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Wild Mustache Ride


Wild Mustache Ride

I asked him to grow a beard,
And, of course, a mustache too.
There is only one intent,
Pussy rides can then ensue.

Oh yeah, I love the tickle,
Of his beard upon my clit,
His hot breath and expert tongue,
Drive me right out of my wits.

He has orgasm control,
I'm just along for the ride,
Can't wait till he hits the spot,
He makes me feel so alive.

I pull his head, I want more,
He responds with fingers too.
Beard on clit with fingers in,
I'll cum undone very soon.

I want him, need him, love him,
All said as orgasm nears.
My pleasure cries grow louder,
My sounds, music to his ears.

With his beard and mustache too,
How very clever am I?
Next day, he was clean shaven,
And all I could do was cry.

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by Anonymous

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by jaybird810001/09/14

Somehow I think this works for all involved!

Another 5 star example of what a talented erotic author can do besides the in and out sex tale. This made both think and laugh of prior encounters. I've had a mustache on and off over the years, sometimesmore...

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