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-The Next Morning- As Jerry and Lita slept soundly, Jerry began to stir. In his half-awake stupor, Jerry began to notice two things immediately: his chest felt sore with a dull pain, and his...

The Change Pt. 08 by Miah_H

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Simone's mom was waiting on her husband to come home and she decided to give him one of his favorite beers before she told him. Then she laughed to herself, that's the same thing I did when I told...

From Friendship Comes Love Pt. 02 by 65rebel

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Chapter Eight: Miranda The Bitch! Cassie hadn't worn an evening dress since her training at the FBI facility; she still wasn't exactly sure where that was. Despite being her lover, Natalie still...

Biker Bitch Ch. 08 by MicheleNylons

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Transgender & Crossdressers

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51.The Change Pt. 08
Jerry has a change of his own. by Miah_H (04/10/18)
4.78 (51)
52.The Girlfriends Across the Hall
The Girlfriends help two men explore and enjoy. by NatureSuperal (08/10/18)
4.78 (129)
53.From Friendship Comes Love Pt. 02
Love story between a man and transgender woman PT2. by 65rebel (03/21/18)
4.78 (156)
54.Biker Bitch Ch. 08
Cassie is fucked by a Cartel Hefe; the ATF spoil the party. by MicheleNylons (12/24/17)
4.78 (105)
55.A Romantic Story
Two shemale friends marry for convenience but find passion. by YKN4949 (02/23/18)
4.78 (187)
56.The Role Players Pt. 08 Ch. 02
What goes down when the curtain comes up? by hollygurl29 (08/08/18)
4.78 (81)
57.In from the Rain Pt. 03
A night out leads to a confrontation. Who will Casey choose? by dreadknots (09/12/18)
4.78 (67)
58.Biker Bitch Ch. 09
Cassie is imprisoned with some tough hombres who use her. by MicheleNylons (12/27/17)
4.78 (138)
59.Biker Bitch Ch. 05
Cassie fucks Dale after the bank job - wants her patch. by MicheleNylons (12/20/17)
4.77 (122)
60.White Boi Learns his Place Ch. 05
Vacation wraps up for Ashley and Daddy. by sissyashley4bbc (08/26/18)
4.77 (173)
61.Pillow Talk Ch. 05
Undercover tranny leads the mob on a little too far. by MicheleNylons (09/07/18)
4.77 (95)
62.A Lost Lover, Changes for Melissa Pt. 01-02
After a divorce Melissa becomes a new lover. by MadQuill (01/31/18)
4.77 (56)
63.Family Issues Ch. 07
A futa girl forces an innocent young man to share her bed. by allthatisfuta (06/05/18)
4.77 (633)
64.Futa House
A boy unwittingly discovers a gold mine of girlcock. by Xarth (08/11/18)
4.76 (395)
65.Almost Damsel Almost in Distress
Transvestite plays in self-bondage and gets "rescued". by shawnavinyltv (06/16/18)
4.76 (89)
66.My New Neighbor and Her Surprise Pt. 03
Early morning romp with my hot, TS neighbor. by mothman34 (10/10/18)
4.76 (151)
67.Cockatoo Pt. 40
Jamie is off to Kritsada's party and ends up in more trouble. by nikkiesilk (06/03/18)
4.76 (92)
68.Trini's Valentine Hat-Trick
T-girl escort Trini gets surprised on a Valentine's Day job. by IanSaulWhitcomb (01/19/18)
4.76 (146)
69.Life With Miss Ida Ch. 04
Miss Ida is aching for hard girliecock! by Sheermistress (11/24/17)
4.76 (25)
70.Agnes Dourville Ch. 17
Just maybe. by ValoryG (12/14/17)
4.76 (25)
71.Becoming Jacqueline Pt. 02
Sliding irreversibly into sensual femininity as Jacquline. by Jacqueline_Love (10/16/18)
4.76 (79)
72.No Self Esteem
Colin just can't tell Shelia no. by ruwild (11/09/17)
4.76 (403)
73.Inescapable Pt. 01 of 02
The most dangerous traps are ones you don't want to escape. by optimizer888 (12/31/17)
4.76 (141)
74.The Role Players Pt. 07
What goes down when the curtain comes up? by hollygurl29 (08/02/18)
4.76 (70)
75.Cockatoo Pt. 39
Scarlett shares a bath with Aki and prepares for the party. by nikkiesilk (10/26/17)
4.76 (74)
76.Zara and Tom: First Holiday
Tom and Zara have fun home and away. by ZaraandTom (01/27/18)
4.76 (123)
77.Becoming Abby Ch. 05
How far would you go to save your best friends marriage? by Abby_Hart (08/24/18)
4.75 (109)
78.The Photographer
A photographer gets an interesting new client. by DaniW (11/01/17)
4.75 (297)
79.Family Issues Ch. 12
The Sins of Our Fathers. by allthatisfuta (09/06/18)
4.75 (441)
80.Rainy Days
Sam's got a ghost of a chance... by nightsearcher (09/24/18)
4.75 (170)
81.Willing Target
A shemale loving boy who likes NonCon, how could she resist? by XtinaSmith2017 (02/16/18)
4.75 (316)
82.Blind Date
Anthony is persuaded by his work manager to go out on a date. by XtinaSmith2017 (10/24/17)
4.75 (673)
83.Afro Stress Relief Ch. 03
White Boy continues with social experiment. by llts1970 (04/18/18)
4.75 (55)
84.Accepted Ch. 04
As Orientation Week ends, Sasha is faced with a dilemma. by JustThots (10/12/18)
4.75 (55)
85.God's Design Ch. 03
Our hero gets to grips with his new dick. by Banjosack (01/20/18)
4.74 (43)
86.Oh, Mr King! Pt. 05
Mr King's deception and lies truly begin. by exaucer (02/18/18)
4.74 (93)
87.Cockatoo Pt. 43
Aki tries to get Scarlett to shoot Jandaeng. by nikkiesilk (09/30/18)
4.74 (54)
88.Light Decisions
When using magic to play with yourself gets a little too real. by XtinaSmith2017 (03/06/18)
4.74 (169)
89.The Friend Across the Hall
Two men find a way to help each other be happy. by NatureSuperal (08/17/18)
4.74 (142)
90.The Lost Boy Ch. 06
The girls rescue Ian, and begin to get attached. by DamienDeath20 (11/22/17)
4.74 (84)
91.Best Friends Forever Pt. 07
Brian and I have sex. by Kantarii (10/10/18)
4.74 (42)
92.Divination and Manipulation
Sam meets a mage that shows him a new side of himself. by bigrusker (12/20/17)
4.74 (171)
93.Muscle Mature Fucks Rough Pt. 04
Ms. Jaffey finally gets what's hers. by razmatazz17 (01/23/18)
4.74 (133)
94.Becoming Abby Ch. 08
How far would you go to save your best friends marriage? by Abby_Hart (09/20/18)
4.74 (57)
95.My One and Only
A tale of love between a dick girl and a bottom boy. by DamienDeath20 (02/23/18)
4.73 (324)
Young Aquia sets off a Huntress's trap. by DamienDeath20 (08/14/18)
4.73 (105)
97.Accepted Ch. 03
Sasha checks-in for Orientation and has a wild first night. by JustThots (01/31/18)
4.73 (254)
98.His Special Something
Why did the security guard obsess an otherwise straight guy? by rae121452 (02/18/18)
4.73 (183)
99.The Boutique
Schoolgirl working part-time gets to know her boss better. by Myrmidon69 (04/14/18)
4.73 (353)
100.Pillow Talk Ch. 04
Tranny ho is forced to fuck NPYD vice cops to stay undercover. by MicheleNylons (09/05/18)
4.73 (148)
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