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1.The Morning After with My Kitten
Good morning, my precious kitty cat... by Cardlin (11/24/16)
4.59 (46)
2.Stress Relief
I need to get the stress fucked out of me. by K_23 (11/17/16)
4.56 (93)
3.AJ Worships Your Cock
AJ talks about her obsession with fellatio. by funluvinaj (12/01/16)
4.54 (70)
4.Tongue for Ass
Give me your tongue, I'll give you my ass. by EZCollegeGrl (12/01/16)
4.50 (112)
5.The Club
Sex with a stranger in a dark nightclub. by Drexia (12/01/16)
4.41 (80)
6.Diary of Her Dreams
Daddy reads your open diary of arousal. by Sandman_Nightmares (12/01/16)
4.39 (23)
7.Your Kiss
A kiss from an old friend changed everything. by AffairOfTheArt (11/24/16)
4.31 (32)
8.Tongue On Call
I'm on call for you, whenever you need it. by British Filth (12/01/16)
4.31 (62)
I've wanted to do this for a while..... by EZCollegeGrl (11/17/16)
4.30 (96)
10.Kitten Covered Cock
I want to taste me off of you. by MissKittenSK (11/24/16)
4.29 (76)
11.Touched by Only You [M4M]
I miss you so much, darling... by Cardlin (11/10/16)
4.23 (39)
12.Whilst he Watches
Watch me fuck your girl... girl to girl playtime by MissKittenSK (11/10/16)
4.22 (74)
13.Taking Care of Daddy
He's feeling a little down this morning; can you help him feel better? by sonorous_stranger (11/10/16)
4.16 (56)
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. by Sweetkittenbj (12/01/16)
4.04 (27)
15.Story Time with Kitten Ch. 02
Chapter 2: Sleeping Beauty's Tale. by Sweetkittenbj (11/24/16)
4.00 (22)
16.About My Daughter
Focus on me, not her... by MissKittenSK (11/17/16)
3.99 (82)
17.Intact and Incredible
For all the gorgeous uncut cocks out there... by Eves_Garden (11/10/16)
3.85 (67)
18.Mirrors on the Ceiling
A romantic interlude in a naughty little hotel room... by Anonymous_stranger (12/01/16)
3.84 (19)
19.A Break for Mom
You've been working so hard, my love... you deserve a break. by Cardlin (11/17/16)
3.70 (63)
20.Give Me Those Tits!
Nothing like an ol' fashion titty fuck. by princebreed (12/01/16)
3.64 (25)
21.Obsessive Memories of Dona
Recreating phone sex using text to audio recording. by blqlite (11/24/16)
2.83 (18)