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Abased and Humiliated
by English Bob

Michael trudged slowly into the crowded city bar. It was Friday evening and it had been a tough week, he needed a stiff drink before heading home. As he fought his way through the throng of early evening revelers towards the bar, he noticed several of his work colleagues drinking and laughing. They had not seen him and he had no desire to engage in the social chit-chat that inevitably involved long, protracted conversations about work. Finding a space at the end of the bar, he perched himself on a high stool and attracted the attention of the bar tender.

"Evening Mike, what'll it be?"

"Hi Phil. Beer please and a shot on the side."

"Hmm, sounds like a hard week!" said the bar tended as he flipped the top off the beer bottle and placed it in front of Mike together with a small glass of whisky.

"Yeah, thanks Phil, it sure has." Mike sighed and swallowed half the beer in one gulp, quickly followed by the entire contents of the shot glass.

"Again please, Phil!"

As the bar tender refilled his glasses, Mike looked around him. About six yards away from him sat a dark-haired woman in a sharp business suit sipping a glass of white wine. Mike guessed she must be around her late thirties. Probably waiting for her old man to join her for a drink after work, he thought, turning away. Not seeing any other obviously unattached females, he turned back to the bar where Phil had placed his fresh drinks. Suitably fortified by the first whisky still burning in his stomach, Mike now slowed his drinking considerably, taking his time and savouring the pleasant taste. Pulling out his daily newspaper, he turned to the crossword puzzle.

After fifteen minutes and only six clues of the crossword solved, Mike was finding it hard to concentrate. It was almost as if someone was watching him. He raised his head from the paper and, again looked around. This time his attention was caught by the woman at the bar. She smiled at him as their eyes met. Mike could see that her glass was empty and she was still alone. Perhaps her old man had stood her up, he thought. Draining his own glass, he took a deep breath and walked over to her.

"Hi. I'm Mike. Can I get you another drink?"

The woman smiled up at him from her stool. Her dark hair was neatly tied back in a bun and her face confirmed Mike's earlier estimation of her age. Her suit looked expensive and smart, she obviously knew how to wear her clothes. Mike liked that.

"Hello." she replied in a deep sexy voice that quite took Mike by surprise. "I'm Wendy and yes, I'd like a white wine please."

Mike attracted Phil's attention once again and indicated their empty glasses.

Wendy, immediately took control of the conversation. She asked Mike about himself, what he did, where he was from etc. Mike was pleasantly surprised. Usually it was him that had to think of things to say when he first met a woman. This certainly took a lot of the pressure off. After fifteen minutes of conversation, Mike realised that he had imparted a lot of information. She knew that he was twenty eight, single, lived alone and was not seeing anyone special right now. He had told her that he worked as a department manager in one of the large banks in the city and that he had been there for several years. He wanted to know a little about her as well though, but had to wait for a break in her questions before he could ask. When the break finally came, Mike enquired as to what brought her to this particular bar. There was a brief silence before she replied, their eyes locked together.

"Do you really want to know?" she said, her voice flat and her face devoid of any emotion.

This was not the reply that Mike had expected. His question had really been little more than a line but Wendy seemed to actually have an interesting answer.

"Er.. Yeah..of course I do."

"Well, to put it bluntly, I'm on a man hunt!"

"What!" Mike laughed, almost choking on his drink. He looked at Wendy but her face showed no sign of amusement. She appeared deadly serious.

"Look. Before we go any further, I think I need to explain a little more, but first I need to know if you find me attractive."

Mike was having a hard time getting his head round this turn in the conversation but his brain quickly caught up with his mouth as he turned on the charm.

"Yes, Wendy. I do. I think you are a most attractive woman. I love the way your eyes light up and the way that you are so easy to talk to."

"Thank you for the compliment, but it is actually quite unnecessary. I also find you attractive and I would very much like you to come home with me. However, it is not quite as straight forward as that. There is my husband to consider."

Mike knew there would be a 'but'. "What about your husband?"

"Well, my husband, Danny and I share a rather unusual relationship. We always have."

Mike was intrigued. "Tell me more."

"As you have probably guessed, I am rather domineering. Danny is very submissive. This is fine, but for the last couple of years his submissive tenancies have grown. He needs to be humiliated, and the best way to do that is by him watching me having sex with another man. A younger man. Does this shock you Mike?"

Mike thought that he could see the way this was heading, and he was all for it! He had not had sex for several weeks. He had told himself it was due to work commitments, but he knew that really wasn't true. It had just been a very dry couple of months!

"Shocked no, but surprised, yes a little, I suppose."

"Do you think that you can handle this situation? Do you think you can handle me?"

"You bet! I'd love to have sex with you Wendy. We could put on a real show for your husband!"

"Fantastic! That's just what I needed to hear, Mike. You see, no matter how I treat Danny when we have sex, I still love him very much and that is not going to change. I do all this for him, you see."

"Sounds good to me." said Mike as they both drained their glasses. "Let's grab a taxi shall we?"

The cab ride was short, and they soon arrived at Wendy's large, impressive home on the outskirts of the city. Paying the driver and taking Mike by the hand, she led him into the house and then to a large, comfortable lounge. Thick pile carpet covered the floor while the furniture was sparse; two leather couches against the walls and, oddly out of place, a high backed chair set to one end of the room looked out into the empty area of the rooms centre. "Make yourself comfortable." said Wendy. "I'm going to change. I'll be back in a minute with my husband."

As she left the room, Mike settled himself into one of the leather sofa's and waited. He was already excited. This was the stuff his fantasies were made of. He couldn't believe his luck, he was about to have sex with a beautiful, if perhaps a little severe, woman. Although he hadn't let it show, he was still a little apprehensive about the being watched part, but he knew he could cope with it. After all, he thought, it might be fun!

A few short minutes later, Wendy reappeared. She was now decked out in her full Dom' clothes; black stockings and suspender belt, high black, spiked shoes, black lace panties and a crimson and black bodice. She looked stunning. She held her husband's hand as they entered the room. He was quite differently dressed. Mike's jaw dropped as he checked him out. A black hood covered his head with holes cut for his eyes and another for his mouth. His body was naked, save for a pair of white cotton, ladies panties that he wore to cover his modesty. He was a small man and was led easily by his wife towards the high backed chair that Mike had wondered about earlier, and instructed him to sit. Producing four short straps, Wendy then proceeded to secure her husband's wrists and ankles to the specially designed chair.

Mike was standing in the centre of the room, not quite knowing what to do as Wendy completed her task.

"Danny is not permitted to speak." She said to Mike as she approached him, getting into character. "He is only permitted to watch us as we fuck!"

This was fine with Mike. He was glad that he would not be expected to make conversation with the other man.

Wendy was in no mood to waste time. Slipping her high heels from her stockinged feet, she placed them in her husbands lap. Mike heard a soft groan escape from under the hood as the hard soles of the shoes came into contact with his panty covered crotch. He could also see the bulge that was already visible underneath the female garment. Wendy patted her husband on the top of the hood and smiled wickedly as she returned to Mike and immediately dropped to her knees in front of him.

Mike gasped out loud as he felt deft fingers find his zipper and draw it downwards, those fingers now urgently exploring inside his open fly and seeking out his penis. He felt himself stiffen as her hand closed around his tool and gently eased the large weapon out of his pants. Mike closed his eyes as he felt Wendy's hot, wet tongue drift lazily up and down his now rigid shaft. The sensations were indescribable, he felt like his whole groin was on fire as she licked up and over the head and then slowly enveloped his glans inside her mouth. Mike opened his eyes briefly and looked down. Their eyes met again. Her mouth, now full of cock, looked so sexy, so hot, as she began taking him deeper and deeper towards her throat. With a slight adjustment of her head, Wendy then proceeded to take his entire cock into the back of her throat. Mike could feel her nose nestling up against his thick pubic hair and her throat muscles squeeze and relax his cock in a sensational orchestration of movement. He could feel his climax building already and tried to warn her, but Wendy just tightened the seal around his thick meat and accepted the flow of his orgasm as it surged into her throat. She swallowed it all without missing a drop, and smacking her lips, allowed his spent member to slide out of her throat.

"God, that was fantastic!" cried Mike as Wendy rose from her knees to kiss him lightly on the lips.

Mike could taste his own cum. It excited him and he knew that it would not be long before he would be hard again.

"Just relax for a few moments lover." said Wendy as she crossed the floor to her groaning husband, still secured into the chair.

"Did you like watching me suck on his big cock?" she asked him sneeringly. "Did it make you horny? It made me so hot! All 8" of it!" She continued taunting him as she lifted a stocking foot into his lap with her shoes.

" was so big and juicy in my throat....his cum tasted so good!"

Mike watched as she derided her husband mercilessly, her foot rotating over the crotch of the panties making him groan out loud. With one foot in his lap, her covered pussy was only inches from his face. Pulling her panties slightly to one side, she began running a long, slim finger up and down her slit, getting her juices flowing, teasing him relentlessly.

" like to look at my pussy? to watch me stroke it for you?...I can feel your cock is so hard now.....I bet you need to cum don't you? Well, it's going to be Mike's big cock that sinks in here, not your tiny one! He's gonna fuck me hard and deep, deeper than you will ever get! He might even fuck my ass! Would you like to watch that?"

Danny obviously knew better than to respond with forbidden words and just groaned helplessly as her toes continued to massage his erect cock and her womanly scent filled the air. Mike had been watching and listening as she tormented her poor husband and masturbated in front of his face. Slowly but surely his erection was beginning to return. Wendy saw his renewed ardour and abruptly curtailed the sensual foot-job she had been giving her husband, causing him to moan at the loss of intimate contact.

Mike had now fully removed the rest of his clothes and stood naked in front of Wendy.

"Hmmm." She murmured. "It seems I am a little over dressed." Quickly her fingers undid the crimson bodice and let it fall to the floor. Mike admired her full rounded breasts tipped with hard rosy red nipples, while she rolled her sexy black panties down her legs and stepped out of them. Now standing in front of him in only stockings and garter belt she once again reached for his cock. Still standing, one of Mike's hands cupped a large breast and squeezed the nipple while the other hand dropped between them and sought out her pussy. As his fingers slipped between her slick lips and found the hard bud of her clit, he felt the heat radiate from her. She was almost burning up. They stood and masturbated each other for several seconds while Danny moaned and groaned through the hood as he watched, his erection tenting the tight panties.

Suddenly Wendy dropped Mike's now throbbing tool and stepped back.

"Fuck me!" she whispered as she began to drop to the thick carpet. "Do me now!"

Mike was not about to argue with this woman and joined her on the floor. Wendy immediately got into a hands and knees position not more than a few feet away from her hooded husband. Lowering her head and raising her hips, she spread her long stockinged legs and presented herself to her lover. Mike shuffled up behind her and admired the smooth curves of her ass and back. He began stroking her hot skin lightly with his fingers still wet with her pussy juice and with the other hand guided his throbbing penis towards her wet and open vagina.

Wendy was back to teasing her husband.

"Mmmmmm...he's gonna put it in me now....gonna stuff his huge, thick cock up my tight pussy.....can you see it Danny? Can you see how big he is? He's gonna ram it deep into your wife's cunt!.......aaaaarrrrhhhhhhhhh......yes...yes....oh, he's in me now baby!"

Wendy's taunting of her husband was having an effect on Mike too. Not wanting to wait any longer, he'd simply thrust the whole length of his penis deep into her pussy. He twisted his hips as he pushed in and out of her hot cunt, probing her tight, exposed butt with his slippery fingers and making sure that his shaft made as much contact with her hard clitoris as possible. He twisted, pumped and probed as she moaned and cried obscenities at her helpless husband.

"Oh fuck baby...yes ...ram it up me...mmmmm oh yes...make me cum.....mmmmm....finger my asshole......yes..yes..yes..yes..YESSSSSSSSSSS...Im cumming...aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh."

Mike felt her pussy contact viciously around his shaft as she orgasmed. He was glad that she had sucked him off earlier, if it had not been for his earlier climax, he would certainly have blown his load now. Reluctantly, he had to stop fucking her twitching pussy as the orgasm crashed through her body. He wanted to just let her enjoy the sensations.

Finally she stopped shaking and trembling and Mike prepared to resume his assault on her pussy.

"Wait." She said, looking back over her shoulder at him. "Will you put it in my ass? Please?"

Mike was unfamiliar with being asked to do this. Usually it was something that he had to persuade his dates to do, but he was certainly in favour of it now! His cock was slick with her pussy juice and her exposed asshole was already open and lubricated after the fingering he had given it.

As she continued with her heartless berating of Danny, Mike took a large breast in each hand and squeezed the nipples. He lined up his cock at the entrance to her butt and began to ease it inside. As he began to force his shaft into the tight passage, Mike could see Wendy now pulling the front of her husband's panties down to expose his small erection. Using her tits almost like handles, Mike began to push himself in and out of her ass. The sensations were quite incredible. Although, this was obviously not the fist time that her butt had been taken, she remained comfortably tight and used her anal muscles to squeeze and release Mike's rapidly swelling dick.

As he reamed her tight nether hole, Mike watched over Wendy's shoulders as she took her husband's small cock into her mouth and began the same deep throat technique that he himself had been treated to earlier. It only took Danny a few seconds before he erupted in his wife's mouth. Again she swallowed like a pro, not missing a drop as Mike continued to use her back passage, humping himself deeper and deeper into her bowel's. Watching Danny's small, and now limp dick, slide over Wendy's lips and out of her mouth, was too much for Mike to stand. With a loud cry, he pulled his throbbing, swollen tool from the woman's asshole and jerked himself furiously over her buttocks and lower back. As jet after jet of hot cum splashed onto her skin, Mike watched in awe as she trembled and shook her way to yet another shattering orgasm.

Mike hardly had time to recover, before Wendy was on her feet and releasing Danny from the chair. Gathering up her discarded clothes she began to lead the silent man from the room.

"You have to go now." She said to Mike as she stopped by the door. "Danny and I have to be alone. Please let yourself out. The taxi is still waiting outside and will take you where ever you wish to go. We want to thank you, but you must leave."

Before he had a chance to reply, Wendy and her husband had left the room. Mike, feeling confused and a little hurt, quickly dressed and opening the front door, let himself quietly out of the house.

Mike returned to the bar on several occasions after that night, hoping to see Wendy again, but as the days dragged on into weeks and then the weeks into months it became clear that he would never see her again. The bar tender, Phil was of little help either. It was apparently the first time that he had seen her and she had not returned since. Whatever, thought Mike, as he sipped his beer and whisky, at least I shall never forget that evening!

- The End -

* * * * *

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