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1.Seduce Me, Master Pt. 01
A dream is a wish your mind makes! by Sandman_Nightmares (05/07/15)
4.60 (25)
2.Raspberry Tart
Sexy, sensual fun in the kitchen... by Mirage (05/07/15)
4.56 (25)
3.Acts of Affection
A Stroke, Squeeze, Kiss and a Cuddle. by BoyfromEngland (05/08/15)
4.56 (25)
4.Soft Orgasms in the Park
I tease myself in public and come hard by LuckkBeALady (05/07/15)
4.47 (81)
5.Shoulder Devil
Listen to the voice of temptation! by Gaelforce (05/07/15)
4.44 (18)
6.A Fuck For the Road
A quick car fuck - British accent! by Eves_Garden (05/07/15)
4.43 (86)
7.Valentino's Hands - Audio Version
Sensual massage at its best. by passion_fruit (05/07/15)
4.43 (14)
8.My Daughter's Boyfriend
So nice to meet you at last, but I'm afraid she's not here. by MissKittenSK (05/07/15)
4.43 (7)
9.Sweet Shibari
A romantic night of Shibari. by Endless_Roads (05/07/15)
4.40 (15)
10.Morning Quickie
Wake up. I need you. by TheGreyKnight (05/07/15)
4.36 (28)
11.Crawl into Bed with Me
Come into bed and arouse me. by emma_the_librarian (05/07/15)
4.33 (49)
12.Night Flight
Lonely Flight Attendant seeks adventure. by Blueyz82 (05/07/15)
4.29 (51)
13.Shoulder Angel
I am going to be your shoulder angel! by Gaelforce (05/07/15)
4.21 (14)
14.Cunt Against Cunt
Hot nights call for hot girl-on-girl fantasies. by tarkustrooper (05/07/15)
4.20 (45)
15.Just a Cum Before I Go
To whom it may concern. by tarkustrooper (05/07/15)
4.19 (32)
16.Don't Let Me Cum Alone
I may have started without you, but don't let me cum alone. by angeloftemptation (05/07/15)
4.19 (59)
17.Let Me Show You
You're not going it right, let me show you what I want. by angeloftemptation (05/07/15)
4.15 (27)
18.The Phone Call
A tease with a slight chance of accent. by Gaelforce (05/07/15)
4.08 (26)
19.I'm Your Biggest Fanatic
Oh, no! You're tied down by your biggest fan...what to do? by tarkustrooper (05/07/15)
4.00 (11)
Cowboy Jack's rope academy is in session. by TheGreyKnight (05/07/15)
3.50 (10)
21.You Dare Me? Oh That's So Sexy!
A chat room dare leads him to a chair and a sexy ride. by nessus_hsc (05/07/15)
3.38 (8)