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Isabel readjusted her animal skins to better shield herself from the wind. She usually only trekked through the snow within a small radius of her hut when it got this cold. She'd been collecting...

Found by a Nomadic Shemale by SugarandSalt

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"So, do you need a spot?" she asked. Wisps of red hair, which had fallen from her pony tail, framed her face as she looked down on me. "Ummm sure," I lied. The equipment at the bench press station...

My New Trainer by NearMiss

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This one crosses a number of categories from incest, gay, fetish, group, toys/masturbation and transsexual. I went with transsexual as it is the predominate theme. As always, constructive feedback is...

My Brother's Panties by seat542

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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151.My Feminine Side
Guy becomes a beautiful sexy girl. by BiDrew42 (04/18/14)
4.74 (734)
152.Found by a Nomadic Shemale
She nurses a young villager back to health. by SugarandSalt (02/26/13)
4.74 (660)
153.Transformation Ch. 04
There is more to being a girl than pretty dresses. by stillconfused (10/18/06)
4.74 (656)
154.My New Trainer
Workouts will never be quite the same. by NearMiss (03/17/15)
4.74 (625)
155.My Brother's Panties
A twin finds himself drawn to his transexual brother. by seat542 (11/02/12)
4.74 (622)
156.My Journey Ch. 01
I found myself in a midsized college town. by npanxx (09/07/12)
4.74 (577)
157.Sienna's Suprise
Sienna is hiding something. by thestorynovice (06/02/14)
4.74 (386)
158.Becoming Cassie Ch. 03 bought me heels? by TGJamie (02/25/15)
4.74 (359)
159.Digging for Home
Sequel to "Never Make the Last Out at Third". by Penelope Street (07/17/04)
4.74 (316)
He rendezvous with a force of nature. by griffin57 (10/17/12)
4.74 (314)
161.A T-Girl Fairy Tale
Cinderfella with a shemale twist. by ruwild (08/30/08)
4.74 (304)
162.A Guy Story Ch. 03
Couple are used by a TV and her friends. by Marlene (05/11/05)
4.74 (293)
163.How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 07
Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_14 (02/28/11)
4.74 (278)
164.Carla Ch. 03
She fucks, me alot. by fantasydreams (05/09/10)
4.74 (272)
165.After Gym Class Ch. 04
Candy and Sara visit the lingerie store. by alwaysupforu2004 (06/01/10)
4.74 (267)
166.Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood Pt. 02
Jacki meets Laura and is given an interesting proposal. by jacki697 (12/18/14)
4.74 (254)
167.No Stereotypes Ch. 02
The girls continue his sexual awakening. by CSK (03/07/13)
4.74 (253)
168.Tits Have Benefits Ch. 03
Andrea has fun with the girls. by hottchic (04/19/11)
4.74 (244)
169.Making of a Porn Queen Ch. 04
Stephie goes to her first porn shoot. by Scribler (04/04/05)
4.74 (232)
170.How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 15
Guy changes school and sex to fit in. by DMaster_14 (04/02/13)
4.74 (218)
171.Costume Drama Ch. 02
Edward finds a new life, and different roles, as Evelyn. by Dave933 (03/15/11)
4.74 (215)
172.A New York City Romance
Dressed up, he finds adventure in the city. by Dani-Amande (10/10/12)
4.74 (212)
173.Miss Bernie
Company sniper hides from drug lord killers. by Grey Eagle 286 (02/20/10)
4.74 (197)
174.His Son's Teacher Ch. 04
Pt 2: Spring Break weekend getaway Friday & Saturday. by GillianCD (03/06/13)
4.74 (195)
175.Sleeping with the Enemy
A bully should not get away with it. by nikkiesilk (01/30/16)
4.74 (182)
176.Romina Ch. 03
Mirror Mirror. by Lubba (09/15/12)
4.74 (178)
177.Paradiso Ch. 08
Beautiful t-girl Jessie gives me a night to remember. by SlyKink (07/22/14)
4.74 (178)
178.An Unexpected Surprise
A fetish story that includes smoking and transsexual love. by the_jackal1962 (10/09/07)
4.74 (170)
179.Carla Ch. 04
She finds a new side of me. by fantasydreams (09/28/11)
4.74 (160)
180.My Journey Ch. 06
A middle aged man, a sexy TS, and a growing list of partners. by npanxx (12/17/12)
4.74 (156)
181.Cockatoo Pt. 10
Alex goes to Bangkok and Samantha meets Areeya. by nikkiesilk (04/28/15)
4.74 (154)
182.Mia Mine Ch. 09
Everything comes to an end or new beginning. by cliptoe (07/19/14)
4.74 (135)
183.True Love Ch. 06
Sam and Alex have the whole day to themselves. by das4200 (01/04/13)
4.74 (131)
184.Betrayed Ch. 08
The noose tightens. by AngelCherysse (07/13/05)
4.74 (121)
185.Futanari Club Ch. 04
A young shy woman learns it is not so bad having a girl cock by Sonatatre (02/13/14)
4.74 (119)
186.Transsexual Neighbors Ch. 05
Brooke meets the ladyboys. by walterio (06/22/09)
4.74 (115)
187.Santa Baby
A story about Christmas, music and pubs. by nikkiesilk (12/06/15)
4.74 (109)
188.The Effect Ch. 01
Robin comes to terms with her changes. by sledgehammer720 (09/20/09)
4.74 (107)
189.You Can Always Say No Ch. 03
Power lunch, new duties, a night that changes everything. by AngelCherysse (12/23/06)
4.74 (103)
190.My New Girl? Ch. 06
The adventures of Steve and Jamie. by oralfriend (09/23/11)
4.74 (100)
191.The Happiest of Endings
A massage with a big, hard surprise. by bb1212 (04/20/07)
4.73 (2282)
192.Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 01
He's caught by his stepdaughter wearing her panties. by tonyl65 (06/19/13)
4.73 (1055)
193.Awakening the Deluca Family
TS mom and her four daughters get closer. by YKN4949 (10/04/12)
4.73 (649)
194.Becoming a Drag Queen
A trip to San Francisco descends into the drag queen world. by silkstockingslover (09/23/11)
4.73 (612)
195.Drink or Dare
A drinking game with new friends changes everything. by NearMiss (01/03/14)
4.73 (586)
196.Loser To Lauren
A guy goes from nothing to the girl of his dreams. by prodigalspoon (04/29/15)
4.73 (531)
197.Riding in Cars with Shemales Ch. 04
Sharing is caring. by lfullback (01/30/13)
4.73 (487)
198.A Job in the Theatre Ch. 06
A date with real men. by BothWorld (06/26/09)
4.73 (484)
199.Amanda and Me Ch. 02
It's a date. by Tallnhard1 (06/11/12)
4.73 (423)
200.Sisters of Upper Priam College
A special kind of girl joins a special kind of sorority. by YKN4949 (02/24/12)
4.73 (392)
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