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It was probably one of my longest trips ever. Not in terms of just distance, but in terms of time. There were two connecting flights, but I'm used to that. But due to strong head winds, my westbound...

Traveling Has Its Rewards by SummerDreams

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The first time Rob Crane saw her, she took his breath away, literally. Madison Forsythe was her name, a bright bubbly intern at his law office. She was tall, eye to eye with Rob himself when she wore...

Shemale Intern by Lara_Longstaff

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"Am I really going to stoop this low?" Andy looked up at the spherical white building that towered in front of him. Videos of women in tiny dresses and high heels posing and gyrating were...

Sex Machina by LawrenceTalbot

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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1.Traveling Has Its Rewards
Nick finds that a baggage mistake changes his life. by SummerDreams (05/04/16)
4.74 (301)
2.Shemale Intern
Lawyer Rob falls in love with the transwoman at his firm. by Lara_Longstaff (05/06/16)
4.74 (507)
3."What Does She See in Him?" Ch. 02
After being away for weeks, Laura rewards Andy. by KuroshioX (04/30/16)
4.71 (250)
4.Sex Machina
His new replicant has some extra hardware. by LawrenceTalbot (05/15/16)
4.70 (403)
5.The Sweet Taste of Honey
A young man's fantasies transform into reality. by airoralover (05/09/16)
4.65 (295)
6.Bexley Perplexity Ch. 03
Wyatt experiences two new things, and loves both! by UnexploredYearnings (05/14/16)
4.64 (58)
7.Cockatoo Pt. 26
Jamie ends up in a Bangkok ladyboy bar. by nikkiesilk (05/21/16)
4.63 (63)
8.My Treasure
My first time encounter with a ladyboy. by Tetris07828 (05/14/16)
4.63 (124)
9.First Time
A young man's first time with a sexy transsexual. by WhiskeyIsGood (05/12/16)
4.63 (366)
10.Futa Huntress Ch. 02
Minotaur Menace! Veran and Barrik save a town from minotaurs. by Lara_Longstaff (05/25/16)
4.62 (32)
11.Melissa's Ordinary Day Ch. 04
Melissa's friend Jessica learns what is really going on. by Floydman1 (05/20/16)
4.60 (52)
12.In a Neighborly Way Ch. 03 Act 01
Couple Engage Trans Woman Neighbor. by KristyT (05/05/16)
4.59 (32)
13.Seven Sunny Sunsets: Wednesday
A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos (05/20/16)
4.59 (32)
14.BEA 2016
Queen Victoria. by devoutmalesub (05/17/16)
4.59 (147)
15.Consent Ch. 11
Jackie's feminization slavery reaches a crisis. by sublocked (05/06/16)
4.58 (80)
16.Bar Hopping Pt. 04
Jonah learns how to give a Shemale cock. by JJ122964 (05/06/16)
4.56 (52)
17.Bexley Perplexity Ch. 02
Wyatt learns Bexley's biggest secret. by UnexploredYearnings (04/30/16)
4.50 (100)
18.Dory Drake: Dickgirl Detective Ch. 13
A continuation of Dory Drake's mysteries in London. by FourDodos (05/04/16)
4.50 (20)
19.Consent Ch. 12
Johanna takes Jackie out for first public exposure as a woman. by sublocked (05/09/16)
4.49 (65)
20.Seven Sunny Sunsets: Tuesday
A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos (05/16/16)
4.49 (45)
21.Consent Ch. 10
Jackie wakes up in the hospital with breasts. by sublocked (04/30/16)
4.48 (82)
22.Bar Hopping Pt. 03
Jonah learns a new love. by JJ122964 (05/05/16)
4.46 (50)
23.Seven Sunny Sunsets: Prologue
A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos (05/06/16)
4.43 (100)
24.Story of Sissy Blackmail Ch. 01
Actual Story of how I was first discovered and used... by richysissy34 (05/15/16)
4.43 (255)
25.It Happened in the Panty Aisle
A chance encounter turns him into a cock worshipping sissy. by centrum1000 (05/07/16)
4.41 (417)
26.A New Life Ch. 04
A sissy's life is rearranged at the whim of his owner. by sissycinnamonswirl (05/14/16)
4.41 (44)
27.Seven Sunny Sunsets: Monday
A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos (05/13/16)
4.41 (59)
28.Melissa's Ordinary Day Ch. 03
Melissa finds out a little more about what's happening. by Floydman1 (05/19/16)
4.38 (42)
29.Hey, Big Spender
Spend a little time with me. by grgy56 (05/04/16)
4.38 (119)
30.The Last Gentle Thing
Two non-binary partners de-stress by getting each other off. by enby_queer (05/05/16)
4.38 (24)
31.He Belongs To Her Now
A man is seduced and taken by an ebony bbw tranny. by Quasimoto87 (05/12/16)
4.31 (201)
32.We Dot Our I's With Hearts Pt. 01
Fall semester is starting. Sami meets her roommate Brandi. by VSsissy92 (05/18/16)
4.24 (103)
33.Paul and Becky Get Kinky Ch. 02
Businessman Paul kinky dreams come true thanks to Becky. by paulphoenix1 (05/13/16)
4.23 (90)
34.Lost My Cherry To A Tranny
Tranny and Boyfriend Tag Team me. by 7yearsitched (05/16/16)
4.23 (78)
35.Young, Bound and Captured in HD
Degradation during strip search and sexual assault. by spitzharder (05/03/16)
4.22 (27)
36.How I Became a Crossdresser
Straight married man turned into cock loving slut. by Chrispe69 (05/19/16)
4.21 (261)
Stuck in GM land between nowhere and nowhere else. by sr71plt (05/03/16)
4.16 (45)
38.Lace and Love Ch. 02
Sissy Alice prepares for her master's return home. by vaultdweller111 (05/23/16)
4.13 (30)
39.First Time Sissy at the Gloryhole
I wanted to be seen in my frilly things, but I got more. by Stephen_Heathcote (05/11/16)
4.12 (177)
40.The Transvestite Stalker
Man takes an attractive woman hostage, a surprise ensues. by MicheleNylons (05/19/16)
4.12 (52)
41.Linsey Gets Used
Asian sissy gets it rough at a party. by linseyCDslut (05/22/16)
4.08 (132)
42.Melissa's Ordinary Day Ch. 02
The rest of Melissa's day after she arrives home. by Floydman1 (05/18/16)
4.04 (48)
43.A New Life Ch. 03
Chris looks back on his life. by greasy963 (05/24/16)
3.95 (21)
44.Melissa's Ordinary Day
It's just another day for a pretty young woman. Or is it? by Floydman1 (05/10/16)
3.94 (132)
45.Fulfilling James Ch. 02
James offers some assistance of his own. by tgemid (05/24/16)
3.92 (13)
46.Lace and Love Ch. 01
Asian man becomes a sissy for his boyfriend coming home. by vaultdweller111 (05/19/16)
3.88 (52)
47.Customer Services
A beauty salon has a new type of customer service. by djinnrummy (05/11/16)
3.84 (43)
A sissy cuckold story. by siscuc (05/19/16)
3.71 (126)
49.Tender is the Day
Just another day to remember, among times gone by. by IcelandSpar (05/24/16)
2.80 (15)
50.Fire Alarm
A crossdressing man fucks his adult daughter. by Nils Huim (04/30/16)
2.18 (94)