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After Dave told me that he also wanted me to ask "the girl" to have anonymous sex with him, I spent some time thinking about how to pull this off and did a little research. As a result, I had come up...

Joining a Fraternity Ch. 03 by realpussyboy

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I hadn't driven on these roads for several years, and not in the evening. The countryside was beautiful as the sun slipped lower casting golden rays on the young hay fields. The Audi wasn't running...

A Year Ago Ch. 09 by MadQuill

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Helen met with Carole in a cute little coffee shop they had discovered many years ago after Carole's husband had died. They had been coming here regularly ever since. Everyone at the place knew both...

Nicole Desired Ch. 04 by NicoleAlldredge

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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151.Joining a Fraternity Ch. 03
An FTM frat brother continues his adventures in brotherhood. by realpussyboy (08/16/14)
4.75 (126)
152.Julian Falls in Love Ch. 02
Julian appears in public as a girl. by BabyPink (08/20/08)
4.75 (125)
153.Transsexual Neighbors Ch. 05
Brooke meets the ladyboys. by walterio (06/22/09)
4.75 (119)
154.A Year Ago Ch. 09
Dinner and Car Trouble. by MadQuill (03/04/15)
4.75 (105)
155.Nicole Desired Ch. 04
Journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge (06/28/12)
4.75 (101)
156.A Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 01
She who turns him into her ideal she-male partner. by Nikki H (04/23/01)
4.74 (1479)
157.She Has a What?! Ch. 04
He learns about himself, they make up, and virginity is lost. by MatthewVett (07/03/12)
4.74 (1141)
158.Dirty Business Trip
A businessman meets a shemale and her roommates. by Travel_by_day (07/30/07)
4.74 (1083)
159.My Feminine Side
Guy becomes a beautiful sexy girl. by BiDrew42 (04/18/14)
4.74 (801)
160.Transformation Ch. 04
There is more to being a girl than pretty dresses. by stillconfused (10/18/06)
4.74 (687)
161.Found by a Nomadic Shemale
She nurses a young villager back to health. by SugarandSalt (02/26/13)
4.74 (684)
162.Drink or Dare
A drinking game with new friends changes everything. by NearMiss (01/03/14)
4.74 (641)
163.Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 02
Jessica's boyfriend learns to like wearing panties. by tonyl65 (07/07/13)
4.74 (629)
164.Dickgirl Conquest
Joe, unhappy with his girlfriend, meets a hot dickgirl. by Lara_Longstaff (11/07/15)
4.74 (577)
165.Shemale Intern
Lawyer Rob falls in love with the transwoman at his firm. by Lara_Longstaff (05/06/16)
4.74 (515)
166.Amanda and Me Ch. 02
It's a date. by Tallnhard1 (06/11/12)
4.74 (459)
167.Sienna's Suprise
Sienna is hiding something. by thestorynovice (06/02/14)
4.74 (400)
168.Sisters of Upper Priam College
A special kind of girl joins a special kind of sorority. by YKN4949 (02/24/12)
4.74 (397)
169.Helen and Jim Vol. 02
The story continues... by ruwild (12/03/11)
4.74 (385)
170.The Tiresias Suit
She finds a suit that lets her become a man, and uses it. by MatthewVett (03/08/13)
4.74 (361)
171.Trini Plays a Trick
A T-girl escort and a dastardly April Fool's prank ... by IanSaulWhitcomb (03/09/15)
4.74 (359)
172.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 04
Lisa helps Jay broaden his horizons. by WhiskeyIsGood (01/08/14)
4.74 (344)
173.Secret Lover Ch. 02
Continuation of discovering my college crush's secret. by samsfantasy (07/04/10)
4.74 (323)
174.A T-Girl Fairy Tale
Cinderfella with a shemale twist. by ruwild (08/30/08)
4.74 (321)
175.One Week Ch. 03
Testing times push Louise to her limits. by Louise69 (11/05/09)
4.74 (301)
176.A Guy Story Ch. 03
Couple are used by a TV and her friends. by Marlene (05/11/05)
4.74 (297)
177.Big, Black and Built Ch. 02
More fun with my new gym-buddy. by fuzzie_writer (06/17/13)
4.74 (295)
178.How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 07
Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_14 (02/28/11)
4.74 (285)
179.After Gym Class Ch. 04
Candy and Sara visit the lingerie store. by alwaysupforu2004 (06/01/10)
4.74 (271)
180.How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 13
Guy changes school and sex to fit in. by DMaster_14 (02/04/12)
4.74 (268)
181.No Stereotypes Ch. 02
The girls continue his sexual awakening. by CSK (03/07/13)
4.74 (262)
182.Tits Have Benefits Ch. 03
Andrea has fun with the girls. by hottchic (04/19/11)
4.74 (249)
183.Making of a Porn Queen Ch. 04
Stephie goes to her first porn shoot. by Scribler (04/04/05)
4.74 (239)
184.Betrayed Ch. 10
Everything that has a beginning... by AngelCherysse (07/22/05)
4.74 (230)
185.How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 15
Guy changes school and sex to fit in. by DMaster_14 (04/02/13)
4.74 (225)
186.Costume Drama Ch. 02
Edward finds a new life, and different roles, as Evelyn. by Dave933 (03/15/11)
4.74 (224)
187.Am I Who I Think I Am? Ch. 02
Feminine guy and Mr. Right are doing wonderful. by Clintdear (10/11/04)
4.74 (200)
188.Something like a Love Story Ch. 00-02
An established divorcee and a troubled, beautiful TS collide. by ExperimentalAuthor (02/16/16)
4.74 (200)
189.Unconditional Love Ch. 08
Mike, Alison and Christy have some fun. by WhiskeyIsGood (11/17/12)
4.74 (181)
190.My Journey Ch. 06
A middle aged man, a sexy TS, and a growing list of partners. by npanxx (12/17/12)
4.74 (163)
191.Dying for Acceptance
A suicidally unhappy boy finds love as a beautiful girl. by komrad1156 (03/26/16)
4.74 (156)
192.Changes Ch. 05
First time En femme in public with Sarah. by sublocked (10/03/15)
4.74 (149)
193.Being Mindy Ch. 02
Mindy finds that she's attracted to women as well. by mindyrose (04/28/15)
4.74 (146)
194.Becoming Mindy Ch. 06
The next morning helps Mindy make a decision. by mindyrose (04/14/15)
4.74 (134)
195.Pea Pod
Scifi TS romp into another world. by Wholemanz (10/10/04)
4.74 (125)
196.The Effect Ch. 01
Robin comes to terms with her changes. by sledgehammer720 (09/20/09)
4.74 (107)
197.The Adventures of Lexi Ch. 05
The Double Date. by centrum1000 (10/22/10)
4.74 (100)
198.My New Girl? Ch. 06
The adventures of Steve and Jamie. by oralfriend (09/23/11)
4.74 (100)
199.Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 01
He's caught by his stepdaughter wearing her panties. by tonyl65 (06/19/13)
4.73 (1110)
200.My Adorably Hung Summer Roommate Ch. 02
Sharing dinner, lessons, girls and of course Danielle's cock. by IncognitoBandito (03/30/15)
4.73 (748)
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