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I hope everyone had a great New Year so far. Mine was uneventful. I have been delayed in continuing this series for several reasons but finally I got a chance to sit down and write this part. The...

T-Girl Fantasy Island Pt. 06 by skywriter62

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The westerly winds had been blowing steadily for the last three days as the old barque stood out to round the headland, the casual eye would not notice her stained sails were in fact quite new and...

Pirate on the High Seas by spitzharder

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"Are you sure you don't want anything special for your birthday, Nick?" Libby whispered in her boyfriend's ear as she molded her long, lean body against his. The bar was busy, as it was a Saturday...

Satisfaction Guaranteed by Lara_Longstaff

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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1.T-Girl Fantasy Island Pt. 06
The Hunt Begins (Paul). by skywriter62 (01/11/16)
4.85 (137)
2.Pirate on the High Seas
Shemale & female sex. by spitzharder (02/03/16)
4.82 (49)
3.Satisfaction Guaranteed
Libby gives her boyfriend a shemale as a surprise present! by Lara_Longstaff (01/13/16)
4.77 (314)
4.Alternate Earth Pt. 03
The Racer. by AmandaSwallows (02/04/16)
4.74 (19)
5.What You Will
Old love rediscovered, new love found, over Valentines Day. by AcheronStyxx (02/02/16)
4.73 (88)
6.Sleeping with the Enemy
A bully should not get away with it. by nikkiesilk (01/30/16)
4.73 (183)
7.SheMale Sirens Ch. 04
The Queen's looking for a new slave. by WhiskeyIsGood (01/12/16)
4.73 (95)
8.Coach Daddy Ch. 04
A sissy is claimed. by whatcouldofbeen (01/15/16)
4.73 (193)
9.Losing my Trans Virginity
Sean meets Cassidy in a new town and has a night together. by smutts2 (01/20/16)
4.70 (220)
10.The Making of SweaterTV Ch. 03
The story continues.... by sweatertv (02/04/16)
4.69 (26)
11.Cockatoo Pt. 20
The confrontation with the blackmailing journalist. by nikkiesilk (01/21/16)
4.69 (68)
12.Wedding Date
I need a date for my sister's wedding. by bullockhall (01/24/16)
4.68 (447)
13.T-Girl Fantasy Island Pt. 07
The Hunt Continues (Chrystyna). by skywriter62 (01/13/16)
4.68 (104)
14.Coach Daddy Ch. 03
A sissy is claimed. by whatcouldofbeen (01/13/16)
4.68 (250)
15.Coach Daddy Ch. 06
A sissy is shared. by whatcouldofbeen (01/30/16)
4.67 (97)
16.Shemale Milf Next Door
Craig's sexy mature neighbor has a big surprise. by Lara_Longstaff (02/06/16)
4.67 (458)
17.Some Girls are Different
Jim goes on travel for work and has the night of his life. by TransKat (01/20/16)
4.67 (290)
Dreams can come true. by nikkiesilk (02/05/16)
4.66 (143)
Jeremy is taken hostage for more than one reason. by skywriter62 (01/19/16)
4.64 (216)
20.Coach Daddy Ch. 02
A sissy is convinced. by whatcouldofbeen (01/12/16)
4.63 (231)
21.Cockatoo Pt. 21
James confronts Sam over her links to the journalist. by nikkiesilk (01/26/16)
4.62 (68)
22.Dates Nights
Husband and wife discover sissy and bisexual fetish. by yesplease8 (01/23/16)
4.61 (284)
23.Alternate Earth Pt. 04b
Heavy Metal Girls Pt. 2. by AmandaSwallows (02/06/16)
4.60 (15)
24.Coach Daddy Ch. 05
A sissy is awoken. by whatcouldofbeen (01/19/16)
4.59 (150)
25.Consent Ch. 05
Jack starts his slavery "employment" as a trannie model. by sublocked (01/19/16)
4.57 (60)
26.Matt's Birthday Present
Be careful what you wish for.... by ruwild (02/09/16)
4.56 (100)
27.So You Want to be a Nurse? Ch. 02
Polly visits Michele to help her dress, sexy evening follows. by MicheleNylons (01/24/16)
4.55 (96)
28.Doll House - The Interview
A young man interviews for the position of a lifetime... by Dani_Doll (01/24/16)
4.54 (455)
29.Futa World 04: Coming Together
Shiela needs to get FDA approval for her drug. by Lara_Longstaff (01/18/16)
4.54 (96)
30.Flashbacks Pt. 04
"It's in the hole!" by fraubleucher (01/26/16)
4.54 (24)
31.Captured by the Elves
A human soldier is taken by a mysterious band of she elves. by notbreckenridge (01/14/16)
4.53 (261)
32.So You Want to be a Nurse? Ch. 04
Michele goes to hotel to service a punter an enjoys. by MicheleNylons (02/03/16)
4.51 (43)
33.The Resort Day 01
Day 1. by Girly1 (02/03/16)
4.48 (123)
34.Cockatoo Pt. 19
James gets his punishment from Alex. by nikkiesilk (01/19/16)
4.48 (67)
35.Alternate Earth Pt. 04a
Heavy Metal Girls Pt. 1. by AmandaSwallows (02/05/16)
4.47 (15)
36.Undercovers Pt. 01
Rookie officer gets first assignment. by Checkmate215 (01/22/16)
4.46 (192)
37.Flashbacks - New Years
A New Years Shemale Party. by fraubleucher (01/18/16)
4.44 (45)
38.So You Want to be a Nurse? Ch. 01
Male nurse is forced to become a tranny nurse & fuck the Doc. by MicheleNylons (01/13/16)
4.43 (164)
39.Stevie's Coming Out Ch. 02
Young crossdresser's first steps. by michaellajones (01/14/16)
4.40 (102)
40.Misogynistic Man Owned!!!
A supernatural fantasy, with five dominant shemales. by Ovid71 (02/03/16)
4.40 (88)
41.Katrina was Different
I could tell, maybe, I mean, I think I could tell. by ofloveandlust (02/10/16)
4.38 (60)
42.Sarah Gets To Meet Her Neighbor
Sarah was about to go out but met her neighbor instead. by SarahCD (02/10/16)
4.38 (89)
43.The Resort - Getting There
A resort vacation changes him. by Girly1 (01/30/16)
4.38 (142)
44.So You Want to be a Nurse? Ch. 03
Michele is trained to be a transvestite prostitute. by MicheleNylons (01/29/16)
4.36 (61)
45.Sam's Night Out
A gender-bender story. by Girly1 (01/20/16)
4.35 (159)
46.The Making of SweaterTV Ch. 02
The story continues... by sweatertv (02/03/16)
4.33 (30)
47.The Djinn Pt. 03
Ethan gives birth... by silent_one__ (01/16/16)
4.32 (98)
48.Confessions of a Re-Formed Pervert Pt. 01
Flashback to life as a cross-dressing husband. by DianeRedfern (01/28/16)
4.31 (59)
49.Cathy and Kim
Picking up two females, 1 female 1 both. by iser21 (02/01/16)
4.28 (134)
50.Sarah was Naughty in the Hot Tub
Sarah had company in the hot tub late at night. by SarahCD (02/05/16)
4.27 (63)
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