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Author's Note: As always, I want to thank my friend and editor Pete for all of his help. Also, I'd like to thank everyone who reads my work and offers critiques, comments, and support. It means...

High Fashion Queen Redux by melanieatplay

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I padded quietly down my stairs and crossed over into the kitchen. I felt the need to be absolutely silent for some reason even though I was, as usual, totally alone. Maybe it was something about the...

The Fappening by YKN4949

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How long I was out for I couldn't tell, but it couldn't have been very long. I came round to find myself lying on top of Nin with my ears ringing and the acrid taste of smoke mixed with petrol fumes...

Cockatoo Pt. 32 by nikkiesilk

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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1.Women's Studies Ch. 06
Rule number one: Never assume you're alone. by Son_of_Battles (04/14/17)
4.88 (90)
2.Orchid Ch. 01
The Heart on Her Sleeve. by AwkwardMD (03/10/17)
4.85 (82)
3.A Boiled Frog Pt. 02
Simmering in Las Vegas. by noobdude (03/10/17)
4.84 (303)
4.High Fashion Queen Redux
The evening is retold from Jesse's perspective. by melanieatplay (06/13/16)
4.83 (78)
5.The Fappening
Pic leak exposes Hollywood shemales and brings them together. by YKN4949 (07/08/16)
4.83 (245)
6.Cockatoo Pt. 32
Chapter 32. by nikkiesilk (01/24/17)
4.82 (84)
7.Syn's Eden
A new adventure becomes something more than expected. by MadQuill (10/11/16)
4.82 (122)
8.Watching Jenna
Michaela discovers she may be a perfect woman. by MadQuill (12/22/16)
4.82 (137)
9.Trini Trims the Tree
Christmas in the Bahamas with Wyn's family! by IanSaulWhitcomb (12/05/16)
4.81 (135)
10.Women's Studies Ch. 05
"You're a lady. Cock handling is your business!" Kennedy. by Son_of_Battles (12/10/16)
4.81 (263)
11.Women's Studies Ch. 04
Innocence lost, secrets shared, and laws broken. by Son_of_Battles (11/07/16)
4.81 (196)
12.Sarah Pt. 04
A Beautiful trans girl wrestles with dating in college. by DaniW (08/19/16)
4.81 (201)
13.The Neighbors Ch. 02
Jealousy begins to cause issues with Jon, Cindy and Darci. by DaniW (12/22/16)
4.80 (256)
14.Trick or Trini
Wyn asks Trini to help him with a Halloween chore. by IanSaulWhitcomb (10/11/16)
4.80 (212)
15.Women's Studies Ch. 03
Kennedy finds out Lexi's secret. by Son_of_Battles (07/24/16)
4.80 (325)
16.The Classmate Ch. 03
Making it to Friday and the best kind of conversation. by EricSilence (06/18/16)
4.80 (415)
17.Sarah Pt. 03
A Beautiful trans girl wrestles with dating in college. by DaniW (08/12/16)
4.79 (268)
18.Breaking Up and Making Up
Two strangers become friends. Friendship can lead to more. by nikkiesilk (08/29/16)
4.79 (200)
19.A Year Ago Ch. 18
Sara needs more. by MadQuill (11/25/16)
4.79 (95)
20.Bah Humbug
Not everyone likes Christmas, until... by nikkiesilk (12/04/16)
4.79 (304)
21."What Does She See in Him?" Ch. 03
Andy and Laura on the beach. by KuroshioX (08/05/16)
4.79 (299)
22.My Life Pt. 06
Tammy meets a female client. by ShyTammy (12/05/16)
4.78 (79)
23.Chasing Hannah Ch. 03
Today's meeting doesn't quite go to plan. by MissMebius (09/14/16)
4.78 (116)
24.Anal Addiction Ch. 03
More fun with Nina. by Tallnhard1 (01/08/17)
4.78 (236)
25.Shemale Intern
Lawyer Rob falls in love with the transwoman at his firm. by Lara_Longstaff (05/06/16)
4.78 (850)
26.A Fortunate Encounter
A man experiences something new with a special kind of girl. by PenguinEmperor (02/03/17)
4.78 (485)
27.The Dame Who Wasn't
A private detective gets a transsexual surprise on a case. by Lara_Longstaff (10/05/16)
4.78 (248)
28.About Music and Determinism
A traveling widower is smitten by a park ranger. by Fred190666 (12/15/16)
4.78 (36)
29.Chelsea Ch. 03
Danny comes back for more...again. by WhiskeyIsGood (12/10/16)
4.78 (241)
30.Competing Against a T-Girl
Silly bets between two friends can end up not so friendly. by SugarandSalt (08/03/16)
4.78 (370)
31.Beyond the Wall
A young man experiences a whole new world. by Drakon66 (11/20/16)
4.78 (490)
32.Room for Mickie Ch. 05
It all comes full circle. by griffin57 (12/30/16)
4.77 (75)
Depressed Joan meets a girl who looks just like her...almost. by YKN4949 (03/25/17)
4.77 (192)
34.Something Better Ch. 02
Casey takes up Gabbi's offer, and the two go on a date. by DamienDeath20 (03/04/17)
4.77 (243)
35.Against the Wind
Healing, sailing and loving on Lake Champlain. by Fred190666 (02/21/17)
4.77 (13)
36.Sarah Pt. 02
A Beautiful trans girl wrestles with dating in college. by DaniW (08/11/16)
4.77 (272)
37.Caffeine and Miss Forgetful
A modern love story. by mindingutter (09/18/16)
4.77 (142)
38.Start of the Summer Ch. 01
Kenny is caught wearing panties in the frat house. by emelle78 (06/13/16)
4.77 (235)
39.The Change Pt. 05
Jerry and Lita have a lover's quarrel. by Miah_H (11/27/16)
4.76 (93)
40.Traveling Has Its Rewards
Nick finds that a baggage mistake changes his life. by SummerDreams (05/04/16)
4.76 (363)
41.Hermaphroditus Awake
A gift of a cock leads to all sorts of futa fun. by AlinaX (09/19/16)
4.76 (213)
42.Start of the Summer Ch. 02
How Katie became Katie. by emelle78 (06/19/16)
4.76 (175)
43.A Long List of Firsts
A man helps a lady in distress, a unique lady. by Drakon66 (04/12/17)
4.76 (181)
44.The Change Pt. 06
Jerry loses a bet. Lita claims her spoils. by Miah_H (12/13/16)
4.76 (94)
45."What Does She See in Him?" Ch. 02
After being away for weeks, Laura rewards Andy. by KuroshioX (04/30/16)
4.75 (571)
46.The Calling of the Stars
Crewmates, friends, space-age valentines. by Fred190666 (01/31/17)
4.75 (53)
47.Kelly Ch. 02
More fun. by WhiskeyIsGood (04/28/16)
4.75 (264)
48.Anal Addiction Ch. 02
I break up with Tiffany. by Tallnhard1 (06/17/16)
4.75 (363)
49.The Delivery
A pizza delivery turns into an evening of sexual exploration. by DaniW (11/27/16)
4.75 (574)
50.Rite of Passage Ch. 03
Jamie's corruption furthers with help from his crush, Kelly. by XtinaSmith2017 (03/22/17)
4.75 (179)
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