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A.N. Well the moment you've all been waiting for is here. I hope I made it worth the wait :D The following contains: Sexy happenings between a top dick girl and a bottom boy. If you're not into...

Something Better Ch. 03 by DamienDeath20

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The house next door had, for the past 15 years, been a rental property, mainly for members of the defence force. Neighbours stayed not more than 2 years and some seemed almost gone overnight. Tenants...

My New Neighbours by csm1967

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Welcome to part 2 of Jaime and Mike. If you haven't read the first part I suggest you start there. And as always, Enjoy! *** So here I am, dressed like Han Solo, on my hands and knees with...

Jaime and Mike Pt. 02 by LadyMelodyDarkheart

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1.Something Better Ch. 03
Gabbi and Casey take their relationship to the next level. by DamienDeath20 (12/06/18)
4.81 (102)
2.Kat has a Dog Ch. 06
I pop the question. by loveto69u (12/01/18)
4.78 (118)
3.My New Neighbours
I get to know my new neighbours. by csm1967 (11/16/18)
4.76 (357)
4.Jaime and Mike Pt. 02
Jaime and Mike explore their relationship and love blooms. by LadyMelodyDarkheart (11/15/18)
4.76 (94)
5.College Knights Ch. 03
Sandra discovers her daughter has something extra too. by DeepMoss (11/12/18)
4.75 (276)
6.Sara & Laura Ch. 02
Sara's second session with her sex therapist. by wowser1 (12/07/18)
4.74 (127)
7.Kat has a Dog Ch. 05
We reunite in Cork. by loveto69u (11/19/18)
4.72 (130)
8.Huntress Ch. 03
Accalia takes Aquia on his first hunt. by DamienDeath20 (11/30/18)
4.72 (67)
9.Yes, Mommy Ch. 01
Office dyke learns her work crush has a naughty secret. by ThatTransDyke666 (11/28/18)
4.71 (260)
10.A Special Night, Laci's First...
A Story of Laci a crossdresser's first time rendezvous. by Sissy_Chantel (11/21/18)
4.70 (102)
11.Dr. Awful Ch. 02
Rachel adjusts to being a man living the life of a woman. by JonThomas_ (11/27/18)
4.68 (19)
12.Kat has a Dog Ch. 04
We miss each other. by loveto69u (11/11/18)
4.68 (155)
13.Falling into Being a Sissy
Sonny meets Josh at a reunion very quickly becomes Sunshine. by Sissyhalo (12/08/18)
4.68 (109)
14.A Futa Slave and Seven Maids
Abducted and transformed for a billionaire's harem. by AlinaX (11/24/18)
4.68 (154)
15.Terrible Terry, Michelle's Secret
Terry and I discover Michelle's secret. by thethreecats22 (11/15/18)
4.65 (94)
16.Becoming Abby Ch. 10
Missy and Abby's new adventure continues. by Abby_Hart (11/21/18)
4.65 (37)
17.Flyin the Friendly Skies Pt. 02
Two strangers find romance and passion at 30,000 ft. by Deviana (11/21/18)
4.64 (73)
18.My Unwanted Transition Ch. 05
Is Jenny finding herself in a complicated love triangle? by Terrafic (11/15/18)
4.64 (55)
19.Dinner Date with Mommy Pt. 04
Daddy's gives it, Sophie takes it, and Mommy joins the fun. by SissyStoryTime (11/28/18)
4.63 (35)
20.Obey Thy Neighbor Ch. 07
Millie gets to suck a cock. by jealouscuck (11/10/18)
4.63 (142)
21.Cunt! Ch. 05
Ashley begins moving forward with or without... by chandler831 (11/17/18)
4.61 (72)
22.Mike and I Ch. 02
Justin has a repeat visit, something a little different. by Glorphix (11/23/18)
4.61 (77)
23.Alexa's Journey Ch. 03
Alexa's and Ryan new beginnings. by sj_53 (11/22/18)
4.60 (30)
24.Obey Thy Neighbor Ch. 08
Millie goes all the way in the Islands. by jealouscuck (11/22/18)
4.59 (80)
25.Jaime and Mike Pt. 01
A man meets his fantasy woman, his ultimate fantasy. by LadyMelodyDarkheart (11/10/18)
4.58 (310)
26.The Ride of a Lifetime Ch. 02
Once "straight" married man waits for his new lover. by CuriousJ95 (11/17/18)
4.58 (123)
27.A New Spin on Role Playing Games Ch. 02
CD has another sissy session, gets hot help getting ready. by shawnavinyltv (11/13/18)
4.58 (66)
28.Hot Chocolate
A crossdressing booty call takes a romantic turn. by XtinaSmith2017 (11/20/18)
4.57 (166)
29.Becoming CD Mistress Raven's Slut Ch. 02
I fall deeper under her spell and she pushes my boundaries. by Vodka_Jim (11/20/18)
4.57 (63)
30.The Futa Ring: Abuse of Power
A history lesson for Ali. by AlinaX (12/05/18)
4.57 (53)
31.My Summer as a Girl Pt. 06
Time for the big reveal. by RightButSexy (11/13/18)
4.56 (89)
32.Michelle's Journey Home
Michelle left Lisa's, but she didn't expect the layby fuck. by bottomfun (11/28/18)
4.56 (82)
33.Afro Stress Relief Ch. 06
White Boy becomes ever more involved with Afro-community. by llts1970 (12/02/18)
4.56 (41)
34.Sara & Laura Ch. 01
A girl's visit to a sex therapist. by wowser1 (11/30/18)
4.56 (166)
35.Turned into Michelle
Lisa turns Mike into Michelle during his college break. by bottomfun (11/26/18)
4.54 (322)
36.The Lost Boy Ch. 17
On the verge of battle, Agrat makes a desperate play. by DamienDeath20 (12/07/18)
4.54 (35)
37.Dinner Date with Mommy Pt. 03
Go back in time to see how Sophie became such a sissy. by SissyStoryTime (11/20/18)
4.53 (43)
38.I Can See You
A man wears his wife's clothes, but who's watching the CCTV. by simone77 (12/08/18)
4.53 (113)
39.Gerina's Work Adventure Ch. 03
Having lunch time fun. The end of day draws near. by grgy56 (11/10/18)
4.53 (36)
40.Jaime and Mike Pt. 03
Jaime and Mikeooooen their restaurant and meet an old friend. by LadyMelodyDarkheart (11/20/18)
4.52 (46)
41.Finding My Place Pt. 02
Devin gets renamed, put on hormones, starts therapy... by LarryToLaura (11/22/18)
4.51 (153)
42.Into The Chains Ch. 01
Pain and pleasure rule here, welcome to the chains... by DamienDeath20 (12/05/18)
4.48 (66)
43.I Adore Crossdressers Pt. 04
A sissy gets displayed in public and loves it. by Ab9095 (11/29/18)
4.48 (54)
44.Mike and I
A figure from Justin's past looms large... by Glorphix (11/21/18)
4.47 (101)
45.Transforming from Dan to Danni
Quickly transformed to look and act as a woman. by WendyGear (12/08/18)
4.46 (122)
46.My Neighbor's Submissive Ch. 02
Later that day my submission is confirmed. by marissacd (11/20/18)
4.45 (159)
47.The Futa Ring
Another trip to the magic shop leads to trouble. by AlinaX (11/30/18)
4.43 (115)
48.Dinner Date with Mommy Pt. 01
Part 1 of a sequel to Meeting Mommy. Sissy fun abounds. by SissyStoryTime (11/18/18)
4.43 (76)
49.Why I Crossdress!
I finally score with my quarterback!!! by readtaboo (12/01/18)
4.43 (109)
50.Finding My Place Pt. 03
Deziree's encounter with Noah continues, she makes a friend. by LarryToLaura (11/29/18)
4.42 (62)
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