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1.Seduce Me, Master Pt. 05
"ADDICTION: Love for cock." by Sandman_Nightmares (01/18/16)
4.67 (21)
What happens when you start hanging out with a new guy? by Mirage (01/19/16)
4.65 (78)
3.My First Time
Couldn't be too loud, sorry! (male solo) by ThatOneBloke (02/03/16)
4.61 (31)
4.Claire says Happy 2016 xxx
Claire says happy new year and wants you to cumm. by claire2014 (01/19/16)
4.61 (115)
5.The Greatest Show On Earth (Tribute)
A reading of K-Kwik's story "The Greatest Show On Earth". by HisLolita (02/02/16)
4.58 (12)
6.Blowjob for a Broken Heart
A friend soothes you through a breakup with a loving blowjob. by Eves_Garden (01/18/16)
4.54 (108)
Indulging myself in a little ass touching... by meowkitty123 (01/19/16)
4.49 (71)
8.The Devil Knows What I Need
The Devil visits Angel at night. by angeloftemptation (01/19/16)
4.46 (35)
9.Grind Your Ass on My Lap
Move those hips, baby. by tarkustrooper (02/03/16)
4.44 (18)
10.Are You Good Enough for Daddy Tark?
Idle talk about you boys being sluts for my strap-on cock by tarkustrooper (02/02/16)
4.38 (13)
11.Girlie Girl Gets Off
Pretty girl with a pretty but very empty pussy. by angeloftemptation (01/20/16)
4.28 (92)
12.No JOI For You...A Little Game
I have a game for you... can you resist stroking for me? by Eves_Garden (01/19/16)
4.27 (77)
13.Cupid Unchained
A typical or not so typical love story. by vonstalhine (01/20/16)
4.22 (9)
Sunday night, she had next to nothing to do... by CanesVenatici (01/18/16)
4.21 (34)
15.Shopping, Interrupted
She's shopping, then... by CanesVenatici (01/19/16)
4.06 (36)
16.Afternoon Moans
Afternoon moans. by CanesVenatici (01/18/16)
3.77 (62)
17.Caught Fapping
He encourages you to join him. by dylan_t (02/03/16)
3.73 (11)
18.A Big Sticky Mess.
He tells you what a girl needs to do to get a big sticky mess. by vonstalhine (02/03/16)
3.67 (6)
19.Whore's Glory (Tome of Abraxas #1)
Just admit it to yourself, you've always been a whore. by Abraxas_The_Tormentor (01/19/16)
3.18 (17)
20.Our First Submission
This is our first recording we wanted to try. by NaughtyDuo (02/03/16)
3.11 (36)
Listen to Shelly get punished the way she likes it. by princebreed (01/18/16)
2.62 (8)