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A Birthday Present For Two
by Rebecca

It happened in bed one night after a beautiful love making session between Nancy (my wife) and I. We were discussing fantasies. I wasn't completely surprised that Nancy's fantasy was to have a threesome, with another man. While we have a great sex life, Nancy was a virgin when we started dating in high school so I'm the only lover she's ever known. She enjoys giving me head and she said she'd love to have two hard cocks at her disposal.

I know she was expecting me to tell her that I too wanted a threesome with one of her hot friends, but that's not what I thought about when I jerked off. I fantasized about watching Nancy with another man. I mean, Nancy was such a knockout and she was so sexual with me. We've always done things for each other in bed and this was something pretty outrageous that we both wanted to try. I think she forgot our discussion by morning but I didn't. That weekend I made sure to stop by the video store and rent a XXX movie with all threesomes in it.

I made her watch the entire movie even though we usually get too horny to ever watch more then 30 minutes. There were 5 scenes, 3 had two guys and a girl and I noticed that Nancy got particularly stirred up watching them. When the movie ended we made love right on the couch. Afterwards I brought up her fantasy again. We talked for a while and I probed her about if it ever happened would she want it to be with a stranger or a friend. She said she could never be with a stranger. I mentioned a few of our friends and she said no pretty quickly until I mentioned Kenny. Kenny was my best friend since junior high and he got divorced a year ago and spent a lot of time with us. We went to the movies or dinner, or we would rent movies and he would spend nights on our couch when the weather was bad. Nancy was very fond of him and I was no fool, my wife was a knockout and was good company, very easy on the eyes.

So I put my plan in motion. I decided to try and see what happened, to set up a situation that we could back out of if we wanted to. A month after we watched the movie was Nancy's birthday (her 27th). I took her out to dinner and we went dancing and got home around 11:30pm. I lit a fire in the living room fireplace and told Nancy to take a hot shower and meet me in front of the fire for a massage. Nancy loved massages and I took some Physical therapy classes in college and could give a hell of a rubdown. She was a little drunk but excited.

I called Kenny and told him to give me another 30 minutes and to come over. I had laid out my plan to him a couple of weeks ago. At first he was a bit uneasy with it. He said he thought Nancy was a real hot lady but he didn't want anything to mess up our friendship. I explained that he was the only man in the world that I could ever trust to fuck my wife with me. Of course he finally agreed. Who wouldn't?

Nancy is 5'6", 120lbs of pure sexy. Her blonde hair hangs halfway to her ass (which is perfectly rounded). Her pretty face has full lips and she has the greenest eyes I've ever seen. Her boobs are 34C and all natural. They have just the right amount of sag to them so you know they are real. Her nipples are pale pink and she gets goose bumps around her entire areolas when she's hot. Her bush is neatly trimmed, blonde and her pussy is the sweetest I've ever tasted. So Kenny's decision to help me with this should not be viewed as a sacrifice on his part.

I was sitting by the fire in my silk boxers, lotion warmed and ready. I had a towel on the floor waiting for my love. Nancy was wearing a yellow thong and a t-shirt which lasted about 30 seconds. She lay down in front of the fire, I handed her a glass of wine and went to work. I made sure to tease her, you know, touching close enough to her sensitive parts without giving much away. I rubbed the side of her breasts, the inside of her thighs close enough to feel the heat of her steaming sex. I rubbed her feet, kissed her toes (which she loves) and had a fine sheen of scented oil covering her.

"You do realize your little teasing is making me horny as hell...I may jump your bones very soon" she said. And as if on cue, the doorbell rang. "Who the hell could that be?" she said moving quickly to cover up. "Don't" I said, "I'll get rid of whoever it is."

I walked into the living room with Kenny. Nancy looked over her shoulder and saw him and froze. He had the present I told him to buy for her (a really sexy nightie). She was trapped, she couldn't roll over to put her t-shirt on without being exposed so she just lay there. "Happy birthday Nancy. You look really beautiful," Kenny said, not being able to take his eyes off of her ass.

I leaned over to Nancy and whispered that Kenny had a present for her. I told her she shouldn't feel shy because we went to a topless beach on Long Island last summer and she wasn't ashamed. Besides I reminded her, Kenny hasn't seen a real woman in a long time and it would probably make his night. The only reason Nancy sat up was because she had too much to drink which lessened her inhibitions and made her horny as hell.

I took Kenny's coat and went to get him a glass of wine, leaving the two of them sitting on the floor in front of the fire. My cock was already halfway hard when I got back and the two of them were sitting close and laughing. Nancy stood up when I got there and said that Kenny had bought her a really sexy outfit and she was going to model it for us. She walked up the stairs, both Kenny and I drinking in her gorgeous, almost naked body.

When she came down I was surprised because Kenny had not gotten the outfit I told him to but rather a much sluttier looking one that barely covered her body and her boobs were free in the satiny top. It had dark stockings and a garter belt and Nancy had put on a pair of her fuck-me pumps to complete the act. My cock was sprung to attention and judging my Kenny's crotch adjustment of his jeans, he was sporting wood to for my wife. Nancy modeled it for us, walking around and doing a few spins, etc. I moved over and patted the sofa between Kenny and I and Nancy started to sit but then stopped. "I can't do that, sit so close to you two" suddenly my heart stopped and I thought the game was over. I had been so sure that Nancy would get as horny as me. I really thought I had misjudged things. Then Nancy looked down at the two of us. "Kenny, Mike...unless the two of you get rid of some clothes I can't sit there." She helped Kenny pull his sweatshirt over his head and when he undid his pants and started to pull them off, she kneeled at his feet and took off his shoes and socks and then his pants. He wore briefs and the bulge was very evident.

Nancy sat between us and she started to kiss me. I squeezed her tits through the material and she rubbed my cock through my boxers. We were really making out and I had pulled off the top now and was pulling and pinching her nipples while we kissed. When my hand drifted to her crotch I was shocked at how wet her little thong was, it was as if she peed herself. Kenny was rubbing his cock through his briefs. I realized that in all these years I had no idea how Kenny was. I'd seen his cock while we showered in gym class years ago but I never saw him with an erection.

I had no desires for it, I didn't lust after it but I had to admit I was curious. My cock isn't very long, about 6" but its very thick and the head is the size of a plum. Nancy always said when we watched XXX movies that she loved seeing big, fat cocks like mine. My mind was all over the place. I sat Nancy back on the couch and I was on her right side, Kenny on her left. I looked at him and told him to help me out with these. My wife sat back, her eyes closed as Kenny and I each took a tit and began licking and sucking on her hard, rubbery nipples. The soft sound of my wife's moans were making me even hornier. I slid my hand down her body and started to rub her wet crotch. The thong was slightly big on her and I easily slid my hand under it and started to rub her. "Finger me sweetie" she said in a breathy voice. I could tell she was lost in all this by the way she was humping her cunt up to get my fingers in deeper. Then I felt Kenny's hand there as he rubbed her swollen clit. Nancy exploded, practically falling off the couch.

After her orgasm, she took a minute or two to recover. Her body was shining in the firelight from her sweat and the oils that I was rubbing in her when Kenny arrived. Nancy stood and told us to sit closer together then she knelt in front of us and had us lower our underwear. I did a double take when I saw Kenny's cock, for two reasons. One was its size. While not nearly as thick as mine it was at least 2" longer and hard enough to cut diamonds. The second thing was that he was void of any pubic hair, his cock and balls were smooth. "Oh, I love the way that looks" Nancy said before lowering her head and taking him in her mouth. Kenny just groaned as she made almost all of his cock disappear. After a minute she switched to my cock and this went on for more than five minutes before I broke the chain. I didn't want to cum first, not before I got to fuck my wife so I got off the couch and knelt behind her perfect upturned ass.

I dove right in and put my tongue on the attack. I was licking her pussy and her asshole, stopping occasionally to watch her suck Kenny's cock. She really seemed to love his shaved crotch because she was licking and sucking his balls much more than she did mine. I made a note to be shaving in the morning. Nancy was getting close to another orgasm from my tongue so I decided it was time to fuck her. I rubbed my cock against her pussy lips, up and down until Nancy turned and told me to fuck her. I thrust it my cock in, every inch and it sank into her wet, tight pussy with ease.

So thats what we did for over fifteen minutes. I fucked her, she gave Kenny head, we all moaned and we were all lost in what was at least for me (and I'm sure Kenny and Nancy) the most amazing sexual experience of our lives. Then Nancy locked her mouth over Kenny's balls and was jerking his cock. Fucking her in the doggie position allowed me to get within inches of her mouth and Kenny's cock. He exploded, his cum flew a foot in the air and landed on his chest, then another blast and another. Nancy moaned and started her own orgasm. As her pussy squeezed my cock I couldn't take it any more and started cumming. Nancy was slamming her ass against my belly and balls as I shot blasts of cum into her contracting pussy. Exhausted we all took a break.

Nancy sat between us on the couch, I think what we were all feeling was bliss. She scooped some of Kenny's cum off of his chest and rubbed it into her nipples until the circle of goose bumps appeared. Then she began to leisurely stroke our soft cocks. She looked so happy, a cock in each hand. "I hope you guys aren't planning on quitting yet" she said and we both smiled and told her we weren't close to quitting. "well, even though its after midnight, this is still my birthday present, right Mike?" I told her it sure was. "Good. I want the two of you to stand up in front of me" which of course we both did.

Nancy started to give us blow jobs again. At first she alternated from one cock to the other before she pushed Kenny's and my cock heads together to stuff them in her mouth. Oddly, it felt erotic to feel my cock so close to another mans and I was grateful when Nancy stopped because I didn't want to cum again just yet. I had other plans, now was the time to ask Nancy and hopefully she shared my next fantasy as well.

Kenny had already dropped to her knees and was licking her messy cunt. I could see my cum dried in her pubic hairs but that didn't seem to bother Kenny who was on his way to giving Nancy another orgasm. I sat next to her on the couch and asked her if she remembered the movie we watched where the girl took one guy in her ass and the other in her pussy. I asked her if she wanted to try that and her eyes went wide and she started to nod yes but was interrupted by her orgasm. Again we needed to rest a few minutes.

The sexual electricity was so intense that even just sitting there Kenny and I didn't lose our erections. Nancy never orgasmed more than twice in a night and here she was, with three intense orgasms already under her belt and she asked me where we should do this. I smiled, she had heard me and she did want what I wanted. Now understand, I just wasn't thinking of my lovely wife here. I had some selfish motives. I had always wanted to fuck her perfect ass but she would never allow me too. My tongue or fingers had been the only thing to penetrate her tight backdoor. Now I was minutes away from getting my cock in there... if this wasn't heaven, it was damn close.

Onto the soft rug that sat in front of the fireplace, I had Kenny lay on his back. Nancy remembered the movie well enough to climb on Kenny's cock. She moaned as she sank down on only the second cock she ever had in her pussy. She slid down his impressive length slowly, enjoying the newness of his cock. She moaned and started to ride him slowly. I decided to let them enjoy each other for a few minutes before I joined. I lasted about five minutes before the urge in my cock took over.

I moved in behind my wife and spread her perfect cheeks open. I had the flavored lotion I used earlier to massage her in my hand. For a moment I just looked at Kenny's cock wedged in Nancy's tight pussy. His shaft and hairless balls had some of my cum on them as dripped from Nancy's slit. I leaned in and let my tongue wash over her asshole and I felt Kenny's balls touch my chin. Oddly, it felt erotic as hell. After I had her ass lubed I slid first one then a second finger into her tight hole. I don't know why, I never had a gay thought in my life but I let my fingers slip from her ass and rubbed his balls. He just moaned and pumped deeper, obviously not objecting. So I continued this till I couldn't take it anymore.

If you've never tried to shove your cock into the ass of a woman who has an 8" cock in her pussy already, then you don't know how difficult it is. It took some time and some effort to get things started and even after we were both in one of our cocks would slip out every few strokes. It was very awkward, but patience paid off as we eventually did find a good rhythm. Nancy was the first to cum. Even though she had a few already this one seemed to drag on as if she were having one after another (which she did say happened afterward). Then Kenny announced he was cumming. Instead of cumming in Nancy (I guess he didn't think he should) he pulled out and I felt his jizz spraying my balls and ass and anywhere else it landed, drenching my crotch. I pumped a dozen more times and decided to return the favor to Kenny. I pulled out of Nancy ass and aimed my cock at Kenny's which was getting limp already and I came...a bucket of cum. I let some hit Nancy's ass crack so I could sit back and watch it drip down onto Kenny. Nancy didn't speak, she was that exhausted. She rolled off of Kenny, lay on her belly and fell right asleep. She was breathing deeply, completely out of it.

Kenny and I sat back and looked at her sleeping. I thanked him for helping us both with our fantasy and he said he should be thanking me because he never had a woman as hot and sexy as Nancy. He said he blew two intense loads but still felt horny. I nodded that I did to and we looked at each other. I had a funny feeling so I stood up and told him I'd get us a couple of beers. He nodded. I walked to the kitchen, my cock dripping with Kenny's cum to get us a few beers.

When I came back in Nancy was still fast asleep, curled up in a little ball. I got her a blanket and covered her. Kenny took the beer, he was idly stroking his soft, sticky cock and balls. "You made a mess down here" he smiled. "Only after you did it to me" I responded, holding out my cock. He looked at it for a minute, then leaned forward and looked up into my eyes, my cock inches from his mouth. "Maybe I should clean up for you" he said and not taking his eyes off mine he leaned forward and took my soft cock in his mouth. I couldn't believe my best friend was sucking my cock. After several minutes he moved onto my balls and I couldn't believe I was getting hard.

I saw Kenny's cock begin to grow and stiffen and suddenly I had the urge to take him in my mouth. I tapped his shoulder and we lay side by side, sixty-nining, two feet from my sexy, sleeping wife. I took Kenny big cock into my mouth and licked the combination of both our cum and my wife's and it tasted so good. He was doing a pretty good job on my cock which was rock hard now. I'm sure I didn't suck cock as well as Nancy and despite that Kenny was going to make me cum soon, he didn't give head like Nancy either. So neither one of us was any good at it yet within minutes we were both giving each other a mouthful of hot cum. I swallowed eagerly as he did mine and it was the oddest, erotic but surreal feeling in the world. We smiled at each other.

The three of us slept in front of the fire that night, sharing a blanket as we had shared each other. Nancy content in the middle. This happened over a month ago and it hasn't hurt our relationship. Nancy and I are like honeymooners again, fucking and sucking practically every night. We've discussed a repeat performance but have made no plans as of yet... but I know we will get together again soon.


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