tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDrilling Miss Daisy

Drilling Miss Daisy


Daisy took her time dressing for the party. She wanted to look sexy and prvocative. Her braless tits and hard nipples poked shamelessly through a tight cotton top cut above her pierced belly button. A tiny skirt barely covered her ass cheeks. The eye shadow was heavy and the lipstick bright red. She looked in the mirror and smiled. She had achieved the "fuck me" look she wanted.

Daisy was planning to get back at that asshole Randy Martin. Earlier in the week he had dumped her for Monica, a blond with big tits. At first she had been hurt, but now she was just pissed. Her tits weren't bad and her ass was as tight as anyone's. She had even let him fuck her which she now regretted. So she wasn't blond with big tits. She also wasn't a slut like Monica.

After pulling herself together she decided that revenge would be the best medicine. Daisy planned to flaunt her body and flirt shamelessly to show him what he would be missing. If it was a slut he wanted then so be it. She would put on a show that would make Monica look like a nun. Who knows, she might even actually let someone fuck her. Her pussy was already wet just thinking about it.

Although she was 22 Daisy was not very experienced. Randy was only the third guy Daisy had ever fucked. She was trying to rebound from a long term relationship when she met him in a bar near where she worked. Her friend Gloria had introduced them. He seemed like a nice guy and to really care about her so she let him fuck her on their third date thinking that they had become a "couple." Now she was pissed.

When the cab stopped Daisy was surprised that there weren't more cars out front. It was late enough for the party to be in full swing. Gloria had invited her to the party and assured her that Randy would be there. I fact it was Gloria who helped her come up with the idea of revenge. Daisy was about to call Gloria when she discovered that she had left her mobile phone at home.

Daisy cautiously approached the front door and knocked. A really good looking hunk in his mid twenties wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt opened the door. He wasn't only handsome. He was big and powerful like a football player. His blue eyes scanned her outfit.

"Can I help you, Miss?"

"Um... I'm here for the party. Gloria invited me."

Mike gave her a strange look.

"Oh yes... the party. Well, Gloria is not here right now, but you are welcome to come inside and wait. I'm Mike."

She introduced herself and entered. They walked into the front room. There were four other guys, all well built, sitting on couches and chairs watching a basketball game. None of them seemed dressed for a party, and no one else was there. Mike introduced her.

"This is John, Ray, Brian and Dave. Guys, this is Daisy. She is here for the party. Gloria invited her. Look why don't you take a seat while I get you something to drink. I am sure the others will be by soon."

Brain and Dave made a space for her between them on the couch. She hesitated before sitting. Something didn't seem right. She pulled down on the hem of the skirt, but it still rode most of the way up her thighs. Her nipples were poking shamelessly from her top. Daisy could feel all four sets of eyes undressing her. She was getting nervous and hoped the others would show soon.

Mike fixed her a drink. It tasted sweet and fruity. He turned off the television and put on some soft music. Out of nervousness she drank quickly. Mike refilled her glass. As she was drinking the second glass she could feel her head spinning. Everything in the room became a blur. Daisy was confused.

A hand touched her thigh and slid up her leg. Another cupped her breast and squeezed the soft flesh through her top. The hand on her thigh slid under her skirt until she could feel his fingers brush against the crotch of her panties. She pressed her thighs together trapping the hand between her legs.

"Wha... what are you doing," Daisy said groggily.

Mike, who was behind her, tilted her head back. He kissed her and pushed his tongue into her mouth. She struggled faintly to pull away but it was hopeless. Daisy knew this was all wrong and that she should stop it, but it was like she was dreaming and powerless to do anything. Besides, she was the one that had dressed up like a slut. Wasn't she just getting what she wanted?

Her top was pushed up over her tits. Two hands squeezed her naked flesh. The hand wedged between her legs cupped her pussy. His fingers pushed against her panties and rubbed her pussy. Without really thinking Daisy opened her thighs. It was like her body was responding to his touch on its own. Something deep inside wanted this and more.

The crotch of her panties was pushed to the side. A finger slid along her gash which was already wet. She felt it slide into her body and twist around inside her pussy. She spread her legs even further. A second finger was pushed up her cunt. He pumped them rapidly in and out sending a rush of pleasure through her loins. A distant voice echoed in her ear.

"What a fucking slut. Look how much she loves it."

Daisy kept trying to focus her mind. She knew she should stop things from going further but it was impossible. Her body was on fire in response to the way it was being touched. She did want more. Daisy had never been so turned on in her life. She found herself squirming against the fingers in her pussy and moaning into Mike's mouth. Both of her nipples were being sucked.

Someone pulled down her panties. Daisy's legs were lifted in the air and spread apart. Someone's tongue licked her pussy. A pair of lips covered her swollen mound. She broke the kiss with Mike to see what was happening. Dave's face was buried between her legs. She gasped when his tongue pushed into her cunt.

Daisy's head was still in a fog. She looked around and saw Brian and Ray standing naked on the couch with their hard cocks waving in her face. Both were larger than anything she had ever experienced. She looked at Brian and saw the veins bulging from the hard flesh and his swollen knob perched inches from her lips. He pushed forward until it slid into her mouth and across her tongue.

Brian put his hands on her head and slowly fucked her face. Daisy did her best to keep up with his thrusts. She gagged when he slammed it against the back of her throat but he had a firm grip on her head so she couldn't pull away. He went faster and faster until spit was drooling from her lips. She gasped for air when he finally pulled out. Seconds later Ray shoved his cock into her mouth.

Dave was pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy while he munched on her clit. Daisy could feel pressure building in her belly. She humped his face and moaned around Ray's cock in her mouth. She was going to cum, something she usually did with great difficulty. Her body was already shaking as the pressure continued to build.

Before the explosion Dave pulled away. Daisy was still shaking. She needed to finish in the worst way. She wanted to say something but Ray had his cock against her throat and was trying to push deeper. John slid to the floor and replaced Dave. She felt his tongue push into her pussy and then his fingers. The pressure in her tummy was intense.

Ray fucked her face hard and rough until she was gagging and drooling all over her top. He finally pulled out so she could get some air. Dave shoved his hard cock between her lips and picked up where Ray left off. Dave was even bigger than Brian or Ray. She concentrated on keeping up with his thrusts but it was hard because of what John was doing to her pussy.

When Dave pulled out of her mouth a flood of spit and drool gushed over her lips. John climbed up on the couch and replaced Dave. Brian was standing in front of her with his hard cock waving in the air. He pushed her legs back, pressed the head of his cock between her pussy lips and shoved. Daisy threw her head back and gasped when his hard meat speared deep into her belly.

John shoved his cock into her mouth while Brian hammered her pussy. Daisy could feel everything around her spinning. Her body tensed. She knew an explosion unlike anything she had ever experienced was going to happen. She was helpless to stop it. Brian slammed his cock deep into her pussy again and again bringing her closer and closer.

John pulled out of her mouth and was replaced by Ray. Daisy eagerly swallowed him into her mouth. She could feel herself becoming a slut. She couldn't get enough. The harder Ray fucked her face the more turned on she became. She humped her pussy against Brian's thrusting cock trying to take him deeper. Just a little more she thought to herself.

The explosion rocked her like an earthquake. Daisy felt every ounce of energy rush to her pussy. Her body tensed. Her fingers dug into the flesh of Brian's arm. Dave's cock fell from her mouth. She jerked and bucked against Brian's cock. A scream pierced the air and then another. Daisy could feel her pussy explode with an orgasm unlike any she had ever experienced.

She was still trying to catch her breath when Brian rolled her over until she was on her knees with her elbows propped on the back of the couch. Ray moved behind and slid his throbbing meat between her ass cheeks and into her dripping pussy. She gasped when it plunged deep into her belly.

Brian moved around the couch and shoved his dripping cock between her lips. Daisy could taste her pussy, something she had done sometimes with her fingers, only this was more intense. He held her by the hair and repeatedly rammed his cock recklessly in and out of her mouth.

Daisy gagged and drooled trying to catch her breath. Between the cock fucking her pussy and the one in her mouth she was completely out of control. The pressure in her belly was building to another orgasm. She could feel juices running down the insides of her thighs. Without warning the cock in her mouth swelled. Brian grunted and thrust hard. Jets of thick warm cum splashed against her tongue and drooled from her lips.

No one had ever cum in her mouth before, but she really didn't have time to think about that. The cock in her pussy slammed into her hard and fast. Ray grabbed her hips and grunted. Daisy could feel the warmth from his cum spread through her belly. Suddenly her whole body tensed. Another explosion ripped through her gut and gushed from her pussy. Her squeals were loud and out of control.

Before she had time to recover another bigger cock slid into her pussy. She knew it had to be Dave. Ray stepped in front of her and slid his cum drenched meat between her lips. When she finished cleaning it John stepped up and grabbed her head. He rammed his cock into her mouth and fucked her face hard and recklessly. She struggled to keep up with his thrusts.

Daisy felt her throat being pried open by John's long cock. She had no choice but to open it and let him go deeper. She gagged and coughed at first but found a way to accommodate him by pushing out her tongue. He finally pulled out releasing a huge gush of spit from her mouth that drooled over her tits.

As she was catching her breath she felt something warm splash against her face. Daisy looked up and got blasted in the eye by a thick ribbon of cum shooting from John's cock. He continued to pump his stuff over her face and into her hair until she could feel it drooling down her cheeks and dripping from her chin. Seconds later the cock in her pussy swelled and filled her cunt with more cum until it was running down her thighs.

Daisy sat on the couch recovering from being ravaged by four cocks. Mike sat next to her and wiped her face with a washcloth. Then he handed her another drink. She drank it quickly. Everything was spinning out of control. She shook her head to clear it and wondered if she was just dreaming. Everything was so fuzzy.

Daisy looked around at the four guys that had just cum in her pussy and mouth. They were standing naked with their cocks dangling between their legs. She wondered what was taking the others so long to arrive at the party, and what they would think when they saw her like this.

Mike pushed down his shorts. She gasped at the size of the monster he had been hiding. It looked almost a foot long and it wasn't even all the way hard. Without saying a word he put his hand on the back of her neck and moved her face towards his lap. If it was a dream Daisy knew she wanted his cock to be part of it. She forgot all about the others to concentrate on Mike.

Daisy kneeled on the couch beside him and wrapped her hand around his swollen meat. Her fingertips barely touched. She lifted the oversized knob to her mouth. Her lips stretched around the tight flesh as it popped between them. Her tongue swirled across the tip and poked into the slit at the top. Daisy slid her mouth down the shaft and felt him grow bigger stretching her lips even further.

Veins pulsed from the throbbing flesh. Her fingers were no longer able to encircle him. She tried to take him deeper but soon realized it was a hopeless task. His knob was wedged in her throat with more than half his length to go. Hoping not to disappoint him with her small mouth, she bobbed her head up and down while stroking him with her hand and massaging him with her tongue.

Someone moved behind her and slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy. Her moan was muffled by the huge cock in her mouth. A third finger pushed into her and twisted against the sensitive walls of her cunt. He finger fucked her until juices were running down his hand.

Daisy was concentrating so hard on Mike's big cock that at first she didn't notice the thumb pressing against her tight asshole. The pressure increased until it popped open and let him inside. No one had ever touched her there before and she was scared. She tried to pull away from Mike's cock to say something, but the pressure on the back of her neck was too strong.

His thumb went deeper into her asshole while he continued to dig his fingers into her pussy. The pressure from his thumb was incredible. It was a new sensation for her and it felt good. Daisy tilted her ass backwards grinding against his hand. He pulled out of her and she felt a finger push into her ass. It was coated with something and easily went deeper than the thumb.

While she was getting her ass fingered Mike held her head down and slammed his cock repeatedly against the back of her throat. Spit and drool streamed from her lips down the length of his shaft. She winced when a second finger was shoved up her ass but was helpless to do anything about it. The pressure was incredible but once again she quickly adjusted to it.

Daisy felt empty when the fingers in her ass were suddenly pulled out. Moments later she felt the knob of a cock against her sphincter. Now she was scared and thought she might split in half if he pushed inside her. She struggled to free herself from the cock in her mouth but it was hopeless.

Daisy felt her asshole stretch until his cock popped inside. She tensed but that only made it worse. Tears streamed down her eyes from both the cock being pushed up her ass and the one being shoved down her throat. She thought she was going to black out.

Mike pulled her up by the hair. Spit drooled from her lips. Daisy looked back and saw Brian shoving his hard meat even deeper up her ass. Mike slammed her mouth back down on his cock and tried to push more of it into her throat. She concentrated hard trying to accommodate him.

Daisy could feel Brian's cock pushing deeper and deeper until it was all the way up her ass. He held it inside her until there was no longer any pain. The pressure was still intense. She winced when he pulled out and pushed in the first few times, but quickly adjusted until he was fucking her in long steady strokes.

There was something so dirty and nasty about what she was doing. Having two cocks in her at the same time and one of them up her ass excited her in ways she didn't understand. Daisy felt Brian slam into her asshole again and again. He fucked her harder and faster until he finally tensed and grunted. Daisy could feel the warmth from his cum spread through her bowels.

Feeling cum shooting up her ass pushed Daisy to the edge of another orgasm. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. Moments later her body jerked and twisted in a series of spasms. Pussy juice dribbled down her thighs. When Brian finally pulled out of her ass Daisy could feel his cum also running down her thighs. Mike lifted up her head and looked into her dazed eyes. Spit was drooling freely from her lips.

"Let's see if we can fit this in your pussy, Daisy. Climb up here onto my lap."

Daisy swung her leg over his muscular thighs and perched her pussy just above his throbbing meat. He guided it between the pink folds hanging out from the gash splitting her swollen mound. She felt his enormous knob press against her opening and stretch her as he pushed inside. She pushed back and felt him go deeper and deeper stretching the walls of her cunt.

"Oh... oh god... aaaahhhhhhhhhh..."

Before he had reached bottom she had another orgasm. Her body tensed and jerked. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders. She lifted up and slammed down hard feeling his cock go as deep into her pussy as it could go. Another scream escaped from her throat. She had never felt such pleasure. Filth spilled from her mouth as she transformed into someone she didn't know.

Fuck me... harder...shove you big cock up my cunt... yes... do it... fuck me..."

She lifted up and slammed down on his length again and again. Her cries of pleasure shook the walls as one orgasm after another ripped through her body. She felt him swell even bigger inside her pussy and then he was filling her with stream after stream of cum. She had her most intense orgasm at the same time and collapsed against him with his huge cock still buried up her cunt.

Daisy was trying to catch her breath when someone moved behind her and pressed his cock against her asshole. She quickly recovered and looked back. It was John.

"What... no... it's too much... they both won't..."

Before she could finish John rammed his cock up her ass. She tensed thinking that he would rip her apart. The pressure was almost unbearable with Mike's cock still hard inside her pussy. Mike began to move in rhythm with John. Daisy was surprised at how quickly she adjusted. It wasn't long before she screamed as another explosion ripped through her body.

She was still gasping and screaming when John grunted and filled her bowels with cum. He pulled out. Ray's thick cock quickly filled her empty asshole. Mike's hard monster continued to drive deep into her pussy while her ass was getting fucked. Daisy's screams were out of control as one orgasm after another sent her to places she had never been.

Dave stood on the couch and slid his hard cock between her lips. She eagerly sucked it into her mouth, but had a hard time holding it there between her moans of pleasure. It occurred to Daisy that she now had three cocks in her body at the same time. She had indeed become a slut.

After several minutes Ray thrust deep into her bowels and grunted. Daisy tensed when she felt another huge load of cum filling her asshole. An explosion ripped through her body. Unable to take it anymore she fell off Mike's hard cock. He barely gave her time to recover.

"Time to see if this will fit up your ass, Daisy. Stand up and turn around."

She was completely gone by then and complied like a limp puppy. She straddled Mike's thighs with her back to him. She felt his huge monster slide between her cheeks and press against her well fucked asshole. The huge knob slowly forced her sphincter to open as more pressure was applied. She tried to pull away but his grip on her was too tight. Suddenly he was inside her. She had never felt so much pressure.

"Just relax babe. I'll let you do all the work."

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