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The Gemini Gardens district of Silver City Outpost was home to the quadrant's most elite and wealthy families. Here deals were made here every day; deals that moved trade goods from sector to sector,...

Gemini Strike Vol. 01 by DesoulTales

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Hi, my name is Chris and I am an 18 year old guy. I was not popular at school as I was predominantly interested in playing computer games and reading comic books. This inherently caused my other...

Loser To Lauren by prodigalspoon

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In bed late Friday night I thought of Cynthia's question this evening, "Oh Sara, do we have to stop?" After we making out on her sofa I drove home alone. Her kisses were all I could think of. I...

A Year Ago Ch. 13 by MadQuill

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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1.Gemini Strike Vol. 01
Futanari x Femboy Space Opera. by DesoulTales (05/23/15)
4.90 (10)
2.Rear Window Homage
A story loosely based on Hitchcocks film Rear Window. by nikkiesilk (05/06/15)
4.80 (75)
3.Loser To Lauren
A guy goes from nothing to the girl of his dreams. by prodigalspoon (04/29/15)
4.78 (389)
4.A Year Ago Ch. 13
Sara meets someone & explains her life change to her mother. by MadQuill (05/09/15)
4.77 (47)
5.Cockatoo Pt. 11
James gets some news from the UK and a present from Alex. by nikkiesilk (04/30/15)
4.76 (131)
6.Cockatoo Pt. 15
James goes to Bangkok after the fight with Alex. by nikkiesilk (05/13/15)
4.75 (106)
7.Cockatoo Pt. 10
Alex goes to Bangkok and Samantha meets Areeya. by nikkiesilk (04/28/15)
4.74 (128)
8.A Visit to the North Ch. 08
Annabelle finds a new world, Pia is lead into hers. by MadQuill (05/08/15)
4.73 (15)
9.His Son's Teacher Ch. 05
Pt 2: A spring break full of surprises. by GillianCD (05/14/15)
4.72 (76)
10.Becoming Cassie Ch. 11
Cassie's back for a whole new year. by TGJamie (05/22/15)
4.72 (108)
11.Being Mindy Ch. 02
Mindy finds that she's attracted to women as well. by mindyrose (04/28/15)
4.71 (132)
12.Cockatoo Pt. 12
Alex returns from Bangkok and reunites with James. by nikkiesilk (05/05/15)
4.70 (114)
13.Caught For the Last Time Ch. 08
Jamie realizes once is not enough. by TGJamie (05/13/15)
4.68 (74)
14.Anal Addiction Ch. 01
My anal addiction gets the best of me. by Tallnhard1 (05/20/15)
4.66 (245)
15.Outing Ch. 04
Sweetie's final outings. by grgy56 (05/08/15)
4.63 (65)
16.Chasing After Katja Ch. 02
Jason and Katja come together. by geesteve11 (04/27/15)
4.62 (29)
17.Cockatoo Pt. 14
James is back in Bangkok and feeling sorry for himself. by nikkiesilk (05/10/15)
4.61 (111)
18.Dena and Annie Pt. 03
Please don't Stop! by daisyboi_sissy (05/19/15)
4.61 (72)
19.Pink Fuzzy Slippers
A guy falls in love and becomes a man's wife. by Clintdear (05/16/15)
4.60 (141)
20.Quinn Ch. 04
The events before the big Halloween party. by 36FF_Tiki (05/02/15)
4.59 (87)
21.Caught For the Last Time Ch. 09
Jamie & Kelsey do Vegas... and each other. by TGJamie (05/19/15)
4.58 (52)
CD boyfriend with shoe fetish is found out. by grgy56 (04/27/15)
4.57 (124)
23.Kasey's Legs Ch. 05
Kasey deals with consequences of being outed at work. by KaseyLegs (05/21/15)
4.56 (160)
24.Nothing Else Matters Ch. 03
Danny tells his friends the truth about Christina. by WhiskeyIsGood (05/24/15)
4.56 (96)
25.Being Mindy Ch. 03
Mindy has fun at a sex party and thinks about the next step. by mindyrose (05/14/15)
4.56 (108)
26.A Bend in the Road Ch. 03
Cliff comes home from a business trip to find Tad changed. by Oldguy45 (04/26/15)
4.55 (44)
27.April Fool
Guy falls for an April Fool prank with fun consequences. by portiawriter (05/04/15)
4.53 (226)
28.Cockatoo Pt. 16
James finally decides where his future lays. by nikkiesilk (05/21/15)
4.52 (77)
29.Continuing My Education Ch. 02
Conflict and Consummation. by ProfBriefs (05/16/15)
4.52 (54)
How could I think of her as a girl, or how could I not? by Ijhel (05/03/15)
4.51 (170)
31.Cockatoo Pt. 13
James gets some bad news and has a row with Alex. by nikkiesilk (05/08/15)
4.51 (94)
32.Kasey's Legs Ch. 07
Kasey gets a job offer, but what kind of job? by KaseyLegs (05/23/15)
4.48 (110)
33.Sweet Alice
Friend uses cosplay and beer to seduce me. by Akito01 (05/01/15)
4.47 (172)
34.How I Met My Wife
I meet a woman on-line, and she trains me to submit fully by Godscountry (04/28/15)
4.46 (135)
35.For the First Time Ch. 03
Walking into the real world. by Christy7 (05/09/15)
4.45 (51)
36.Outing Ch. 03
Sweetie continues to enjoy T(He) G Spa. by grgy56 (05/06/15)
4.44 (64)
37.Dancing Queen
A young man finds himself dancing to the snake's tune. by MonsterGirlExaminer (05/13/15)
4.43 (44)
38.A Visit to the North Ch. 09
Seth is with Annabelle. by MadQuill (05/21/15)
4.43 (7)
39.CD Bowling Trip
Max becomes Maxine during forceful treatment. by 36FF_Tiki (05/06/15)
4.43 (101)
40.Outing Ch. 02
Sweetie's CD outing adventures continue. by grgy56 (04/30/15)
4.42 (92)
41.Kasey's Legs Ch. 03
Kasey loses his cherry and starts to accept who he really is. by KaseyLegs (05/19/15)
4.40 (191)
42.Kasey's Legs Ch. 04
Kasey decides to wear short shorts to work. by KaseyLegs (05/20/15)
4.40 (159)
43.Tess Was All Girl Ch. 06
Tess evens the score and then some. by trappedinside (05/05/15)
4.39 (49)
44.Kasey's Legs Ch. 06
Kasey makes a movie and invites too many men. by KaseyLegs (05/22/15)
4.38 (119)
45.Kasey's Legs Ch. 08
Kasey comes to terms with being a sissy. by KaseyLegs (05/25/15)
4.35 (97)
46.Kasey's Legs Ch. 02
Kasey finds out what kind of girl he is. by KaseyLegs (05/18/15)
4.34 (251)
47.Kasey's Legs
His girlfriend encouraged his crossdressing and more. by KaseyLegs (05/17/15)
4.34 (346)
48.It Happened One Halloween...
Halloween know the rest. by Lovinhose (04/27/15)
4.32 (147)
49.The Masseuse
Masseuse introduces man into the pleasures of the third sex. by tomjohnson (05/12/15)
4.31 (249)
50.Kasey's Legs Ch. 09
Kasey makes a new friend and they order pizza. by KaseyLegs (05/26/15)
4.31 (61)
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