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The morning after Cindy and I slept together was filled with anticipation and longing. I couldn't stop thinking about her. Her warm kiss. Her perfect breasts. Her smooth, stiff shaft. It was all...

The Neighbors Ch. 02 by DaniW

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It was after 9PM when I got home from work. As I walked in the front door of my apartment and set my keys down I thought about Nina. It had been two days since we had gotten together and I hadn't...

Anal Addiction Ch. 03 by Tallnhard1

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When you ask most guys what they remembered from their wedding, you usually get one of two answers. Either they were nervous as hell, or the rocking time they had at the reception. What I will always...

Room for Mickie Ch. 05 by griffin57

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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1.The Neighbors Ch. 02
Jealousy begins to cause issues with Jon, Cindy and Darci. by DaniW (12/22/16)
4.84 (185)
2.Anal Addiction Ch. 03
More fun with Nina. by Tallnhard1 (01/08/17)
4.82 (194)
3.Room for Mickie Ch. 05
It all comes full circle. by griffin57 (12/30/16)
4.75 (53)
4.Bi-Curious Meets Transgender Escort
John fulfills his fantasy of experiencing a Transgender woman. by Luv2pleees (12/22/16)
4.73 (241)
5.The Prostate Exam Pt. 06
A married Sissy caputred and used as a urinal in a gay bar. by subboislutnz (12/25/16)
4.71 (63)
6.Watching Jenna
Michaela discovers she may be a perfect woman. by MadQuill (12/22/16)
4.70 (80)
7.Grannie Panties Ch. 02
Jeremy’s reveal revelations. by grgy56 (12/22/16)
4.70 (158)
8.The Man That Owns Me Ch. 04
A sissy is taken to a new level. by keptsissy (12/22/16)
4.68 (63)
9.Aphora's Mission Ch. 07
The blossoming. by ValoryG (12/30/16)
4.66 (44)
10.Kendra's Very Merry Christmas
A lonely man, spends Christmas Eve with Kendra. by WhiskeyIsGood (12/25/16)
4.66 (378)
11.Wedding Tackle: Honeymoon
The futa's husband's transformation. by AlinaX (12/22/16)
4.63 (166)
12.XChange Story: Pink Hotel
An adonis gets in over his head at a Japanese love hotel. by Treylot (01/12/17)
4.60 (70)
13.Pleading Her Case
Was it a chance meeting, or something more? by griffin57 (01/10/17)
4.60 (183)
14.Dress like Mia when She's Gone Pt. 05
How I gave my first Blowjob and got my first man crush. by aideneikona (01/10/17)
4.59 (99)
15.Dress like Mia when She's Gone Pt. 04
Crossdressed: A casual drink with Jay ends at my home. by aideneikona (12/22/16)
4.58 (141)
16.Pleasing the Teen Futa
A mother learns that her daughter's friend is a futanari. by Sonatatre (12/29/16)
4.57 (259)
17.The Homosexual Sissy Wife
"Fifty Shades of Gay" by jakladd (01/12/17)
4.57 (81)
18.A New Year to Remember
The new year brings unexpected love to an older transsexual. by AngelaK (01/05/17)
4.56 (163)
19.Caught In Lingerie
Young man gets caught by neighbor and leads to sex! by hicutlover (12/20/16)
4.55 (379)
20.The Change Pt. 07
Jerry and Lita have a conversation with their doctor. by Miah_H (01/06/17)
4.55 (74)
21.Aphora's Mission Ch. 05
Mail order bodies. by ValoryG (12/23/16)
4.55 (49)
22.Serving the Empress
A religious girl is thrust into the world of empress Lana. by Dutch_Erotica (01/12/17)
4.54 (50)
23.New Year, New Lover
Girl meets a special new friend at NYE party. by Dani_Kadlo (01/07/17)
4.54 (165)
24.Tropic of Cum
Lesbian paladin grows a magic dick and tries to master it. by RafaelaValdez (01/02/17)
4.54 (84)
25.Silent Night, Hot Night
A caroler gets a surprise for his song. by JanetHarper (12/18/16)
4.51 (186)
26.Queen of Paradise
Couple checks in seashore resort and get lots of surprises. by ptpl_guy (12/19/16)
4.51 (126)
27.Cross Dressing
How it started. by Jjdoesit1 (12/28/16)
4.50 (222)
28.Miranda: Origins Ch. 03
A young hermaphrodite's first time with a woman. by Quazzi (01/02/17)
4.50 (46)
29.The New Neighbour
CD goes out for first time. Surprise awaits on way home. by seams_straight2me (01/11/17)
4.48 (188)
30.The Manliest of Honors
There are other elves to worry about. Side fic to Captured. by notbreckenridge (01/08/17)
4.48 (29)
31.Aphora's Mission Ch. 08
Double your pleasure, double your trouble. by ValoryG (01/16/17)
4.47 (17)
32.The Life of Janice Ch. 03
Cindy. by Kim_Oh_No (01/04/17)
4.47 (49)
33.A Gift From the Empress
A girl receives the greatest gift possible from her Empress by Dutch_Erotica (01/11/17)
4.47 (111)
34.Aphora's Mission Ch. 06
Be prepared. by ValoryG (12/27/16)
4.47 (47)
35.Lured, Taken, Owned Ch. 07
Girls, Girls, Girls, & Jason. by gummidurango60 (12/23/16)
4.46 (48)
36.Rebecca and Ethan Ch. 02
Rebecca Fucks Ethan by becca1983 (01/16/17)
4.45 (58)
37.Dress like Mia when She's Gone Pt. 03
How a stranded CD gets rescued by a man. by aideneikona (12/20/16)
4.45 (132)
38.Are You a Sissy?
Exposed at work and entrapped by a co-worker. by dominantdadddy (12/22/16)
4.44 (203)
39.Becoming Jessica Pt. 02
Jessica and Emma go to a piano bar. by Lovely_Jessica (01/12/17)
4.43 (87)
40.Surrendering Virginity
First step into a new life as a cock slut. by 1mbibry (12/28/16)
4.42 (121)
41.First Time as Sissy
My story visiting a dominatrix and dressing as a woman. by twofish73 (01/14/17)
4.41 (127)
42.Aphora's Mission Ch. 04
Buy into the plan? by ValoryG (12/18/16)
4.41 (49)
43.Rebecca and Ethan
Rebecca gives Ethan a blowjob. by becca1983 (01/15/17)
4.41 (101)
44.Becoming Jessica
A wife helps her husband transform into a beautiful woman. by Lovely_Jessica (01/09/17)
4.41 (227)
45.Sissy Life Pt. 02
A sissy atones for his mistake. by sissymark79 (12/28/16)
4.38 (100)
When a nephew becomes a niece. by AngelaK (01/06/17)
4.37 (192)
47.Sissy Life Pt. 04
A sissy prepares to be whipped. by sissymark79 (01/08/17)
4.33 (46)
48.Corssdressing at Pride Ch. 04
Sex at a distance. by youngtwink19 (01/10/17)
4.32 (25)
49.Dad My First Lover Pt. 02
New Year's Eve with Dad. by sarahchica96 (01/01/17)
4.31 (161)
50.The Life of Janice Ch. 04
Clothes and Alcohol. by Kim_Oh_No (01/06/17)
4.30 (37)
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