The Best Erotic Stories.

Angel at Work Pt. III
by MorningStar

The next evening, Shannon moved from room to room, rearranging things, flicking off imaginary dust, straightening table covers... "What is wrong with you?" she scolded herself. "He's coming to look at the construction of the house, not how you've decorated it!" Not that she'd done much to change it from the Nana's arrangements. She added a few touches of her own. More candles for light in the evenings, she preferred their softness to the lamps. She'd put her audio system in the living room where she spent most of her time reading.

CCRRAAACCCCKKK.......a boom of thunder echoed toward the distance . A bolt of lightening illuminated the darkening skies. Another storm was moving in. It had taken Shannon awhile to get used to how quickly they formed around here. If they were lucky this one would stay north of them. Seven o'clock came and no Allen. She opened the drapes to peer across the street to his house. No vehicle in the drive yet. At 5 minutes to nine, Shannon had figured he was a "no show" . It would have been nice if he had called to tell her. Just as she was starting to put out the candles the door bell rang and made her jump. As she walked to the foyer another bolt of lightening struck the shape at the door. It was Allen, late but never the less he had shown up.

When she opened the door the first wave of rain hit with a blast of warm air blowing into the house. "Come on in," she called over her shoulder as she ran to the parlor to shut the open windows.

"Would you excuse me a minute while I go close my bedroom windows?" Allen stood at the bottom of the stairs watching with appreciation as Shannon climbed them to finish her self appointed chore. The tight fitting jeans she was wearing hugged the cheeks of her backside in such a way to let him see all her curves move naturally and seductively. Just as she turned the corner from his view, another blot of lightening struck outside the house, hitting a limb of the ancient oak in Shannon's yard. The tremendous crack that followed made them both jump. A large limb had been hit and split off the tree....taking the power lines to the house with it. Every light in the house went out, except the candles Shannon had lit earlier. "Oh Damn!!" Shannon yelled.

"Miss O'Malley, are you ok up there?" Allen called. "Yes, I just can't see.....OUCH...." The last thing Allen heard was a thud as something fell to the floor up above his head. Grabbing a candle from the table in the foyer, he took the steps two at a time. "Shannon??...where are you?".....he got no answer. His heart was racing and he wasn't sure why....but he knew something was wrong, and it bothered him.

Holding the candle higher he found an open bedroom door. As he moved quickly toward it he saw an outstretched leg...but no movement. Allen wasted no time getting to Shannon's prone body lying on the crumpled carpet next to the bed. She must have tripped on the throw rug. Kneeling down, he picked up her limp body and gently laid her on the bed. Running his hands over her legs and arms, he checked for any broken bones. Even though he was performing a 'good samaritan' act, he couldn't help but appreciate the shape and feel of the firm flesh beneath his hands and the response his own body was having to the actions of his hands. "Thank God!," he sighed. "No damage there....Allen, behave yourself the girl's been hurt!!!" Shannon moaned softly.

Allen sat on the bed and raised her head and shoulders to place a pillow under them. She unknowingly turned into his chest, face pressed against him and sighed softly. One of her hands cradled under her cheek, the other on his chest. Every time Allen tried to lay her down, she whimpered and moaned . She was restless and Allen finally decided to just lean back against the headboard and let her get comfortable. If she wanted to use him as a pillow, he wasn't going to argue....nor was he going to leave yet, not until she woke up and he knew she was ok. Besides....holding her like this wasn't all that bad anyway. Allen smiled softly when he looked down at the head lying against his shoulder. "No this wasn't bad at all..."

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