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Pam stopped outside her hotel room, fresh off her morning run. She checked her watch, a banana grabbed from the continental breakfast in her other hand. 8:22. That gives me enough time to shower,...

Pam's Shemale Experience by majicman21

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His name is Mark, and he has no idea why he's at this bar. It started a week ago. Not his visit, that is, but his reason for coming. Being juniors in college, his friends were all rejoicing in...

Mathematical by nightsearcher

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Waking the next day brought the flood of pleasant reminders of the previous night. Next to me were Lauren and Jamie, cuddled together in the spoon position. It was obvious this wasn't the first...

My Brother's Panties Ch. 02 by seat542

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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101.Pam's Shemale Experience
A woman becomes a submissive slut. by majicman21 (04/16/16)
4.78 (372)
Not everything's as simple as one plus one. by nightsearcher (12/03/15)
4.78 (369)
103.My Brother's Panties Ch. 02
Life in NY begins with the girls. by seat542 (11/25/12)
4.78 (342)
104.How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 12
Guy changes school and sex to fit in. by DMaster_14 (12/27/11)
4.78 (316)
105.Finishing School for Shemales Ch. 03
From paradise to hell. by Imogen_TS_2020 (04/11/13)
4.78 (302)
106.My Journey Ch. 03
A middle aged man, a sexy TS, and an unexpected twist by npanxx (10/03/12)
4.78 (299)
107.Whatever Your Heart Desires Ch. 06
A reality redeemed; a fantasy renewed. by AngelCherysse (11/06/04)
4.78 (294)
108.Becoming Cassie Ch. 09
Cassie goes to the Holiday Bash. by TGJamie (04/11/15)
4.78 (285)
109.Becoming Cassie Ch. 11
Cassie's back for a whole new year. by TGJamie (05/22/15)
4.78 (280)
110.The Dame Who Wasn't
A private detective gets a transsexual surprise on a case. by Lara_Longstaff (10/05/16)
4.78 (255)
111.Cockatoo Pt. 11
James gets some news from the UK and a present from Alex. by nikkiesilk (04/30/15)
4.78 (206)
112.Mia Mine Ch. 05
Mia and David begin to spend the weekend together. by cliptoe (03/13/14)
4.78 (201)
113.Cockatoo Pt. 12
Alex returns from Bangkok and reunites with James. by nikkiesilk (05/05/15)
4.78 (191)
114.Pam's Cumming Out Ch. 02
Mistress Pam introduces John to Sydney's cock. by CheriSM (07/30/10)
4.78 (182)
115.T-Girl Fantasy Island Pt. 05
Twas the Night Before the Hunt. by skywriter62 (12/29/15)
4.78 (164)
116.Double Take Ch. 03
Trial of the century: a perversion of justice? by thrillerauthor (08/29/03)
4.78 (158)
117.Blackmailed Pt. 04
Hannah and Bambi meet some interesting people. by cdsissybambi69 (11/30/15)
4.78 (156)
118.Santa Baby
A story about Christmas, music and pubs. by nikkiesilk (12/06/15)
4.78 (149)
119.T-Girl Fantasy Island Pt. 06
The Hunt Begins (Paul). by skywriter62 (01/11/16)
4.78 (139)
120.The Thomas Thompson Affair
As birthday presents go, this was original. by BethanyJ (02/02/12)
4.78 (120)
121.Nicole Desired Ch. 04
Journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge (06/28/12)
4.78 (119)
122.Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 07
The Femme Fatale Club... by BothWorld (04/01/13)
4.78 (117)
123.Syren's Song
A woman finds her chance at love in a gay bar. by kuroukiphoenyx (11/28/12)
4.78 (113)
124."What Does She See in Him?" Ch. 02
After being away for weeks, Laura rewards Andy. by KuroshioX (04/30/16)
4.77 (603)
125.Oasis In The Desert Ch. 02
Ted learns the truth about sweet Julie. by Scribler (01/19/04)
4.77 (511)
126.Beyond the Wall
A young man experiences a whole new world. by Drakon66 (11/20/16)
4.77 (502)
127.Adult Video Store Pt. 02
I join my well-endowed lady in the next room. by WriteOrWrong (11/12/15)
4.77 (492)
128.Big Dick Beauty in Space
A 33rd century romance of sorts. by SugarandSalt (01/15/15)
4.77 (462)
129.Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 04
The boys dress up for the girls while on vacation. by tonyl65 (07/20/13)
4.77 (454)
130.Competing Against a T-Girl
Silly bets between two friends can end up not so friendly. by SugarandSalt (08/03/16)
4.77 (386)
131.Making of a Porn Queen Ch. 02
Stephie meets Mark for the first time. by Scribler (04/01/05)
4.77 (371)
132.Traveling Has Its Rewards
Nick finds that a baggage mistake changes his life. by SummerDreams (05/04/16)
4.77 (363)
133.Crossing Over the Line
Novice, middle aged, submissive guy plus two shemales. by kelmag (11/20/08)
4.77 (361)
134.Sarah Pt. 02
A Beautiful trans girl wrestles with dating in college. by DaniW (08/11/16)
4.77 (277)
135.A Job in the Theatre Ch. 20
Gary becomes Gayla. by BothWorld (03/09/10)
4.77 (270)
136.Something Better Ch. 02
Casey takes up Gabbi's offer, and the two go on a date. by DamienDeath20 (03/04/17)
4.77 (266)
137.Cockatoo Pt. 04
Naive Englishman in Thailand falls in love with old friend. by nikkiesilk (04/07/15)
4.77 (256)
138.Chelsea Ch. 03
Danny comes back for more...again. by WhiskeyIsGood (12/10/16)
4.77 (255)
139.Southern Hospitality Ch. 02
Ash continues his journey of discovery with Laura. by XtinaSmith2017 (04/14/17)
4.77 (230)
140.How I Became a CD SLUT Cum Junky Ch. 02
A Halloween party before the gang bang and I get too wild! by TonyaTV69 (10/12/10)
4.77 (222)
141.Cockatoo Pt. 09
James meets Areeya's father. Something new happens with Alex. by nikkiesilk (04/24/15)
4.77 (217)
142.Tits Have Benefits Ch. 04
She goes to California and gets more than she expected! by hottchic (04/28/11)
4.77 (206)
143.A Boiled Frog Pt. 03
The pot roils over. by noobdude (05/02/17)
4.77 (186)
144.My One True Love Ch. 02
A new revelation, the good. by f1dude_lotus (03/04/13)
4.77 (184)
145.Experiencing Something New Ch. 02
Using and being used. by someoneyouknow (09/27/13)
4.77 (180)
146.A Year Ago Ch. 09
Dinner and Car Trouble. by MadQuill (03/04/15)
4.77 (174)
147.Room for Mickie Ch. 04
Mickie finds a new family, a new life. by griffin57 (11/18/15)
4.77 (159)
148.Ginger's Makeup Ch. 02
Did Ginger help Charlie? Thelma takes Charlie shopping. by MadQuill (10/01/15)
4.77 (156)
149.My New Girl? Ch. 03
The adventures of Steve and Jamie. by oralfriend (09/20/11)
4.77 (155)
150.Scared Band: More than Friends
A tale of war and seduction. by FinalStand (09/16/12)
4.77 (138)
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