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Oh I really really REALLY missed having a boyfriend! All you girls out there know what I mean - nothing is ever quite the same once you've experienced what it's like to belong, sexually, to...

Jemima's Tale Pt. 05 by jemimaheart

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As I started to take the hormones, I didn't notice much difference. However, I found myself wanting to be dressed more and more as a girl. So much so, that I found that most days I only dressed as a...

Becoming Mindy Ch. 05 by mindyrose

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Nick spent the next week trying to keep his mind off his closet full of women's clothes. Brian was getting more controlling as the money owed kept increasing, and now he was texting "Nicole" at...

The Trouble with Roommates Ch. 04 by KaylaG

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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151.Jemima's Tale Pt. 05
Can a new boyfriend for Jemima be out there on the web? by jemimaheart (08/23/14)
4.65 (23)
152.Becoming Mindy Ch. 05
Mindy goes out alone and picks up a guy on her own. by mindyrose (04/10/15)
4.65 (135)
153.The Trouble with Roommates Ch. 04
Nick's relationship with Brian takes a turn for the physical. by KaylaG (02/19/15)
4.65 (284)
154.Quinn Ch. 04
The events before the big Halloween party. by 36FF_Tiki (05/02/15)
4.65 (109)
155.Quinn Ch. 02
Quinn goes on a date and goes farther than ever. by 36FF_Tiki (04/16/15)
4.65 (134)
156.Y is for Yvette
All work and no play... by BethanyJ (10/24/14)
4.65 (119)
157.Chelsea Ch. 02
Meeting her family and establishing a relationship. by WhiskeyIsGood (07/27/15)
4.65 (79)
158.Waking Up with Brooke Ch. 02
Tim has some more fun with his girlfriend Brooke. by TheGuyInBlack (04/16/15)
4.65 (186)
159.Claimed by the Futanari Ch. 03: A Price to Pay
Ali's not out of the woods yet. by AlinaX (04/04/15)
4.65 (62)
160.SheMale Sirens Ch. 03
A violent storm carries Danny to a whole new place in life. by WhiskeyIsGood (11/18/14)
4.64 (180)
161.A Bend in the Road Ch. 03
Cliff comes home from a business trip to find Tad changed. by Oldguy45 (04/26/15)
4.64 (45)
162.A Year Ago Ch. 07
Sara meets Mrs. Norton. by MadQuill (01/29/15)
4.64 (87)
163.And When I Return Ch. 05
Rules built and expectations raised. Feminization begins. by sublocked (01/21/15)
4.64 (84)
164.A Visit to the North Ch. 10
Annabelle moves on, the Final. by MadQuill (06/27/15)
4.64 (14)
165.A Clockwork Green Ch. 04
Stepping Out. by AwkwardMD (12/03/14)
4.64 (39)
166.Friday Night Snow Storm
He crashes his car in the snow, and meets his destiny. by WhiskeyIsGood (03/08/15)
4.64 (380)
167.Weekend at Alice's Cottage Ch. 06
Erica has her first fourway. by pantycladlad (04/01/15)
4.64 (86)
168.Cockatoo Pt. 14
James is back in Bangkok and feeling sorry for himself. by nikkiesilk (05/10/15)
4.64 (108)
169.The Wyrm's Curse Ch. 05
In which Kara and Miri do some research. by Felix921 (09/03/14)
4.64 (36)
170.The Neighbor's Boy Ch. 08
A hike in the woods, and the return of Barry... by lauratmd (03/28/15)
4.64 (83)
171.Mia Mine Ch. 11
Mia's final steps before SRS, Mindy enters the foundation. by cliptoe (02/11/15)
4.64 (47)
172.A Visit to the North Ch. 09
Seth is with Annabelle. by MadQuill (05/21/15)
4.64 (11)
173.SheMale Sirens Ch. 02
Ryan sets sail in search of a better life. by WhiskeyIsGood (11/08/14)
4.63 (178)
CD boyfriend with shoe fetish is found out. by grgy56 (04/27/15)
4.63 (115)
175.Dena and Annie Pt. 03
Please don't Stop! by daisyboi_sissy (05/19/15)
4.63 (101)
176.Chasing After Katja Ch. 02
Jason and Katja come together. by geesteve11 (04/27/15)
4.63 (30)
177.A Decision to Make
A CD man is magically changed into a woman... has 48hrs. by butterflyjamie84 (06/20/15)
4.63 (95)
178.Mia Mine Ch. 13
The wedding and the final chapter of the series. by cliptoe (07/26/15)
4.63 (38)
179.Jemima's Tale Pt. 04
Jemima and Steve ...and Emma makes three? by jemimaheart (08/02/14)
4.63 (19)
180.Outing Ch. 04
Sweetie's final outings. by grgy56 (05/08/15)
4.63 (65)
181.My Adorably Hung Summer Roommate
Darren meets Danielle, a petite redhead w/ something extra. by IncognitoBandito (01/28/15)
4.63 (643)
182.Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood Pt. 04
Jacki makes new friends as they get ready for a party. by jacki697 (12/22/14)
4.63 (132)
A love story. by rick_oh (06/07/15)
4.63 (167)
184.The Roommate Pt. 04
Nellie goes "deeper" and starts finding some answers. by Adrianneanal (06/09/15)
4.63 (94)
185.Wedding Gift
How I became my best friend's perfectly wrapped wedding gift. by AnnaV (04/08/15)
4.63 (203)
186.Dory Drake: Dickgirl Detective Ch. 06
A mystery surrounding a private investigator in Seattle. by FourDodos (06/26/15)
4.62 (45)
187.Being Mindy Ch. 03
Mindy has fun at a sex party and thinks about the next step. by mindyrose (05/14/15)
4.62 (103)
188.Losing My Maleness To Become A Girl Ch. 03
For black man I make the ultimate change. by Lyricala (03/25/15)
4.62 (58)
189.Sparra the Futa Superhero
An old enemy isn't quite so dead. by AlinaX (04/09/15)
4.62 (71)
190.The Lady Inside Ch. 02
M2F Anna and David meet in Seattle after a summer apart. by sophiaxxsophia (06/30/15)
4.62 (42)
191.Dory Drake: Dickgirl Detective Ch. 05
A mystery surrounding a private investigator in Seattle. by FourDodos (06/25/15)
4.62 (47)
192.My Wife Turns Me Out At Book Club
Sissy slut forced to do everything for his friends. by Godscountry (03/24/15)
4.62 (263)
193."Waiting" on Fantasy
As an exclusive waitress, he services rich clients fantasies. by Delvesdeep (02/10/15)
4.62 (177)
194.Adult Video Store
Well-endowed lady at my first adult video store. by WriteOrWrong (07/24/15)
4.61 (275)
195.The Chief Pt. 02
The Chief gives basic training. by Aunt_Joanne (08/01/14)
4.61 (199)
196.Kasey's Legs Ch. 05
Kasey deals with consequences of being outed at work. by KaseyLegs (05/21/15)
4.61 (186)
197.Pink Fuzzy Slippers
A guy falls in love and becomes a man's wife. by Clintdear (05/16/15)
4.61 (152)
John gets something special this year. by Fot1234 (06/09/15)
4.61 (118)
199.My Seduction into CD'ing & Gay Sex
Young college age boy learns the joys of CDing & Gay Sex. by pantycladlad (12/03/14)
4.61 (315)
200.Sin City at 1 AM
The adventure continues in Michael's room. by dadavox (12/17/14)
4.61 (105)
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