tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Hell in Your Eyes Ch. 07

The Hell in Your Eyes Ch. 07


Sam awoke on her stomach with her cheek pressed into the pillow, and the comforter draped across her waist. The first thing that she realized when her eyes opened was that she was alone. Jack wasn't anywhere in the room. Her fingers lifted towards the wall while she stretched, and arched into the mattress.

A soft smile touched her lips as she recalled the events from the previous day, and lingered for a moment at its ending. Jack had completely changed. He was thoughtful, giving, and sweet, and she could only hope that things would continue this way from here on out. It was such a drastic difference to the way he had been before that she still wasn't sure she believed it.

It was like he had become a completely different person. A person that she liked. The new Jack was fun, and playful. She hoped that he didn't disappear anytime soon. She didn't think she could handle it if he reverted to the way that he was. Sam prayed that the monster was gone for good.

As if her thoughts had the ability to make him appear, the door opened, and in he strode wearing nothing but his blue jeans. His dark hair was tossled, and his stubble appeared darker. He smiled sweetly when their eyes met before walking towards the bed to sit down beside her.

"Morning, beautiful," he said softly. Then he placed his warm palm in the middle of her bare back. "Did you sleep well?"

Sam nodded then pulled the pillow more comfortably beneath her head. The light aroma of cigarette smoke reached her nostrils, and immediately she knew where he had been, and what he had been doing. "Really well. What time is it?"

"Almost eleven," he told her. "We don't have to check out for at least another half hour, or so." His palm began moving lightly against her skin in an absentminded gesture after he answered.

"How did you sleep?" she asked him.

"Like a rock," he said with a smile. "I also woke up as one, but you looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake you."

His words made Sam return his smile. "That was considerate."

He nodded. "I'm trying," he said with a laugh.

Sliding his fingers down her spine, they dipped beneath the blanket until his palm moved over her bare backside. "You ARE awake now though," he breathed.

Sam nodded again. "I am," she replied just as softly.

Her tone seemed encouraging, and he slipped the blanket further down, and leaned over so that his lips pressed against the soft skin of her bottom. Parting his mouth, his tongue came out to lick at the delicate area. "You taste good," he told her. Sam shivered in response, and squirmed upon the bed.

Rising to his feet, Jack quickly removed his jeans, then pulled the blanket down her body until she was bared to his view. His eyes traveled over her slowly, then he crawled onto the bed, and straddled her where she lay.

Looming over her, his hot mouth pressed to the middle of Sam's spine making her gasp. His fingers lifted to trail along her skin from her shoulder all the way down to her thigh, and as he touched her his mouth planted soft kisses in their wake.

"I want to take you roughly. Is that okay?" he asked thickly.

Sam hesitated for only a moment, and then she nodded her head against the pillow. He continued to explore her with his hands, and his mouth. He was gentle with both. Even as he slid his fingers between her legs to slip them inside of her, his movements were cautious. He pushed them in slowly, swirling them around in circles until she moaned, gasped, and grew impossibly wet from the stimulation.

When he pulled them out, she felt him shift his weight so that his thighs were clamped around her bottom, and the head of his swollen cock was pressed to her opening. Leaning forward, he slid his fingers into her dark hair until he was grasping a handful at her nape.

Clutching it in his fist to hold her in place, he roughly slammed his appendage between her thighs. The ferocity with which he did it made her entire body jerk, and Sam cried out as the feel of it jolted through her.

Jack let out a long, pleasure filled groan then pulled back his hips before violently slamming them into her bottom again. When she cried out a second time, a rough exclamation of breath left him, and he began pounding into her for all he was worth. His teeth gritted, and his dark eyes grew fierce while he moved.

Clawing at the bed with her fingers, Sam's mouth dropped open, and her eyes tightly closed while he rammed into her body like a savage. The feeling of it was so intense that she could barely breathe. Over and over again he filled her powerfully, relentlessly, until Sam began to fall apart beneath him. Sinking her teeth into the pillow, a tight, overwhelmed wail escaped her throat.

"Do you like that!?" he practically snarled after barreling into her again. "Beg me for it, Sam," he demanded. She couldn't think coherently enough to say the words, and he pulled on her hair harder. "Beg me!" he snapped.

Sam's mouth parted again as she whimpered. "Please!" she mewled desperately.

"Please what?" he growled dangerously. Slipping from her tight canal until only the head was buried, he stilled. A muscle in his jaw ticked while he waited, his cock poised, ready to violate her further. "Say it," he ordered.

"Please fuck me!" she cried out.

"Are you going to be a good girl?" he inquired darkly.

"Yes!" she practically sobbed. "I'll be good. Please!"

Jack groaned at the words. "Tell me what you want," he growled. "Say my name."

Sam buried her face against the bed for a moment before lifting it to bite her lip. "I want you to cum inside of me, Jack," she moaned. "Please, cum inside of me."

"Good girl," he panted. "Say it again."

When she obeyed his request, he let out a moan, and slid his cock in deep before demanding it a third time. When his name left her lips for a third time, he thrust hard, threw his head back, and unleashed inside of her. When his shuddering ended his head dropped to the middle of her back. They were both breathing heavily when he collapsed beside her, and turned her to face him.

Gripping her face in his hands, his dark gaze was wide, and searching as he looked into her eyes. "That didn't freak you out, did it?" Sam looked at him in confusion as she panted. "I don't want you to be afraid of me. I just need to dominate you. It's just during sex. I wouldn't hurt you."

"It didn't freak me out," she finally replied.

It had a little bit, but only because she was terrified that the monster had returned. That the sweet part of him had just disappeared. Becoming aware that his actions derived from a need for sexual power, and not a desire to inflict harm upon her, Sam breathed a sigh of relief, and allowed her lips to tilt upwards in a smile. "I'm alright. Don't worry."

Releasing the breath that he had been holding, Jack pulled her to his mouth so that he could kiss her. When he lifted his head he gazed into her large, blue eyes. "If I ever hurt you, or do something that you don't like, promise that you will tell me. Sometimes I get carried away. So, I need you to talk to me."

"I promise," Sam said softly.

He gently brushed her hair back from her face as he looked at her. "I know I have to take you home. I really don't want to," he admitted quietly.

"My dad asked me to be home by one o'clock when I spoke to him yesterday. Otherwise, I'd stay longer." she told him regretfully.

"Alright." His gaze dropped, and his brows furrowed for a moment. "I can't remember the last time I've enjoyed being around someone this much." When he lifted his dark eyes they were remorseful. "I know that I've done horrible things to you, and I know that you probably think I'm crazy. Give me a chance to prove that I'm not. Don't run from me."

He looked like a small boy to Sam as he made the softly uttered plea. Tilting her head, she leaned forward, and lightly kissed his mouth. "Okay," she simply replied.

"Really?" he asked in surprise. Sam nodded, and he reached to pull her against him. "You're kind of amazing. Did you know that?"

Snuggling into his chest, Sam's smile returned. "Yes. I'm aware."

Her response amused him. "Modest about it too," he chuckled. Rubbing his fingers down her back, he kissed the top of her head. "I suppose we had better get dressed," he said with a sigh.

Rolling from the bed, Jack walked around the room until he located his clothes, and put them on. Once he was dressed, he picked her clothes up from the floor, and placed them on the bed beside her. "Hurry up and put these on before I'm tempted to say the hell with it, and take mine back off again."

Sam let out a small laugh as she sat up, and reached for her shirt. Pulling it over her head, she smoothed it into place before slipping into her panties and jeans. Jack stood idly by while she put them on. Once she had her shoes and socks on her feet, she gazed up at him and smiled. "All done," she informed him.

"Great," he told her flatly. Then he leapt upon her. Pushing her back down to the mattress, Sam began to giggle as his weight sunk into her, and his mouth hungrily found hers. After he had finished thoroughly tasting her, he pulled back just as abruptly, and slipped from the bed. "Well, get up" he said rolling his eyes. "I don't have all day."

Instead of getting up on her own, she held a hand out to him indicating that she needed assistance. With a grin, Jack grabbed it in his, and yanked her slight frame from the mattress so that she was standing before him. Dipping his head, he kissed her then gazed at her expectantly. "Ready?"

When she nodded, Jack turned towards the door. They both walked towards it, but then Sam gasped, and snapped her fingers. "I forgot my bra. It's in the bathroom. Give me two seconds," she said then walked into the room to retrieve it.

Swiping it off of the floor, she quickly slipped her arms from her shirt so that she could put it back on. Once it was in place, and her arms were back inside her sleeves, she hopped from the bathroom to find Jack waiting for her. "Okay, we can go," she said with a smile.

Smiling back, he opened the door, and they both left the room. After he closed it, he paused to look at her. "I just have to drop the key off if you want to wait in the car," he told her.

"Alright," she returned amicably, and headed off in that direction as Jack slipped down the boardwalk to enter the office.

He was already walking back out the door by the time she got inside. Following suit, he got into the car, started the ignition, and reached for his cigarettes. Hitting play on the cd player, a light, lilting guitar solo began as Jack pulled out of the parking lot.

You make me come

You make me complete

You make me completely miserable

Stuck to a chair

Watching this story about me

Everything goes by so fast

Making my head spin

Used up all of my friends

Who needs them when you mean everything

Well, I love the things that we should fear

And I'm not afraid of being here

So much the same it makes me... helpless... alone

They were at ease with one another during the short, quiet trip. When Jack finally pulled the Dodge into an empty space that was several houses away from her own, he turned down the music, and put out his cigarette. Tilting his head, their gazes met, and he smiled. "I'll text you when I get home. Okay?"

Sam nodded, and when he leaned towards her to kiss her mouth, she placed her hands on the sides of his head before parting her lips to allow his tongue to delve inside. Leaning back, his smile widened. "Be good. I'll see you later."

"Bye," she softly replied, and reached for the handle of the door to get out.

When she reached the porch, Jack was just pulling away, and she turned to wave in his direction before entering the house. Sam could hear several voices coming from the dining room after she opened the door.

Turning down the hall, she entered the room, and spotted her entire family sitting at the table with her uncle Roland, her aunt Bethany, and her cousin Clark. Everyone paused in their conversations, and turned their heads to look at her as she entered the room.

"Hello, sweetheart," her father greeted her warmly.

Stepping further into the room, she reached down to hug him from behind where he sat in his chair before letting her gaze drift over the rest of her family. "Hi, everybody. What's going on?"

"We're just about to have lunch if you want to sit down, honey," her mother said from the kitchen doorway.

Taking a seat beside her father she glanced across the table at her aunt, and smiled. "How is school going, dear?" she asked pleasantly.

"Pretty good," Sam answered.

Her uncle Roland beamed at her from beside his wife. "You must have grown at least a foot since the last time I saw you," he exaggerated. "You're all grown up now."

Sam grinned at him before responding. "I've been making sure to eat all of my vegetables."

He turned, and looked at Clark who was sitting beside him. "This one is going off to college next fall. God willing," he said then frowned at his son.

Clark rolled his eyes before turning to smirk at Sam. "Think they want me out of the house?" he asked bemusedly. Turning back to his father, he raised a blonde eyebrow in question. "Does this mean I can't live in the basement until I'm forty?" he asked with a straight face.

His father's expression grew disconcerted as he looked at his son. Shaking his head at him, he sighed before turning back to Sam. "Your father has been telling me about his new fishing boat. Taken a ride in it yet?"

"Not yet. Both times that he went out to the lake, he went with Mr. Strauss and uncle Charlie. Maybe sometime this summer."

Her uncle Roland nodded solemnly. "Probably for the best. The air gets a little cold down there this time of year." Sam nodded in agreement.

Furrowing his brows, Roland tilted his head slightly. "Still working for Strauss, huh Alan? I figured he would have fired your ass long ago."

Sam's father grinned in response. "Not yet. Got another promotion just last week. We're thinking of using the money to remodel the upstairs bathroom."

Just then her mother walked into the room to stand beside her. "Alan? Would you mind pulling the ham from the oven?" she asked her father. "Sam, honey, would you set the table please?"

"Sure, mom." Sam agreed. Then she stood to retrieve the silverware, and plates from the kitchen.

Lunch was loud, and boisterous. Sam's uncle and father discussed a range of topics. All which seemed to make them laugh louder, and longer with each passing one. Every time that their voices would raise an octave, Sam's mother would pause in what she was saying to her aunt Bethany to frown at them.

When everyone had finished the meal, her mother brought out a freshly baked cherry pie. She served everyone a piece with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a small silver spoon. They were the spoons Sam only saw when they had company. As she dug into her piece, Clark leaned across the table to get her attention.

"Do you still go to that park we used to go to when we were kids?" he asked her with a grin.

Sam grinned back. "Not in forever. Why do you ask?"

He shrugged. "I dunno. I figured we could check it out while I'm here. Remember when I pushed you on the merry go round so hard that you threw up?"

Sam scrunched her nose at the memory. "Yes. It got all over my shoes, and my mom had to throw them away, and buy a new pair."

Clark cackled in amusement. "Lets go down there. It'll be fun. All nostalgic."

Sam readily agreed. Turning to her mother, she tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention. "Do you mind if Clark and I walk down to the park after lunch?"

Her mother nodded absently. "Take Timothy with you if you go."

"Alright," Sam agreed.

When the table was cleared, Sam quickly helped her mother with the dishes before going in search of her jacket. Putting it on, she made her way to the living room where everyone was watching television. Clark was sitting on the sofa beside his mother, and Sam tilted her head when he met her gaze. "Ready to go?" she asked.

Nodding quickly, he got up from the sofa, and Sam's attention was drawn to her little brother who was lying on his stomach in the middle of the living room floor. His nose was buried in the television set. "Want to go to the park, Tim?" she asked.

Without turning to respond, he shook his head. "I'm watching this," he replied absently.

Shrugging, she turned back to Clark. "Guess it's just us."

Saying their goodbyes with a wave of their hand, they headed out the front door, and made their way down the porch steps. Clark sprinted ahead of her as they went. "Our parents were boring me to death," he said with a grin. "Had to get out of there."

Turning down the block, they walked for a few minutes in companionable silence. Deciding to break it, Sam looked up at him. "So, college in the fall. Are you excited?"

Clark grimaced, and looked at the ground as he answered. "Yes and no. It's going to be a lot of work. I'm not really looking forward to that part, but it's going to be packed with girls. So, that part I don't mind too much." Lifting his head he turned to grin at her.

"No girlfriend?" Sam asked curiously.

Clark shook his head. "There was this one girl, but she seemed kind of fickle. Kept flirting with my friends like I wasn't enough for her. Eventually, I grew tired of it, and broke up with her. She's dating my friend Mark now," Clark said in amusement. Sam smiled sympathetically as they continued to walk.

"What about you? Any guys? A boyfriend perhaps?"

Sam hesitated before answering. She wasn't sure if she wanted to bring Jack up, or if she should. Their relationship was way too complicated to mention in casual conversation to anyone. She didn't think she could explain it even if she tried. So, finally, she ended up shaking her head. "No boyfriend." she said with a smile.

"You're young. You still have time." he said with a smirk.

Sam lifted an amused brow. "And here I was worried I'd end up a spinster. Thanks for the pep talk, coach."

"Anytime. That's what I'm here for," he said then nudged her with his shoulder.

When the swing sets came into view, his green eyes widened before he turned to look at her. "Last one to the swing set is a monkey's hairy butt!" he informed her. Then he took off running.

Laughing, Sam took off at a sprint after him, but he easily won when she had difficulty controlling her laughter. Instead of getting onto the swing, he rounded the one in the middle, and grasped onto the chains with his hands. "Get on," he told her. "I'll push you like I did when we were little."

Turning, Sam placed her bottom in the seat, and grabbed onto the chains. Reaching down, Clark grasped onto the sides of it, and took a deep breath. Pulling back, he shoved her into the air as Sam straightened her legs. "God, you're lazy," he chuckled. "Pump your feet!"

Laughing, she bent her knees when she swung backward, then straightened her legs on her forward swing. She went a little higher.

Clark shook his head. Grabbing onto the seat as she came backward, he ran her full tilt forward, and pushed her until she swung over his head. Ducking out from underneath her feet, he turned, and watched her go flying back.

"Underdog!" he hollered in triumph.

Sam giggled, and pumped her legs harder. "Holy crap," she breathed. "I feel like I'm going to fly off!"

Clark shook his head again. "No way! Do it like when we were little. Jump off!"

Sam's eyes bugged out at his words. "Jump?"

He was grinning now. "Come on, you wuss. You can do it. Jump!"

It took three forward swings for her to build up the courage. On the fourth dip forward, Sam let go of the chains, and hopped from the seat. Her legs hit the ground hard, and she had to swing her arms to keep from falling on her face. When she regained her balance, Clark wrapped his arms around his chest, and broke into peals of laughter.

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