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Steve. The one man who was there when I first assumed the name Sara. The first man to make love to me. The first man I ever took in my pussy and in my mouth. The first man who treated me like a real...

Sara and Steve... Again by Sexy_SaraCD

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Miranda returned home Sunday evening around 8 p.m. Lori and Leigh Ann, feeling a bit guilty about their secret tryst, gave their roommate kisses and hugs (Lori always loved to feel another woman's...

The Roommate Pt. 14 - Miranda by ValoryG

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Friday night. The last night that Alycia could really enjoy going out on the town with me. She was leaving Sunday afternoon, so technically she could go out Saturday night if we wanted to. But she...

Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 03 by WhiskeyIsGood

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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1.Sara and Steve... Again
Sara and Steve find each other again... by Sexy_SaraCD (09/30/16)
4.80 (25)
2.Chasing Hannah Ch. 03
Today's meeting doesn't quite go to plan. by MissMebius (09/14/16)
4.76 (83)
3.Hermaphroditus Awake
A gift of a cock leads to all sorts of futa fun. by AlinaX (09/19/16)
4.72 (138)
4.The Golden Orb Ch. 01
A young couple finds a wish granting magical artifact. by hawke56 (09/08/16)
4.71 (203)
5.The Roommate Pt. 14 - Miranda
A Dateline video. by ValoryG (09/30/16)
4.71 (7)
6.Caffeine and Miss Forgetful
A modern love story. by mindingutter (09/18/16)
4.71 (123)
7.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 03
Unexpected twist. by WhiskeyIsGood (08/31/16)
4.69 (160)
8.Chasing Hannah Ch. 02
Hannah's work becomes a big distraction. by MissMebius (09/02/16)
4.68 (97)
9.Girl Inside
It's what's on the inside that matters most. by JimBob44 (09/02/16)
4.68 (162)
Danny meets Chelsea. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/02/16)
4.67 (258)
11.Seducer or Seducee?
Tessa attends a costume party and is seduced. by JNBPUB (08/31/16)
4.67 (36)
12.Chelsea Ch. 02
They always come back for more. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/10/16)
4.66 (179)
13.My Life Pt. 03
Tammy has a discussion with mom and a sleep over! by ShyTammy (09/15/16)
4.66 (125)
14.My Life Pt. 04: My first Client
All grown up, Tammy earns some money. by ShyTammy (09/23/16)
4.65 (66)
15.The Wedding
I knew that I would rather be a girl than a boy. by nikkiesilk (09/18/16)
4.65 (109)
16.My Life Pt. 02
Continuing story about a young trans girl and her teacher. by ShyTammy (09/03/16)
4.65 (140)
17.My Life Pt. 01
A young trans girl's first sexual experiences. by ShyTammy (09/01/16)
4.65 (193)
18.What We Really Want Ch. 03
A drug trial mishap forces Jill to question herself. by ZincStandard (09/23/16)
4.63 (115)
19.Pam's Shemale Experience Ch. 03
Tanya visits Pam. (Saturday, Part 1) by majicman21 (09/07/16)
4.62 (32)
20.True Love Ch. 11
Alex moves on and begins to contemplate his future. by das4200 (09/28/16)
4.62 (42)
21.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 04
Alycia meets his friends. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/17/16)
4.62 (115)
22.Futa for Christmas
A young couple help Santa and their futa wishes come true. by Lara_Longstaff (09/20/16)
4.62 (159)
23.Seven Sunny Sunsets - Finale
A wealthy futa decides her future. by FourDodos (09/17/16)
4.57 (30)
24.T's First Escort
The very first time. by HORNYWRITERTS (09/10/16)
4.57 (145)
25.Gemini Strike Ch. 09
Futanari x Femboy Space Opera. by DesoulTales (08/31/16)
4.56 (41)
26.Futanari Cowgirl
Futa roams the countryside fucking everyone in her path. by ocuous (09/14/16)
4.55 (78)
An older man learns to accept the differences in a new love. by AngelaK (09/12/16)
4.54 (140)
28.Doll House - Surrender
Makeover complete, Sami's new world is revealed to her... by Dani_Doll (09/02/16)
4.52 (105)
29.Barrack Room Betty Ch. 03
Tranny Wren tells her boss about how her uncle fucked her. by MicheleNylons (09/14/16)
4.51 (43)
30.Melissa's Ordinary Day Ch. 08
Melissa and Jessica play more with their Mistress. by Floydman1 (09/21/16)
4.50 (16)
31.A Surprise Threesome
Her best friend has an extra surprise for him. by bistrapongroupstories (09/06/16)
4.49 (234)
32.Zoya's Massage Parlor: Caitlyn Ch. 01
A disgruntled stripper finds Zoya's Massage Parlor. by ZoyaDazzle (09/14/16)
4.49 (51)
33.Pretty in Pink Ch. 02
Crossdresser encouraged by his wife. by jealouscuck (09/30/16)
4.46 (74)
34.Meeting Mommy
A sorry sissy remembers the first time she met her Mommy. by SissyStoryTime (09/03/16)
4.45 (88)
35.Welcome to the Party
An interesting invitation and business proposition. by Sweetlisatv (09/16/16)
4.44 (73)
36.Zoey's Basement Transformation Pt. 03
Zoey completes her transformation into an obedient sissy. by SissyStoryTime (09/07/16)
4.43 (108)
37.The Misadventures of Amelia
Amelia wakes up to find a shocking surprise! by astralprojection (09/16/16)
4.42 (97)
38.The Man That Owns Me Ch. 02
A sissy 'girl' has a very good second 'date'. by keptsissy (09/08/16)
4.42 (65)
39.Downsizing Ch. 09
Dani decides on Augmentation. by My5InchFMHeels (09/27/16)
4.41 (44)
40.Zoey's Basement Transformation Pt. 02
Zoey falls deeper into the rabbit hole. by SissyStoryTime (09/06/16)
4.41 (113)
41.Chemical Flavor
Tony has David's last beer, which has a chemical taste. by Miles63 (09/20/16)
4.40 (123)
42.A Trip to Remember Ch. 04
Becoming a Sissy Tramp. by marykay9 (09/15/16)
4.39 (71)
43.Alex's Birthday Ch. 03
Alex gets what he wants. by FilthyFemboy (09/04/16)
4.39 (31)
44.First Time Bi
Going from bi-curious to bisexual. by f_stop (08/31/16)
4.38 (169)
45.The Irresistible Dress
Guy can't resist trying on a dress and consequences follow. by JNBPUB (09/19/16)
4.38 (198)
46.Zoey's Basement Transformation Pt. 01
A pathetic young man's transformation begins. by SissyStoryTime (09/05/16)
4.37 (139)
47.Friends Always
A football player breaks with social convention. by trigudis (09/02/16)
4.36 (109)
48.Tee and Gino
He reads her fantasy on craigslist. by gin0aki56 (09/05/16)
4.36 (28)
A transgenedered woman child begins to grow up. by AngelaK (09/06/16)
4.35 (63)
50.Curtain Up, Knickers Down
A night of filth, fun and cabaret. by Sweetlisatv (09/12/16)
4.35 (49)
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