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Lita awoke in a haze. It took a minute for her to catch her bearings, but she appeared to be tucked comfortably in bed with a glass of water on the nightstand next to her. Lita thought back to the...

The Change Pt. 04 by Miah_H

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Ben and I sat on the bench in the center of the apartment complex. The sound of music was barely audible over the cacophony of increasingly inebriated college students partying near the pool. Without...

Good Little Bitch Pt. 02 by Baron_Cumhausen

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Henry grew up thinking that there were two kinds of men; men's men and ladies men. At 5' 6" and 135 lbs, he was seldom mistaken for a man's man. Although he had wrestled from high school through...

Intimate Wear by DennyDriehoek

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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101.The Change Pt. 04
Lita awakens, and Jerry fulfills a life-long fantasy. by Miah_H (11/10/16)
4.70 (135)
102.Good Little Bitch Pt. 02
Chrissy's wild night continues! by Baron_Cumhausen (05/22/17)
4.69 (72)
103.Intimate Wear
A young man learns the appeal of lingerie. by DennyDriehoek (08/07/16)
4.69 (222)
104.Do as I Say Pt. 01
The interlude will continue as long as he submits. by hungry4femdom (07/20/16)
4.69 (114)
A Beautiful trans girl wrestles with dating in college. by DaniW (08/09/16)
4.69 (485)
106.Futanari Cowgirl
Futa roams the countryside fucking everyone in her path. by ocuous (09/14/16)
4.69 (130)
107.The Sweet Taste of Honey Pt. 02
A young man's ongoing transformation. by airoralover (06/13/16)
4.69 (104)
108.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 05
Meeting Sara. by WhiskeyIsGood (10/05/16)
4.69 (120)
109.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 03
Unexpected twist. by WhiskeyIsGood (08/31/16)
4.69 (214)
110.What We Really Want Ch. 03
A drug trial mishap forces Jill to question herself. by ZincStandard (09/23/16)
4.69 (162)
111.Gains and Losses
Seth loses a friend but finds a lover. by DaniW (12/16/16)
4.69 (310)
112.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 21
The continuation, of Jay's Sex Club Adventures. by WhiskeyIsGood (04/21/17)
4.69 (129)
113.The Wedding
He needed a date to his sister's wedding. by WhiskeyIsGood (11/02/16)
4.69 (652)
114.Seven Sunny Sunsets: Friday
A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos (06/01/16)
4.69 (67)
115.Teachers Pet
To graduate, he must become the teacher's pet. by WhiskeyIsGood (02/01/17)
4.69 (467)
116.Thoughtful Wife
Darren receives a birthday gift he won't soon forget. by Erotic_librarian (02/24/17)
4.68 (254)
117.My Life Pt. 02
Continuing story about a young trans girl and her teacher. by ShyTammy (09/03/16)
4.68 (203)
118.Rebecca and Ethan Ch. 04
Ethan Has a Surprise for Rebecca. by becca1983 (01/19/17)
4.68 (81)
119.The Classmate Ch. 01
Victoria needs help before her interview. by EricSilence (06/05/16)
4.68 (541)
120.Lucian Ch. 05
"Please rise and undress, sweetie." by angiquesophie (06/02/16)
4.68 (90)
121.Jamie's Descent Pt. 05
Jamie falls further under the control of Fiona. by nikkiesilk (08/21/16)
4.68 (93)
122.Breeding Seasons
Boys should be careful wandering the world beyond the walls. by DamienDeath20 (03/07/17)
4.68 (213)
123.The Consequences of a Winter Storm
A college aged babysitter is caught dressed as the wife. by Donna_Lynn_Cooper (01/20/17)
4.68 (293)
124.A Night at the Club Pt. 01
Keyshawn and Dani go to a hot interracial club. by Jemina004 (07/22/16)
4.68 (111)
125.One Week Ch. 05 Second Edition
First time Part 5 is available on Literotica! by Louise69 (12/12/16)
4.67 (40)
126.The Change Pt. 02
The further sexploits of Jerry and Lita. by Miah_H (11/06/16)
4.67 (163)
127.A Fresh Start
Lonely Tgirl finds her way into the life of a lewd Librarian. by XtinaSmith2017 (02/21/17)
4.67 (224)
128.The Magic Doll
A magic doll changes a nerdy young man into a woman. by jackie_em (05/09/17)
4.67 (242)
129.The Departure
A chance encounter leads to a Departure for Ken. by MadQuill (02/28/17)
4.67 (49)
130.The New Hire
The new hire at the company is more than she seems. by DaniW (08/23/16)
4.67 (410)
131.Seven Sunny Sunsets: Sunday
A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos (06/21/16)
4.67 (58)
132.How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 19
Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_14 (06/08/16)
4.67 (119)
133.'Jenny' & 'Mike': A Day Out
A shopping trip, pegging at home...and at the movie theater. by hfernandez1983 (08/11/16)
4.67 (201)
134.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 04
Alycia meets his friends. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/17/16)
4.67 (161)
135.Lucian Ch. 06
His sweet cherry lips opened wide to take the penis in. by angiquesophie (06/03/16)
4.67 (103)
136.Broken on My Break
Man is ruffled and broken down into a cockslut. by TopSeeker (06/14/16)
4.67 (405)
137.Futa for Christmas
A young couple help Santa and their futa wishes come true. by Lara_Longstaff (09/20/16)
4.67 (258)
138.Watching Jenna Ch. 02
Jenna's dancing attracts another girl's attention. by MadQuill (03/13/17)
4.67 (51)
139.Girl Inside
It's what's on the inside that matters most. by JimBob44 (09/02/16)
4.67 (221)
Danny meets Chelsea. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/02/16)
4.67 (400)
141.My Sweet Annie
First taste of shemale cock. by therapydidnthel (10/12/16)
4.66 (380)
142.The Change Pt. 07
Jerry and Lita have a conversation with their doctor. by Miah_H (01/06/17)
4.66 (89)
143.A Lucky Tenant
A man gets a lovely time with his hosts. by manhasso (05/17/17)
4.66 (302)
144.How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 20
Guy changes sex and life to fit in. by DMaster_14 (03/01/17)
4.66 (74)
145.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 06
John loses someone close and Sara has a big announcement. by WhiskeyIsGood (10/08/16)
4.66 (115)
146.A Sissy's Journey Ch. 03
Jesse enjoys cross-dressing and Amanda's tops him. by yukonnights (04/13/17)
4.66 (109)
147.Rebecca and Ethan Ch. 07
Ethan gives Rebecca a blow job. by becca1983 (02/14/17)
4.66 (53)
148.Futanari Academy Ch. 04
My Teacher Has a Dick! by TheOrcKing (05/19/17)
4.66 (85)
149.My Day Off
A free day at home means dressing up and then a surprise. by tinbell (06/19/16)
4.66 (252)
150.What We Really Want Ch. 01
A drug trial mishap forces Jill to question herself. by ZincStandard (07/07/16)
4.66 (376)
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