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I Have Come to Rescue You
by Indy Dark

I have come to rescue you!

I reside, if but for the moment, in the shadows.
However, look within yourself, I am there.
I am a warrior.
I have ridden by on my steed of prose and swept you into my realm.
Stay and feel the wind on your soul if only for the moment.
With steed at full stride, the wind circles your psych and releases inhibition.
Suddenly the horse stumbles and we are thrown face down in the mud....crap!
No matter! I spring to my feet to help the fair maiden.
Lady Audrey, I am Indy of Dark! I have come to rescue you!...
by the way you have dirt in your left nostril fair one.
Here use my shirt..uh keep it.
I am a dragon slayer,
see me wield this massive swooord, oops sorry about that,
I can sew that back up for you.
Here I shall carrrry yo ou,_____ walk with me!
to yonder cave and prepare to be mounted uh I mean prepare to be...
prepare thyself!
I have come to rescue you!


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