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Sex: Yes...please... (M)
Age: 20
Location: Rhode Island, USA
ICQ#: Nada, Compadre
Hey, I figure that since I come to so often, I should put in a Member Profile.I guess you already know my name is Mike,and that I'm 20 years old.I sing in a heavy metal band from Rhode Island called "Puppet Show" and I work in a tattoo shop down the street from my house...If you need a hook-up on a nice fat tattoo,and don't want it to cost $32,000 just drop me an E-Mail.I want to start writing some erotic stories about some experiences my friends and band members have dealt with ever since we got this shit started in '95...hope ya enjoy em.

My interests are tattoos and body piercings.I think any woman that can get a big-ass macho tattoo is incredibly sexy im my book,so all you pierced and tattooed freaks out there,gimmie a holler.I also enjoy oral,exhibition and bondage.If you REALLY wanna see some shit though,maybe I'll videotape my bands stage show...Thats it for now,I'll have a picture as soon as I can so yall can see me.

Puppet Show Ch. I - Band vocalist takes a girl home after show.

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