Claire's Career Ch. 09: The Prostitute


Altogether, she had only been delayed for a few minutes by her insalubrious diversion and she was thankful that Danny hadn't seemed to notice she'd been gone any significant time. Indeed she was almost proud that she'd been able to deal with her potentially calamitous quandary so resourcefully and efficiently.

She sat down and immediately downed a glassful of syrupy Orange Muscat, left over from dessert, swilling it around her gums to get rid of the lingering aftertaste of the lewd wine-waiter's spunk, before smiling dazzlingly at Danny.

Claire calmed down to the point that she was able again to make small-talk and flirt with her boyfriend while they sipped their coffees, hopeful that he hadn't noticed any irregularity.

Suddenly though Danny grabbed Claire's hands which only moments before had been masturbating an unattractive and peculiarly hirsute stranger.

"Claire, I love you so much," Danny started, causing her to beam appreciatively. Before she could reply, he continued. "I've been really nervous all evening and think perhaps you haven't been yourself either, have you?"

Claire gasped, terrified by what he might say next. Her anxiety rose further as the smirking sommelier approached the table with two graceful champagne flutes, full of pale gold fizz. Not him again!

Danny waited as Ricardo carefully placed the two glasses down and winked lewdly at Claire. Luckily Danny didn't notice; in fact he seemed somewhat distracted.

Once the sommelier had oozed away, Danny cleared his throat. "You see, Claire. The thing is. Well..." He paused again, obviously struggling with what he wanted to say.

Claire was petrified. Had he noticed something with the wine-waiter? Or had he found out her previous night's whoring? Or maybe he'd uncovered one of previous indiscretions, all of which were perfectly justifiable but somewhat difficult to explain?

Anxiously she lifted her glass to down her champagne and paused. She had to say something before he did! She opened her mouth, ready to confess, ready to apologise, ready to admit everything when she noticed something at the bottom of her glass. Something unexpected. Something gold and shiny. Something really quite wonderful.

She looked up at Danny who was smiling. "What I mean to say, Claire, is, well, I love you. Will you marry me?"

Claire looked at the great big stone set in a gold band resting innocently in her champagne. She couldn't believe it!

"Oh, Danny! I love you too!" she exclaimed excitedly. "Yes, of course I will!"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/11/15


George tasker has taken up the Claire mantle as Seth seems retired. But it isn't the same - the Christmas story was close to the same - but the follow up story was horrible - rehashing old characters andmore...

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by Anonymous01/09/15

Waiting for Claire!

It's time to make a sequel about Claire's career. Maybe we could know the husband's perspetive just when he want's to start a family, but Claire's refuse him full satisfaction just because she became tomore...

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by Smuttydog08/30/14

PLEASE continue the Claire series...

So Claire is engaged! Her engagement party should be very entertaining with people from her past turning up....And the wedding with a pervy dressmaker or vicar who get to ravish her in her wedding gown....maybemore...

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by Anonymous04/05/14

Comparing Claire

Although its been nearly fifty years since I read "Candy", but I couldn't help but think, like Candy, she is and continues to be incredibly naive. In reading all her adventures, one would think that themore...

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