Grim Fairy Tales Ch. 01


As my mind screamed "No!" I watched him move his hips, guiding his rock-hard cock into my wife's pussy.

Jessica immediately let out the loudest moan thus far around the cock in her mouth—Greg Johnson's currently—as her body arched seductively in the screen as my best friend's hips began thrusting back and forth, fucking my beautiful wife.

I watched as Jess move her hips, meeting each of his thrusts, her mouth never faltering around the cock being fed past her lips as she was steadily and repeatedly impaled by his member.

Within a few minutes Jason began to speed up, the sounds of slurping and his pelvis hitting her thighs filling the room, accompanied by the moans of both the men and my wife. Suddenly Jason stiffened, and I realized in horror he was cumming, emptying his release into my wife's pussy.

My wife. My bride. My spouse. The woman who had pledged her life, and obeisance to me in a holy church, took another man's load of cum in her pussy.

Jess merely moaned as Jason pumped his seed into her before finally moving back.

Without hesitation Greg Johnson took his place, entering my wife with a single stroke as he began earnestly fucking her, Jess moving her hips to meet each thrust.

Unlike Jason, Greg spread her legs wide, a couple of the guys holding them apart as his cock continued driving in and out of her pussy, clearly visible to the camera.

I watched in fascination, unaware of my surroundings as my wife was degraded, sucked, and fucked the Junior Partners of my firm.

One after another took their place between her legs, fucking her until I could see cum seeping from between her legs as they changed places in her cunt, and still they continued.

After most of the men had fucked her on her back, I watched as Paul Fleming got onto the bed and lay on his back right next to her, his huge erection pointing straight in the air. Without a word the other men pulled Jess up, lifting and guiding her to straddle Paul. In disbelief I watched as she slowly lowered herself upon his impressive hard cock, her body rocking as she began to ride him vigorously.

Meanwhile the other men continued to fondle her tits, feel her ass, and touch her all over.

I merely sat in my garage, watching as my wife fucked first him, then Bill Merle, riding them insatiably, her body bouncing up and down, forward and backwards, her tits bouncing in response.

Eventually they guided her to her hands and knees, as Harry Rudd moved behind her, preparing to take her from behind doggie-style. Jess' body arched beautifully as she stuck out her pelvis, to which Harry slammed roughly into her.

Soon he was slamming his body into her ass as Jess' body moved back and forth, meeting each thrust as she took another cock—Greg Johnson's—into her mouth.

As I watched my wife being fucked—almost six years ago—I once again realized I was hard as a rock. Being alone in the garage, I pulled out my cock, slowly stroking it as I watched the other Partners move behind her and shove their cocks into her pussy.

I watched as the youngest Partner, Peter Ornithson and another of my so-called friends, grasped Jess' hips, fucking her for all she was worth as she sucked on Jason's cock. His cock slammed into her over and over and without warning, I came, my ejaculate shooting across the laptop keyboard and my hand, as my wife's body jiggled and shook, being fucked by one after another of the Junior partners.

A break in the fucking came when Bill Merle moved behind Jess. He slapped her ass, getting her attention as he smiled at her. "You remember last time?" he asked.

My mind froze as I heard Jess say, "As long as you brought lube," she said, smiling when Bill held up a bottle.

I watched in horror as he squirted first his cock, and then the crack of Jess' ass with the bottle before he moved behind her. Propping himself up on one leg, I watched as he spread her ass cheeks apart and moved his cock forward.

"Oh my God," I gasped, realizing he was about to fuck my wife's ass.

Jess' body arched, her head tilting up to the ceiling as she shouted, "Oh yes!"

In dismay I watched as he slid his entire cock into my wife's ass and began fucking her, Jess moaning loudly in response.

"Jesus Christ," I heard Dan Hunter say to Jason, "If I'd known that was on the table I'd have brought some lube," he explained.

The others laughed as they all stood around and watched Bill Merle, Junior Partner to my law firm, a man I often had lunch with, screw my wife's ass, his hard cock sliding in and out of her rectum, his cock filling her bowels. And Jess groaned and rocked even more vigorously than when the guys were fucking her!

Suddenly Jess' body began shaking and I recognized her cumming, as Bill Merle grunted one more time, slamming his cock into her and holding still as he was came inside my wife's ass.

I could only watch unmoving, my cock in hand, as my wife had been sucked and fucked by every Junior Partner in the firm, several of them twice. The insides of her thighs were wet, soaked with cum, while her face, hair, and back were also matted with other men's ejaculate.

All finished exacting their lust upon my wife; they cleaned themselves off with towels from the bathroom before getting dressed and leaving the room. Soon there was only Jason and Greg remaining.

Jess was lying on the bed on her back, her legs spread as cum visibly leaked from her pussy in full view of the camera, her body covered with cum, saliva, and traces of chocolate and whipped cream.

"Just like old times," she said to them with a smile.

I stared in shock as Jason and Greg laughed, both echoing her words, "Just like old times," as they climbed next to her.

I watched as Jess turned on her side, spooning with both men as they all eventually fell asleep.

My mind was in shock as I watched them for a few minutes before I fast forwarded the video, observing as both men again took turns fucking Jess later in the night. The video had gone on for two hours, my wife and two friends sleeping and fucking another two, before Jason and Greg finally left her alone in the room.

The rest of the video showed Jess sleeping until she woke up, going into the bathroom and the sound of a shower turning on.

I was about to end the video, seeing only a few minutes left and knowing little else would happen when I heard her cell phone ring.

Running out of the bathroom, her magnificent body shining with the moisture from the shower I heard her say, "Hey honey," as I realized it was me calling her the day after.

"Oh, the party went fine. Jason and everybody took good care of me," she said over the phone. "And I think they were all impressed enough to consider you for the Junior Partner position," she said as she pulled on her cotton underwear.

I vaguely remembered the call, only now realizing the hidden second meaning to her words.

I watched as the video finally ended when Jess left the room, soon to be replaced by Jason coming back and turning off the camera.

Ejecting the DVD, I placed it my pocket as I made my way out of the garage. I cannot even begin to explain the emotions running through me, not even sure if I was upset or not. I watched the video several times that night, orgasming each time as my feelings were in a jumble, the idea of being betrayed, as well as my fantasy of Jess fucking another man was repeated over and over.

I wondered if it were her first time cheating on me, but then recalling the comments made by some of the men about my interviewing process. Suddenly I wanted to see more—both for peace of mind, as well as excitement as my eagerness in cleaning up the rest of the garage the next two days became almost an obsession, searching for other recordings. Throughout the remaining weekend I watched the video over and over, cumming several times each day while my wife was service several years ago by my co-workers, over and over...

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