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Tonight you learn just how insatiable I am. by LushinLace (11/09/17)
4.68 (50)
2.100 Spanks Pt. 02
My 100 spanks challenge taken to a whole different level... by NerdyTalk (11/16/17)
4.67 (9)
3.Hitachi Play
2 orgasms and a lot of dirty talk from this sweet Angel. by theangeloftemptation (11/16/17)
4.65 (54)
4.Better Than Your Wife 05
Tempting You Again While Your Wife's Asleep. by LushinLace (10/26/17)
4.63 (57)
5.Narrative Audios: You And I Finally Meet
No longer able to deny our desire, you and I decide to meet. by jaymasters45 (11/09/17)
4.63 (27)
6.Special Delivery
A delivery man makes up for a lost package. by LushinLace (11/09/17)
4.56 (41)
7.Hello, Dear Listener
Do you know that I think about you? by RoyalBrain (11/09/17)
4.55 (22)
8.Restaurant - Starter (Irish Accent)
You're impatient for my cock. I decide to tease you about it by AttractiveGeek (11/02/17)
4.54 (67)
9.Bar Stool Slut
A bar stool fuck fantasy fulfilled. by LushinLace (11/16/17)
4.49 (45)
Girl on girl for girls. Sorry boys <3. by Drexia (11/16/17)
4.48 (29)
11.Restaurant - Main Course (Irish Accent)
Strip for me, and watch in the mirror as I toy with you... by AttractiveGeek (11/16/17)
4.41 (34)
12.My Favorite Sexual Activities: Talking Dirty During Missionary
I talk dirty to you as I thrust in & out. by jaymasters45 (10/26/17)
4.34 (68)
13.Morning Moans 07
Get comfortable and cum hard with me. by Mirage (11/09/17)
4.30 (50)
14.Hate Fuck!
I hate you, but I can't resist you. by LushinLace (10/26/17)
4.27 (45)
15.Revenge is a Dish Best Served Wet
A woman's life is destroyed by the local mean girl. But her by PinkCanaloupe (10/26/17)
4.23 (44)
16.Glamour Girl Fuck Toy
Sequel to .Glamour Girl'. by InMyHands (11/02/17)
4.14 (36)
17.The Forbidden Christian Pt. 02
Your mother’s forbidden love is just beginning. by mejau71 (11/02/17)
4.08 (48)
18.Making Myself Cum
Thinking about you while I fuck my pussy. by ButterflyPea (11/02/17)
4.07 (56)
19.Show Off Your Slutty Toy
You like how they watch your sexy little Angel. by theangeloftemptation (10/26/17)
4.03 (40)
20.Your Side Slut Needs Your Cock
You're with her, listening to me. by theangeloftemptation (11/09/17)
3.94 (54)
21.My Pussy Needs Attention
Pretty please play with me. by theangeloftemptation (10/26/17)
3.94 (49)
22.I See You
Jerk off while you listen to me . . . by Xyta_Midnyte (11/16/17)
3.90 (21)
23.Office Sex
Fun in the office. by K_23 (11/16/17)
3.87 (31)
24.Telling My BFF How I Feel About Her
Her boyfriend is out of town, it's now or never. by theangeloftemptation (11/09/17)
3.75 (24)
25.Narrative Audios: The New Girl at Work
I fantasize about the new girl at work while playing for you. by jaymasters45 (11/16/17)
3.71 (7)
26.Do What I Say or Else
You've been caught ogling me a few too many times in class. by RoyalBrain (11/09/17)
3.62 (26)