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Double Cream on a Hot Summer Night


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I've always known my sister Julia was a total slut. Oh, I love her anyway. But I don't approve of her activities. She sleeps with too many men, far too freely. It finally caught up with her. Six weeks ago, she had her first baby. I doubt she knows who the father is. He could have been one of half a dozen. She claims she knows who it is. She claims she doesn't sleep with half the men I assume she does. Poor little dear. She can't fool her big sister.

At least she had the good sense to give birth in time to be ready for our sisters' vacation. Every year, we go to Gulf Shores, rent a gorgeous beach house and spend a week leaving our regular lives behind. Julia really needed the break. I think she spends almost all of her time changing diapers and breastfeeding the little bundle of joy. He looks so much like Julia, and I didn't like her much at that age either. She's 31 now and I like her quite a bit better. Less screaming and more lattes.

When we got here, my little sister the slut couldn't even help get the car unloaded without staring at the handsome frat boys playing volley ball on the beach. There was at least one of every flavor, shirtless, tan and gorgeous. Even I wasn't immune to the thought of such a tender treat. But I didn't gawk like Julia. She smiled her beautiful smile in their direction and I know a couple of them smiled back with great enthusiasm. As it turned out, she attracted an admirer. I caught them chatting by the car when I went back for some more luggage. She was twirling her long strawberry blond hair and giggling like a teenager. Mr. blond and blue hunk was looking at her like she was on the menu. I suppose she was. I never expected it to go that way though! What some men find sexy, I'll just never understand.

She spent the first two days we were here sitting on the beach, getting a tan, nursing the baby, and watching that boy. He couldn't have been older than 20. Just a pup. But Julia didn't care. You know, even motherhood looks good on Julia. Rounded her hips a bit, softened up her exquisite ass, and those breasts! She'd always been ample, but all filled with milk like that? Well, it's no wonder the baby's already chubby.

She wanted to go out last night. Clubbing isn't really my thing, but I didn't want to watch the baby. She hired a local service. It was the first time she'd been away from him since he was born. She got all glammed up like a common trollop, stuffing those huge milky boobs into her best nursing bra a slinky dress. It clung to her every curve like a second skin. She put her hair up and her high heels on. She looked like sex walking, not a thing a single woman should be advertising so soon after having a kid. But I knew she was in trouble when she started adjusting the dress again and again. It started getting tighter at the top because she was used to nursing every two hours. Her breasts were filling up and needing to be emptied. She finally gave up and went into her bedroom to express a bit before she left. The funny thing, or what I thought was funny at the time, was that she never came back out of her room. She never went clubbing. I didn't concern myself with it, didn't think she should be going in the first place. But the next day, she told me what had made her decide to stay in. Needless to say, I did NOT approve! What a slut!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/14/15


Where is the rest? It seems like there ought to be a hint as to what she did in her room instead of going out.

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by Anonymous12/16/14

Nice brest feeding

I have sucked my aunties and gf milk

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