tagLoving WivesNick Watches Di Ch. 12

Nick Watches Di Ch. 12


Chapter 12 Betty's Revenge

The incident of unfaithfulness Betty was referring to had happened a few years in the past. She had been a very straight, devoted wife. Sex to her consisted of the missionary position once a month. In fact, Walt's and her sex life had become extremely boring, but she accepted this as the normal progression of a marriage.

Then one day she came home unexpectedly from a visit to her mother's and caught Walt en flagrant dilecto (sic), with the young wife of a neighbor. They were on the living room couch in such a passionate "69" that they didn't hear the front door open or notice the intruder. Betty stood aghast watching the scene, at first not understanding what was going on. Then it dawned on her.

"You bastards!" she screamed "What in the hell do you think your doing? How could you do such a filthy thing? Get up from there and get that bitch out of here."

The neighbor's wife jumped up in horror, perky titties bobbing, and grabbed her clothes. She was almost out the door before she got her short shorts and halter-top on.

Afterward, Walt's protestations about needing more excitement in their sex lives fell on deaf ears. He nevertheless, begged that she not leave him.

"I love you and would do anything to keep you from leaving me. She means nothing to me. It was just a sexual thing," he had implored her.

Betty did love Walt and didn't want to leave him. After thinking about it for a few days she decided to stay with him, but vowed to get revenge.

"I won't leave you, you bastard, but I'll let anybody but you fuck me. We'll see how long you can live with that before you leave me. We'll see just how much you love me."

She then went on her quest for revenge. Her first target was the husband of the neighbor she'd caught Walt with. The neighbor's husband, ignorant of the situation, sent Betty and Walt an invitation to a Halloween party. To both the neighbor's wife and Walt's surprise, Betty accepted the invitation.

Since it was a masquerade, Betty decided to dress for the event as a prostitute. Short leather mini-dress, leather garter belt, fishnet stockings, and stiletto heels were her costume. To make it really appear as a costume, and not just a cheap looking way of dressing, she wore a small mask that covered only her eyes.

"My god," Walt told her "you can't go dressed like that, it's far too revealing. You don't even have panties on. What will everyone think?"

Walt was thinking how different their sex life would have been if she'd dressed like that for him.

"Shut the fuck up," Betty replied. "You don't ever tell me again how to conduct myself after the way you conducted yourself with that slut."

At the party, her outfit had the desired affect on the host. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, as was the case with most of the other men present. To Betty's surprise, this attention had a very sexually stimulating affect on her.

As the party progressed and drinks were consumed, Betty began flirting outrageously with the host. She also noted that his wife was doing her share of flirting, too. However, Betty noted that she steered as clear of Walt as possible. And, although Walt was displeased with Betty's behavior, she knew he dared not say anything to her.

Eventually, Betty noticed the host's wife across the room in deep conversation with another of their neighbors. She noticed the man's hand was on her nylon-clad knee, and occasionally moved further and further up her thigh. She seemed to encourage him by slightly spreading her legs every time he moved up. In spite of that she seemed to be trying to keep an eye her husband and Betty.

The man was Walt's age and Betty thought the girl must have an oedipus complex because both he and Walt were old enough to be her father. Her husband, on the other hand was a handsome, well built, young man in his twenties. To her surprise, her juices were starting to ooze, thinking about what she was about to do with him. And they were starting to ooze down her legs, since she had no panties on.

"Something's happening to me," she thought. "I never felt turned on like this with Walt. Revenge is indeed going to be sweet."

Betty noticed that the young man couldn't keep his eyes off her cleavage and barely covered breasts. And she noticed an accompanying swelling in his pants. Now's the time, she thought.

"I believe I've had one too many," she said to her host "where's the bathroom?"

"Just down the hall," he replied, pointing.

"Don't you have one upstairs I could use?" she asked, giggling seductively. "As hot as you've made me flirting with me, I may have to stay awhile, and I don't want to be interrupted."

"Ah gosh, ah, sure. Upstairs, down the hall on the right," he stammered, surprised that this mature woman he had been lusting after would make such a remark. He was also embarrassed that he was having such thoughts about a woman nearly old enough to be his mother.

"Look," she said, staggering a bit and rubbing her tits up against him "I've had a few too many. I may not be able to find it. Couldn't you help me find it."

Her double entendre wasn't lost on him.

"Ah, sure, after you," he said pointing up the stairs.

She started up the stairs ahead of him and he hesitated a moment. "Now's the time to see if she has panties on under that micro dress," he thought.

Sure enough, his suspicions were confirmed as he saw two beautiful, bare buns above nylon stockings swaying up the stairs on stiletto heels. Knowing he was watching made Betty's pussy tingle.

When they came to a bathroom, Betty asked if he didn't have another one, more private.

"Well, yes," he said, "down here in our master bedroom."

As they entered the bedroom Betty suddenly turned on her host, threw her arms around him, and, laying a big wet kiss on him, began humping up against him, clutching at his now huge hard-on.

"So that's what you want, eh?" he asked, lust overcoming his fear of getting caught. "Then get your ass over on that bed."

"Yes, yes, do what you will with me," she panted, as she kneeled down and began undoing his pants.

"Good god," he thought, "this bitch is for real. If I'm going to be unfaithful to my wife I might as well get as much out of her as possible."

As she jerked his pants and underwear down his cock sprung loose and bobbed in her face.

"God, you're beautiful," she murmured.

She started to rise.

"Oh, no, bitch," he barked, holding her down "while you're there take a big suck on this."

"Oh, I couldn't. I've never done this, even with my husband," she said, thinking that maybe she'd gotten herself in too deep.

"There's always a first time," he said, and holding her head he placed the head of his cock against her lips and pushed. To his surprise, her lips parted and he entered her mouth.

She was as surprised as he was. The sight of that large cock, dangling in her face made her wonder what it would feel like to suck it, but she'd never have tried it on her own. But when he grabbed her head and forced it to her lips she couldn't resist and sucked it in. At this point she realized that she had secretly hoped Walt would take the initiative and make her do it to him.

As if starved, Betty began sucking and jacking on that beautiful prick while he freed her tits and pinched and fondled them.

He soon pulled loose, afraid it would all end too soon.

He then pulled her to her feet. He pulled up her dress, pushed her back on the bed, spread her legs, and buried his face in her muff.

"Oh, stop it. That's so nasty, dirty, awful, awf....aw..aw god that feels so good."

"Why didn't I let Walt do these things to me? Maybe he wouldn't have had to turn to that slut for it," she thought, as an orgasm like she'd never had before overcame her.

Betty was thinking of all the years that she and Walt had wasted, not having this kind of sex.

The host then pulled her over on top of him and entered her from below. Another first for her. She'd never been on top before. It felt fantastic to be in control and be able to hump at her own pace.

"Rub your fingers in those juices around my dick and start rubbing your clit," he demanded.

"Touch that nasty stuff?" she asked hesitating. She'd always kept a towel handy when she and Walt made love so she wouldn't have to touch the mess.

"Do it, goddamit," he said, slapping her sharply on the ass.

This, too, surprisingly, sent a sexual thrill through her

A few strokes on her now engorged clit sent Betty into another orgasm.

"My god," she said out loud, "I've never had more then one orgasm at a time in my life."

The host was beginning to realize that this woman, so sexually dressed as a prostitute and so seductive of him, was, in reality, very naïve. He could feel his power over her.

"Get off and get on your hands and knees," he demanded "I'm going to fuck you doggie style."

It sounded so nasty to her she couldn't wait to comply. She humped his dick, meeting every one of his thrusts and rubbed her clit, eagerly waiting for the next orgasm she knew was sure to come.

What with rubbing her clit and having come twice, Betty was beginning to get numb, and was having a bit of a time coming again. Then she looked up saw the host's wife standing in the doorway gaping at the scene. The sight of the astonished young wife watching her young husband fucking her was all it took. Starting to cum, Betty pulled loose, turned and took the cock in her mouth. It was too much for him. He shot a great load of cum into Betty's mouth and she then sucked another great load out of him. Just as he looked up and saw her, the wife slammed the door to keep the other guests from hearing the moans and screams of their shattering orgasms.

"Ohmigod," he said, "we've been caught. My wife will leave me. She'll tell your husband. Our marriages will be ruined. I'll loose my job in her father's firm. I really love her and don't want to loose her. She's so sweet, young, and innocent, what must she think of me. She'll think I'm a nasty sex fiend." He sank on the bed in despair.

"There, there," Betty consoled him "I'll talk to her and smooth everything over."

"It'll never work. She'll leave me for sure."

"Just leave it to me. Trust me."

"But what about your husband. She'll tell him and he'll kill me."

"Now don't you worry about my husband, I've got him under control. Matter of fact, I can't wait till the next time you and I fuck."

"No, no we can't. My wife will leave me for sure."

"Bet me." And with that Betty rose, pulled down her dress and left the room.

As she descended the stairs, Betty saw the wife at the bottom, glaring up at her. As she approached, the wife hissed through gritted teeth, "How could you in my own house, in my own bed. I'm telling your husband."

"Oh, please, leave that pleasure to me," she replied in an embarrassingly loud voice that made the wife cringe for fear that the other guests might overhear. "And don't threaten your husband or leave him or he'll know all about you and my husband, and possibly about you and some of the other neighborhood men around here."

"How do you know about them?" she blurted before realizing what she had said.

"Ah, ha," thought Betty "I've really got her now. My little bluff worked."

"Can't we discuss this some other time?" the wife whispered meekly "In private."

"Possibly," Betty replied. "I'll call you."

With that, Betty and Walt left the party. Once inside their own home, Walt could not help but smell the fresh scent of sex on his wife. His loins began to strangely stir. He turned on her and began in an outraged voice, "Where did you go over there. You were gone forever with that young man. Something's going on. Don't try to deny it."

"I was fucking him," Betty nonchalantly replied. "And I sucked his dick and he ate my pussy just like you and that harlot wife of his. I came so good. Then I got on top and fucked him, and I came again. Then he fucked me doggie style and I came again and I sucked the cum right out of his big prick and swallowed it. You've never come close to fucking me that good and you'll never get the chance to try again. And his cock is much bigger then yours."

With that she swiped her hand over her still wet pussy and rubbed the cum and pussy juice in his face.

"Why I...you...he...that son-of-a-bitch, I'll," Walt spluttered and rushed into the bathroom.

He had to rush into the bathroom. This exchange with his wife and the fresh smell of another mans sex on her and on his face had begun to strangely excite him and make his dick start to engorge. By the time he'd locked the door and dropped his pants his cock had risen to it's fullest. He grabbed it and began to frantically jack off. In his mind he imagined everything that must have happened between his wife and that young stud. He had never known such lust and passion. He finally came, shooting cum from the toilet on which he was sitting to the mirror on the bathroom door across the room.

Both he and Betty had the best orgasms of their entire lives that night.

A few days later, Betty decided to confront the young wife, Kitty. She called her said she'd be over directly. The wife sneeringly greeted the news with a "Well, it's about time."

When Betty entered the house, Kitty began an abusive tirade.

"How dare you fuck my husband in my own house almost under the noses of my guests. Your no better then anyone else, you common slut".

Being called a slut was strangely erotic to this formerly, almost prudish housewife. Betty raised her hand and sharply slapped Kitty's face. As the startled Kitty raised her hand to the red spot appearing on her cheek, a strange glint appeared in her eyes. Betty, too, felt a strange, but not unpleasant, stirring deep in her loins as she disciplined this near child.

"How many of the neighbors have you fucked," Betty inquired in a flat voice.

"Why how dare you," Kitty began, then saw Betty's hand start to rise again.

"A couple, I guess," she said with eyes lowered.

Betty slapped her sharply again.

"Six," a startled Kitty replied. "Six. That's all, I swear."

"And where do you do it?"

"My house, their house when their wives are gone. It doesn't matter."

"And you have the nerve to call me a slut?"

"No, Betty I'm the slut. Punish me. Slap me again. Please. Slap me."

With a strange erotic feeling of power, she slapped Kitty again.

Kitty dropped to her knees. "Let me make it up to you Betty. I'll go down on you and eat your pussy to make it up to you." She began to frantically tug Betty's light jogging shorts down.

"My god, you don't have to do that, Kitty," Betty replied, feeling a twinge of pity and guilt.

"No, no, I want to," Kitty replied as she managed to pull Betty's shorts and panties down to her thighs.

Betty could see lust and wanting in Kitty's eyes as she stared at Betty's curly bush. She remembered how good it felt when Kitty's husband had eaten her out. "What the hell," she thought, " I wonder if her tongue can make me feel as good as her husband's did."

As her shorts hit the floor, Betty pulled Kitty up off her knees. With an uncontrollable urge she embraced her and passionately kissed her. Tongues probed each others mouths. She couldn't believe how good it felt. Her pussy throbbed. Thoughts of kissing another woman in a sexual way had always been revolting to her.

Kitty led her by the hand to the bedroom where so much of Betty's late sexual education had so recently taken place.

Kitty's ministrations were even better then her husband's. She seemed to have an uncanny knowledge of what would make a woman feel good. It felt so good to Betty and got her so hot that she had to go down on Kitty, if only in gratitude for making her feel so good. But it was not only gratitude. She had an overpowering urge to taste Kitty's young, musk scented pussy. Kitty slipped them into a sixty nine position. Their lips sucked and their tongues probed, and orgasms washed over them. Betty knew that she would never be able to do without pussy ever again. Cock she needed, too, like the young husband she could fuck at will without worrying about Kitty, but she knew pussy would become a necessary part of her life now, too.

Later, as Kitty and Betty lay entwined and exhausted in each other's arms, Kitty said; "You know, I'm really not so bad. To make up for fucking the neighbors husbands, I fuck the wives, too", she giggled. "They just don't know about both sides of the story."

Betty wondered, "How is it that this young, twenty year old girl, can teach me so much about sex, while her husband thinks she's so innocent and pure? Where have I been?"

"You know Kitty, I may just start fucking the neighbors, too. Why should you have all the fun," and she kissed Kitty deeply and reached for the double dildo Kitty had brought out, just in case.

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Good Job!

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