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Santa Stuffs My Stocking


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If one more snot-nosed brat screams when I put him or her on Santa's lap, I'm going to lose it. I just want to say, "Look kid, this is something you should have discussed with your mother before you got to the mall. It's nobody's fault but your own...I don't care if you ARE three. When mom said 'We're gonna go see Santa,' you should have pitched your little temper tantrum then. It's too late now. Now, wipe your nose and smile for the camera." But I can't say that. And it's not the kids' fault that I have the most horrible job, with the stupidest costume, that a person can have at this time of year. I am an elf. Usually I sell cosmetics at the mall, but I had the chance to make some extra cash and I couldn't pass it up. So, instead of spending my weekend going out and partying...I am spending it wrestling kids into Santa Claus' lap and passing out candy canes...whether they deserved them or not. The seasonal toy store in the mall, called Santa's Workshop...how original...insists that the kiddos get their candy and free Santa photo no matter how much of a headache they caused me. It was a genius marketing idea. Kids tell Santa what they want for Christmas and Mom can go the toy store and buy it right on the spot for little Johnny or Jenny. They were making a killing and killing me in the process. The free photo op kept the lines long from the time the mall opened til it closed.

The only highlight of this entire elf gig has been Santa...also known as Rick from the sporting goods store. Rick has a really deep voice, gorgeous blue eyes, and needed the cash too. So he has been playing Santa this year. But that wasn't the highlight I meant. My fun came in "Santa's Workshop" after the mall closed. Rick and I picked up an extra hour's pay by staying to straighten up the toy store after the mall closed. By the time we were done, the mall cop that patrolled the place at night would be doing his parking lot check and Rick and I had the place to ourselves. Ever fucked on a pile of teddy bears? How about in a ball pit? And then there was the time we used one of those vibrating baby toys on my clit. We got really adventurous last weekend and I rode him as he bounced around on one of those giant bouncy balls! It was so good. But the best had to be when he pushed the top of a toy bowling pin into my pussy while his dick was in my ass. If I'd known Rick was such a great lay, I might have given him a try before now. He's a lot of fun!

And tonight, I don't even have THAT much to look forward to. Rick had to go to his grandmother's birthday party, so there was a different guy filling in for him. I'd been running late so I didn't get to meet the guy before our shift started. All night, I've been wondering who he is. He's way better with the kids than Rick. And his voice sounds kind of familiar. He must work in one of the other stores here, making a little extra holiday cash.

Over the last few weekends, I've gotten into the habit of getting some before I headed home. All I'd been able to think about since I found out Rick wasn't here was that all I was going to get tonight was a bubble bath and some quality time with my dildo. About halfway through the shift, I got this idea in my head and started pushing my tits into the new "Santa's" face when I put a kid down on his lap or helped one off. I've brushed my hip against Santa a few times too. He hasn't objected. And then, I felt him squeeze my ass. Ah, so he DID notice!

Rick and I weren't dating or anything. We were just coworker fuck buddies. No reason why this new Santa couldn't scratch this elf's itch after hours too. That idea sure helped the rest of the shift go by quickly. I hoped he wasn't ugly or anything. You really couldn't tell behind the beard and hat and glasses. I wish I could place his voice and figure out which store he worked at. The rest of the shift went by much faster when I realized I was going to get my 'stocking stuffed' after all as soon as the mall closed!

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by shaun_942802/19/15

best audio ever!

I fucking love this one raven, my favourite! So hot and naughty. Can we get a sequel this year?

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