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I stood at the altar, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. All of my friends and family had shown up and everyone was so excited; not one of them, as excited as I was though. Today, I was going to...

How Rob met Annie by WhiskeyIsGood

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Confusion and anxiety dominated Jamie's sore, battered body and mind. It was hard to maintain a positive outlook on things when your positive outlook became, 'I hope it doesn't hurt so bad next time...

Rite of Passage Ch. 03 by XtinaSmith2017

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The day I met Mia, my life changed. It took me nearly a year to realize it, but looking back, I should have known something big was happening right from the start. It was a hot August day, right...

The Girl at the Museum by Lara_Longstaff

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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51.How Rob met Annie
Rob tells how he met Annie, on the day of their wedding. by WhiskeyIsGood (04/08/17)
4.74 (188)
52.Rite of Passage Ch. 03
Jamie's corruption furthers with help from his crush, Kelly. by XtinaSmith2017 (03/22/17)
4.74 (218)
53.The Girl at the Museum
A college girl gets a sexy transgirl for a roommate. by Lara_Longstaff (11/05/16)
4.74 (646)
54.The House by the Sea
Intern Patrick goes to settle an old estate. by Miles63 (10/07/16)
4.74 (284)
55.The Real Kasey Ch. 01
The story of Kasey Legs. by KaseyLegs (10/07/16)
4.74 (66)
56.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 02
Spending time together. by WhiskeyIsGood (08/19/16)
4.74 (235)
57.Checking her Pipes
Dale the handyman hooks up with blonde trans-woman tenant. by Lara_Longstaff (04/14/17)
4.74 (422)
58.A Boiled Frog Pt. 01
Wife slowly brings husband into feminine lifestyle. by noobdude (03/01/17)
4.74 (501)
59.Bi-Curious Meets Transgender Escort
John fulfills his fantasy of experiencing a Transgender woman. by Luv2pleees (12/22/16)
4.74 (294)
60.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 01
His boring life is about to become very exciting. by WhiskeyIsGood (08/12/16)
4.74 (451)
61.Lilith Ch. 02
Lilith returns, to have her way with Jimmy. by WhiskeyIsGood (12/08/16)
4.74 (265)
62.A Time and a Place Ch. 02
Cumming Over. by gummidurango60 (08/09/16)
4.73 (94)
63.Good Little Bitch Pt. 01
College Halloween party dress-up opens new doors. by Baron_Cumhausen (05/10/17)
4.73 (332)
64.What We Really Want Ch. 02
A drug trial mishap forces Jill to question herself. by ZincStandard (07/21/16)
4.73 (234)
65.Lucian Ch. 10
How to win a fight if all you know is to be charming? by angiquesophie (03/17/17)
4.73 (26)
66.'Jenny' & 'Mike': Fantasy Sunday
More gender reversal pegging with fantasy play. by hfernandez1983 (10/10/16)
4.73 (92)
67.Snowed In
Snowed in, with his best friend's cousin. by WhiskeyIsGood (01/26/17)
4.73 (559)
68.A Long List of Firsts
A man helps a lady in distress, a unique lady. by Drakon66 (04/12/17)
4.73 (197)
69.The Change Pt. 03
Lita and Jerry play a game. Who cums out on top? by Miah_H (11/09/16)
4.73 (124)
70.My First Time Pt. 02
Jessica and Eric define and continue their relationship. by sexyctcd (08/10/16)
4.72 (137)
71.The Classmate Ch. 02
Eric can't stop thinking about her. by EricSilence (06/10/16)
4.72 (450)
72.Southern Hospitality
Milfy seductress does all she can to score the boy next door. by XtinaSmith2017 (03/03/17)
4.72 (671)
73.How Marissa Became a Woman
Married CD experiences his fantasies with Wife's help. by CDSean (02/01/17)
4.72 (172)
74.Pam's Shemale Experience Ch. 03
Tanya visits Pam. (Saturday, Part 1) by majicman21 (09/07/16)
4.72 (68)
75.The Golden Orb Ch. 01
A young couple finds a wish granting magical artifact. by hawke56 (09/08/16)
4.72 (250)
76.Cockatoo Pt. 29
James stays as Scarlett with Shane and Alex on the boat. by nikkiesilk (06/13/16)
4.72 (124)
77.Cockatoo Pt. 27
Jamie comes face to face with Jandaeng in the ladyboy bar. by nikkiesilk (05/27/16)
4.72 (95)
78.The Change Pt. 06
Jerry loses a bet. Lita claims her spoils. by Miah_H (12/13/16)
4.72 (95)
79.Grannie Panties Ch. 02
Jeremy’s reveal revelations. by grgy56 (12/22/16)
4.71 (203)
80.My Valentine
CD Jessica celebrates Valentine's Day. by sexyctcd (01/24/17)
4.71 (98)
81.The Roommate Pt. 10 - Miranda
After church, Merlot. by ValoryG (08/04/16)
4.71 (49)
82.One Step at a Time
A teacher chooses happiness over his father. by komrad1156 (10/15/16)
4.71 (170)
83.Rite of Passage Ch. 04
Jamie broadens his horizons as his mental struggle continues. by XtinaSmith2017 (05/14/17)
4.71 (90)
84.Young, beautiful, Nurse
My love for a shemale. by spitzharder (06/03/16)
4.71 (200)
85.Becoming Joey Ch. 05
Joey has her first girl's day out. by First_time_bi (11/09/16)
4.71 (131)
86.Becoming Joey Ch. 04
Joey loses her virginity. by First_time_bi (10/16/16)
4.71 (272)
87.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 07
John and Alycia take a road trip. by WhiskeyIsGood (10/25/16)
4.71 (117)
88.You're My Bitch Now Ch. 07
Rick confesses about his boss and goes shopping. by nikkiesilk (05/19/17)
4.71 (117)
89.Melissa's Ordinary Day Ch. 07
Her Mistress puts Melissa into an interesting situation... by Floydman1 (07/19/16)
4.71 (24)
90.Becoming Joey Ch. 03
Joe embraces becoming Joey. by First_time_bi (10/13/16)
4.71 (298)
91.Something Better
Unexpected love is the best cure for a broken heart. by DamienDeath20 (02/27/17)
4.71 (428)
92.The Wedding
I knew that I would rather be a girl than a boy. by nikkiesilk (09/18/16)
4.71 (147)
93.Seven Sunny Sunsets: Saturday
A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos (06/10/16)
4.71 (58)
94.Strange Love
LGBTQ-training brings a cop together w/ a CD woman. by komrad1156 (08/01/16)
4.71 (129)
95.Giving My Ass to a Wealthy Stranger
Straight young man dolls himself up and services cock. by shyscholar (02/13/17)
4.70 (313)
96.Cockatoo Pt. 28
Jamie meets Shane again and becomes Scarlett. by nikkiesilk (06/03/16)
4.70 (103)
97.My Life Pt. 03
Tammy has a discussion with mom and a sleep over! by ShyTammy (09/15/16)
4.70 (192)
98.My First Time
CD Jessica's neighbor becomes her FWB. by sexyctcd (08/05/16)
4.70 (334)
99.The Neighbors
In a new subdivision, Jon makes some interesting new friends. by DaniW (12/08/16)
4.70 (630)
100.Kinky Tales: Love & Sharing
Married couple share she-male as husband sucks his 1st cock. by silkstockingslover (04/15/17)
4.70 (280)
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