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Angel at Work Pt. IV
by MorningStar

"Shannon....wake up." he told her. " need to wake up!"

"Why?" she mumbled in return and snuggled down closer to him. As the breeze shifted and the storm moved on, Allen stayed as he was, letting the head laying in his chest rest. He knew she's wake up soon but he wasn't sure how he was going to explain why he was lying in her bed, holding her against his chest the way he was. As he gazed down at the top of her head, Allen couldn't help smiling. She was so much a younger version of her grandmother. Not only in looks, but in intelligence and sensitivity. What he wouldn't give to have someone like her to keep...but it was too soon for anything to happen. Wasn't it?

Shannon's hand moved up to his shoulder and squeezed gently. Her eyes slowly opened as her head turned up toward his. Allen swallowed the desire he felt as he looked at that inviting mouth start to smile at him. "How are you feeling?" he asked as he shifted slightly under her. Shannon responded to his movements by drawing one of her legs up over his thigh, half lying on her side and half lying on top of him.

Her hand slid slowly down from his shoulder. Fingers spreading wide as she rested it above his heart. She smiled as she felt his pulse quicken beneath her touch. "Do you mind if I call you Allen?" she asked quietly.

"Mmmmm?" he muttered, not really hearing her. His mind was more interested in the way her fingers were stroking his chest.

"Is it okay if I call you Allen?" she asked again.

"Um hummm, that's fine with me", he finally replied. His hand covered hers now, tracing the back of her fingers, causing Shannon to coo softly. His other hand moved slowly up and down her back, softly kneading the tension from her. Allen lowered his head and gently kissed her hair. With the freshness of it and the softness against his face, he pulled her tightly toward him...closer....

Feeling no resistance from Shannon, he lay her back against his arm exposing that neck to his hungry mouth. "Allen" he thought wryly, "you're moving too fast here!" But he didn't stop. The V formed by her shirt front allowed him access to that tender hollow spot below her chin. Shannon shivered as his mouth moved slowly across her throat. His tongue began to trace delicate patterns as his head moved to her shoulder. Slowly he unbuttoned her shirt, exposing more satin soft skin to his exploration. Shannon's hand caressed the back of his head, holding him close to her....letting him know she approved of what he was doing. A soft moan of pure pleasure escaped her lips. "Allen?" He gave no response as he lay her back on the bed and stretched out alongside her.

"Allen?" Shannon asked again.

"Mmmm? What dear?" Allen's hand moved across her stomach and settled under her breast, the soft weight of it filling his hand. Lazily he circled the nipple, through her bra, with his thumb while his mouth continued to kiss her gently, his tongue wetting the harding nub.

"Allen, what are we doing?" There was a slight tremor in her voice.

Allen looked up to her wide, shining eyes. "What ever you want to do Shannon." Allen smiled gently. "I just know that I've wanted to hold you since the first day I saw you looking tired and alone. I never thought I'd get the chance."

Resting on one elbow above her, Allen gazed down at the angel beside him. "Please don't pull away now Shannon. Please...." he thought silently to himself.

Taking a deep breath, Shannon reached up and pulled his mouth down to hers, letting her tongue trace his lips, sucking on them, opening to him. Her hands started undoing the buttons of his shirt, stopping only to push it off his shoulders so she could run her tongue across he had just done to her. Rolling on their sides, facing each other, hands started to roam uncontrollably. Exploring body lines, caressing arms, torsos, stomachs, thighs, legs....feeling the heat from each other's bodies. Allen reached behind Shannon's back and unfastened her bra.

Gently he raised her to remove it and her shirt. He grinned as his head lowered to meet the glorious nipples exposed to his hot tongue. Circling one slowly with his mouth, his thumb and forefinger rolled the other to increased hardness....."mmmm..soooooo sweet" he murmured against the soft globe he was nuzzling. Shannon's hips arched against him...making contact with the his hardness. When she felt his evident desire, her back arched more and a moan escaped her lips. Allen answered with a low growl of pleasure, deep in his chest. Shannon quivered, as she felt the strength in his hands as they moved down to her hips. Never lifting his head, he stripped her jeans from her. He stopped long enough to lie back and gaze at the site revealed. Long tapered legs, delicate ankles and feet, ample breast made to be loved, gentle swell to the hips and an inviting triangle of honey colored curls marking the center of her being. As his gaze traveled up the length of her, he removed what was left of his own clothes, dropping them to the floor along hers.

His desire growing, and his needing to touch her, to wash her body with his tongue, to savor all her textures and flavors, Allen gathered Shannon into his arms and pulled her closer. He needed to feel her skin next to his....her softness to his hardness. His hands moved up and down her back. "You all right with this Shannon? 'Cos if you aren't, you'd better tell me now. I won't be able to stop later!" In response, Shannon pulled her top leg over his thigh, rubbing her hot, wet box against his leg. "I'm ok," she answered softly in his ear. Her tongue moved around the lobe and into his ear, making Allen moan against her neck. Her teeth nipped his ear lobe while her pelvis tilted even closer to his.

"Shannon, I need to kiss you sweetheart." His head dipped below her waist to that sweet spot he'd been seeking. Twisting to lay end to end, they found delight in exploring new territory. Shannon's hand slowly moved up his thigh. Her fingers gently kneading the muscles underneath, slow touches, light and gentle, causing him to lift his knee and giving her further space to explore. As her fingertips crossed under his sac, his tongue traveled along the slit of her lower lips. They moaned in unison, pressing closer to each others warm mouths and hands. Reaching under her hips, Allen pulled Shannon to him, moving his tongue over her clit before his mouth sucked it gently in. She grasped his shaft in one hand as her tongue licked from base to tip. Her mouth opened and her head dipped as she took him deeply inside to suck it's entire length. Allen's hips arched against the velvet soft wetness of her mouth that was encompassing him. His tongue plunged within her swollen pussy....the sweet flavor and scent overwhelming him. Engrossed in what they were doing, what they were feeling, what they were experiencing, neither noticed the storm was moving out to the gulf. The thunder within their own ears from their rapid heartbeats drowned out the world around them.

Unable to stand the sweet torment any longer, Allen moved to cover Shannon entirely. She opened to him, spread wide, beckoning and inviting. Their eyes glowed with the heat they had kindled within each other. Pressing the head of his shaft against her, he slowly entered the heaven she offered. When fully encased within her warmth, Allen leaned down and captured her nipple between his teeth. Pulling gently up with his mouth, he pulled back slowly with his hips, pulling his cock slowly out of her. Shannon's inner muscles contracted trying to hold him within her. The sensations overcame them both as he plunged back inside her warmth, rubbing against the sensitive G-spot within the folds of her moistness. Increasing the tempo to match their breathing, each thrust became deeper and a little harder. Her hips raised to meet him, her hands clutching his shoulders, her back arching without control. Mouths touched, tongues entwined, as they climbed the mountain of pleasure together, exploding with each other's desire, desire that was met and surpassed beyond what they thought possible. Two souls becoming one with a bond that wouldn't be broken.

Allen's head lay on Shannon's shoulder. Their breathing eased. Hands roamed, still exploring..but softly, turning into gently caresses, holding each other closely. He raised his head finally to look at the angel beneath him. Shannon's eyes glowed as she smiled up at his questioning look. Her hand cupped his head, tenderly stroking his cheek, "I wonder what Nana would say?"

High above the storm, sat an very lovely angel. She looked down at the two new lovers and smiled. "I knew they were made for each other. I just had to get them together at my house."

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