tagNonHumanThe Cat's Meow

The Cat's Meow


Submission Requested by Greta Gertz. Thanks for motivating me.

I was somewhat curious when she said she wasn't just an ordinary girl, so when she invited me back to her house after a night at the pub, I agreed as fast as I could. As she led the way up the stairs to her loft apartment, I couldn't help but watch her ass sway in front of me, held snug behind a black PVC miniskirt. Her ample chest was barely held back itself. Both just looked like they needed to be grabbed. Keeping my hands to myself for the time being, if only for fear of being kicked out before even getting in, I asked her, "So, why is your place so far off the beaten path? I mean, we're not exactly anywhere near a well populated area of town."

She glanced back at me and said quite simply, "I like my privacy."

When she opened the door, I just walked inside. Maybe I should have paid more attention and not let her get behind me. Maybe I just didn't care. Needless to say, when I heard the lock clicking shut behind me, I turned and asked, "Ummm...What's up?" She smirked and said, "I wanted to show you something."

"Ok..." I replied.

She began to strip slowly, first taking off her PVC top, then the skirt, then her bra, then her panties. I watched her strip with a smile. Things this good didn't usually happen to me.

Then, without warning, she just shifted. Not her stance, or her position, but her skin. Then she stopped being completely human. Muscles in her thighs bulged slightly, and her face narrowed somewhat. Short, black fur seemed to pour it's way down her body until it covered her entire body from head to foot. She arched her back, and dropped to all fours, and I saw a tail make it's way out from between her legs. She held a hand up for me to see, and as I watched, slim claws sprouted from beneath the nails.

She smiled at me, watching my expression. Then, with a voice that had a subtle purr to it, she said, "Meow." She began to slowly move towards me, and then shoved me backwards onto her couch. Before I could say anything in response to that her soft, silky lips were pressed against mine and her tongue had snaked it's way into my mouth. I managed to say a muffled, "Oh."

She moved her hands slowly up my body, one under my shirt, and one across the front of my pants, squeezing my crotch softly. She smirked and took my hand and led it slowly up across her dripping pussy. "Are you ready for me?" I paused a moment, then smiled and replied, "No. but, neither are you."

She looked confused for a moment, until I slid my tongue as far into her pussy as it would go. Her eyes widened for a moment, then she repositioned her body so she had better access to my body. She ran her tongue up my cock before wrapping her lips around me and sucking. As I flicked my tongue over her clit and sucking on it, she rolled hers over my head and began to deep throat it. It wasn't like I was a pornstar in length, but I was a good 8 inches and I was two inches thick; More than enough to fill any hole. So I was impressed.

She looked back over her shoulder and purred, digging her fingernails into my thigh, "My turn."

I smiled. "Fair enough." I flipped her over onto her back and pressed my rigid cock to her pussy lips. She smiled as I began to ease myself in, but her eyes and mouth both widened as I began to fill her maybe a bit more than she had ever been filled before. She made a guttural, "Mmmmph!" as I filled her fully, with my cock in her up to my balls. She looked up at me, her eyes looked like they were somewhere so far away. I decided to bring her back. I pulled out almost completely, then slammed back into her. Her eyes snapped back open and she smirked at me. "Harder...Fuck me harder!" Truth be told, I needed no encouragement, but I pounded her tight little cunt even harder. As I did, I could feel her muscles clenching me, and her tail caressed my shoulders and neck. I reached down and rubbed her clit slowly as I moved, the vibrations from our sex going through my fingertips and over her clit. Her muscles clenching me drove me higher up the road towards orgasm, and when I felt it, I just followed her wishes. I fucked her so fast that my hips and shoulders were just a blur. She began to moan, "That's it! Right there, just keep going!"

Thirty seconds later she was coming, her muscles clenching and squeezing me, making me start to cum. I pulled out and moved up towards her face. When I did that, she opened her mouth and sucked my cock right in. I sprayed what must have been like a gallon of cum in her mouth, and when I stopped, she opened her mouth, smiling. Her tongue swirled in a warm soup of my cum. She smiled again and swallowed. When she opened her mouth again, it was empty. She pushed me back. "I love that taste."

This was how I met her. That was how I fucked her. I continued doing it every fucking day.

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