Cocksucking College Sister: Mom-Dad


"Harder daddy, fuck your slutty daughter harder," she begged, which only turned me on more.

I returned my gaze to my mother who was worshipping my cock like it was the holy grail of cocks. Deciding to be aggressive myself, confident in my assessment that she was submissive, I ordered, "Let's see you bend over beside Lilly, my mommy slut."

Mom looked up, her mouth full of cock as if asking me with her eyes if I had just called her a slut.

Reading her mind, I confirmed my authority over her, as I continued, "I plan to make you my full time mommy slut, Julie."

I had never used her first name before or called her a slut, but my hunch was right (like I knew I had to be slow and sweet with Lilly, I knew I had to be firm and aggressive with mom).

Mom took my cock out of her mouth and she asked, her hand firmly on my cock, "Are you trying to Dom your mother?"

Her tone surprisingly stern as if I was in trouble had me considering had I misjudged the situation and mother's submissiveness.

I pondered backing down but having started the power play I figured I may as well finish it.

Staying firm, I threatened, "If you want your son's big cock in that sweet cunt of yours you will get over there and bend over like a good mommy-slut or I will go find Aunt Sarah. I bet she would be a good little fuck-toy."

Time stood still as mom stared at me from her submissive position on her knees while I stared down at her firmly.

"Shit you got mommy all fucking wet," she finally said, standing up and going to join her daughter who was still getting pounded hard from dad.

Mom bent over, lifted up her dress, surprising me by being commando and leaned in and kissed her daughter.

I moved towards my mom's perfect ass, so perfect in every curve, and put my hands on her hips.

"Beg your son to fuck you mommy-slut," I demanded, my cock between her legs teasing her pussy.

Breaking the lesbian incest kiss, she begged, "Please shove that big snake in mommy, make mommy your fuck-toy."

I couldn't believe the words I was hearing, but was not one to disobey my mother and I pushed forward filling my mom's cunt with my cock.

"Oh yes, Anthony," Mom moaned as my body slammed into hers.

"You like my cock in your cunt," I asked, not moving as I allowed myself to enjoy the forbidden warmth of mom's volcano of pleasure.

"I fucking love it, baby," Mom resounded.

Lilly meanwhile was in an orgasmic frenzy as she screamed, "Oh my, oh my, oh my God daddyyyyyyyyyy, you made your daughter coooome."

Dad smiled at me as he continued to thrust into his daughter even as she orgasmed.

"You look so beautiful baby," Mom purred as she watched her baby girl come from her dad's cock.

"You too, Mommmmmmy," she whimpered as her orgasm continued to quiver through her.

I continued slowly fucking mom, enjoying her warmth as I watched my sister's beautiful lips as her post orgasm whimpers continued to escape.

Dad grunted and demanded, "On your knees, slut. Get ready to take daddy's come."

I winced knowing that Lilly didn't like the derogatory terms, but was surprised when she quickly turned around, fell to her knees and devoured dad's cock. She hungrily bobbed up and down like the amazing cocksucker she was.

"Shit baby, you are just like your mother," Dad moaned.

Watching her daughter give her husband a blow job seemed to turn Mom on as she demanded, "Harder son, fuck Mommy harder."

Obliging her request, I began to replicate the sex scene I had just watched unfold. I began to slam into Mom my body crashing against her with each deep forward thrust.

Mom got incredibly animated as I fucked her. "Ooooooh yes, son. Fuck Mommy's cunt," and "Yes, baby, pound me baby," and "Oh God, I love being your Mommy-sluuuut."

Meanwhile dad grunted, "I'm coming, baby girl."

Lilly didn't slow down as she impressed dad by easily swallowing every last drop.

"Fuck baby, soooooo good," Dad groaned his facial expression one of pure satisfaction.

"Harder, Anthony, fuck your mommy-slut, fill my cunt with your cum," Mommy moaned, as she somehow tightened her cunt muscles around my cock bringing a new sensation I had never felt before like she was milking me for all I was worth.

The mixture of watching dad and Lilly and the crazy tight cunt of mom was too much and I grunted, "Here comes my cum mommmmmmmmmy!"

I unloaded my cum in my mother's cunt as she demanded, "Keep fucking me baby, I'm close too."

I didn't slow down as mom milked every last ounce of my cum from her pussy death grip.

"Oh yes baby, yes, so cloooooose, yes, yes, shiiiiit," Mom screamed as her orgasm hit her. A smile crossed my face knowing I had made my mother come as I slowed down exhausted.

To my surprise, I felt hands pull me back out of mom and was surprised to learn it was Lilly who said, "Move it big brother."

Lilly fell to her knees and buried her face into mom's leaking pussy...a mixture of mom's and my cum.

The sight was so nasty hot my shrinking cock flinched.

Mom moaned, "That's it my little cunt licker, clean mommy's cunt."

Dad laughed, "I think we may have created a monster."

I chuckled, "A beautiful fucking monster."



Aunt Sarah and Kevin
Sister Lilly
Narrator Mike
Dad --jack

Mom -julie

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/16/15


If the brother and sister had held their nerve to only stay with each other it would have been a great story, but it went completely screwy and a huge turn off.

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by Rasmat01/02/15

A beautiful story

Right through Anthony telling Lilly "Don't let me do anything with mom."-a sensual love story.
Then it went all to hell.

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by Anonymous12/09/14

This was a good story right up tell u added the parents. Every time one of these stories where a brother and sister starts falling in love the author has to fuck it up by adding the parents. What's upmore...

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by Anonymous11/13/14

Yummy nonstop family fucking and naughty no no's.

Daddy's cock was just too awesome. The daughter was mere putty in the incest ridden lust. Mommy tasted as delicious as daddy copious cum. The lesbian lusciousness overwhelmed all the cunt licking lustfulmore...

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by Anonymous11/01/14

family-friendly fun

Very erotic. Yummy family fuckfest. Hot naughty incest by raunchy mom, dad, and cum hungry bitches in debasing taboo sex. Good expletives too. "YES, OH, GOD, MOMMY! GONNA FILL YOUR SWEETPUSSY! . "SHHHH,more...

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