My Collar


It is so beautifully simple in its design.
It is durable and functional;
able to withstand anything
that my crazy life can throw at me.

Its message is uniquely our own;
words of profound meaning to just the two of us.
It falls just between my breasts;
lies right over the heart that belongs totally to you.

When you put it on me,
I told you that it will never come off.
I am yours now: totally and completely. Forever.
You will have to pry it from my cold dead hands.

It is perfect.
As perfect as the love we share.
A symbol of your hold over me.

My best friend,
My mentor,
My protector,
My lover,
My Master.
My All.

My collar may be just a symbol of that,
but I wear it every moment of every day
through the rest of this life.
A reminder of the one
who owns me body, mind and soul.

Unique. Simple. Durable. Functional.
Everything that we are
But just a symbol nonetheless.

My collar.
My Master.
My life
forever more.

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by Anonymous

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by KillerWithWords02/18/14


A little bit of a narration taking place in your poem. Like prose amid the poem.

It was a good read.

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