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As soon as Holly agreed to my idea of movies and pizza, we set out to grab a few things from the store we would need to enjoy our night in together. We drove to a nearby store and bought some junk...

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 14 by WhiskeyIsGood

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Tommy awoke the next day as he had for the last few. Serena's balls were hovering over his mouth, waiting for their morning massage from his tongue. Her musk was overpowering, but it aroused him...

A Change of Management by alwaysreadyfryou

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I didn't sleep well, arising several times to clear the beer from the evening with Matt. His look was on my mind. Lying awake for nearly an hour I wondered about attracting men. Of course I'd...

A Year Ago Ch. 07 by MadQuill

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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201.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 14
Jay helps Holly through her depression. by WhiskeyIsGood (04/26/14)
4.57 (147)
202.A Change of Management
Tommy's sex slavery in the Land of Genies takes a big turn. by alwaysreadyfryou (07/12/14)
4.57 (84)
203.A Year Ago Ch. 07
Sara meets Mrs. Norton. by MadQuill (01/29/15)
4.57 (70)
204.Morgan's Organ Ch. 02
It's time to flip Morgan. by rsvlbimwm (01/12/15)
4.57 (272)
205.My Day Ch. 01
Wife helps husband become a slut for a day. by sapphiretx (02/01/15)
4.57 (195)
206.Quinn Ch. 02
Quinn goes on a date and goes farther than ever. by 36FF_Tiki (04/16/15)
4.57 (95)
207.Corssdressing at Pride Ch. 02
Further TRANSgressions, this time in a cruising club. by youngtwink19 (02/26/15)
4.57 (67)
208.The Neighbor's Boy Ch. 06
The relationship between Laura and Matt continues to develop. by lauratmd (02/24/15)
4.57 (157)
209.And When I Return Ch. 13
Jason's last day as Anna. A dream goodbye party. by sublocked (02/09/15)
4.56 (62)
210.Quiet Night in for a Dickgirl
Meet Sam, a sexy Dickgirl. by Summerbreeze90 (03/02/15)
4.56 (112)
211.Birthday Night
Alex's birthday night finds their perfect third. by AnaTG (01/23/15)
4.56 (80)
212.Mia Mine Ch. 11
Mia's final steps before SRS, Mindy enters the foundation. by cliptoe (02/11/15)
4.56 (32)
213.My Weekend Surprise Ch. 01
My wife and friend help out with my fantasy. by pinkpanteez247 (08/31/14)
4.56 (157)
214.A Visit to the North Ch. 05
Barbara's Search and Annabelle's Training by MadQuill (03/09/15)
4.56 (25)
215.Kathy and Surprises Ch. 03
My transgender girlfriend enjoys her own mother. So do I. by LorenzoAbajos (09/09/14)
4.56 (253)
216.Transformations - A Love Story
A husband and wife go through a life-changing journey by Tabitha_Jones (08/04/14)
4.56 (149)
217.Sin City at 1 AM
The adventure continues in Michael's room. by dadavox (12/17/14)
4.56 (106)
218.The Djinn Pt. 01
A Djinn is released from her lamp... by silent_one__ (02/10/15)
4.56 (153)
219.The Ballad of Jaimie and Vera Ch. 07
Act 2 Part 5 by AwkwardMD (06/24/14)
4.56 (54)
220.Rebecca and Rob Pt. 03
They make a woman out of me. by marissacd (02/17/15)
4.55 (114)
221.How James and I Started Together Ch. 02
Alin finds a new way to look sexy, James might just like it. by CrossdresserAlison77 (07/12/14)
4.55 (67)
222.Dressed So
A beautiful lesbian finds love. by MadQuill (07/17/14)
4.55 (69)
223.The Hunt Pt. 01
Halloween party, dressed as a woman, the perfect disguise? by TastyFan (07/13/14)
4.55 (316)
224.Helping a Butterfly
'Daddy' helps a lonely boy break free. by JimBob44 (01/03/15)
4.55 (129)
225.My Master & My Wife Ch. 03
Liz finds out about everything and Greg has to pay for it! by FunWithDahlia (05/09/14)
4.55 (140)
226.Weekend at Alice's Cottage Ch. 03
Erica loses her virginity on the golf course. by pantycladlad (03/21/15)
4.55 (122)
227.The Wedding Ch. 03
Sarah must pay for her betrayal. by kinglem (07/15/14)
4.55 (62)
228.Rebecca and Rob Pt. 02
Later that day, I discover I have been discovered. by marissacd (12/27/14)
4.55 (148)
229.Shemale Takes Her Man
He has a first time experience. by standingstones (06/13/14)
4.55 (88)
230.Kathy and Surprises Ch. 02
My transgender she male lover and I have fun. by LorenzoAbajos (09/05/14)
4.55 (288)
231.Waking Up with Brooke Ch. 01
College guy loses his virginity to a beautiful tranny. by TheGuyInBlack (03/11/15)
4.54 (371)
232.My Wonderful Secret Ch. 03
Andrea continues her struggles as a t-girl. by Ilbfita (12/30/14)
4.54 (85)
233.Chasing the Dragon Ch. 01
Savage little monkey. by AwkwardMD (08/07/14)
4.54 (150)
234.Finding My Shemale Goddess Ch. 02
Tim meets Emma, then has fun with his Goddess and her friend. by TheGuyInBlack (03/26/15)
4.54 (126)
235.My Sister's Doll
Dressed by my sister, I fall for her boyfriend's brother. by DaniDavala (07/03/14)
4.54 (358)
236.Becoming Mindy Ch. 05
Mindy goes out alone and picks up a guy on her own. by mindyrose (04/10/15)
4.54 (112)
237.And When I Return Ch. 11
The maturation of the Anna persona. by sublocked (02/02/15)
4.53 (58)
238.The Ballad of Jaimie and Vera Ch. 09
Act 3 Part 2 by AwkwardMD (08/07/14)
4.53 (45)
239.Shannon's Little Princess
Cameron's girlfriend dresses him up after he makes a mess. by CarlyJennings (05/27/14)
4.53 (417)
240.Nothing Else Matters Ch. 01
Sex, drugs and rock and roll. by WhiskeyIsGood (03/30/15)
4.53 (138)
241.The Chief Pt. 03
Joanne gets a new uniform. by Aunt_Joanne (08/20/14)
4.53 (104)
242.A Year Ago Ch. 03
Michael's evolving story of sensual investigation continues. by MadQuill (01/02/15)
4.53 (87)
243.Transexual Encounter Ch. 01
Real Life TS encounter. by SluttyValerie (11/17/14)
4.53 (140)
244.The Trouble with Roommates Ch. 07
Nick is caught taking advantage of Brian's absence. by KaylaG (03/03/15)
4.53 (209)
245.Losing My Maleness To Become A Girl Ch. 03
For black man I make the ultimate change. by Lyricala (03/25/15)
4.53 (40)
246.The Inspection
The Landlord finds something he shouldn't. by fuzzie_writer (12/04/14)
4.52 (181)
247.His Own Personal Ladyboy Ch. 03
After some shocking news Cliff settles in with the ladyboys. by walterio (11/19/14)
4.52 (65)
248.Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood
A crossdresser's journey into be a full-fledged sissy. by jacki697 (12/17/14)
4.52 (234)
249.A Girl Like Victoria
A first date with a special girl, they get what they want by smithjon1919 (05/21/14)
4.52 (403)
250.A Year Ago Ch. 05
The end of the First Phase, Sara and her new world. by MadQuill (01/22/15)
4.52 (71)
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