The Best Erotic Stories.

by Indy Dark

An orchestra of crickets plays their summer medley
The moon slides in stage left
The lake is quiet on cue
Just a whisper of a ripple
Front row center, I reflect upon the stage of life.

40 summers and I remember all but a few
too young for some of course
9 carefree, 11 pains of love
13 a milestone at the time
15 lost between a child and a man
17 was angry, 18 scared of the blank future

The college years,
21 and stupid, should be dead
23 wiser and still lucky
24 a know it all
25 humbled

The transition
27 a husband
29 a father
31 ditto
33 on top of the world
34 I remember the face of a child when handed his first puppy
35 I cried when it died

The rut
36 baseball, only a coach this time
37 the same
38 the same
39 Audrey.....I shouldn't have.
40 Missing Audrey


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