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I had been with Alycia in Florida, for about a week and a half. Things were going great and we were both having so much fun. The sex had been almost non-stop; we were fucking like rabbits. It wasn't...

Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 06 by WhiskeyIsGood

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My heart skipped a beat as I heard Shane's voice from behind me and felt his hand on my shoulder. It couldn't be, I thought, I must be so tired I was hallucinating. Alex said, 'Hi Shane, glad you...

Cockatoo Pt. 28 by nikkiesilk

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I woke up in the morning with Michelle's arm around me. We were spooning. She was the big spoon. I held on-to her arm stroking it gently as I recalled how 'Mike' and I had gotten it on in the living...

'Jenny' & 'Mike': A Day Out by hfernandez1983

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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151.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 06
John loses someone close and Sara has a big announcement. by WhiskeyIsGood (10/08/16)
4.67 (78)
152.Becoming Joey Ch. 04
Joey loses her virginity. by First_time_bi (10/16/16)
4.66 (190)
153.Chelsea Ch. 02
They always come back for more. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/10/16)
4.66 (187)
154.Cockatoo Pt. 28
Jamie meets Shane again and becomes Scarlett. by nikkiesilk (06/03/16)
4.66 (86)
155.There's a New Boss in Town
Rebecca discovers that the company's new VP has a big secret. by Lara_Longstaff (03/20/16)
4.66 (477)
156.'Jenny' & 'Mike': A Day Out
A shopping trip, pegging at home...and at the movie theater. by hfernandez1983 (08/11/16)
4.66 (148)
157.My Life Pt. 02
Continuing story about a young trans girl and her teacher. by ShyTammy (09/03/16)
4.66 (148)
158.Billie and the Bordello
Hacking gets a boy into deep trouble. by nikkiesilk (02/19/16)
4.66 (124)
159.The Classmate Ch. 01
Victoria needs help before her interview. by EricSilence (06/05/16)
4.66 (475)
160.What We Really Want Ch. 01
A drug trial mishap forces Jill to question herself. by ZincStandard (07/07/16)
4.66 (348)
161.My First Time
CD Jessica's neighbor becomes her FWB. by sexyctcd (08/05/16)
4.66 (298)
162.The Incubus
When a date-rapist gets his just deserts. by AmandaSwallows (03/09/16)
4.66 (111)
163.Lucian Ch. 05
"Please rise and undress, sweetie." by angiquesophie (06/02/16)
4.65 (81)
164.The Lady Protests Too Much
A young college girl finds out her best friend is a futanari. by Lara_Longstaff (04/09/16)
4.65 (447)
165.Shemale Milf Next Door
Craig's sexy mature neighbor has a big surprise. by Lara_Longstaff (02/06/16)
4.65 (937)
166.Public at Last Ch. 02
Paul discovers true friendship and more from Heather. by sublocked (11/06/15)
4.65 (121)
167.Bexley Perplexity Ch. 03
Wyatt experiences two new things, and loves both! by UnexploredYearnings (05/14/16)
4.65 (66)
168.Futanari Wife
Lucas' wife becomes a futanari and he's pretty sure he likes by gabrielleprevot (08/19/16)
4.65 (238)
169.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 04
Alycia meets his friends. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/17/16)
4.65 (129)
170.Cockatoo Pt. 22
James is confronted by the policeman about Kritsada. by nikkiesilk (02/27/16)
4.65 (86)
171.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 05
Meeting Sara. by WhiskeyIsGood (10/05/16)
4.65 (83)
172.My Treasure
My first time encounter with a ladyboy. by Tetris07828 (05/14/16)
4.65 (180)
173.Melissa's Ordinary Day Ch. 07
Her Mistress puts Melissa into an interesting situation... by Floydman1 (07/19/16)
4.65 (20)
174.Coach Daddy Ch. 03
A sissy is claimed. by whatcouldofbeen (01/13/16)
4.65 (305)
175.Pam's Shemale Experience Ch. 03
Tanya visits Pam. (Saturday, Part 1) by majicman21 (09/07/16)
4.65 (37)
Jeremy is taken hostage for more than one reason. by skywriter62 (01/19/16)
4.65 (270)
177.The Runt of the Litter... Pt. 04
Nicole goes shopping... by Kent100 (06/14/16)
4.65 (54)
178.The Man That Owns Me Ch. 01
A sissy slut meets the man she will serve and obey. by keptsissy (08/19/16)
4.65 (105)
179.True Love Ch. 10
Alex and Sam begins their lives apart. by das4200 (03/12/16)
4.65 (85)
180.Consent Ch. 09
Corseting of Jackie and increased emotional feminization. by sublocked (04/29/16)
4.65 (99)
181.Intimate Wear
A young man learns the appeal of lingerie. by DennyDriehoek (08/07/16)
4.65 (212)
182.Jamie's Descent Pt. 03
Jamie continues on his new path. by nikkiesilk (06/24/16)
4.65 (206)
183.Futa Huntress Ch. 02
Minotaur Menace! Veran and Barrik save a town from minotaurs. by Lara_Longstaff (05/25/16)
4.65 (93)
184.The Making of SweaterTV Ch. 03
The story continues.... by sweatertv (02/04/16)
4.65 (31)
185.Zoya's Massage Parlor: Caitlyn Ch. 02
The conclusion of Caitlyn's visit to Zoya's Massage Parlor. by ZoyaDazzle (10/08/16)
4.65 (31)
186.Alone Time Ch. 02
Sunday is for sharing. by bullockhall (12/29/15)
4.64 (118)
187.Dates Nights
Husband and wife discover sissy and bisexual fetish. by yesplease8 (01/23/16)
4.64 (513)
188.Broken on My Break
Man is ruffled and broken down into a cockslut. by TopSeeker (06/14/16)
4.64 (299)
189.Futa World 04: Coming Together
Shiela needs to get FDA approval for her drug. by Lara_Longstaff (01/18/16)
4.64 (162)
190.Melissa's Ordinary Day Ch. 04
Melissa's friend Jessica learns what is really going on. by Floydman1 (05/20/16)
4.64 (81)
191.Seven Sunny Sunsets: Sunday
A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos (06/21/16)
4.64 (50)
192.Futanari Workout
An assertive futa picks up a blonde at her gym. by Lara_Longstaff (06/15/16)
4.64 (261)
193.Coach Daddy Ch. 02
A sissy is convinced. by whatcouldofbeen (01/12/16)
4.64 (283)
194.Futa Huntress Ch. 01
A futanari bounty hunter and a knight battle an evil witch. by Lara_Longstaff (04/22/16)
4.64 (155)
195.Consent Ch. 13
Jackie is used sexually at the club. by sublocked (07/02/16)
4.64 (47)
196.My Life Pt. 01
A young trans girl's first sexual experiences. by ShyTammy (09/01/16)
4.64 (199)
197.The New Hire
The new hire at the company is more than she seems. by DaniW (08/23/16)
4.64 (334)
198.Banging the Babysitter
A married futa couple wants a threesome. by majicman21 (03/13/16)
4.64 (209)
199.My Life Pt. 04: My first Client
All grown up, Tammy earns some money. by ShyTammy (09/23/16)
4.64 (77)
200.My Best Friend's Sister Ch. 03
Nick decides to tell his family. by WhiskeyIsGood (02/27/16)
4.64 (434)
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