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I can hardly believe that almost two years has gone by since I moved into this house. It's been more than just walls and floors and a roof to me. It has been family and it has been home. It changed...

The Grad House by tgirl_Mary

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"She's so hot," Mike sighed to himself, staring at the pictures on his phone. The current one showed himself, with his neatly-trimmed brown hair and gentle hazel eyes, and a gorgeous woman next to...

One of the Girls by ThighhighMellie

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I slowly faded into consciousness as beams of sunlight shone through the curtains of my bedroom window. I lifted the sheet from my body and noticed a bulge in my pajama shorts, and I rolled my eyes....

Prom? Ch. 04 by New_Girl_

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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101.The Grad House
Grad student transforms with help from three new room mates. by tgirl_Mary (11/06/17)
4.73 (254)
102.One of the Girls
Mike would do anything for his crush Tiffany. Anything. by ThighhighMellie (09/30/17)
4.73 (351)
103.Prom? Ch. 04
Prom night! Blackmail, blowjobs, and more for Anna! by New_Girl_ (07/18/17)
4.73 (205)
104.Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 10
The final chapter - all questions answered and a surprise. by MicheleNylons (07/31/17)
4.73 (63)
105.Light Decisions
When using magic to play with yourself gets a little too real. by XtinaSmith2017 (03/06/18)
4.73 (144)
106.The Other Side of the Coin
Some coins have more than two sides. by Ann Douglas (10/03/17)
4.73 (158)
107.Family Issues Ch. 02
A futa girl forces an innocent young man to share her bed. by allthatisfuta (12/18/17)
4.73 (275)
108.The Lost Boy Ch. 04
Ian has escaped, and is on the run. by DamienDeath20 (09/05/17)
4.73 (121)
109.Changing Rooms Ch. 04
Boyfriend and girlfriend, life half a year later. by PanzerFeck (09/25/17)
4.73 (88)
110.My One and Only
A tale of love between a dick girl and a bottom boy. by DamienDeath20 (02/23/18)
4.73 (273)
111.God's Design Ch. 03
Our hero gets to grips with his new dick. by Banjosack (01/20/18)
4.72 (40)
112.David and Ellie
Two friends, become something much more. by WhiskeyIsGood (07/11/17)
4.72 (395)
113.Biker Bitch Ch. 05
Cassie fucks Dale after the bank job - wants her patch. by MicheleNylons (12/20/17)
4.72 (112)
114.A Sissy is Forged
A crossdresser meets a fork in the road. Fun lies ahead. by KassiSmart7 (09/26/17)
4.72 (115)
115.Finishing School For Ladies Ch. 05
Tranny at school dance gets fucked by young lad. by MicheleNylons (09/17/17)
4.72 (97)
116.Divination and Manipulation
Sam meets a mage that shows him a new side of himself. by bigrusker (12/20/17)
4.72 (154)
117.The Lost Boy
This town holds far more than just answers to Ian's past... by DamienDeath20 (07/28/17)
4.72 (282)
118.Accepted Ch. 03
Sasha checks-in for Orientation and has a wild first night. by JustThots (01/31/18)
4.72 (216)
119.Oh, Mr King! Pt. 03
Mr King begins Julian's transformation. by exaucer (01/21/18)
4.72 (131)
120.Cockatoo Pt. 36
James gets ready to go to Kritsada's party as Jamie. by nikkiesilk (09/14/17)
4.72 (85)
121.The Silk Scarf
Judge not a book by its cover. by Ann Douglas (09/15/17)
4.72 (223)
122.The Journey Pt. 03
Josie gets deeper in to sissyhood. by MissYellowPanties (08/04/17)
4.72 (53)
123.Gemini Strike Ch. 04
Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing (06/10/17)
4.72 (60)
124.Inescapable Pt. 01 of 02
The most dangerous traps are ones you don't want to escape. by optimizer888 (12/31/17)
4.72 (134)
125.The Thorned Rose Ch. 03
Scarlett discovers more about himself, Mayla and a newcomer. by XtinaSmith2017 (06/30/17)
4.72 (67)
Brett & Melissa. by WhiskeyIsGood (11/04/17)
4.72 (338)
Medical treatment turns a man into a woman. by jackie_em (03/21/18)
4.72 (162)
128.Girls like Girls
How long can best friends resist the sexual tension? by ThighhighMellie (06/18/17)
4.72 (197)
129.Biker Bitch Ch. 04
Cassie makes the manager fuck the teller during a bank job. by MicheleNylons (12/17/17)
4.72 (151)
130.Good Little Bitch Pt. 01
College Halloween party dress-up opens new doors. by Baron_Cumhausen (05/10/17)
4.71 (470)
How do we encounter them and why? by Dreamweaver594 (12/26/17)
4.71 (140)
132.I'm Now Called Dee Ch. 05
Visit a gay club, intending to hook up. by RomeoDelta (02/23/18)
4.71 (63)
133.(Don't Have to) Worship Me
When growing becomes a dominating obsession... by mistyfdfa (07/12/17)
4.71 (14)
134.Accidental Daddy Pt. 02: Big Daddy
A new daddy lays down some rules. by RoryOmore (11/28/17)
4.71 (136)
135.Being a Sissy for Viv Ch. 05
Make-up and nail varnish for her sissy. by Caron (06/19/17)
4.71 (73)
136.A Highland Holiday Pt. 01
A invite to the highlands takes an unexpected turn. by MissYellowPanties (07/04/17)
4.71 (191)
137.Expectations? Ch. 03
"Fortunes rise and fall with fate." by Dreamweaver594 (01/26/18)
4.71 (59)
138.His Special Something
Why did the security guard obsess an otherwise straight guy? by rae121452 (02/18/18)
4.71 (142)
139.Up the Cuts
A night of translesbian fun ends in romance. by TransPunkPrincess (08/24/17)
4.71 (97)
140.A Lost Lover, Changes for Melissa Pt. 01-02
After a divorce Melissa becomes a new lover. by MadQuill (01/31/18)
4.71 (45)
141.Sugar Momma
A girl in need finds a surprising new home. by XtinaSmith2017 (10/04/17)
4.71 (339)
142.Prom? Ch. 03
Anna, Natalie and Mike go to a bar. The tension rises. by New_Girl_ (07/01/17)
4.71 (204)
143.Inheritance (One Week Chronicles)
Gary is forever changed as Louise and Jade enter his life. by Louise69 (06/23/17)
4.71 (96)
144.You're My Bitch Now Ch. 07
Rick confesses about his boss and goes shopping. by nikkiesilk (05/19/17)
4.71 (164)
145.The Bridge Partner
Rubber bridge, Las Vegas and... karaoke? by Fred190666 (11/28/17)
4.71 (41)
146.Futanari Breeding Agency
Young futa making money for college by breeding older woman. by Sonatatre (01/14/18)
4.70 (457)
147.Brianna and Gene
A bumpy evening out leads to unexpected encounter. by inkandiridiumnibs (10/09/17)
4.70 (165)
148.One Week Ch. 06
The misadventures of Louise continues. by Louise69 (06/17/17)
4.70 (37)
149.A Highland Holiday Pt. 04
Highland Games. by MissYellowPanties (09/22/17)
4.70 (47)
150.My Queer Cousins Ch. 02: Andromeda
Mike learns new words: Fellatio, catamite, sodomy, analing... by RoryOmore (03/29/18)
4.70 (114)
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