The Best Erotic Stories.

by English Bob

Based on inspiration from Dayna

The four men circled the shoppers car park in a black van, eyes alert, looking , watching. With the exception of the driver, they were all stoned and mellow with alcohol. On their third rotation they saw them. He was around fifty with short greying hair. He wore expensive clothes and had the air of a wealthy man. She was different. They guessed mid to late twenties. Tall with long blonde hair and a nice trim figure. Her designer dress was short, showing off shapely, tanned legs.

The men watched the couple load the groceries into a new Jaguar, commenting to each other on the attributes and appearance of the woman. Although, from the van they could not hear the couple, it was obvious that they were deep in conversation and had not noticed the van now parked several yards away from them. As the couple finished loading the groceries, the woman proceeded to wheel the empty shopping cart towards the return bay. The four men had anticipated this move and had positioned their vehicle so that the back doors were next to the return bay. They waited.... following her with their eyes. As the woman pushed the cart around the back of the van, two of the men burst from the rear of the vehicle. The woman felt only surprise as a hand was clamped roughly over her mouth. She felt other hands on her body as she was swiftly lifted and bundled into the back of the van.

"What the hell was she doing now?" thought Dave as he locked the trunk on his Jaguar and looked around for his wife. He looked in the direction of the return bay, briefly seeing a black van but paying it little attention. His wife Kelly was nowhere to be seen. "Where could she have wandered off to now" he thought angrily "She knows I want to get on the golf course by 2pm". As his eyes scanned the car park he noticed the black van start it's engine and begin to pull away. As he looked directly at the back of the van for the first time, he could hardly believe what he was seeing. As the van pulled away from him he could clearly see his wife's tear stained face appear in the rear window. At first, David stood rooted to the spot, stunned. His mind seemed unable to comprehend what had just happened as he watched the van leaving the car park. "What the fuck was going on?" his brain screamed at him. Suddenly instinct took over. He could not let the van disappear, he had to follow it, get her back somehow...somehow. With the thoughts racing through his head he leapt into the drivers seat of the Jag. Turning the key he felt the big car come to life and slammed the lever into "drive". The wheels screeched on the tarmac as he floored the accelerator and sped off in search of his wife.

The driver of the van was watching his side mirrors and spoke quickly to the other three men in the rear "He's following us, what do you want me to do Ray?"

Ray, the leader of this crew of half wasted men, seemed unconcerned. "Take the coast road Bill, it's so narrow he will never be able to pass us up there."

Another five minutes drive and they were on a narrow coast road that wound its way precariously upwards around the outside of the mountain. To the left was the solid granite of the mountain side, to the right a hundred foot drop to the ocean. Small inlets were built into the road to allow vehicles to pass each other, but overtaking on this road was impossible.

The three men sat silently against the walls of the van and looked at the attractive woman sprawled on the floor between them. It was Kelly who spoke first.

"L..l..look guys, my husband is rich, he will pay whatever you want ..... just let me go huh?

The men continued to look at Kelly. Her dress had ridden up a little as she had been forced into the van exposing her tanned thighs. Ray looked at his two stoned friends. Phil was just staring at the woman, as was Mike, the youngest of them. Ray could also see from the bulge in Mike's jeans that he was getting a little horny. Ray smiled and spoke softly to Kelly.

"We know who you are and that you have money" he said "Your husband will pay, I know, but we have to show him that we are serious, you know?"

Kelly looked at all three passengers. In all their eyes she could see a look of pure animal lust. Ray continued "You seem to have Mike here all excited over you. Maybe you should show him a little more"

Kelly followed Ray's eyes down to her legs and realised how much of herself was on display. Her initial reaction was to pull her dress down to cover herself but the large hand that Ray had placed on her thigh made her think again.

Mike by this time was getting more excited at the prospect of seeing more of this woman's beautiful body, and was openly rubbing the crotch of his jeans, feeling his cock grow harder by the moment. Kelly looked at Mike and, fearing what would happen if she disobeyed, slowly let the thin straps of her halter dress slip from her shoulders.

Ray spoke again, this time to Mike. "Why don't you help the lady" he said cheerfully "if you keep rubbing your pecker you'll cum before you see anything!"

Mike leapt forward and, taking his hand reluctantly from the crotch of his jeans, helped Kelly shimmy the thin material of the dress down revealing her white lace bra. Kelly held her hands in front of her breasts as she tried to hide her modesty, but it was to no avail. Mike reached behind her, and unclasping her bra pulled it from her chest. Phil now joined in the action as Kelly's panties were removed and she felt two pairs of hands roaming her body. As they all looked at the topless woman in front of them Jim looked out of the back window. He could see David's Jaguar right behind them but unable to pass. "give me her clothes Mike" he smiled "I've got plans for them".

David was trying hard not to become hysterical. Since leaving the shopping area he had not been able to catch a glimpse of his wife in the back of the van. He had however seen other figures moving around in there and guessed that there must be at least three men holding her captive. His eyes were rivetted to the vehicle in front as suddenly he saw a side window open. Through the window he saw an arm, a male arm, emerge. He stared in disbelief as the disembodied arm waved a white flag at him. "What the hell was going on now?" his thoughts confused. "Where they surrendering to him? Had they given up so quickly?" David had assumed that they wanted money. It was always money. Since the merger he had become very wealthy and had been warned by other's that kidnapping was always going to be a danger.

As the arm continued to wave, horror began to eat away in David's chest. It slowly dawned on him that the white flag was not a flag after all but began to take on a horrifyingly familiar shape. It was a lacy white bra, and if he was not mistaken it was his WIFE'S bra. David was mortified. "Oh, god nooooo" he wailed to himself "noooo not that pleeeeease". His imagination was now working overtime as he watched the bra being dropped from the window. The arm disappeared briefly and then reappeared waving a pair of silk panties. Waving the panties long enough for David to realise what they were, they too were dropped onto the road and vanished under the wheels of the Jaguar. Tears were rolling down David's face now as finally Kelly's designer dress was dropped from the window leaving him in no doubt that his wife was now completely naked with the men.

David tried in vain not to think of what must now be happening inside the van but the thoughts kept assaulting his brain. "They are raping her. Defiling her young body. Was she crying? Was she in pain?" His face turned to a snarl as he pressed the accelerator further down and rammed the back of the van.

"Shit" shouted Ray as the jolt from the ramming the van had received caused them all to go sprawling onto the floor. "I guess he wants you back pretty bad honey" Kelly had also fallen backwards. Putting out her hands to break her fall she had left her body completely exposed to the men. Mike was again now staring at her avidly and rubbing his crotch. Her long blonde hair had fallen forwards partially masking her pert smooth breasts, the nipples standing out proud. He glanced down and realised that her pussy was completely shaved. Ray looked at Mike and realised that the younger mans sexual excitement was building to a point of no return.

"We got to stop this mad bastard from ramming us again" said Ray "I got an idea, stand her up against the back window so he can see her. He'll think twice about trying that again if she is in the way!"

Mike and Phil tried to comply with the request but soon realised that the van's ceiling was too low for her to stand. Thinking as quickly as the drugs would allow, Phil pushed the frightened woman to her knees facing the back window. Removing two lengths of rope, he swiftly tied her wrists to a metal bar at the top of the back door of the van having the effect of stretching her arms upwards and squashing her small perky breasts against the window.

When Kelly was secured, Phil lost no time in releasing his throbbing prick from the confines of his underwear. Bending his knees and leaning against the back door he pulled Kelly round by the hair until her face was in a direct line with his erection. Phil jacked his cock a few times with his hand causing a blob of pre-cum to develop at the head. Pulling Kelly's face closer to his groin he proceeded to trace the tip of his prick across her red lips. Kelly's eyes were fixed on the large cock before her. She had decided that it would be better for her if she complied with the men. That way, maybe she would escape from this ordeal unhurt. Tentatively she flicked her tongue lightly over Phil's throbbing member. Phil gasped as he felt her warm, wet tongue on his erection and pushed forward slightly with his hips. He felt Kelly open her mouth and then the intense pleasure as his cock slid over her lips and tongue and into her mouth.

Mike had been watching the action open mouthed. "Christ this woman really was going to let them fuck her" her thought. Pulling his cock from his jeans, Mike crawled over towards Kelly's's back. He looked at her ass in wonder. He had never seen anything so perfect; two deeply tanned globes accentuated by a tight slim waist.

As Phil continued to push his erection in and out of Kelly's now willing mouth, Mike let one hand slide down her back and down between her ass cheeks. He felt the woman shiver slightly as his fingers traced over her tight puckered anus and down to her pussy. Spreading her legs apart, Mike began to stroke Kelly's pussy from behind. While he watched Phil's cock disappear into her throat, Mike could not resist the temptation to stroke his own cock with his free hand. He had never felt so hard before. As his fingers gripped his cock head he felt his whole prick throb in his hand. He decided to try and concentrate more on the pussy in his other hand and reluctantly let go of his cock as it swung wildly in front of him. Mike had now located the woman's clitoris with his thumb and was circling it as he pushed two fingers in and out of her rapidly dampening pussy, his other arm was wrapped around her and was squeezing her breast and nipple.

Kelly's base instincts had taken over and she could feel herself becoming wetter and wetter. The cock in her mouth felt good as she swirled her tongue over it's head. She knew she was on the right track as Phil was moaning and trying to thrust his prick deeper into her throat. She almost cried as she felt Mike's fingers leave her pussy from behind but the emptiness was soon replaced as she felt the unmistakable sensation of a hard cock sliding into her wet pussy.

Ray watched Mike's eyes close in extasy as his hard erection slipped easily into Kelly's cunt. He moved to the back of the van. Looking out of the window he saw the very red face of David

David's worst fears had come true. He was looking at his young wife, naked, her small firm breasts pressed up against the back windows of the van. He watched Phil's large cock pumping in and out of her pretty mouth her red lipstick smeared along his shaft. He could see Mike's head above her shoulder as he fucked her pussy from behind (or was he in her ASS? - David could only imagine).

As he continued to watch the scene, another body appeared on the other side of his helpless wife., and another large erect cock was pressed to her lips. David could see each man take a handful of her hair and pull her face towards their cocks in turn, alternately fucking her mouth.

Without realising it, the scene was having another altogether different effect on David. He squirmed uncomfortably in the leather seat as he tried to move his hard-on into a better position. He couldn't understand his feelings; his wife was being gang-banged not fifty yards away and here he was with an erection! But the feeling was not going away, in fact as he watched the van, his erection seemed to get larger and harder to the point where it was becoming quite painful. Seeing no other course of action, David let a hand fall to his trousers and unzipped them. Quickly pulling his underwear down under his balls he released his cock. As the hot flesh hit the cool air of the car's A/C system, David felt a shiver of relief. As he continued to follow the van along the narrow road he left his hand resting on his erection.

David's eyes were still fixed on the back window of the van. Kelly was being pushed forward with each thrust from the man behind her causing her breasts to push harder up to the glass of the window. Her eyes were closed as her head was pulled to her left and then to her right as the thick cocks assaulted her mouth and David could not resist stroking his own prick as he watched the scene before him. Suddenly David saw the man to Kelly's left pull his cock from her lips and start to jerk himself. The man pointed his cock at her face as he pulled his heavy foreskin back and forth over the swollen head. Kelly was bouncing up and down more violently now as the man jerking his cock finally let a great stream of cum fly onto her face and onto the window.

David was now stroking his own cock more quickly as he drove with one hand on the wheel. He looked on with fascination as the guy behind Kelly's pulled out of her and stood over her back. David could see the guy's cock emerge over her naked shoulder as another stream of cum hit the window and trickled down over her breasts and nipples. The one guy who had not yet cum was furiously jerking his erection towards Kelly's's face. David watched as the guy took a handful of Kelly's blonde hair and wrapped it around his cock jerking himself faster and faster. Finally the guy in the van could hold out no longer and let his cum spray into Kelly's hair and mouth. As she swallowed as much of his seed as she could, David's penis erupted. He had not realised how much he had been turned on or how close he had been to his climax as his cum jetted from his cock hitting the steering wheel and the dashboard of the Jag.

As his erection subsided, David realised that the van had slowed and was indeed stopping. As he pulled up behind the vehicle David fumbled with his trousers, trying to put his semi hard cock away before anything else happened. Before David could react, the doors on the back of the van opened quickly and Kelly was shakily stepping out. Just as quickly the doors closed again and the van sped off leaving Kelly standing naked in front of her husband's car.

As she walked to the passenger side and climbed in, David could see the cum still wet and glistening on her body. Her lipstick was speared and her long blonde hair was matted with semen which also dripped from her erect nipples.

David tried to speak but Kelly pressed a finger lightly to his lips. "Shhhhh baby" she whispered. "I'm ok. Really I'm fine. This was all a set up, just for you. I know how you fantasise about me getting gang-banged by a group of men." She glanced down at his still exposed and hardening penis and the cum splattered interior "It looks like you enjoyed it as much as I did too"

Eventually David found his voice "Oh Kelly, I love you so much for this." he breathed "Now I need to get you home and make love to you myself"

"Why go home?" whispered Kelly with a smile as she slowly spread her long legs. "What's wrong with right here?"

The End

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