30)
18.Bound and Pound
Easy and fun in handcuffs. by TheGreyKnight (08/06/15)
4.18 (28)
19.Not Office Appropriate
I just want to hate fuck you. by Tarte (08/28/15)
4.08 (13)
20.I Need To Be Used
Make me your little cum slut. by angeloftemptation (08/28/15)
3.92 (37)
21.Sunday Afternoon Fun
Sucking on my dildo and playing with myself. by Beachy_ (08/06/15)
3.84 (49)
22.Male Masturbation with Fappy Sounds
Me masturbation with fappy sounds, moans, groans and orgasm. by nerobixx (08/27/15)
3.83 (12)
23.Tartemail - I Need to Touch
You have one new message... Listen to your slut touch herself. by Tarte (08/06/15)
3.80 (20)
24.Breast Worship
In honor of your chest. by TheGreyKnight (08/06/15)
3.77 (22)
25.Rub Against Me, Darling
Rub against me, darling. Let's be professionally bad together. by Tarte (08/06/15)
3.73 (33)
26.I Want You to Use Me
I am so wet for you. Desperate for you. I want you to use me. by Tarte (08/06/15)
3.72 (79)
27.Teach Me
Won't you show me how to please a man? by MissKittenSK (08/28/15)
3.71 (35)
28.Snake Bite (Cowboy Jack)
I need you to suck the poison out. by TheGreyKnight (08/06/15)
3.70 (10)
Stealthy Degradation. by TheGreyKnight (08/06/15)
3.67 (15)
30.Fuck This Heat
The late night heat and a mojito ice lolly make Tarte slutty. by Tarte (08/06/15)
3.58 (24)
31.The Girlfriend Experience
Just sucking and moaning sounds - no words. by Eves_Garden (08/27/15)
3.58 (31)
I crave you. by Tarte (08/28/15)
3.56 (9)
33.Office Assignation
We need to be quiet or someone might hear us. by Tarte (08/28/15)
3.46 (13)
34.Disciplining an Unruly Whore
An improvisation on discipline. by Abraxas_The_Tormentor (08/06/15)
3.44 (18)
35.Sneaky Office Quickie
Sneaking away for a quickie at the Office. by Tarte (08/27/15)
3.44 (9)
36.Tark's Skype Domme Adventure Pt. 02
Tarkie tantalizes her sexy Scottish boy toy (2 voices). by tarkustrooper (08/06/15)
3.32 (25)
He wanted to blindfold me. Am I ready? by DPMCZ (08/06/15)
3.17 (6)
Initiating a whore into my congregation. [NONCON] by Abraxas_The_Tormentor (08/06/15)
3.05 (20)
Berating a whore until I gain complete and utter submission. by Abraxas_The_Tormentor (08/06/15)
2.90 (30)
40.The God of All
I will tell you how to submit to me properly, whore. by Abraxas_The_Tormentor (08/06/15)
2.90 (10)
Breaking into the house of a follower. [NONCON] by Abraxas_The_Tormentor (08/06/15)
2.78 (23)
42.Serve your Lord Abraxas
Kiss my feet and submit. There is no other option. by Abraxas_The_Tormentor (08/06/15)
2.58 (12)