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Act I: Girls Like Girls Like Boys Do "Uggggh why is is so hot!" Mikala groaned, cooling herself with a sheet of paper she'd fashioned into a folded fan. "Could be that it's Summertime in...

Girls like Girls by ThighhighMellie

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First thing Monday morning, Bailey found himself sitting outside of the Vice Principal's office. He was ordered to report there by Pickwell who decided to let him stew over the weekend about his...

Futanari Academy Ch. 11 by TheOrcKing

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Ben and I sat on the bench in the center of the apartment complex. The sound of music was barely audible over the cacophony of increasingly inebriated college students partying near the pool. Without...

Good Little Bitch Pt. 02 by Baron_Cumhausen

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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51.Girls like Girls
How long can best friends resist the sexual tension? by ThighhighMellie (06/18/17)
4.76 (159)
52.Something Better Ch. 02
Casey takes up Gabbi's offer, and the two go on a date. by DamienDeath20 (03/04/17)
4.76 (290)
53.Futanari Academy Ch. 11
Games Cheerleaders Play. by TheOrcKing (05/28/17)
4.76 (123)
54.Good Little Bitch Pt. 02
Chrissy's wild night continues! by Baron_Cumhausen (05/22/17)
4.75 (102)
55.The House by the Sea
Intern Patrick goes to settle an old estate. by Miles63 (10/07/16)
4.75 (297)
56.Hotel Club Ch. 02
Cindy returns, and our traveler is at the bar again. by pantywriter (12/01/16)
4.75 (356)
57.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 02
Spending time together. by WhiskeyIsGood (08/19/16)
4.75 (246)
58.One Week Ch. 05 Second Edition
First time Part 5 is available on Literotica! by Louise69 (12/12/16)
4.75 (52)
59.The Dame Who Wasn't
A private detective gets a transsexual surprise on a case. by Lara_Longstaff (10/05/16)
4.75 (264)
60.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 07
John and Alycia take a road trip. by WhiskeyIsGood (10/25/16)
4.75 (118)
61.The Girl at the Museum
A college girl gets a sexy transgirl for a roommate. by Lara_Longstaff (11/05/16)
4.75 (691)
62.Gemini Strike Ch. 04
Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing (06/10/17)
4.74 (43)
63.How Rob met Annie
Rob tells how he met Annie, on the day of their wedding. by WhiskeyIsGood (04/08/17)
4.74 (207)
64.A Boiled Frog Pt. 01
Wife slowly brings husband into feminine lifestyle. by noobdude (03/01/17)
4.74 (545)
65.Lilith Ch. 02
Lilith returns, to have her way with Jimmy. by WhiskeyIsGood (12/08/16)
4.74 (289)
66.Checking her Pipes
Dale the handyman hooks up with blonde trans-woman tenant. by Lara_Longstaff (04/14/17)
4.74 (481)
67.Snowed In
Snowed in, with his best friend's cousin. by WhiskeyIsGood (01/26/17)
4.74 (598)
68.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 21
The continuation, of Jay's Sex Club Adventures. by WhiskeyIsGood (04/21/17)
4.73 (147)
69.A Damsel in Distress Ch. 03
Cedric learns his duties. by TheSissySir (05/31/17)
4.73 (15)
70.Gemini Strike Ch. 05
Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing (06/11/17)
4.73 (41)
71.Futanari Academy Ch. 04
My Teacher Has a Dick! by TheOrcKing (05/19/17)
4.73 (119)
72.A Time and a Place Ch. 02
Cumming Over. by gummidurango60 (08/09/16)
4.73 (104)
73.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 01
His boring life is about to become very exciting. by WhiskeyIsGood (08/12/16)
4.73 (467)
74.Bi-Curious Meets Transgender Escort
John fulfills his fantasy of experiencing a Transgender woman. by Luv2pleees (12/22/16)
4.73 (295)
75.The Thorned Rose
A wanderlust stricken Elf discovers something completely new. by XtinaSmith2017 (04/06/17)
4.73 (114)
76.Southern Hospitality
Milfy seductress does all she can to score the boy next door. by XtinaSmith2017 (03/03/17)
4.73 (753)
77.Diva Las Vegas Pt. 01
Conservative couple get freaky in Vegas after drag show. by tgirl_Mary (06/14/17)
4.73 (190)
78.The Golden Orb Ch. 01
A young couple finds a wish granting magical artifact. by hawke56 (09/08/16)
4.73 (252)
79.Kissing Crossdressers Pt. 02
Crossdressing dreams start coming true. by Candyboi (05/27/17)
4.73 (146)
80.Influential Factors! Ch. 03
The Process Begins. by gummidurango60 (07/06/17)
4.73 (62)
81.Watching Jenna Ch. 02
Jenna's dancing attracts another girl's attention. by MadQuill (03/13/17)
4.73 (51)
82.Jock Princess Ch. 04
Lexi goes out dancing meets Logan. by Sissyhalo (07/05/17)
4.72 (80)
83.Good Little Bitch Pt. 01
College Halloween party dress-up opens new doors. by Baron_Cumhausen (05/10/17)
4.72 (373)
84.The Wedding
I knew that I would rather be a girl than a boy. by nikkiesilk (09/18/16)
4.72 (152)
85.David and Ellie
Two friends, become something much more. by WhiskeyIsGood (07/11/17)
4.72 (270)
86.Influential Factors! Ch. 04
The Morning After. by gummidurango60 (07/13/17)
4.72 (36)
87.The Change Pt. 06
Jerry loses a bet. Lita claims her spoils. by Miah_H (12/13/16)
4.72 (97)
88.You're My Bitch Now Ch. 07
Rick confesses about his boss and goes shopping. by nikkiesilk (05/19/17)
4.72 (136)
89.Rite of Passage Ch. 03
Jamie's corruption furthers with help from his crush, Kelly. by XtinaSmith2017 (03/22/17)
4.72 (254)
90.The Change Pt. 03
Lita and Jerry play a game. Who cums out on top? by Miah_H (11/09/16)
4.72 (128)
91.Crossdressing at Pride Ch. 05
Giving Albert a sexy surprise upon his return. by youngtwink19 (01/28/17)
4.72 (32)
92.The Real Kasey Ch. 01
The story of Kasey Legs. by KaseyLegs (10/07/16)
4.72 (71)
93.How Marissa Became a Woman
Married CD experiences his fantasies with Wife's help. by CDSean (02/01/17)
4.72 (184)
94.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 03
Unexpected twist. by WhiskeyIsGood (08/31/16)
4.72 (222)
95.My First Time Pt. 02
Jessica and Eric define and continue their relationship. by sexyctcd (08/10/16)
4.72 (144)
96.One Step at a Time
A teacher chooses happiness over his father. by komrad1156 (10/15/16)
4.71 (168)
97.Strange Love
LGBTQ-training brings a cop together w/ a CD woman. by komrad1156 (08/01/16)
4.71 (133)
98.My Valentine
CD Jessica celebrates Valentine's Day. by sexyctcd (01/24/17)
4.71 (98)
99.Kinky Tales: Love & Sharing
Married couple share she-male as husband sucks his 1st cock. by silkstockingslover (04/15/17)
4.71 (318)
100.Prom? Ch. 04
Prom night! Blackmail, blowjobs, and more for Anna! by New_Girl_ (07/18/17)
4.71 (138)
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