The Best Erotic Stories.

Oral Exercises
by Havocman

Red tipped fingers stroking lightly
Rhythmically up and down tapping softly
Grasping the shaft tightly possessively
Rose pink tongue tip sweetly peeking
Between crimson lips flicking slowly
Back and forth across the tip
While fingers massage gently
Warm tongue snaking out and around
Wrapping and unwrapping
Enfolding with pleasure the
Circumference before licking
The length from top to bottom
I inhale sharply as her lips
Part slightly engulfing the end
Then softly slurping inward
Taking it into that heavenly grotto
Inch by inch and then outward
Reappearing glistening and wet
Teeth nibbling softly on the sides
As her brow furrows deeply
In concentration with the task at hand
A smile upon her face as she looks
Up at me recognition dawns clear
And she knows once more that I
Am putty in her hands
Just from watching her work
A pen over the Sunday crossword


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