The Best Erotic Stories.

by Mike&Jan

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"It's just as good as the first time I watched it." Mike reached up over Jan's shoulder and pressed the rewind on the VCR. "I think maybe once more..., then I'll drive the rest of the way."

"Hey, I don't mind driving if you want to keep watching it over and over. Besides...," Jan reached back and took hold of Mike's hard cock with her right hand, "I love watching you play with this."

Jan grinned at her husband who was standing behind her with his robe open, then looked back at the road. "Naw, just once more." Mike pressed the play button and sat back in the recliner of the motorhome. As the well-played tape began to once more show Jan masturbating, Mike took his cock in his hand and began to slowly massage it. "Besides," Mike kept his eyes on the TV screen above Jan as he spoke. "If I don't drive, I'll probably just cum again watching this, and I'll be useless when we get to Susan and Greg's."

"I don't think you've ever been useless." Jan glanced at Mike with a smile on her face and continued. "And..., just what do you think you'll be doing there anyway?"

"Well, you never know..." Mike's mind started to contemplate the possibilities as he watched Susan come into the scene on the TV with Jan. "You just never know." As the video ended Mike got back up to rewind the VCR and as soon as he was close enough Jan again grabbed his hard cock.

"Do you have some special plans for this?" Jan moved her hand up and down the length of Mike's cock. "I sure hope I'm included," Jan turned slightly, allowing her to take Mike's cock into her mouth for a second. "I didn't know that we were to make plans though."

"No, I don't have any real plans..., I just was thinking about everything..., everything that might happen." Mike seemed a little defensive so Jan quickly replied.

"It's ok honey..., it's ok, I've kind of thought about that too."

"Really?" Mike seemed more interested now as he sat down in the passenger seat of the motorhome. "What have you thought about?"

"Well, Susan and I both agreed that it's better when nothing is expected or pre-arranged, like we discussed, but, everyone has certain fantasies and desires..." Jan thought a moment before continuing. "Things that can't be done with just the two of us, or the two of them. Like, Greg wanting to fuck large tits. With Susan having such small ones, it's just something the two of them can't do."

"Oh! So you've already made some plans." Mike grinned as he chided Jan.

"Well," Jan quickly replied in self-defense, "it is his fantasy..., and I would be willing to help."

"Such a sweet person," Mike laughed and then finished, "and of course the fact that you love to have your tits fucked has nothing to do with your generosity." They both laughed and continued to discuss the different possibilities of the first meeting with this couple from Atlanta.

Once Mike and Jan had set up camp they quickly changed clothes and took off in the toad, the nickname for their tow vehicle. Mike was anxious to see in person the woman he had been watching on the tape for the past three days. Jan was also anxious to see Greg for the first time, and excited about seeing Susan again.

"Are you nervous?" Susan looked at her husband who was standing by the front door looking out the small window.

"Yea, a little, I guess." Greg turned around to look at Susan who'd just come out of the bedroom.

"Wow, you really look great." Susan had on velour wrap around dress that could have been used as a robe. It came only just low enough on her hips to ensure some sense of modesty, but definitely high enough to spur the imagination. "I'll sure bet they'll love that outfit."

"Well, I hope so." Susan adjusted the top to allow a little more view of her small cleavage as she spoke. "I'd hate for anyone to be disappointed."

"Yea, me too." Greg agreed. "I know you're hoping to be with Jan again honey, and I hope it works out."

"You're so sweet." Susan kissed Greg then continued.

"And understanding about everything."

"Hey, I think it's sexy that you like gals..., and when Karen was here the other day with you, well, it was one of the most erotic things I've ever heard about."

The doorbell interrupted Susan and Greg and the two quickly composed themselves before opening the front door. "Hi!" Susan reached out and hugged Jan as the couple came in the house. "And hello to you Mike." Susan put her arms up and around Mike's neck, allowing her body to fully engage his, and gave him a welcome kiss on the cheek while they hugged.

"Come on in...come in, it's cold out there tonight." Susan shut the door then turned towards Greg. "Jan, Mike, this is Greg." Greg reached out a shook Mike's hand, then turned to Jan and hesitated.

"Oh don't be shy." Jan grinned at Greg then went to him and gave him a nice kiss on the lips. "After all, if you've watched that video as much as Mike has, you already know me pretty well." Everyone laughed and moved on into the living room.

"Can I take your coats?" Susan offered.

"Well, before we take them off..., remember you said it's to be a very casual hot-tub evening." Jan looked closer at Susan who looked ravishing in her velour wrap. "And you look like a fashion model."

"Thanks, but this is really not much more than a robe..., but isn't it just gorgeous? Greg got it for me."

"Ok, glad you've got the house well heated."

As Jan finished her sentence she unbuttoned her full length coat and, taking it off, revealed all 5'7" of her beautiful naked body. Greg's mouth dropped open as he looked at Jan's beautiful 36C breasts with her large hard nipples.

Susan smiled broadly as she, once more, took in the feminine beauty of her friend. "Ok, now don't expect as much from me." Mike broke the silence of the moment as he took off his coat and revealed that he was wearing sweatpants underneath.

"I had to be able to get out of the car if necessary..., and besides, Jan would be too hard of an act to follow anyway. "Yes indeed!"

Susan was still looking at Jan, "A very hard act to follow. I just hope you aren't disappointed in little 'ole me." Susan smiled at Mike as she spoke.

"Hey, I think you're just fantastic looking Susan."

Susan grinned, adjusted her top to allow more of a view, and stepped towards Mike giving him a kiss. "Thanks, you're really sweet."

"Hey!" Jan spoke rather loudly. "Has anyone noticed that I'm the only naked one here? Either show me to the hot-tub, or give me back my coat."

"Really," Greg took Jan's hand and began to lead the way, "it's right this way." Susan and Mike followed behind as Greg led them to the back porch. The porch had been enclosed and contained a large spa with a fireplace beside it. Jan immediately got into the spa and sat down concealing her naked body.

Greg, who had been the most dressed in shirt and slacks, quickly disrobed and got in, sitting by Jan. Mike, quickly slipped off his tennis shoes and sweatpants, then stepped into the warm water. Mike simply stood in the thigh-high water of the spa and watched as Susan slowly opened her dress revealing her small pretty body. Once Susan was undressed, Mike reached out and assisted her into the tub. Mike was sitting across from Jan and Susan was across from Greg. The size of the tub allowed just enough room for the four to sit without touching, however all four were wanting to touch. The soothing bubbles made just the right sound to add to the moment, and also the right amount of privacy under the water.

"How about if we just feel whatever..., whoever for a while?" Susan looked at each of the other three as she spoke. Mike smiled broadly. Greg had a peculiar look on his face and Susan momentarily thought she'd said the wrong thing. Jan grinned devilishly, then replied to her friend. "I already am." Greg gasped a little at this letting the other's know that Jan had already been handling his cock. Mike reached over and began to feel of Susan's small soft legs. He glanced at Jan and noticed Greg's hand just under the water at her breasts. Then Mike felt as Susan's small left hand wrapped around his stiffening cock. As Susan began to manipulate his cock more, Mike moved his right hand up her leg and began to explore her small pussy. Mike noticed Jan looking towards Susan and Susan leaning some towards Jan indicating that Susan was feeling of Jan's pussy while Greg was feeling her tits. Jan leaned back and shut her eyes obviously savoring the moment. As Jan, with her eyes still shut, started leaning forward, Mike felt her hand on his at Susan's pussy. Mike quickly allowed hers to replace his on Susan, but kept his on top to feel what was happening.

Then Mike felt Jan's other hand reach out and take his left hand. With a quick, smooth, maneuver Jan moved both of their hands to Greg's groin, placing Mike's hand on Greg's hard cock. Nothing was said. Greg had to know. Jan's eyes were still shut. Susan was in heaven, being fingered by Jan. Mike, a little uneasily at first, began to really feel of Greg's cock. It was not too big around, but nearly as long as his own. And the way it curved upward was very unusual. Mike looked at Greg, who was leaning towards Jan with his eyes shut obviously enjoying her tits. Greg was a nice looking guy. A couple of inches taller than Mike, about 6'4" he guessed, and a little overweight but obviously had been in good shape once. His hair was about the color of blond that Mike's was before turning white, and Mike knew that Jan would like the dimple that Greg showed each time he smiled. Mike continued to explore this cock with his hand as he felt his own cock being explored again. He glanced at Susan who had let go of his cock a few minutes before when she was concentrating totally on Jan's caresses, but instantly realized that this couldn't be her small hand anyway. It was really a surprising turn-on to Mike that he was enjoying this mutual masturbation with Greg. The four continued to explore each other silently for nearly and hour, when Susan, after an obvious climax, interrupted the mute interlude.

"Anyone for a snack?"

"Well, I'm not really hungry...," Jan looked at the other three in the tub as she spoke, "but I'm about water logged. I'll probably look like a prune." Jan stood as she finished her sentence. "Yea, we all probably ought to get out." Greg stood as well showing the others his hard cock that made a gentle curve to the ceiling.

As Greg stepped out of the tub his cock came very close to Mike's face. "Why don't you try it?" Jan had been watching Mike's expression and all four knew exactly what she was referring to. "Try what?" Mike tried to pretend ignorance. "You know..., we all know. I think it's really sexy Mike. If Greg doesn't mind, go ahead..., that's what this is supposed to be for after all..., trying things that a couple can't do alone." "I..., I don't know..., maybe later."

Mike looked up at Greg as he spoke and Greg smiled. "Hey, I'm cool with it, as long as the gals are."

"I'm like Jan," Susan quickly broke in as she confirmed what she had guessed the conversation was about. "I think it's absolutely a turn-on. If you guys get turned on watching us gals together, why wouldn't you think we'd enjoy watching you?"

"Well, maybe later." Mike still wasn't sure. Greg was also relieved that this proposal had been tabled for awhile. But, both men continued to toy with the idea.

"Well, is anybody hungry?" Susan stood up and stepped out of the tub as she spoke.

"Not me honey." Greg stepped out and reached for a towel for himself and handed another to Jan.

"No, me either." Mike said as he stood up and grabbed more towels from the hanger on the wall. Mike handed one to Susan, who dried off a bit, then wrapped the towel around her and started towards the living room.

"Well, let's go where it's warmer then." Susan looked back at the others as she spoke.

"And remember what we'd talked about Jan?"

"Oh yea," Jan answered then added, "you mean about fantasy fullfillment?"

"Yes, exactly." Susan turned to the others who had just intered the living room all clad only in towels.

"Now, who gets to go first?" Susan stopped for only a split second before continuing. "Ok, I will!" Everyone laughed at her devious method of getting the first fantasy.

"Fine with us Susan, even though you cheated a little..., so what's your request?" Jan smiled at her friend as she spoke. The women had agreed that the primary reason for the evening would be for each of the four to make a request for some activity, then the other three to try and fulfill that request. This was to be a one night experience so each request would be limited to about an hour or less. They had all agreed before hand that there were so many possibilities, and other nights in the future, that these limits were to be kept. "I want to be fucked while I eat your pussy." Susan had considered so many more subtle ways of expressing her desires over the last couple of days. But, now after the hot tub's effect of releasing inhibitions, she just blurted it out. "Ok, sounds fine to me." Jan was quick to respond.

"It looks like Greg is really up to the other part." Mike grinned pointing at Greg's still hard cock.

"And I'll watch, but if you need anything feel free to holler." Everyone laughed together somewhat nervously. For several moments no-one moved or spoke.

"Well, where do you want me?" Jan removed her towel as she spoke to Susan, breaking the silence.

"Just lay on the couch on your back," Susan led Jan to the sofa and helped Jan lay down. "now, just relax..., here," Susan reached down and moved Jan's right leg slightly off the edge of the couch allowing a better view of her pussy to everyone, "let me help get you in a good position."

"Do I need to do anything?" Jan sounded less confident now, but not at all unwilling.

"No sweetie, just relax and enjoy..., shut your eyes if you want." Jan kept her eyes on Susan as Susan knelt down by the couch and began to explore Jan's legs with her hands. As Susan's hands worked their way close to Jan's thick pubic hair, Jan instinctively reached down to Susan's head.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Mike&Jan.

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