tagRomanceWeekend Lover Ch. 01

Weekend Lover Ch. 01

byAda Stuart©

Sometime love is right beside us -- and we don't see it before something happens that opens our eyes and we see the world in a different light. These thoughts were the inspiration behind this story. I hope you'll enjoy it! Ada


"I have some good news for you, Abby," Dalen Anderson, the largest hunk in the entire office came walking smilingly toward her. In his wake followed the usual crowd of young women desperate to be noticed by him and hoping to be his next bed partner. Abby has seen it happen too many times in the past year after she had joined the company and he didn't help at all by being the biggest flirt that had ever worn a cock in a pair of pants.

She felt the familiar stirring in her loins just by watching his well-hung body move with the panther-like grace of his. Her pulse increased at the same time and she felt annoyance over the fact that he had this power over her. Still, she had vowed that he would never know about it.

Her ordinary looks had allowed her time to observe him flirt and treat the women around him as minor inconveniences that could be swayed by a smile and a few seconds of his masculine attention. He had it too easy, she had concluded and decided to give him the opposite reaction.

It had puzzled him exceedingly. It still did, and they had kept up their bantering as if they both enjoyed it too much to quit. More likely he thought her to be a challenge that he couldn't resist. The man's ego had to be the size of his biceps, she thought hastily before arresting herself.

No drooling, she reminded herself. Absolutely no drooling. She couldn't afford to show any weakness or he would take advantage of it straight away.

"Oh, you mean the penis-enlarging ointment actually worked?" she asked ironically as she gave his lower region a tell-tale look.

He laughed loudly as some of his harem gasped at her insolence and looked as if they wanted to console their hero and strangle her at the same time.

"You noticed, didn't you?" he winked at her. "Now I'm larger than life."

"At least your ego is," she snarled at him.

"Do you want me to give you a demonstration?" he asked heatedly as he leaned closer to her. She snapped her head away from him and backed into the front of her desk before she managed to stop her reaction.

"Sorry, I'm not that interested, but I'm sure I can point you to someone else that would be delighted to witness your immature inclinations."

"You think I'm immature, is that it? I'm older than you if you hadn't noticed."

"Only on the birth certificate. Your childishness is another chapter."

"Maybe I should undress then so you can make sure I'm an adult?" he offered as he leaned closer still and bent his head slightly down to hers.

She gave him a small push to his chest and he went willingly.

"Only small boys believe that showing off their naked butt will frighten a woman," she teased him. She turned her back to him and walked casually around her desk, sitting down and glaring up into his handsome face.

"Actually, I was thinking more about giving you a frontal view," he suggested heatedly.

"How thoughtful of you," she said icily. "I wonder how long the prison sentence is for indecent exposure these days. Perhaps you can tell me? You seem to be on familiar terms with these things."

His only answer was to laugh even harder than before, leaning on her desk as he clasped his stomach. She caught herself counting his abs through his tight t-shirt and she felt a blush coming over her cheeks. This wouldn't do. She had to get rid of him. She glanced up and noticed their co-workers were following their discussion closely.

"I don't have time for this," she glared at him. "What was the good news you wanted to tell me?"

"Man, you need to get laid real bad, woman."

"You mean that's the good news? That you are free on the market again? Lucky me," she huffed. "I'm sorry to put a puncture in that over swollen ego of yours, Dalen, but we really have quite different views on what is considered 'good' or 'bad' news. And no thanks, I am already getting laid."

"You are?" his smile had completely vanished and he glared at her.

"Yep, and quite frequently as well," she smiled as she sent a warm thought to her 8-inch dildo and her closest companion for the last few years. "You're not the only cock in the town, you know," she teased him.

"So there are actually men that can tolerate your frostbite for long periods," he glared back. "What is he? A Yeti?"

"In case you wondered, hair is actually a reflection of the testosterone levels in a man, and the last time I checked he had just the right amount of hair in all the right places," she smiled smugly.

He was suddenly speechless for a few seconds. Only gaping as his face turned into a frown. "Then you have plans for the weekend?" he asked more grumpily.

"Oh yes, big plans," she admitted and thought about her plans for a quiet weekend with her dildo, a stack of erotic novels and her own vivid imagination. Nothing could clear her mind of this jerk faster than a little 'medicine' for her strung-up libido. She was already counting down to the time when she could leave her workplace, the nosy colleagues and especially the hunky Casanova that wanted every female around to bow to his command.

"Well, you can forget those plans," he grinned at her. "We're working this weekend."

"What? What work? And who are 'we'?" she wondered suspecting that she wouldn't like the answer the way he was grinning.

"You and me, sweetie. The boss's order. We're having an important meeting on Monday and we'll need the entire weekend to prepare."

"No way. I'm not going anywhere with you, Dalen."

"Scared, are you?" he asked saucily.

"Never. In case you haven't noticed I simply don't like you."

"Ha, you're just playing hard to get. That's why," he stated as cocksure as ever.

"Not used to anyone preferring another man when you're around, is that it?" she glared at him. "Well, I would rather spend time with a bunch of rats than hanging out with you for an entire weekend."

"Huh, you 'Miss Frostbite' really don't know how to treat a man properly. Perhaps you could learn a thing or two from the weekend."

"I doubt it," Abby glared at him. "I don't fancy spoiled brats." She noticed he was still smiling at her as she left him and went to the boss to confirm her worst suspicions.


Dalen followed her angry walk as she headed straight for the boss's office. He knew exactly what he would tell her, although it would probably be a tamer version compared to what he had told him. Damn the woman for being so stubborn about it. Her tongue was so razor-sharp he was sometimes worried she would cut him straight through.

Still, she intrigued him immensely. He couldn't seem to get enough of her company even though she had the ability to reduce him to rubber that could be shaped the way she wanted to. He ran his fingers through his hair. How was he ever going to live through an entire weekend of her verbal spikes -- when all he could focus on was how her nipples tensed and became visible through her blouse during their discussion?

He swore never to tell her that in fear that she might stop wearing the thin blouses that she obviously preferred. He enjoyed seeing this small evidence that she felt something more for him even though her words and sexual teasing left him feeling more like a teenage boy with his first woman.

He had enjoyed their sexual bantering ever since she had started in the firm. Still, he hadn't thought much about it until their boss, Mr Carpenter, had humorously suggested that it was time that they took their courting somewhere else and let the audience do their work for a change. Then he had suggested that Dalen took an assistant for the upcoming meeting he was having and that they worked out their differences as they prepared for the meeting.

Dalen had finally collected himself from the shock and argued that he didn't need an assistant and that there was nothing between them.

Mr Carpenter had laughed heartily at that and said that since he wasn't blind yet he could easily see the looks that they sent each other and he suggested they spent their time in bed instead of preparing for the meeting. Just as long as they settled their differences or he would force them to take a two weeks vacation afterwards.

Now only the difficult part remained. To convince Miss-tight-nipples that they could share more than just words. He was aching to find out.


The same evening Abby was still fuming as she settled into her new room for the weekend. The boss had provided them with an apartment with two bedrooms. He hadn't been as easily swayed when it came to letting her off the assignment though. She had tried every reasonable argument she could think of, but had thankfully stopped herself before she ventured into the unreasonable ones.

She didn't want to tell their boss that Dalen Anderson scared the hell out of her and that she was afraid she would salivate all over him if she had to spend an entire day in his proximity. What she would be desperate enough to do after two days around him she didn't even want to think about.

She couldn't understand why she had to be the one following Dalen to this meeting. Normally he handled them all by himself, and if there was a man that they hoped to dazzle on the other side of the table they should have sent some of Dalen's pretty harem, not ordinary-looking Abby with the sharp tongue.

She had barely had time to pack her suitcase before she was cramped into a plane next to the hottest hottie in the company, her palms sweaty and her nerves on the brink of a nervous breakdown every time their arms touched as they were cramped into the narrow plane seats. All around them she had noticed women giving her companion inviting looks while their skimmed their eyes all over his body. It was annoying to say the least and she felt almost sorry for him.

"Maybe you should put on that jacket again," she had suggested to him as soon as they had reached the airport terminal of their destination.

"Why?" he had wondered.

"The vultures are crawling in on you. Maybe it would help if you covered some of those muscles."

"Nope, just ignore them," was his instant reply. Easier said than done, she had thought as the women had started to send her hateful stares when then realised she was hanging with the object of their desires.

"Have you ever tried to wear a ring or something to hold them off?"

"What? Are you proposing, Abby? How thoughtful of you to want to rescue me."

"Don't get your hopes up," she had replied more coldly. "I never buy anything unless I've tried it first."

"That sound like an invitation to me."

"Believe me, it's not."

"Pity. But you could help me a lot by simply giving me a French kiss right here."

"You mean to stake my claim or something?"

He had nodded as if he applauded the idea immensely.

"Sorry, Dalen, you're on your own there. I've no wish to be trampled down by a bunch of desperate geese."

"Then I will have to get down one knee in front of you and act as if you're refusing my proposal," he had cheekily suggested.

"Are you trying to get me killed? You could have solved the whole thing by wearing some baggy clothes and not risk your partner's life in the process."

"Let's make a deal," he had suggested then. "If the attention is bothering you this much then why don't you hold my hand until we escape the terminal?"

She had glared at him but had considered that to be the lesser of two evils and reached for his hand. His hand had felt large and comforting in her smaller one and she had enjoyed the warm connection with him as well as the manly scent that had teased her nostrils. At the same time she couldn't help herself from sending angry stares toward the women that openly roamed their hungry eyes over her companion.

She had stared daggers at them and felt a boost in her confidence when the men starting giving her a second glance. She had felt like laughing. Maybe they wondered why ordinary her was with the hunk beside her. It didn't take much brain effort to conclude that they thought her bed skills must be extraordinary.

At the same time, Dalen had dropped his suitcase and took her in his arms, giving her the deep kiss he had threatened her with. So much for the man's promises, she had thought before she wrapped her fingers in his hair and lost herself in his arms. He had tasted of coffee and something so purely male that she had felt her knees shake.

But the worst had been her reaction when he had nibbled on her bottom lip, teasing her to open for him. The heat that floated through her body had heated her every part and particularly moistened her pussy. She had gasped as she felt her body preparing to take him inside of her and she had opened her mouth in response to him. Immediately he had taken advantage and pushed his tongue inside of her mouth, copying the movements her body craved further down and exploring her mouth.

At the same time she had felt his hands cup her buttocks and lifting her up until she felt his hard cock against her stomach. The fact that he was aroused had surprised her immensely and she had stopped breathing while she tried to reason that it was his belt she was feeling. She was almost convinced when she felt his cock jerk against her stomach, feeling him harden even more and increase to a length that she longed to feel inside of her.

He had stopped then. Setting her down on her feet and steadying her when she had almost toppled over.

"Breathe, darling," he had smiled at her as if he had been in control all the time and had found it hilarious that she had been so out of breath, clinging to him. She had glared at him, wanting to scream or hit him for making her crave him and revealing that she was no better than the other women that doted on his very presence.

It was then she had discovered their audience and she blushed profusely as she saw the leering glances from the men, probably thinking she was just as easy as she had shown herself to be. She had never felt so embarrassed in her life. Thankfully, Dalen had finally shown a bit more sense and dragged her along with him.

Even thinking about it made her blush again even though it was several hours later. Why had he done it? Why had he kissed her? The answer was quite obvious, she thought. He had probably wanted to punish her for all the sharp remarks she had given him in the past year they had worked together. It was his hard-on that worried her the most.

Was it possible for him to get hard for a woman he only wanted to punish? She had no idea what was usual for men, but she had heard that they could get hard even if they didn't want to.

That settled it. She shook her head in denial. It was no use thinking about what could never be. She wasn't going to put any more into it that it was. Besides, she would have to spend two more days in his presence and she vowed that he would not be able to shake her any more than he already had.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Dinner is ready," Dalen said as he opened the door to her bedroom at peered inside. He gave her body a quick glance over. "I like your outfit," he smiled at her worn jeans and tank top. "A definite improvement to those baggy business clothes you're always wearing."

"I always go casual when I'm not at work," she glared at him as she passed him by, realising that he stared at her backside in her tight jeans.

Damn, what had she been thinking when she packed her bags? But she knew she had decided that Dalen wasn't going to ruin her entire weekend and she had thought that he wouldn't pay any attention to what she was wearing. But of course, as the womanizer he was he had to use his wiles on the only woman present. There wasn't any more to it than that, she tried to convince herself.


Dalen followed so close behind the spunky woman that he could smell her sweet scent and still get a good look at her tight ass as she walked in front of him. Damn, she looked even better than she had felt in his arms at the airport. If he had known how she would respond to his kisses he would never have waited this long. Her immediate and strong response had shocked him to his core while firing his insides - just by kissing her.

He wondered how he would respond if he had her in his bed -- fucking her deep and hard. He had never lost control so completely before. He felt like a randy teenager with his first woman and he worried that he might do something wrong and scare her away.

He had almost forgotten that they were standing in the middle of a busy airport terminal and that he had only wanted to teach her a lesson. Instead it had been him that learned the lesson. Never kiss this woman unless they were alone and there was a bed close by. Now, both those requirements were fulfilled and he felt his cock leaping to attention.

"Wow, you can cook as well?" she said teasingly as she spotted their dinner plates standing ready.

"Of course," he nodded. "But you're only going to taste my cooking once we get to know each other better. I ordered this from the hotel."

"Afraid you'll kill somebody with your Neanderthal cooking?"

"Nope, I'm more worried you'd think it's an aphrodisiac and jump me."

"Not very likely, Dalen," she glared at him.

"Pity. I always thought women liked men that could cook?"

"You're mistaken. The sexiest men are those that can clean."

"Good. Then you can share a shower with me afterward and I promise to clean us both," he offered.

She just mumbled something incoherently, before asking about the meeting they were to attend. Dalen let the conversation steer into safer grounds as they ate their dinner and discussed the preparations that had to be done before dividing the tasks between them.

"Thanks for the dinner," she said as soon as they had finished eating. She hastily collected some of the papers she needed and practically fled toward her bedroom.

"Where are you going?" he asked her. She was fleeing, he was sure of it.

"I'm going to start some of the work this evening."

"But it's 11 already. It's plenty of time tomorrow. Why don't we sit and chat for a while?" he suggested. He could see her confusion as she tried to come up with an excuse to leave him behind. He wasn't going to let her off that easily, he thought as he casually leaned back in his chair, giving her a good look over his upper body.

She gave him an almost panicked look as she roamed her eyes over his body, stopping at his crotch. He could feel his cock answering her and he felt the familiar swelling just by the thought of her in his bed, enveloping his cock in her warm sheath. He sent her a heated look which made her retreat.

"I'm too tired," she blurted out. "Goodnight, Dalen," and then turned toward her bedroom door.

He followed her and leaned his hand on the door, preventing her from escaping him as he leaned into her stiff backside. He could hear her breath catch at his dominant behaviour but he hoped that he had read her signals correctly and that she was as aroused as he was. There was only one way to find out.

"How about a goodnight kiss?" he murmured into her ear, breathing hot air on her neck and to his relief he noticed her shivering.

She turned in his arms and at the same time he noticed her irate expression as her spine straightened again. Good, she was not scared of him and was obviously going to give him a run for his money. He liked that trait of hers.

"Are you scared of sleeping alone for a change?" she asked icily. "Don't worry, it gets easier with practise."

"It would feel a lot less scary if you would share my bed," he teased as he leaned closer and kissed her chin, before kissing his way down her throat and toward her shoulder. She gasped before arching her body against his as he kissed his way down to her cleavage. Suddenly she pushed him away from her and stood there breathing hard.

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