The Best Erotic Stories.

To My Great Temptation,
from One Who Would Like to Yield

by Otzchiim

I want to feel you in me all the way,
To be filled with a carnal overload,
To have you stretch me till my senses sway,
Then find the pleasure still has more to swell,
To feel your manhood bulge and then explode
And flood me with a sweet and pungent rain.
I want to -- but I don't want to as well.
The fear and hesitation give me pain.

Far more, I'm sure, than I'll know at your hands
When passion conquers cowardice at last
And urges me to let you sweep on past
That inconvenient clump of skin that stands
Between my love and where he ought to be.
A woman's curse, this damned virginity!


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