tagMatureMrs. B

Mrs. B


I've always felt attracted to younger men.

Some time ago, there was family living next to me in our small neighbourhood. This was several years after my husband had died. I'd finally begun to feel somewhat whole again and yet the loneliness was getting me down. I had started to have sexual cravings like never before and felt I'd go crazy if they weren't satisfied in some way, and soon.

One of the boys in the family was college age, tall and athletic, a good looking young man. He was home from school for the summer and occasionally I'd see him in the yard, shirtless, in a pair of shorts or bathing suit. I became very attracted to him, at night imagining us together in all kinds of situations. Many days I'd stand at my window and watch him for minutes at a time, feeling somewhat ashamed of myself for spying, but unable to look away, all the while the heat in my belly building. My breasts would ache at the sight of his lithe body and I would often feel a wetness between my legs afterward. It surprised me, my reaction to him. After all, I was a middle-aged widow. My husband and I had enjoyed a rich and adventurous sexual relationship. There had never been a lack of attention from my husband, or other men for that matter.

Nevertheless I found myself seeking out ways to cross paths with him, at the shops or in the park, over the fence, whatever. At times, my flirting with him seemed pretty shameless. I remember wondering if anyone was beginning to notice. By the end of summer I was desperate for him and tried to think of some sort of way to be alone with him in my home. Since my husband's accident, the family next door had been very helpful to me, sending the boys over to do odd jobs or whatever I needed a hand with. I thought that might be my chance.

There were a number of boxes in the spare bedroom that needed storing properly. I had been putting some things away, getting the room ready for guests over the coming holiday season and now had a number of cartons that belonged up in the attic. I could have done it myself but it seemed the perfect opportunity.

One day in early autumn I decided it was time to try. He would be leaving again for college very soon. It was now or never. I took a long hot bath that morning, making sure my legs were shaved, even trimming that little auburn triangle of hair between my thighs. It had been a long time since I knew I might be revealing my nude body to someone and I wanted to be ready, physically and mentally. I spent some time getting dressed in a provocative way, though trying not to be too obvious about it. My wardrobe shows that I've always been proud of my figure and I made sure that day would be no exception. I chose a dark, pleated short skirt and natural-tone stay-up stockings that were very sheer, dark high heeled pumps, a white button-front blouse over a silk camisole. I'm fifty-three years old, medium height and fairly slim. Slim except for my breasts, that is. I wear a D-cup brassiere. Sometimes that has been a liability but I've often noticed the boys eyeing my breasts and I knew I was a target of adolescent curiosity. I can only imagine what conversations took place at night in the boys' bedroom. So, I dabbed a couple of finishing touches to my make-up, brushed out my shoulder length hair and walked over to the house next door. On the way I could feel my breasts swaying under the thin fabric and the movement aroused my nipples to such a degree that was impossible to hide.

I rang the doorbell. There was a lengthy pause. I rang again and slowly the door creaked open. It was Jamie, the older brother that I had been watching all summer. He wore a wrinkled old t-shirt and a pair of loose, thin sweatpants. A shiver ran up my spine and my nipples swelled even more. He had been sleeping, which meant his parents must have gone away for the weekend or something as they would never have allowed him to stay in bed to this late hour. His eyes grew wide as he realized who I was.

"Oh... oh, hi, Mrs B. Sorry I took so long."

"No worries, Jamie. I'm sorry for waking you" I replied with a little grin. I hoped to God I wouldn't start blushing or anything girlish like that. "I came over to ask if you might be able to give me a hand with a chore I have at home. Are you free for a little while?" All the time I was speaking, his eyes kept dropping down to my chest. He was trying to be discrete but was failing miserably.

"Sure, no problem, Mrs. B. I'll be over in a sec."

"Great! Thanks, Jamie. Just come as soon as you can. I'll be in the back hall." I hurried home and opened the back door. I stopped at the hall mirror to make sure all was well. The satiny fabric of my blouse plainly showed my nipples, even revealing the tiny dimples of the areolas surrounding them. I undid one more button and bent over in front of the mirror. My blouse gaped open, revealing a generous amount of my breasts and the deep cleavage between them. I wanted to be sure Jamie would get a good view down my blouse if I had a chance to bend over in front of him.

I heard footsteps on the back step and turned toward the door. He hadn't done anything but throw on a pair of sandals. I got a sense that he had been in a hurry to get here.

"Hi Jamie, come in", I smiled, opening the door for him. "Just follow me." I headed for the spare room, walking a little way in front of him, adding an extra bit of swing in my hips. Actually the high heels didn't give me much other choice. "I feel kind of silly, being dressed like this to do housework but I've got to go out soon and I won't have a chance to get this done before the weekend." Jamie didn't respond. As we passed by a curio cabinet, I saw his reflection in the glass. He appeared to be staring hard at my legs, one hand griping his crotch.

I had piled at least a dozen boxes in the bedroom, near the attic hatchway. We had several stepladders and I had chosen one of the shortest so I would have to stretch to reach the opening. It was already set up. I knew it would be a bit of a trick to manage that ladder in heels, but I was determined to try.

"I'll go up the ladder, Jamie. I know exactly where I want these put up there, so if you can hand them to me as I need them, please?"

"Sure, Mrs. B., no problem."

I climbed the ladder and turned to reach down for the first box. He held it up quite high for me, making it such that I didn't have to bend over. I climbed another step and reached up into the opening, pushing the box through. As I did, I tried to stretch and tilt my hips, hoping my skirt would flare out to give him a peek underneath. I smiled to myself when I heard him take in his breath. I knew he'd just discovered what I had known all along: I had chosen to not wear any panties. I couldn't be sure of how much he saw but I knew I'd gotten his attention.

I stayed on the higher step and bent down to reach for the next box. As he lifted it up to me, I saw his eyes drop down to my neckline, then widen slightly. I stooped low and took the box from him and held it to me, catching it under my breasts. I fumbled with it briefly, stalling for time to let him get a good look down my top, using it to make my breasts bulge up out of my gaping blouse. I couldn't be too obvious yet, that wasn't part of my plan, so I eventually turned and lifted the box up, giving him a side view of my breasts being propped up on top of the package, then being crushed behind it, then dropping down heavily as I pushed the carton up into the attic.

He had the next one ready. He was holding it on the sides in such a way that as I took it from him, the backs of his hands pressed against my breasts. I smiled.

"Sorry Mrs. B, sorry!" he stammered.

"Oh, Jamie, that's all right," I grinned. "They tend to get in the way sometimes. They're used to being handled a lot. Just relax." His face reddened and there was a noticeable bulge growing under his sweatpants. He twisted away from me and grabbed another box.

Soon the pile of boxes in the attic opening was higher than I could reach above. I climbed to the last step and bent down for the second last box. I had to bend down deeply. For a while I had noticed that Jamie wasn't lifting the boxes as high anymore, forcing me to bend over to grab them. Each time, I felt my breasts hang down heavily, pushing out at the loose fabric covering them, opening a wide gap at my neck. I could imagine the view Jamie was getting as I leaned over. It gave me a little shiver to think of his eyes searching down my blouse like that, seeing the swell of my breasts, watching them sway as I moved. My nipples were as hard and erect as they'd ever been.

Because I was standing so high on the ladder, as I lifted the box, I felt it snag the hem of my skirt. Perfect, I thought. I continued to lift, feeling my skirt tighten across the back of my legs as the fabric rose up with the box. Cool air washed over my hips. I knew I must be exposed from the waist down. Blood surged to my vagina, swelling the lips, creating a heavy bulge between my legs.

"Mrs B! Your skirt is caught!"

"Oh! Oh, gosh!" I cried. "It's caught on the box! Pull it down for me, Jamie!" I felt a tug as he grabbed at the fabric, pulling it back down over my hips. I pushed the box into the opening then turned to him. His face was beaming red. The bulge in his pants was huge. "Thanks, Hon. I'll bet that was a sight you weren't expecting was it? Phew, how embarrassing!" I smoothed my skirt down across my thighs, then reached down and stroked the side of his face. "Poor Jamie! You're finding out a lot more about your neighbour than you ever thought, hmmm? You're a good sport, Jamie." The heat between my legs was a furnace. I could feel wetness in my crotch. I had to have him soon or I would burst!

"We've just that last box and then we're through. I'll have to push them back a ways to get the hatch closed." He handed me the last package. I pushed it up through the opening but there was no place to put it. "Oh, dear. I'll have to stand on the very top to get this one in. Be a dear, Jamie and hold the ladder for me, hmmm?" Jamie came forward and steadied the ladder. I watched his eyes move up my legs, under my skirt. I smiled to myself - this had to be it. If this next idea of mine didn't put him over the edge, he was dead from the waist down and I knew that wasn't true! Shakily I stepped onto the top surface and stretched up. (What I was willing to do to bed this young man amazed me!) Arching back, pushing my hips forward, I positioned myself right over his upturned face. He had to be able to see right up my skirt. I stood on tiptoes, then lifted one foot off the ladder, straining as high as I could. I opened my legs widely, balancing myself as I tried to push the last few inches. I can only imagine what was going through his mind at that moment. Here was a young man, trying to help his attractive fifty-something neighbour and getting a view of her entire lower anatomy in the bargain. It made me so hot to think of him down there, staring up at my swollen vagina, which by now was practically dripping wet.

"Jamie, dear," I called down, "I've got to push these all back further to shut the door. I'm going to jump up onto the ledge so I can reach them. Hold the ladder tightly, all right?"

"Sure, Mrs. B. I will." His voice was trembling. He stepped around behind me and held on.

I gave a little jump and caught my elbows on the ledge of the opening, then bent forward and pushed all of the boxes into position. I kept kicking my legs around as I tried to gain some leverage on the packages. I could only guess at what kind of show he was seeing from down there. My arms were getting weak. Finally I was through. I started to let myself down.

"Oh, dear. Jamie, grab my legs and guide me back onto the ladder, please, Hon?" I called down. I felt his hot hands grasp my ankles as I slowly lowered myself down onto the ladder again. "Don't let go until I say, all right?" His grip tightened as he pulled my legs toward the ladder. I resisted him a little bit, just to make him work for his pleasures. Firmly, he guided my feet back to the ladder. As they touched, I looked down. He was staring straight up under my skirt, his eyes wide, his face moist. "Are you enjoying yourself, looking up my skirt like that?" I asked. Quickly he looked away and dropped his hands to his sides. "It's all right, Jamie. I completely understand. I'd be looking too, if I were you. I'm not angry at all, Hon. Just relax and help me down the ladder. Hold onto my legs until I'm down to a safer height." He brought his hands onto my ankles again. I took a step down. He pushed my foot onto the next step. "You can move your hands up higher, Jamie." There was a pause, then I felt them slide tentatively up my calves. I stepped down another rung. "Move them higher, Jamie."

His voice was shaky, "Mrs. B..."

"Sshh. It's ok." I whispered. Now MY voice was starting to shake. "Please Jamie, do this for me."

They slid onto my lower thighs. I stepped down again.


They moved up under my skirt, resting on the tops of my stockings. I stepped down again. I was a few feet above the floor.


His hands moved up to my hips, lifting my skirt a little.

I spread my knees and pushed my hips back towards him.

"Jamie, dear. Do exactly as I ask, would you?" I turned and looked back at him. He nodded his head, his face beaming red. "Put your hand between my legs, Jamie." There was a brief pause and then I felt his hand move. "Yes, that's good. Just relax Jamie. It's all right. I want you to touch me. I've wanted it for a long time. Now...please...move it up... all the way up between my legs." Slowly I felt one hand move up into my crotch. A spasm gripped my belly as his fingertips brushed against my swollen labia. I moaned. "Please Jamie, put your fingers inside me." I leaned down onto the ladder and angled my hips back toward him. Once again I felt a shiver course through my body as his fingertips touched me. He was bolder now, gripping my thigh with his free hand while his fingers probed up inside me, first parting the swollen lips, then into my tunnel. I closed my legs, moaning again, pinning his hand inside me. I felt his fingers move, touching sensitive spots, moving again. I pushed my hips down onto his hand, trying to take him deeper. I reached back and grasped his arm, motioning to him that he could push up inside me more. I felt his knuckles rub the very tops of my thighs. His fingers probed the depths of my vagina. A shudder passed through me and I again moaned, louder this time.

"Oh, yes, Hon, that's the way. That's good. Move your fingers around inside me, move them up and down like your penis would. Oh! Oh, yes. Touch there again. Again! Oh! Mmm!" I ground my hips down onto his hand, squeezing my thighs tightly together. Oh God, this felt good! This is what I was so hungry for. My breasts were tingling, my nipples hard, pushing against my blouse like small thimbles. "Put your thumb up between my cheeks, Jamie. That's it. Is it wet? Yes? Good. Now put it in my bottom. Oh God!! Yes! Right there! Push it into me! Oh, oh, yes! Oh God!!" His thumb slipped up into my ass. Electric shocks streaked down my legs, up into my breasts, out through my nipples and toes. "Oh, yes. Keep doing it! Oh Jamie, this feels so good, Hon!" He pumped his fingers up and down, into me, out of me, sliding up and down inside of me. The insides of my thighs were wet. I moved against his movements, pulling up as he withdrew his hand, pushing down as he slid back inside. "Oh God, Jamie, I'm coming! Oh, oh...!"

The climax almost made me faint. It was so powerful, all the more for having been so long since I'd been with anyone. I moaned loudly and shook, gripped the ladder, his wrist, my breasts. I tried to jam his whole hand inside of me, filling my tunnel with movement and heat. Again and again waves of orgasm washed over me, starting in my belly and spreading out across my body, out through my arms, my legs, my breasts. Wetness flowed down my thighs, wetting his hand. Wildly, I turned and looked at him. He was pale, sweating. I looked at his crotch. There was a large wet stain spreading across the front of his pants. I looked into his eyes.

"I want YOU inside me, Jamie. Not just your hand." I reached forward and grasped the bulge in his pants. "I want this inside me." I dropped down off the ladder, down to my knees in front of him. My hands shaking, I pulled at the waistband of his sweatpants, pulled them off his hips, down to his ankles. His penis sprang out toward my face, at full attention. I looked up at him, grasped the base of his rock hard member and took it deeply into my mouth. I heard him gasp and felt his hands grip my hair. I closed my lips tightly around his shaft and sucked hard as I slowly drew it back out of my mouth.

"How does that feel for you, Jamie?" I asked him, kneeling there in front of him, looking into his face.

"Oh god Mrs. B," he gasped, "I love it!"

"Grace, Jamie darling, my name is Grace." I took him into my mouth again, pushing my face down into the tuft of hair in his crotch. I felt the head of his penis crush against the back of my mouth, thick and rough. I straightened my neck and took it down into my throat, driving my face against his belly. Once again I closed my lips around his shaft. I hung there for as long as I could take him inside me like that. As I did, I reached up between his legs and pushed a finger between his cheeks. I knew the response I'd get. I'd seen my husband react many times. As I started to withdraw him from my throat, my mouth, sucking hard, I pushed my finger up inside him, deeper and deeper. I felt his buttocks tighten around it as I forced my way into him, then suddenly he gasped out loudly and I felt his semen surge strongly into my mouth. His penis throbbed against my lips as it pumped more and more fluid into my throat. I tried to swallow as much as I could but there was so much of it! A small trickle escaped from of the corner of my mouth and dripped down my chin. He was breathing hard, bent over, clutching my hair.

I coughed slightly as I withdrew from him, wiping my chin.

"Mrs. B. I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself..." he whispered.

"Jamie, Hon, you did exactly what I wanted you to do. I wanted you to come in my mouth," I smiled at him. "Lie down on the bed here and take a breath. This is pretty unexpected, hmmm?" He nodded as he pulled his pants back up and lay down. I sat next to him. "I've wanted you for a long time Jamie. I've dreamt about this happening again and again." I put a hand on his now-flaccid penis. "That was nice but I still want this inside me, Hon. Just relax while I help him back to life." I pulled his pants completely off and dropped them to the floor. Raising my skirt, I knelt onto the bed and straddled his bare legs. "Do you like the feel of my stockings against your skin, Jamie?" He nodded, watching me. "Can I show you my breasts, Hon? Would you like to see them?" Again, he nodded. I sat upright on his knees and undid my blouse, un-tucking it from my skirt and tossing it to the floor. I lifted my camisole up over my head and dropped it as well. My breasts hung heavily from my chest. My nipples were still erect. I was so aroused. I hadn't felt like this in ages. "They're big aren't they? And very sensitive. See? Gosh Jamie, my nipples are so hard."

Leaning forward, I dropped down and dragged my breasts across his crotch and belly, making little circular patterns around his re-awakening penis. I slid up his chest and put my mouth on his, kissing him deeply. I felt him stiffen, then relax, then start to respond to my mouth. I pushed my tongue between his lips and felt his tongue brush against mine. I kissed him again and again, his neck, his chest, all the while feeling his penis stiffening against me. I leaned forward and dangled a breast at his mouth. "Take it, Jamie. Suck it for me." He opened his mouth and I pushed myself down into him, feeling his tongue darting across the heavy flesh, circling my nipple. He took as much as he could into his mouth and sucked, hard. As he did, I drew away from him, stretching my breast out from my body. I took my free breast and pressed it against his face, mashing that globe of flesh into his bulging cheek, covering his eye. Once again I felt pangs of desire running up my back. I reached down under my skirt and grasped his penis. It was rock hard again. I sat up, straddling his hips, pulling my breast from his mouth. It made a soft slapping noise as it felt back against my chest. I unzipped my skirt and pulled it up over my head. I was wearing only my stockings and high-heels now. My skin was glistening from the heat and desire inside me. I reached down between my legs and gripped his hard shaft. Raising my hips, I guided it up to my bulging, soaking-wet vagina and pushed myself down onto him, feeling his hard penis slide all the way up into me. I put all of my weight down on him, taking as much of him as there was. The head of his penis pressed against the top of my tunnel. He was a good size, thick and hard. I began to ride him, slowly, sliding him in and out of me, sometimes in short quick thrusts, sometimes with long, deep lunges down onto him.

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