The Best Erotic Stories.

Sweet Sweat Dripping
by Havocman

Sweet sweat dripping
Liquid gold cascading down
Like a river from a wellspring
Between mounds of flesh heaving
A valley of Eden soft and supple
Across a flat fertile plain
Before ending at a delta of desire
Humid and sopping tangle
The juices a sweet nectar
A flower in full blossom
A ripened peach bursting
Open to the kiss of a soft tongue
Exploring the depths of lust
Tasting the fires of passion
As they flood across the lips
Like a wave breaking upon the shore
Colors exploding outward from the mind
Upon the canvas of the soul
The artist's palette overturned
Vibrations as an earthquake
Shaking the landscape that is her
Wave after shockwave erupting
From her center from her core
Finally subsiding to a glow
Leaving her breathless and purring
Body and spirit shining with
Sweet sweat dripping


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