What a joke, lighting votive candles at your Church
of Smoke and Shitful Sorrows. Pitiful, endless
parades of chimeras issue like froth.. Aye, tis harder,
for a camel - a cheap cigarette, perhaps, want one?
You can surround yourself with smoke like a cancer
and eat at all that surrounds us. A tissue? Wipe
your ass, wipe your eyes, dainty gloved assplug.

Want a punchline? We all wind up in a bigger hole
than you've ever been dear; we'll make it a contest,.
run, baby, run. Run, it's crush time, I'm laughing.
And we all know how lucky I am. When laughing.

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by Anonymous

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by Tsotha04/28/14

"Church of Smoke" is really cool. A place of certainty, that amounts to nothing. And "parades of chimeras issue like froth"... It certainly brings "something" to my mind. I also like how you stop the camelmore...

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