tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wife & Our Neighbor's Son

My Wife & Our Neighbor's Son


Mags and I had been together for about seven years. We have a very happy marriage and were both very contented sexually. We have a varied sex life and have a large range of vibrators and toys that we like to use. We live in a very secluded part of a small country village. Our immediate neighbours we got on well with and they have a 18 year old son called Robert. It was a hot summers day, the neighbours had gone away for a few days and they asked us to keep an eye on Robert, although at 18 he was capable of looking after himself.

Mags and I had been sunbathing in the garden when I decided I needed a sun hat. I went upstairs to the bedroom and glanced out of the window and admired the view of miles of open countryside. I saw Mags sunbathing and thought how sexy she looked. We hadn't had sex for about 3 days so we were bound to tonight. A sudden movement caught my eye in next doors garden. I moved back behind a curtain and looked intently. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Robert was peering through a hole in the fence and looking at Mags.

That wasn't all. His shorts were round his ankles and he was playing with the largest cock I have ever seen. It was as thick as my arm and had to be at least 10" long. I couldn't believe the size of it. I carried on watching him and found myself getting hard, not at the size of his cock but that he was wanking while looking at my wife who was old enough to be his mother. I watched intently for a few minutes when he suddenly quickened his movements and shot his spunk all over the fence. I found it a huge turn on. He pulled up his shorts and went inside. I hurried downstairs and quickly said to Mags. 'You are not going to believe this but you have got an admirer.

I've just watched Robert from next wanking himself off while looking at you through a hole in the fence. Whats more he's got the largest cock I'v ever seen'. Mags thought I was joking and laughed it off. We went over to the fence and saw there was a hole in it. But she still wasn't convinced. Shortly we heard Robert go out and we went round to the garden next door. We found the hole in the fence and there was the tell tale signs of streams of fresh spunk still trickling down the fence. We went back home and sat and talked about it. Mags wanted every single detail and I told her how much it turned me on watching him wank while looking at her. She admitted that she found it very flattering that a 18 year old could still fancy her.

That night in bed, Mags was on fire. As she cuddled up against me her leg went over mine and I could feel her wetness running out of her cunt. Straight away she started talking about Robert. She wanted to know again how big I thought his cock was and how round it was. Was it larger than her largest vibrator. She was so hot just thinking about Robert. It turned me on thinking about Robert fucking her. I was going to suggest it to her but I wanted her to instead. I knew the thought of it was driving her mad. I asked if she wanted the toys tonight and she said she did.

I knew without a doubt that she would choose the biggest one. She lay down with her knees bent and her legs wide apart. I knelt in between her legs. I could see she was sopping wet. I put the vibrator at the edge of her cunt and it was almost sucked in. She told me to push it right in. Normally I tease her and put it in slowly and then withdraw it but this time she wanted it straight in as far as it would go. I usually then lay down and lick her clit with the vibrator inside her but this time I wanted to look at her cunt and I decided I would describe in detail what I was doing to her.

She knows I like to talk dirty in bed but she finds it embarrassing to do so herself. I just had a feeling that tonight was going to be different. She started playing with her nipples, something she only does when she is very horny. I started fucking her with the vibrator really slow and said, 'I bet you're imagining this being Robert aren't you. He's lying in between your legs and slowly pumping his 10 inch cock in and out of your soaking wet cunt. Its bigger than this vibrator and will shoot his spunk deep inside your cunt, you'd love that wouldn't you.' She smiled and nodded as her orgasm came crashing through her body. Her cunt juices were flooding out of her.

The vibrator, my hand and the bed were soon soaking wet. I started to stop but she told me to carry on she wanted to cum again. This time it took a little longer but was just as intense and this time she actually ejaculated and shot her cum out of her cunt. 'Again, please, again I need more', she pleaded with me. After her fourth or fifth orgasm she was satisfied. My cock was now bursting and I needed instant satisfaction. She pushed me down on the bed and took my cock deep in her mouth. The vibrator was still inside her. Normally as she has cum she removes it, but not his time.

She needed it still inside her. She pushed my skin back with her lips and pushed her tongue down my cum hole. I started talking to her again. 'Don't you wish this was Roberts huge cock deep inside your mouth. Its so large I'm not sure you would get it all in. You'd probably just get the tip in and then you'd have to wank him off into your mouth'. She was sucking me like a mad woman now. I couldn't talk anymore as I was so near to cumming. Normally as she feels me cumming she takes my cock and I cum over her face.

This time my cock stayed deep inside her mouth and I shot my hot spunk right down her throat. Eventually she released me and we lay side by side. She still had the vibrator inside her and she put my hand down to it, she wanted some more sex. I turned it on and slowly started fucking her with it. I said, 'I know what you really want, just tell me, I don't mind'. She said, 'I need Roberts cock, I need Robert to fuck my cunt and I need to suck Roberts cock and make him cum in my mouth. I'm sorry, but I must have it.' As she finished the sentence she had yet another massive orgasm. We lay relaxing and then started planning how to get Robert to fuck Mags.

She kept apologising but insisted that she had to have him and I told I was quite happy about it and that it turned me on thinking about her with him. I also insisted that I must watch and that she musn't do it without telling me. I also told her that I would get very excited and almost certainly I would wank myself off. She said that was fine and she loved the idea of Robert fucking her and her watching me wanking and she wanted me to cum over her face and tits as Robert was fucking her. We talked long into the night planning everything and it turned us both on so much that we ended fucking another two times.

We decided to tease Robert during the day and finally seduce him in the evening.

Fortunately the next day was hot and sunny and Mags had started sunbathing by about 10.30. She had a bikini on that gave plenty of uplift to her tits and positioned her sunlounger at an angle that was facing Roberts garden. I went up to our bedroom and looked out of the window ready to see Robert in action. It was only a couple of minutes before I saw him come out into the garden. He had a T shirt and shorts on. I saw him head to the same spot as yesterday and he crouched down to look through the hole in the fence.

As soon as he saw Mags he took his shorts down. He was already hard and once again I couldn't believe the size of his cock. His hand went straight to it and he slowly started playing with it. He couldn't even get his whole hand round. It was easily as thick as my arm and again I'm sure it was 10" long. Without realising it I was getting hard watching him wank himself off over my wife. He was doing it so slowly that he was obviously going to make it last. I went back downstairs to the garden and stood in front of Mags deliberately spoiling Roberts view and said out loud so that Robert could hear that I was popping out for a few minutes. In reality I crept back into our garden shed that was about 10 feet from where Mags was lying.

Before Robert could start playing with himself again Mags went indoors and got some sun tan lotion. She started putting the lotion on her legs and then stood up and called over the fence to see if Robert was there. After a couple of minutes he appeared and Mags said, 'Do me a favour Robert pop round and put some sun tan lotion on my shoulders for me please'. 'OK won't be a minute,' he replied. He came round and Mags couldn't take her eyes of his shorts. His erection had subsided but she was already imagining what it was like. I was watching out the shed window and could clearly see and hear everything. Mags sat up and asked Robert to rub some lotion into her shoulders. He stood behind her and squirted some onto her shoulders and started rubbing it in. I could clearly see that he was looking down at her tits.

I knew her nipples would soon harden and show through her thin bikini top. He finished very quickly and Mags said, 'Oh don't stop, that's lovely and relaxing, just massage my shoulders a little more. I saw her part her legs a little more and knew her well enough to know that her cunt was by now soaking wet. She leaned back slightly so that she was resting against him. I could clearly see the bulge in his shorts and Mags could feel it against her back. Her eyes were closed and she kept saying, 'Oh that's lovely its so relaxing'.

She shifted slightly and as she was leaning against him she moved one of her hands behind her and rested it against the bulge in his shorts. He went to move back and she said, 'You're obviously enjoying this as much as I am, don't move away'. I saw him move tighter against her. Mags said, 'Don't worry about Roger he won't be back yet.' I saw her hand rub against his shorts he was clearly hard now. She said, 'I know you've been looking at me through the fence and I have to say I find it very flattering that a young good looking boy like you wants to do what you do while looking at me'.

Robert was very embarrassed and kept apologising and said, 'You won't tell my parents will you, I promise I won't do it again'. Mags replied, 'Of course I won't tell your parents and I'll be very offended if you stop doing it, it turns me on thinking about you playing with yourself. Now keep massaging my shoulders and look down at my tits, wouldn't you like to stroke them, can you see how hard my nipples are'. Mags was now clearly rubbing his cock although it was awkward for her behind her back. After a few minutes she said, 'I think I need to take care of that for you, sit down here', and patted the sun lounger in front of her.

He sat facing her and his erection was poking out the bottom of his shorts. I could see the glazed look in her eyes and knew she desperately wanted his cock embedded deep inside her cunt but as we decided last night, that would wait until later. Her arm reached out and held the end of his cock. She couldn't get her hand round it as it was so thick. 'I think you'd better take those shorts off if I'm going to do this properly, don't you'. He stood up for a moment and slid his shorts down his legs and immediately sat down again. Mags couldn't believe what she was seeing. She thought it was an absolute waste just to wank him off and wanted to suck him off and then let him fuck her senseless and it was all she could do to go along with our original plan. She moved closer to him, her legs were straddled either side of the sun lounger.

She felt her cunt juices seeping out of her. She took his hand and put it on her fanny and said, 'Feel how wet my pussy is, that's what effect you're having on me'. Mags was now rubbing Roberts cock in slow deliberate movements, she didn't want him to cum too soon she wanted to enjoy it so much that he would come back for more. 'Play with my pussy, put your fingers inside me', I heard her say. I saw him pull her bikini aside and slip a finger inside her cunt. I knew she was soaking wet. I now had my shorts round my ankles and was slowly playing with myself as I watched my wife enjoying the attention of a 18 year old boy.

'Finger fuck me, please, faster, Oh yes that lovely,' she said. She reached for her top and lifted it over the top of her tits. Her nipples were standing out erect like miniature pricks. She wanted him to suck them but knew that now wasn't the right time. She had both hands round his cock and was now wanking him faster. Soon she felt the tell tale twitching in his cock and he shot wad after wad of hot spunk all over her bikini bottoms and the sun lounger. Mags was amazed that he was still hard and she hadn't cum yet. Clearly she couldn't let him fuck her in the garden and that was all part of tonights plan. Mags was hoping that I hadn't cum either as she knew that as soon as Robert left we were going indoors to fuck.

She said to Robert, 'You'd better go and clean yourself up and I need to change. By the way we're having a barbecue tonight why not come round.' Robert said, 'He'd love to.' As he pulled his shorts up, Mags pulled her bra top down over her tits and said, 'Don't forget, I really don't mind you wanking while looking at me, but next time do it in the open so that I can watch you. Robert went off home and Mags and I ran indoors. We went straight upstairs and ripped our clothes off. I couldn't believe how wet she was. I dived straight between her legs and licked her to an immediate orgasm. She ejaculated her cum all over my face. I immediately moved up and my rock hard cock slipped easily inside her. Even though she was so wet she managed to grip me tightly and her second orgasm was quickly followed by mine. We lay side by side and Mags was giving me every detail about how his cock felt and the amount of cum he shot. We went over the plan for the evening and looked forward to putting it into action.

Mags and I were very horny all day waiting for the evening to come. I started the barbecue at about 6 o'clock and Robert arrived shortly afterwards. The weather was still hot and he had on a T shirt and shorts. Mags wore a thin T shirt without a bra making her nipples very visible and long wrap over skirt and no knickers. Robert asked if I needed a hand and I told him to get himself a beer and see if Mags needed a hand. Mags had been wet all afternoon and couldn't wait much longer. Robert went into the kitchen and Mags immediately gave him a kiss full on the lips and said, 'I really enjoyed this morning but it left me very frustrated.

Did you wank again this morning. I hope you're going to make up for it this evening'. He replied, 'What about Roger'. Mags said, 'Roger doesn't mind, I've told him about this morning and he's very relaxed about it.' Robert replied, 'I'm really not sure about this'. Mags took Roberts hand and put it inside her skirt and straight onto her pussy and then grabbed his already hardening cock and said, 'Feel how nice and wet my pussy is, I'm sure you'd like to really find out what its like. I know I can't wait to have your huge cock deep inside my soaking wet pussy. I promise we won't get you to do anything you don't want to do, and I guarantee you'll enjoy it and want to come back for more, and I promise you Roger doesn't mind.' By the look on Roberts face Mags knew he was ready for all we wanted from him. She took hold of Roberts hand and led him into the garden to join me. She said to me, 'I've explained everything to Robert and how much we want him to join us tonight and he's very keen to do so. I said, 'That's great, Mags told me how much she enjoyed this morning and from what she says you did so too.'

The food was soon ready on the barbecue and we tucked into the food accompanied with a couple of glasses of wine. Mags sat next to Robert and made sure her skirt opened up and exposed a huge amount of thigh. I noticed he kept glancing down and couldn't take his eyes off her. A couple of minutes after had finished Mags suggested we went inside. We took our wine glasses and went into the lounge. Robert and Mags sat on the sofa and I sat opposite them. Mags crossed her legs and her skirt fell open. From where I was sitting I could see her pussy which was clearly very wet. I was sure I could even smell her cunt juices.

Her erect nipples were clearly visible through her T shirt. She was sitting very close to Robert who was looking a little uncertain about the situation he found himself in. I stood up and said, 'I'm just going for a walk round the garden, I'll be back soon'. I thought I'd better leave them alone for a few minutes, I didn't want to frighten Robert off. In reality I walked round the house and watched from a side window. I had only been gone about 30 seconds and I saw that Mags was stroking Roberts cock through his shorts. In fact his cock is so long that it pokes out the end of his shorts. Mags got him to stand up and take his shorts off. His cock was fully erect as he sat down again. Mags made sure her skirt was fully open and she took his hand and put it between her legs. I couldn't hear what was being said but the actions spoke volumes.

He clearly had his fingers inside her cunt and was slowly finger fucking her. She had both hands round his cock and was slowly wanking him off. Then Mags stopped and knelt on the floor in between his legs. Her head went towards his huge cock and she tried to get his cock in her mouth. Her mouth was stretched to its limit but eventually 3 or 4 inches of it disappeared inside. I was sure her tongue was finding his cum hole as she started sucking him off. Meanwhile her two hands were slowly wanking him off. I wasn't sure if she was going all the way and letting him cum in her mouth. Robert was lying back with his eyes closed. I had decided it was OK to back indoors. I was hard and very horny. Robert still had his eyes closed and Mags was working on him very slowly.

She didn't want him to cum yet. I went up behind her and undid her skirt exposing her bare cunt and arse. I wanted to take her T shirt off but couldn't as she was still sucking Roberts cock. I reached round her front and felt her cunt. It was dripping. Her cunt juices were literally dripping down her legs. She took his cock out of her mouth and took her T shirt off and said, 'Lets go upstairs'. She took his hand and I followed them. She took Roberts T shirt off and they lay on the bed. Mags said, 'You're going to cum quickly aren't you if I suck you, how many times will you be able to cum tonight'. He thought about and amazingly said, 'I should think 6 or 7 times'. Mags said, 'Then lets continue the way we started and knelt down beside him and started licking his balls and then along his shaft. She pulled his foreskin right back to reveal a lovely red shiny head.

She used her tongue and pushed it as far down as his spunk hole as she could. She licked underneath the helmet and played with his balls. She said to Robert, 'Play with my tits, pinch my nipples.' His hands sought her erect nipples and he gently squeezed them. 'Harder, pinch them hard, I love it rough, pinch and squeeze them, Oh that's better, I love it'. I had undressed now and was slowly playing with myself. I thought I could cum twice and maybe three times but certainly not more than that so I was making sure I would last. I stood beside them and watched as Mags worshipped Roberts cock with her tongue and mouth. I moved behind her and inserted 2 fingers inside her cunt. I was amazed how easily they slipped inside. I certainly had never seen her so wet before.

She then said to Robert, 'I am going to suck you off now and you're going to cum in my mouth. I adore your huge cock in my mouth. I'm going to make sure you shoot as much spunk as you can deep into my mouth and I'm going to savour the taste and then swallow it all'. Then she said to me, 'Roger I want you to finger fuck my cunt at the same time but don't make me cum as that's reserved for Robert tonight. The look on Robert's face said it all as Mags got as much of his cock in her mouth and I could see her cheeks going in and out as she sucked him. One of her hands rubbed his balls and the other rubbed up and down his shaft. He was still playing with her nipples and I had 3 three fingers plunging in and out of her cunt.

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