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I took one last drag off my Camel and savored the hot smoke filling my lungs. It was March, and the weather man had assured us repeatedly that it was already Spring, but the winter chill lingered in...

The Dame Who Wasn't by Lara_Longstaff

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"Mr. Adams? When you have a few minutes, can you stop by my office?" "Sure. Is everything okay?" he asked his principal. "That's what I'd like to know. We'll discuss it where we have some...

One Step at a Time by komrad1156

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Susan led me back into the guest room. She went to the dresser and opened the top drawer. The drawer was filled with panties of all different types and colors. There were French cut, bikinis,...

Becoming Joey Ch. 03 by First_time_bi

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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1.The House by the Sea
Intern Patrick goes to settle an old estate. by Miles63 (10/07/16)
4.75 (202)
2.The Dame Who Wasn't
A private detective gets a transsexual surprise on a case. by Lara_Longstaff (10/05/16)
4.75 (192)
3.Trick or Trini
Wyn asks Trini to help him with a Halloween chore. by IanSaulWhitcomb (10/11/16)
4.73 (133)
4.One Step at a Time
A teacher chooses happiness over his father. by komrad1156 (10/15/16)
4.70 (149)
5.Becoming Joey Ch. 03
Joe embraces becoming Joey. by First_time_bi (10/13/16)
4.69 (207)
6.What We Really Want Ch. 03
A drug trial mishap forces Jill to question herself. by ZincStandard (09/23/16)
4.68 (134)
7.'Jenny' & 'Mike': Fantasy Sunday
More gender reversal pegging with fantasy play. by hfernandez1983 (10/10/16)
4.68 (56)
8.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 06
John loses someone close and Sara has a big announcement. by WhiskeyIsGood (10/08/16)
4.68 (77)
9.Becoming Joey Ch. 04
Joey loses her virginity. by First_time_bi (10/16/16)
4.65 (184)
10.Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 05
Meeting Sara. by WhiskeyIsGood (10/05/16)
4.65 (83)
11.My Life Pt. 04: My first Client
All grown up, Tammy earns some money. by ShyTammy (09/23/16)
4.64 (77)
12.Zoya's Massage Parlor: Caitlyn Ch. 02
The conclusion of Caitlyn's visit to Zoya's Massage Parlor. by ZoyaDazzle (10/08/16)
4.63 (30)
13.The Real Kasey Ch. 01
The story of Kasey Legs. by KaseyLegs (10/07/16)
4.63 (49)
14.Becoming Joey Ch. 02
Joey begins his transformation. by First_time_bi (10/10/16)
4.63 (259)
15.Futa for Christmas
A young couple help Santa and their futa wishes come true. by Lara_Longstaff (09/20/16)
4.63 (171)
16.True Love Ch. 11
Alex moves on and begins to contemplate his future. by das4200 (09/28/16)
4.61 (49)
17.A Masseuse Named Eve
On a date with Eve, Thom discovers her secret. by Legatus (10/01/16)
4.61 (197)
18.My Sweet Annie
First taste of shemale cock. by therapydidnthel (10/12/16)
4.60 (310)
19.Syn's Eden
A new adventure becomes something more than expected. by MadQuill (10/11/16)
4.60 (35)
20.Chasing Hannah Ch. 04
The weekend offers Hannah little respite. by MissMebius (10/05/16)
4.60 (62)
21.The Ex That Kept Me Pt. 03
What would have happened if your ex didn't let you go. by sissythongluv (10/07/16)
4.58 (80)
22.The Longest Road Pt. 04
A TG love story. by Ilbfita (10/05/16)
4.57 (35)
23.A Young Man's Sexual Odyssey Pt. 02
The Vibrating Tranny Hooker. by erectus123 (10/04/16)
4.57 (7)
24.Becoming Joey
Young man begins transformation. by First_time_bi (10/06/16)
4.57 (373)
25.My Obsession
A young girl becoming a woman. by HeatherMaureen (10/13/16)
4.56 (128)
26.Sara and Steve... Again
Sara and Steve find each other again... by Sexy_SaraCD (09/30/16)
4.54 (63)
27.Melissa's Ordinary Day Ch. 08
Melissa and Jessica play more with their Mistress. by Floydman1 (09/21/16)
4.53 (17)
28.Sissy Tested by New Daddy Pt. 02
A sissy shows her new Daddy what her boipussy can do. by latinarita3 (10/08/16)
4.52 (73)
29.Top Tranny
She trains a new subbie how to deep throat. by Sucker4Gurls (10/04/16)
4.50 (143)
30.The Roommate Pt. 14 - Miranda
A Dateline video. by ValoryG (09/30/16)
4.50 (18)
31.Lured, Taken, Owned Ch. 03
Tea Cup Express. by gummidurango60 (10/13/16)
4.49 (72)
32.Running Away Ch. 02
Things heat up, as they usually do in rainy seasons. by subhashini (10/05/16)
4.47 (40)
33.Pretty in Pink Ch. 02
Crossdresser encouraged by his wife. by jealouscuck (09/30/16)
4.47 (216)
34.The Gynecomastia Kid Ch. 02
Nick gets a job. by Johnboy9 (10/06/16)
4.47 (43)
35.The Misadventures of Amelia Pt. 02
Amelia goes to work with her new friend! by astralprojection (10/02/16)
4.46 (61)
36.An Unforgettable Halloween
A Halloween trick becomes a treat for Tessa. by JNBPUB (10/03/16)
4.46 (127)
37.Chemical Flavor
Tony has David's last beer, which has a chemical taste. by Miles63 (09/20/16)
4.44 (144)
38.Sissy Sperm Bank Pt. 01
Daddy sends sissy to the warehouse to collect samples. by latinarita3 (10/04/16)
4.43 (35)
39.Lured, Taken, Owned Ch. 01
Fucked into submission. by gummidurango60 (09/28/16)
4.43 (257)
40.Lured, Taken, Owned Ch. 02
Taken Deeper Into Submission. by gummidurango60 (10/04/16)
4.42 (113)
41.The Longest Road Pt. 03
A TG love story. by Ilbfita (10/04/16)
4.41 (37)
42.Dr. Hottie's Story
How I cuckolded my husband. by DrLuverotica (10/05/16)
4.40 (172)
43.The Longest Road Pt. 02
A TG love story. by Ilbfita (10/02/16)
4.37 (51)
44.Woke Up A Girl Ch. 02: Madame Quisant
Seth discovers the nature of his transformation. by stonechains (09/20/16)
4.37 (93)
45.Sissy Chantel, New Reality Ch. 01
Chantel finds sissy fantasy will become her sissy reality. by Sissy_Chantel (10/14/16)
4.37 (63)
46.The Settlement Pt. 02
Complying with the settlement Darlene becomes sissy maid. by cathynylons (10/14/16)
4.36 (59)
47.Barrack Room Betty Ch. 08
Michele seduces a young Lieutenant at the Wrens Xmas Party. by MicheleNylons (10/16/16)
4.35 (31)
48.I Love Panties on a Girl Ch. 01
A man confesses a small fetish to his girlfriend. by indusfre (10/18/16)
4.34 (165)
49.Downsizing Ch. 09
Dani decides on Augmentation. by My5InchFMHeels (09/27/16)
4.33 (54)
50.Barrack Room Betty Ch. 07
Michele submits to Knocker again, but Spike takes retribution. by MicheleNylons (10/12/16)
4.32 (19)
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