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Pam stopped outside her hotel room, fresh off her morning run. She checked her watch, a banana grabbed from the continental breakfast in her other hand. 8:22. That gives me enough time to shower,...

Pam's Shemale Experience by majicman21

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I woke sometime later with my face buried in the pillow, breathing in the scent of perfume and cigarettes. Groaning, I lifted my head and rolled over onto my back. It took a few moments longer than...

Kelly Ch. 02 by WhiskeyIsGood

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It was probably one of my longest trips ever. Not in terms of just distance, but in terms of time. There were two connecting flights, but I'm used to that. But due to strong head winds, my westbound...

Traveling Has Its Rewards by SummerDreams

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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1.Pam's Shemale Experience
A woman becomes a submissive slut. by majicman21 (04/16/16)
4.77 (201)
2.Kelly Ch. 02
More fun. by WhiskeyIsGood (04/28/16)
4.74 (165)
3.Traveling Has Its Rewards
Nick finds that a baggage mistake changes his life. by SummerDreams (05/04/16)
4.73 (124)
4."What Does She See in Him?" Ch. 02
After being away for weeks, Laura rewards Andy. by KuroshioX (04/30/16)
4.71 (207)
5.I am Number Four
New sissy finds his calling. by princessnocturne (04/27/16)
4.65 (162)
6.Futa Huntress Ch. 01
A futanari bounty hunter and a knight battle an evil witch. by Lara_Longstaff (04/22/16)
4.64 (106)
7.The Lady Protests Too Much
A young college girl finds out her best friend is a futanari. by Lara_Longstaff (04/09/16)
4.63 (318)
8."What Does She See in Him?"
A high school boy finds the girl of his dreams is a bit more. by KuroshioX (04/19/16)
4.63 (535)
9.A Sissy Fairy Tale
A brave prince frees a sissy princess from a curse. by AmandaSwallows (04/10/16)
4.63 (127)
10.Fulfilling James
FTM James requires assistance. by tgemid (04/25/16)
4.62 (63)
11.Just His Luck Ch. 02
Joseph takes Rachel on a date, and learns to power bottom. by Lara_Longstaff (04/09/16)
4.59 (248)
12.Twin Set
He puts on his sister's tennis dress to play as a woman. by thrillerauthor (04/08/16)
4.55 (265)
13.Bexley Perplexity
The start of something very new, and confusing. by UnexploredYearnings (04/22/16)
4.55 (106)
14.Cockatoo Pt. 24
James becomes Jamie and heads to Bangkok. by nikkiesilk (04/10/16)
4.53 (75)
15.Shipwrecked Pt. 03
The tasting of the boys meets approvals. by JJ122964 (04/05/16)
4.53 (97)
16.Shipwrecked Pt. 04
The forum begins. by JJ122964 (04/17/16)
4.52 (77)
17.Dead Lift
Frank finally gets a real work out. by Ocallaghan79 (04/26/16)
4.49 (229)
18.The Suitcase Ch. 03
Georgina gets her body mods and a dark secret is revealed... by SissyGeorgina (04/17/16)
4.48 (107)
19.Bexley Perplexity Ch. 02
Wyatt learns Bexley's biggest secret. by UnexploredYearnings (04/30/16)
4.47 (77)
20.The Seduction of Peter
Young man is seduced by an older woman who shares his fetish. by airoralover (04/21/16)
4.46 (127)
21.Doll House - The Salon Pt. 02
Sami's initial transformation is completed at the Salon! by Dani_Doll (04/14/16)
4.46 (143)
22.The Bar Pt. 01
Jessie decides to meets some girlfriends. by MadQuill (04/16/16)
4.43 (37)
23.Smoke Sessions 2016
Miss Angeli and Bailey kill time, and a couple of bowls. by DesoulTales (04/21/16)
4.42 (38)
24.The Suitcase Ch. 02
A sissy is given to a new Daddy... by SissyGeorgina (04/13/16)
4.41 (151)
25.Futanari Fantasy
Two ladies share a secret and a slave. by djinnrummy (04/21/16)
4.41 (71)
26.Sara becomes The Bride
One of my admirers makes my wedding night dreams come true. by Sexy_SaraCD (04/22/16)
4.40 (92)
27.The Breakdown
A car breakdown leads to hot rescue sex. by Sweetlisatv (04/05/16)
4.40 (147)
28.When Paul Met Jane
Jay turns in Jane and Paul finds out. by JunoRight (04/27/16)
4.38 (145)
29.Consent Ch. 09
Corseting of Jackie and increased emotional feminization. by sublocked (04/29/16)
4.36 (44)
30.One of the Girls
Eric unwittingly takes a job as a shemale porn actor. by Erotictales4u (04/22/16)
4.36 (272)
31.Bar Hopping Pt. 02
Jonah learns Lesson two. by JJ122964 (04/22/16)
4.35 (72)
32.Alan And The Doctor Ch. 03
Alan meets other cross dressers and becomes a cuckold. by Quietoldie (04/09/16)
4.30 (77)
33.My First Time with Isabel
I finally meet my transsexual friend in person! by esclaro (04/15/16)
4.30 (155)
34.Sissy Lauren Pt. 02
Sissy Lauren continues her journey and trains a new sissy. by CdJade (04/23/16)
4.29 (58)
35.Cockatoo Pt. 25
Jamie runs into trouble on the way to Bangkok. by nikkiesilk (04/17/16)
4.29 (63)
36.Young, Bound and Captured in HD
Degradation during strip search and sexual assault. by spitzharder (05/03/16)
4.29 (21)
37.Consent Ch. 10
Jackie wakes up in the hospital with breasts. by sublocked (04/30/16)
4.28 (61)
38.Paul and Becky Get Kinky Ch. 01
Businessman Paul kinky dreams come true thanks to Becky. by paulphoenix1 (04/20/16)
4.28 (94)
39.Hey, Big Spender
Spend a little time with me. by grgy56 (05/04/16)
4.26 (80)
40.An Evening Stroll
Guy pushes his kinky limits and gets taken much further. by KrisLace (04/24/16)
4.26 (147)
41.Making Crime Pay
Money makes a new life--and love--possible for a new girl. by komrad1156 (04/25/16)
4.25 (83)
42.Bar Hopping
Jonah learns Lesson one. by JJ122964 (04/21/16)
4.25 (115)
43.The Suitcase Ch. 01
A man's life begins to change... by SissyGeorgina (04/11/16)
4.23 (183)
Stuck in GM land between nowhere and nowhere else. by sr71plt (05/03/16)
4.20 (35)
45.Consent Ch. 08
Jack becomes Jacqueline (Jackie), takes ultimate humiliation. by sublocked (04/15/16)
4.19 (48)
46.The Car Girl
Bumping into a new friend and a new experience for him. by Sweetlisatv (04/17/16)
4.19 (70)
47.Sarah Gardens and Wears a Bikini
Sarah works as a gardener and gets to wear a string bikini. by SarahCD (04/06/16)
4.16 (98)
48.A Journey to Womanhood Pt. 04
Sam's long weekend continues. by brendachaplin2000 (04/26/16)
4.15 (26)
49.Losing My Virginity to Isabel
I consummate my relationship with a beautiful TS. by esclaro (04/16/16)
4.13 (119)
50.Maria and Sam
Sam falls for Maria - and into an unexpected trap. by Gesa (04/20/16)
4.00 (67)
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