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Anna awoke with a start. A quick look at the clock told him that he was late and that Diane and Fiona would be upset with him, his submission to them being so imbedded and intense. His corset was...

And When I Return Ch. 14 by sublocked

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Chapter 8: Gym classes suck: After taking a quick shower Linda, Jane and I stepped out of the stalls and since it was almost time for Physical education anyways decided to get into our sport...

The Golden Orb Ch. 02 by hawke56

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Dinner was an experience in itself. Neither Hank or Lana had tasted Mediterranean food before. We had Humus and Pita bread for an appetizer. Tabbouleh salad, Beef and veggie kabobs and Baklava for...

Room for Mickie Ch. 03 by griffin57

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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101.And When I Return Ch. 14
The climax return of Jason to his wife Jenna. by sublocked (02/27/15)
4.80 (235)
102.The Golden Orb Ch. 02
Sams girlfriend pushes her further into being a sexy slut. by hawke56 (01/03/18)
4.80 (215)
103.Room for Mickie Ch. 03
Lana meets Hank as fireworks result. by griffin57 (10/15/15)
4.80 (203)
104.Joining a Fraternity Ch. 03
An FTM frat brother continues his adventures in brotherhood. by realpussyboy (08/16/14)
4.80 (202)
105.Cockatoo Pt. 15
James goes to Bangkok after the fight with Alex. by nikkiesilk (05/13/15)
4.80 (187)
106.My Journey Ch. 08
The Pratts continue their sexual adventures. by npanxx (03/07/13)
4.80 (165)
107.Was Matthew
Reconnecting with an old lover and friend. by ausfet (09/11/17)
4.80 (153)
108.Marion Turns Me Round Ch. 05
Loving Femdom: the rode dress traveled. by jomar (08/01/11)
4.80 (152)
109.Dressed So Ch. 02
A beautiful lesbian plays. by MadQuill (08/01/14)
4.80 (149)
110.Know Thyself Ch. 08
Ben discovers his true nature but must find a way back. by Bethesda (03/27/16)
4.80 (147)
111.Trini's Valentine Hat-Trick
T-girl escort Trini gets surprised on a Valentine's Day job. by IanSaulWhitcomb (01/19/18)
4.80 (129)
112.My New Girl? Ch. 06
The adventures of Steve and Jamie. by oralfriend (09/23/11)
4.80 (123)
113.A Pair of Objects Walk into a Bar
A "tranny" and a "midget" bond over shared objectification. by YKN4949 (06/10/17)
4.80 (122)
114.The Change Pt. 05
Jerry and Lita have a lover's quarrel. by Miah_H (11/27/16)
4.80 (117)
115.The Ballad of Jaimie and Vera Ch. 03
Act 2 Part 1 by AwkwardMD (06/01/14)
4.80 (108)
116.Lost Souls Ch. 02: Secrets
Alice settles into her new home. Danny is a pain in the ass. by JaiLai (08/26/17)
4.80 (105)
117.The Girl Next Door Ch. 03
The Night Out. by derezzed (09/08/14)
4.79 (933)
118.Beyond the Wall
A young man experiences a whole new world. by Drakon66 (11/20/16)
4.79 (570)
119.Southern Hospitality Ch. 02
Ash continues his journey of discovery with Laura. by XtinaSmith2017 (04/14/17)
4.79 (545)
120.Amanda and Me Ch. 04
Her roommate apologizes. by Tallnhard1 (02/17/13)
4.79 (521)
121.The Sultanah Ch. 01
Hermaphrodite Princess Varis becomes Sultan and is tested. by YKN4949 (11/08/15)
4.79 (504)
122.Tight Spot
Goaded into a bet with only one outcome, what a bind. by XtinaSmith2017 (12/17/17)
4.79 (470)
123.High Fashion Queen
A transformation changes the lives of two college friends. by melanieatplay (10/17/15)
4.79 (448)
124.A Delicious Drug Deal
Mischievous t-girl drug dealer tricks buyer into analingus. by SugarandSalt (05/11/18)
4.79 (428)
125.Something Better Ch. 02
Casey takes up Gabbi's offer, and the two go on a date. by DamienDeath20 (03/04/17)
4.79 (414)
126.Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 06
Lana and Jacob makes six as the group sex grows. by tonyl65 (08/18/13)
4.79 (404)
127.The Consequences of a Winter Storm
A college aged babysitter is caught dressed as the wife. by Donna_Lynn_Cooper (01/20/17)
4.79 (360)
128.Sarah Pt. 02
A Beautiful trans girl wrestles with dating in college. by DaniW (08/11/16)
4.79 (339)
129.Cockatoo Pt. 08
James gets to do something new with Alex and Areeya. by nikkiesilk (04/22/15)
4.79 (246)
130.Breaking Up and Making Up
Two strangers become friends. Friendship can lead to more. by nikkiesilk (08/29/16)
4.79 (243)
131.A Year Ago Ch. 10
Her Penetration and a Doctor's Visit. by MadQuill (03/20/15)
4.79 (226)
132.Mia Mine Ch. 05
Mia and David begin to spend the weekend together. by cliptoe (03/13/14)
4.79 (225)
133.Cockatoo Pt. 11
James gets some news from the UK and a present from Alex. by nikkiesilk (04/30/15)
4.79 (219)
A bi-sexual Navy officer falls in love with a crossdresser by komrad1156 (12/13/15)
4.79 (189)
135.A Year Ago Ch. 11
Help from Thema and Bill. by MadQuill (03/27/15)
4.79 (189)
136.Caffeine and Miss Forgetful
A modern love story. by mindingutter (09/18/16)
4.79 (183)
137.My New Girl? Ch. 03
The adventures of Steve and Jamie. by oralfriend (09/20/11)
4.79 (176)
138.A Romantic Story
Two shemale friends marry for convenience but find passion. by YKN4949 (02/23/18)
4.79 (173)
139.The Lost Boy Ch. 03
Liline rushes a feverish Ian to the local Clinic. by DamienDeath20 (08/18/17)
4.79 (166)
140.School of Futas Ch. 02
Welcome to the school with plenty of secrets. by FutaMonster (06/14/18)
4.79 (165)
141.Fulfilling James
FTM James requires assistance. by tgemid (04/25/16)
4.79 (145)
142.Chasing Hannah Ch. 03
Today's meeting doesn't quite go to plan. by MissMebius (09/14/16)
4.79 (145)
143.From Friendship Comes Love Pt. 02
Love story between a man and transgender woman PT2. by 65rebel (03/21/18)
4.79 (143)
144.Changing Rooms Ch. 03
Romance blossoms and leads to sex for the first time. by PanzerFeck (09/23/17)
4.79 (113)
145.Shemale Intern
Lawyer Rob falls in love with the transwoman at his firm. by Lara_Longstaff (05/06/16)
4.78 (1182)
146.Anal Addiction Ch. 02
I break up with Tiffany. by Tallnhard1 (06/17/16)
4.78 (439)
147.Traveling Has Its Rewards
Nick finds that a baggage mistake changes his life. by SummerDreams (05/04/16)
4.78 (434)
Not everything's as simple as one plus one. by nightsearcher (12/03/15)
4.78 (401)
149.Her Name is Jade
She's everything I ever more by Erotic_librarian (07/12/17)
4.78 (357)
150.My Brother's Panties Ch. 02
Life in NY begins with the girls. by seat542 (11/25/12)
4.78 (354)
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