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The morning sun sent its light across the small harbor of the secluded paradise known as Bear Island. Why it was called Bear Island is a mystery itself. Maybe it was an English translation of an...

T-Girl Fantasy Island Pt. 01 by skywriter62

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Hi, my name is Chris and I am an 18 year old guy. I was not popular at school as I was predominantly interested in playing computer games and reading comic books. This inherently caused my other...

Loser To Lauren by prodigalspoon

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I groaned softly, opening my eyes and turning over onto my side. I blinked a few times, trying to clear my vision before sitting up slowly and brushing my hair out of my face. It was cold, probably...

Jay & Holly's Wedding Adventures by WhiskeyIsGood

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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101.T-Girl Fantasy Island Pt. 01
An Introduction. by skywriter62 (12/01/15)
4.71 (215)
102.Loser To Lauren
A guy goes from nothing to the girl of his dreams. by prodigalspoon (04/29/15)
4.71 (544)
103.Jay & Holly's Wedding Adventures
One year after the end of Jay's Sex Club. by WhiskeyIsGood (08/30/15)
4.71 (142)
104.The 21st Birthday Party
It was only supposed to be a prank by WhiskeyIsGood (06/22/15)
4.71 (367)
105.Becoming the New Me Ch. 02
With a partner we explore my sexuality. by Chris7sw (07/04/15)
4.71 (76)
106.Dory Drake: Dickgirl Detective Ch. 03
A mystery surrounding a private investigator in Seattle. by FourDodos (06/21/15)
4.71 (65)
107.Brutal Shemale Lovers Pt. 01
Jake gets more than he bargained for from Tanya and Sarah. by thereshegoes123 (04/11/15)
4.71 (432)
108.Betrothed to a T-Girl Princess
The future queen has a cock. by SugarandSalt (09/01/15)
4.70 (427)
109.A Weakness For Blonds: Extended Cut
Longer, harder. by Lara_Longstaff (10/23/15)
4.70 (291)
110.Cockatoo Pt. 17
James returns from Bangkok with news for Alex and Areeya. by nikkiesilk (11/28/15)
4.70 (88)
111.A Visit to the North Ch. 07
Annabelle is committed to her new life as is Pia. by MadQuill (04/09/15)
4.70 (44)
112.Kasey's Confession Ch. 16
Kasey gets together with Bob and learns more about the tape. by KaseyLegs (07/11/15)
4.70 (54)
113.Dory Drake: Dickgirl Detective Ch. 08
A continuation of Dory Drake's mysteries in London. by FourDodos (06/30/15)
4.70 (47)
114.Back to School
TG gets new gob, meets someone new and someone from the past. by nikkiesilk (12/15/15)
4.70 (114)
115.Cockatoo Pt. 18
James and Alex have to deal with being business partners. by nikkiesilk (12/04/15)
4.70 (87)
116.Caught For the Last Time Ch. 05
You're definitely keeping that nightie. by TGJamie (03/06/15)
4.70 (214)
117.Working for Halloween Ch. 02
CD has another night working for a costume company. by shawnavinyltv (03/26/15)
4.70 (127)
118.The Offer
A Naive Couple become the Companions of a Russian Oligarch. by Writer345 (10/08/15)
4.70 (137)
119.Anal Addiction Ch. 01
My anal addiction gets the best of me. by Tallnhard1 (05/20/15)
4.70 (314)
120.A Year Ago Ch. 09
Dinner and Car Trouble. by MadQuill (03/04/15)
4.70 (86)
121.T-Girl Fantasy Island Pt. 04
The story continues on the island. by skywriter62 (12/19/15)
4.70 (148)
122.Losing my Trans Virginity
Sean meets Cassidy in a new town and has a night together. by smutts2 (01/20/16)
4.70 (220)
123.Dory Drake: Dickgirl Detective Ch. 06
A mystery surrounding a private investigator in Seattle. by FourDodos (06/26/15)
4.69 (59)
124.Big Flipping Deal Ch. 03
Nick looks at she-male porn. by IanSaulWhitcomb (09/04/15)
4.69 (281)
125.Weekend at Alice's Cottage Ch. 07
Erica becomes more of a girl for a new man. by pantycladlad (04/08/15)
4.69 (101)
126.Nadia Ch. 02
Nadia teaches me a lesson in control. by la_suppleante (07/12/15)
4.69 (143)
127.Claimed by the Futanari Ch. 02: Witches!
Witches want what Ali's got. by AlinaX (04/01/15)
4.69 (104)
128.The Making of SweaterTV Ch. 03
The story continues.... by sweatertv (02/04/16)
4.69 (26)
129.Caught For the Last Time Ch. 06
Jamie gets her name and his wife enjoys his feminine side. by TGJamie (03/15/15)
4.69 (188)
130.Cockatoo Pt. 20
The confrontation with the blackmailing journalist. by nikkiesilk (01/21/16)
4.69 (68)
131.Cockatoo Pt. 16
James finally decides where his future lays. by nikkiesilk (05/21/15)
4.69 (110)
132.The Drill Sergeant
A forbidden tryst with something extra. by AmandaSwallows (10/14/15)
4.69 (223)
133.Quinn Ch. 02
Quinn goes on a date and goes farther than ever. by 36FF_Tiki (04/16/15)
4.69 (155)
134.A Year Ago Ch. 12
Sara Kisses Cynthia. by MadQuill (04/15/15)
4.69 (71)
135.CD Stacy's First Adventure
Crossdresser Stacy embraces her sexual awakening. by CDStacy (12/25/15)
4.69 (203)
136.Continuing My Education Ch. 01
Not your typical student/teacher romance... by ProfBriefs (04/18/15)
4.69 (234)
137.Caught For the Last Time Ch. 08
Jamie realizes once is not enough. by TGJamie (05/13/15)
4.69 (99)
138.Wedding Date
I need a date for my sister's wedding. by bullockhall (01/24/16)
4.68 (446)
139.The Trouble with Roommates Ch. 06
Nicole sinks deeper into submission. by KaylaG (02/24/15)
4.68 (291)
140.The Trouble with Roommates Ch. 05
Nick continues to test his boundaries and learns a lesson. by KaylaG (02/20/15)
4.68 (294)
141.Cockatoo Pt. 07
James meets Areeeya's father and goes much farther with Alex. by nikkiesilk (04/18/15)
4.68 (177)
142.How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 18
Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_14 (04/01/15)
4.68 (120)
143.Becoming the New Me Ch. 03
Together we explore my sexuality. by Chris7sw (07/19/15)
4.68 (41)
144.T-Girl Fantasy Island Pt. 07
The Hunt Continues (Chrystyna). by skywriter62 (01/13/16)
4.68 (104)
145.Blackmailed Pt. 03
No longer being blackmailed, Bambi enjoys herself. by cdsissybambi69 (11/27/15)
4.68 (182)
146.Kasey's Confession Ch. 18
Kasey encounters three possibly wise men (or maybe not). by KaseyLegs (07/14/15)
4.68 (47)
147.Changes Ch. 08
Stephanie comes out to friends. Gets "pegged" by Sarah. by sublocked (10/23/15)
4.68 (166)
148.Nothing Else Matters Ch. 03
Danny tells his friends the truth about Christina. by WhiskeyIsGood (05/24/15)
4.68 (119)
149.Coach Daddy Ch. 03
A sissy is claimed. by whatcouldofbeen (01/13/16)
4.68 (250)
150.Caught For the Last Time Ch. 07
Tommy comes to town to visit his big sis. by TGJamie (03/31/15)
4.68 (121)
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