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"Hey mister." Simon almost jumped in surprise at the voice. "Are you lost?" Nervously, he turned around. There, only a few feet away, stood a young woman, head cocked to the side in curiosity. ...

A Fortunate Encounter by PenguinEmperor

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Henry and Lisa have been married for many years. During that, time both of them made many little personal discoveries. Among them was Henry's passion for crossdressing. When it came out, Lisa was...

How Marissa Became a Woman by CDSean

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I jumped wide awake, startled by the sound of her ruler smacking my desk. Ms. Jones stood in front of me, glaring down with a wide grin from ear to ear. "Sleeping again, Mr. Thomson? How many...

Teachers Pet by WhiskeyIsGood

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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1.A Fortunate Encounter
A man experiences something new with a special kind of girl. by PenguinEmperor (02/03/17)
4.78 (448)
2.The Calling of the Stars
Crewmates, friends, space-age valentines. by Fred190666 (01/31/17)
4.75 (53)
3.How Marissa Became a Woman
Married CD experiences his fantasies with Wife's help. by CDSean (02/01/17)
4.75 (151)
4.Giving My Ass to a Wealthy Stranger
Straight young man dolls himself up and services cock. by shyscholar (02/13/17)
4.70 (223)
5.Teachers Pet
To graduate, he must become the teacher's pet. by WhiskeyIsGood (02/01/17)
4.69 (425)
6.Sam's Pink Panties
Henry's friend is a girl now, and he wants to know more... by EasySleazy (02/02/17)
4.65 (382)
7.Rebecca and Ethan Ch. 06
Rebecca really fucks Ethan this time. by becca1983 (02/03/17)
4.65 (66)
8.Wild Devil
He meets his favorite band and becomes a groupie. by WhiskeyIsGood (02/23/17)
4.65 (220)
9.A Fresh Start
Lonely Tgirl finds her way into the life of a lewd Librarian. by XtinaSmith2017 (02/21/17)
4.64 (129)
10.Rebecca and Ethan Ch. 07
Ethan gives Rebecca a blow job. by becca1983 (02/14/17)
4.63 (52)
11.Queen for a Night
Anniversary gift turns young hubby into weekend wide. by Jamie_in_dresses (01/28/17)
4.62 (271)
12.Thoughtful Wife
Darren receives a birthday gift he won't soon forget. by Erotic_librarian (02/24/17)
4.62 (119)
13.Addicted to Pream's Cream
A man's first TS encounter at a massage parlor. by Vodka_Jim (01/27/17)
4.61 (438)
14.Cockatoo Pt. 33
The aftermath of the bombing leads to more complications. by nikkiesilk (01/30/17)
4.61 (71)
15.The Massage
Kevin's new client comes with new experiences. by DaniW (02/24/17)
4.60 (206)
16.Rite of Passage Ch. 02
The morning after Caitlyn returns for more. by XtinaSmith2017 (02/23/17)
4.60 (94)
17.First Time in the City
Michael meets a powerful man and becomes Julia. by becca1983 (02/06/17)
4.59 (254)
18.Muscle Mature Fucks Rough Pt. 02
I'm back again... by razmatazz17 (02/09/17)
4.59 (170)
19.Jason, the IT Guy
Sarah seduces and fucks Jason. by becca1983 (02/17/17)
4.56 (189)
20.What I saw in Sara's Eyes
His best friend turns into a damsel in distress. by griffin57 (02/23/17)
4.54 (151)
21.Fulfilling a Fantasy
Jack fulfills his fantasy about meeting a sexy transsexual. by Brit1986 (02/01/17)
4.54 (112)
22.The Weekly Date
A teen crossdresser goes on her weekly date with her lover. by youngtwink19 (01/31/17)
4.52 (81)
23.Ugly Duckling to Sissy Princess Ch. 03
The Princess is Taken to the Ball. by JHouston (02/06/17)
4.50 (80)
24.Cockatoo Pt. 34
James is drawn deeper into trouble. by nikkiesilk (02/19/17)
4.50 (60)
25.Crossdressing at Pride Ch. 05
Giving Albert a sexy surprise upon his return. by youngtwink19 (01/28/17)
4.50 (30)
26.A Slut's Triangle Pt. 13
Ashleigh's plan backfires, Brenda sets Kryss up to fail. by Kantarii (02/04/17)
4.50 (14)
27.Bryce in the Park's Bathroom
"What are you doing in here?" by JimBob44 (02/05/17)
4.50 (141)
28.Muscle Mature Fucks Rough Pt. 01
She wants me, and she wants me bad. by razmatazz17 (02/06/17)
4.49 (213)
29.Tonisshy gets Southern Hospitality
Toni meets a real southern gentleman. by Tonisshy (02/23/17)
4.49 (37)
30.Escapism: The Modern Man
Escapism can be a wonderful thing. by chasingrisque (02/07/17)
4.48 (50)
31.The Prostate Exam Pt. 07
Married Sissy is broken and becomes a true cocksucker. by subboislutnz (02/16/17)
4.48 (67)
32.Becoming Jessica Pt. 05
Jessica has an erotic evening after shopping. by Lovely_Jessica (02/12/17)
4.47 (55)
33.Train Riding
Train ride takes a turn for the weird. by razmatazz17 (02/13/17)
4.47 (161)
34.Wife Gets Even
Wife loses bet but wins the rematch and fems up her husband. by JNBPUB (02/25/17)
4.46 (142)
35.From Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch
An employee turns her straight married ex-boss into her bitch. by subboislutnz (02/16/17)
4.45 (236)
36.Betty's Date
Betty goes on a date with Kevin. by nolfon1 (02/17/17)
4.44 (82)
37.Rebecca and Ethan Ch. 05
A Sexual Experience at the Office. by becca1983 (01/29/17)
4.42 (59)
38.Tricked with a Pill
Man tricked into taking a pill that turns him into a woman. by jackie_em (02/17/17)
4.41 (239)
39.Hot Tub Surprise
A couple's tryst with a shemale. by JadisCarroway (01/31/17)
4.40 (160)
40.Alternate Reality Ch. 02
Krystal remains stuck in SIM: Slut City. by grgy56 (02/16/17)
4.39 (51)
41.My New Family
Widower finds his new family, young dad finds new role. by eagle166 (02/23/17)
4.39 (134)
42.Tricked with a Pill Ch. 02
The rest of Andi's story. by jackie_em (02/23/17)
4.38 (106)
43.My Girlfriend's Sissy Roommate Ch. 03
Things get steamy with the poly triad. by SEVERUSMAX (02/26/17)
4.38 (40)
44.Alternate Reality Ch. 01
CD - VR player becomes a true woman. by grgy56 (02/10/17)
4.36 (91)
45.A Fair Trade
A young trade makes a bad deal with a shemale giantess... by XtinaSmith2017 (02/17/17)
4.36 (106)
46.The Society Ch. 05
War is raged between Madam Catherine and The Black Rose. by Barno (02/10/17)
4.35 (37)
47.'Jenny' & 'Mike': Romance & Threesomes
More pegging in public and a fun threesome to end the night. by hfernandez1983 (02/09/17)
4.35 (43)
48.Meeting a Cross Dresser Ch. 01
A transgender woman meets a cross dresser. by Brian70 (02/20/17)
4.35 (84)
49.Aphora's Mission Ch. 11
The all-American girl and bunna. by ValoryG (02/05/17)
4.33 (30)
50.Found - Again
Continuing story of being found by my neighbor and co worker. by BufordTJusticeTX (02/18/17)
4.33 (133)
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