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English Bob
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Sex: M
Age: 40
Location: London, UK
ICQ#: none
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Hi - I'm English Bob. I'm 40 years old (and probably should know better!). I live just outside of London in the UK, and have been married for 15 years. I am owner of my own health care consulting firm, but am nor more or less semi-retired (leaving me time to read and write my favourite fiction - yes you guessed it .. erotic fiction!!). My hobbies include playing golf, sailing my boat as often as possible and also racing. I started writing erotic work about a year ago after reading some of the stories on this great site. I love to receive feedback concerning my submissions (good or bad) and try to reply to them all.

101 Jobs To Do - Bruce suspects wife's infidelity.
13 Chestnut Street - Paul's uncle leaves him an odd bequest.
27 Beech Street - College guy lusts after sexy older landlady.
6 O'Clock Sex
- College guy finds first-shift bakery job has perks.
747 From Hong Kong
-Couple joins Mile-High Club, with honors!
A Bad, Bad Wife
- Couple shops for more than clothes.
A Barbeque Gang Bang
- Jane and Terry contemplate swinging.
A Bitch Called Lene - Husband arranges for wife's humiliation.
A Burglary - Couple returns to find they've been robbed.
A Bus Gang Bang - Hubby plans to satisfy bus driver's needs.
A Chained Wife - Wife's trapped in handcuffs.
A Conservative Woman's... - Wife catches husband in the act.
A Corporal's Punishment - Soldier finds wife with a stranger.
A Double Fantasy Realised
- Outing satisfies husband and wife.
A Friendly Game of Cards
- Wife hosts husband's poker game.
A Friendly Game of Cards Pt. II
- Wife becomes the bet.
A Friendly Game of Cards Pt. III
- Kate takes on Brian & Ian.
A Nightmare in the Park
- Muscle women stalk a married couple.
A Perfect Alibi
- Case of adultery turns out to be much more.
A Room With A View
- Cuckholded hubby follows his wife.
A Scary Affair
- Couple has intimate encounter with the paranormal.
A Sporting Chance
- Janet gets quite a surprise at a soccer match.
A Sweet Revenge
- Adam ignores his wife at his own peril.
A Temporary Solution
- Married couple finds a perfect threesome.
A Visit to the Doc
- Doctor helps wife with lubrication problem.
A Welcome to the Neighborhood
- Wife adores girl next door.
A1 Gang Bangers
- Husband confronts his cheating wife.
Abased and Humiliated
- Mike meets an unusual couple.
Abbercorn Hotel
- Couple spend vacation in wild Maltese hotel.
Abbot - Prisoner #14357
- Inmate gets an offer he can't refuse.
Abbot - Prisoner...Pt. II
- Convict satisfies another man's wife.
- Blackmailers take man's wife.
Abducted Pt. II
- Loving couple has a brush with the law.
Abigail's Wedding
- Bride seeks satisfaction when groom passes out.
Abusing My Wife - Horny wife seeks domination.
Abyss Remembered - Accountant takes fiancée to rock concert.
- Car mishap leads to wife's adultery, or does it?
Accidents Will Happen!
- Drunken fender-bender takes a sexy turn.
Acting The Part - Couple auditions for an adult movie.
Adele's Revenge - Wife discovers husband's affair, & seeks justice.
Adventures in Amsterdam Pt. I
- They take live sex show gig.
After Class Has Finished
- Teacher gives couple bonus lessons.
All In The Imagination
- Carla relays her adventure to her hubby.
Am I Still Sexy?
- Jake comforts his disfigured wife after accident.
Amy's Bar-Bang At Oscars
- Coed's wild night out.
An Anal Adventure
- Husband Clive comes home to quite a sight.
An Orgasm For Mary
- Wife needs more than one man.
Ann's Initiation
- Husband discovers purpose of wife's secret meetings.
Anna's Gymslip Lover
- Dave discovers wife's taste for women.
Anyone For Squash?
- Husband & friend plot to loosen up prim wife.
At The Mall - Husband and wife play sex games.
Doctor Fred
- Doctor uses hypnotic suggestion on a family.
- Couple are watched in action on Moroccan terrace.
Jim & Patricia Pt. II
- Mom gives son and friend love lessons.
Just A Small Electrical Problem
- Brit electrician yearns for Lisa.
The Ambassador Club Pt. I
- Joanne is taken to mysterious club.
The Ambassador Club Pt. II
- Joanne's initiation continues.
The Australian Visit
- Brother's wife keeps Neil company.
The Australian Visit Pt. II
- Neil helps Dave enjoy Polly.
The Cruise
- Judy & Roger party aboard a swingers' yacht.
The Dark Stranger
- Sabby's uncle worships Satan.
The Gift - Rejected woman rediscovers her psychic powers.
The Shark - Loan shark punishes couple.
The Shark Pt. II - Ted pays visit to deadbeat couple.
The Shark Pt. III - Jim sets eyes on mom Patricia.
Undercover - Woman cop gets in bad situation.
Undercover Pt. II - Captured cop services planeload.

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