It was great fun to be pregnant together, to know the same man we both love has given both of us his babies. We did everything together shopping, movies, going out showing off our growing, sexy bellies. Of course with the pregnancy, both of us were hornier than a flock of ewes and David, well, he has great stamina, but he was just a man and not nearly able keep up with the raging libidos of two pregnant women. Fortunately Monique had a solution for that too. I was reluctant at first, but Monique pointed out that David loved eating her pussy, why wouldn't I. And do I ever cum buckets when Monique gets her tongue in me! By the time Monique was about seven months we discovered I could drink milk from those amazing tits of hers and a few weeks later she started doing the same for me. Some days we didn't get out of bed, just lying there making love and suckling at each other's engorged breasts.

Monique had a beautiful brown little boy Jamal, and not long after I delivered a darling little blond girl, Dorene. David of course was just crazy about them both, burping and bathing and changing them when they were not drinking from our more than adequate breasts. Sometimes we switched, but the babies didn't care. We decided, however, that the next two shouldn't come so close together; it was just too hard on David. So although Monique went right back to having bareback sex with David as soon as she could, we decided David would have to use condoms when we have sex until Monique was well along with number two.

Right now Monique and I are tied with four babies, two boys and two girls, each, but we think she may be pregnant again. I hope so. I hate condoms!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/19/14

Why can't black women be bulls in stories more often (as opposed to black men all the time)?

I loved pretty much all of this story and this is definitely my ultimate fetish.

I seriously don't know what I would do if my wife was actually trying to get me to have sex with a beautiful black woman.more...

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